Emma Stone in a two-piece Chanel at the BAFTAs: interesting or bizarre?

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

Here are some photos of Emma Stone at last night’s BAFTAs. Her dress is Chanel. At first I was like, “Oh, she did a tea-length Chanel dress, that’s sort of interesting.” Then it became, “WAIT ARE THOSE PANTS?” This isn’t just a Chanel dress. It has matching skinny Capri pants underneath the dress. Is this the new trend? Like, in the ‘90s, girls wore dresses over jeans all the time. The slipdress-over-jeans thing was very popular. But a high-fashion version of it for Chanel, with Capri pants and a tea-length dress? I don’t know, guys. I think my issue is with both of the lengths together. Like, either the pants should be longer or the dress should be shorter, right? Incidentally, Emma won Best Actress at the BAFTAs. She’s now pretty much a sure thing for an Oscar. Also: La La Land won Best Film, because UGH.

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

The BAFTA Awards 2017

Considering all of the style f–kery that Nicole Kidman has been showcasing this awards season, this Armani look was a sweet relief. Is it the most beautiful thing she’s ever worn? No. But it’s okay. I like her in something streamlined and I like that she styled it with simple hair.

The BAFTA Awards Winners Room

While I did not (and do not) believe that Emily Blunt should have been nominated for a BAFTA for The Girl on the Train (the nom should have gone to Ruth Negga), I have to admit… Emily’s gown was one of my favorites at the BAFTAs. She wore McQueen and it’s stunning.

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

Felicity Jones in Dior. Felicity’s style was all over the place during the Rogue One promotional tour and I’ve come to the conclusion that she really doesn’t care about fashion. I think she just wears whatever her stylist gives her, or whatever is available. This dress feels like it was rejected by like five women before it got to Felicity, who wore it with a “meh, I guess it’s okay” attitude. That’s how I feel about it too. Also: bonus Dev Patel, who won Best Supporting Actor!

The BAFTA Awards Winners Room

The BAFTA Awards Winners Room

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. lower-case deb says:

    Felicity looks like she’s Cinderella running out of time and the mice-seamstresses threw the evil-stepmother’s valance layered with blitz gauze curtains over her before shooing her into the pumpkin.

  2. Felicia says:

    Those aren’t Capris, they’re sparkly thermal underwear! Bet that’s why ahe chose it, London is cold at this time of year!

  3. Annike says:

    Hi Kaiser! Aren’t you Indian, or part Indian? (sorry if I got that wrong). What Emma is wearing is pretty much a salwar kameez right?
    It’s quite elegant I think, and she looks very pretty.

    • Kaiser says:

      I’m half Indian and yes, I think Emma’s ensemble looks vaguely Indian, mostly the pants. The dress is just typical Chanel.

      • Clare says:

        Man, this outfit is basically ‘on trend’ in Pakistan right now. ‘Cigarette’ pants with a sleeveless spangly sparkly ‘kamiz’. If I was clever enough to do so, I’d paste in dozens of photos from December’s ‘wedding season’. 🙂

      • Annike says:

        Yes it is really not that weird, just unusual in that a Hollywood actress is wearing it.
        For those who are not aware, just google “salwar kameez”, you’ll find many different variations. Some have this exact shirt/dress style, some will have much shorter, thigh-skimming shirt. And even the trouser part can be very varied, from this cigarette pant style as Clare mentioned, to something that looks like harem pants. Very skinny pants are also popular. Most often a shawl is part of the outfit, but nowadays many people go without.

        Here’s a link for the cigarette pant trend:


    • Donna says:

      I love that salwar- kameez fashion, thanks for the link.

      • Lexie says:

        This is what I thought, that Emma’s look had an Indian feel to it. I love it. Wouldn’t change a thing.

    • milla says:

      i like it. and it is not the first time Chanel had similar outfits on red carpet.

    • ls_boston says:

      i had the same thought – some sort of Indian/Pakistani shirt and trousers affair. The scarf / stole thing that goes with it is the best part of that outfit though, so a bit sorry the Chanel dress didn’t come with one of those, as well.

  4. Ayra. says:

    If the dress was an inch shorter, I’d probably hate it..but honestly I quite like it.

  5. Daisy says:

    Emily’s dress is hideous and blonde doesn’t suit her.

  6. Alexandria says:

    At first I thought it was strange, but from the side view it looked like a nice bejewelled Punjabi suit. So now I think it’s quite unique!

  7. Lovisa says:

    Felicity has such an awful shlumped posture. Makes her look matronly.

    I normally dislike Emma Stone’s fashion (way too twee), but I like this.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love Felicity so much, she could wear a paper bag and I’d think she’s adorable. Emma Stone does not deserve an Oscar for La La Land and I’m already annoyed picturing her speech at the Academy Awards.

  9. Amelia says:

    I feel like a bit of an as*hole for saying it, since Emma seems so lovely, but I really don’t like her look here.
    I think the dress/combo would’ve looked better with different styling; she has such striking features I think she suits a bold eye OR lip. To my eye, the lined brows and dark eyeliner with the plum lip and blush looks kind of smudged and rushed – overall, too busy for her face.

  10. Vylette says:

    Emma’s dress looks like an anarkali salwar suit! Very pretty. And Dev patel looks hot!!

  11. Bex says:

    I thought this red carpet was so weird. Like, almost everyone looked terrible? Same with the Grammys too. I do like Nicole’s dress though.

  12. Anne says:

    I’ll never understand why people despise La La Land so much. What a lovely lovely film.

    • lannisterforever says:

      I loved it too and I think it deserves every award it’s up for.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I think part of it was legitimate criticism but a lot of it had to do with the hype. Whenever something so twee is hyped this much, people react strongly. And I can kind of understand why. It is rare that anything lives up to that much hype. Having said that, I really enjoyed this movie.

  13. Rocio says:

    I think all of them looked beautiful, especially Nicole. Such a great silhouette! My only complaint are Emma’s sleeves. They look ill fitted, could it be? At this point I don’t care who is winning. They are pretty locked up.

  14. SM says:

    I’m sorry but can we talk about this whole whoopla with lalaland. Last year there was a shit storm because oscars-so-white. But I think this year’s show need to be boycoted. There a few non white movies they nominated so it makes it ok that the main awards go to all white film about some white people’s problems ignoring the fact that jazz is overall not a white peoples’s cultural phenomenon at at? There is so much talk about white washing but how come there is no outgare two how young white actors are the leads in a story about jazz. I am sorry, but I find that more offensive than Tilda as an ancient one. This whole thing seems so bizzare to me. I have that movie just because of this whole awards season and how it unfolds. There. I said that

  15. JulP says:

    That’s the best Nicole has looked in ages! And I actually sorta like Felicity’s dress. Her style is usually pretty horrible but she doesn’t look too bad here. Wish she’d get rid of the bangs though, she’s such a beautiful woman and I think she’d look better without them

  16. ell says:

    emma’s dress is lovely and different, but then again i love chanel a lot.

    felicity jones’ stylist is the same as keira knightley’s, and yes, i think the issue is that keira likes fashion and works with her stylist while felicity is just like ¯_(ツ)_/¯. her dress is nearly identical to the one kirsten dunst wore to the sags, only in a different colour.

    nicole’s dress is very pretty, but her hair is consistently a mess. i’ve said it before but she needs to chop it off to a bob, since the problem seems to be her hair is really frail.

    i’m so happy dev patel won. for me it could have gone either way as i though both him and mahershala ali deserved it, but i’m glad dev won.

    • teacakes says:

      Yes, Leith Clark has been very spotty as a stylist – loved her as a magazine editor but this isn’t her best. Even Keira has had a few missteps under her, which sucks.

      Re: Kiki and Felicity, that’s not surprising – both dresses are from the same Dior collection, and in fact Felicity wore that silhouette first, at the Rogue One LA premiere in December. It looks much prettier in a lighter colour though.

  17. teacakes says:

    Felicity’s style was perfect circa Like Crazy, she used to have a sort of experimental Audrey Hepburn thing going on that I LOVED, but I think she’s trying to lean away from that now and either having a hard time finding her style without it, or not arsed about the red carpet anymore.

    She still gets some lovely and unusual dresses (her looks at the Hollywood and Mexico City premieres of Rogue One were A+++) and I love what she wears on press duty but I think, like a lot of regular people, her taste/style does not translate well to red carpet.

    I rather like what Emma is wearing – points for not being boring, and yes, it really reads a lot like a churidar-kameez!

  18. Shutterbug99 says:

    BAFTA red carpet was an overall fail. Not loving any of these looks.

  19. I Choose Me says:

    I kinda like it? Also I love the construction of Emily Blunt’s McQueen just not on her for some reason.

  20. Dee says:

    On trend doesn’t automatically mean it looks good, Big shoulders were on trend once and they didn’t look good on Joan Collins, much less the rest of us plebeians.

    Breaking to down.,,,beautiful dress but choose a length and commit (I.e., go shorter or go long!) and lose the fugly capris.

    ETA. NIcole looks horrific from the top of her head on down to the soles of her feet. I see nothing to like in that.

  21. Lucy says:

    Don’t hate it. At all. And her face is always perfect.

  22. Sansa says:

    Emma Stone always looks beautiful to me at least. She is the classic example of inner beauty she is not beautiful and its just over the line on pretty. The reason I can’t take my eyes off her is just HER. It’s like she sparkles is that why they call them Stars lol? She looks like a Divine presence, she wears the dress it doesn’t wear her. Come on here I want some love for Emma people.

  23. Joannie says:

    I love Emma’s ensemble. My favourite!

  24. bella says:

    NIcole looks gorgeous! I also love Emma’s outfit–even the pants. Felicity is so beautiful, she makes that sad sack of a dress look good. Although I love Emily Blount, this dress is a ” do not pull off the rack. Go immediately to Goodwill!

  25. Jayna says:

    I love, love Emma’s outfit. She looks amazing.

    This is the best I’ve seen Nicole look all year. A big thumbs up.

    Emily, just no. Busy, busy. Something about the shoulders of the gown and the design makes her look like bullfighter.

    I actually really like Felicity’s gown on her.

  26. Pandy says:

    Love Emma’s dress/pants. Fun and interesting. Nicole’s as well.

  27. Jerkface says:

    I love love love Indian fashion and Indian influenced design. It’s gorgeous to me. Even the clothes that aren’t formal.

  28. Patty says:

    My problem with LaLa Land is that it’s just that, good movie. Not great, good. And it’s in no way deserving of 14 Academy Award nominations, and Stone was nothing special but I guess for whatever reason the powers that be have decided that she is due.

    I’m pretty sure not too long ago that was a long-running debate about Selma and a slew of other films with majority black casts or performances by non-whites not being nominated and the consensus around here by many was that the films/performances were good, not great, hence the lack of nominations. And yet we have this good film with 14 noms, which I believe is either a tie for most ever or a new record for most ever. Either way, it is ridiculous and illustrates just how low the bar is set for certain people.

  29. VC says:

    Emily blunt!!! Gorgeous!