Mariah Carey: 40 is ‘the F word’ & Mariah’s b-day bald eagle from Nick

Mariah Carey was joking around with reporters when she was in Cannes, and she told them that her 40th birthday in March was just a “lie” being spread. She even calls forty “the F-word”. It seems Mariah wants to be thought of a perpetual thirty-something, and has vowed never to say her real age again.

The worst part – and by worst, I mean too much information – is that this report from Bang Media has Mariah’s husband/assistant Nick Cannon talking about how he gave Mariah a “bald eagle” for her 40th birthday. I don’t have a problem with “bald eagles” in general, but I don’t care to hear about them:

Mariah Carey will never turn 40.

The ‘Touch My Body’ star – who reached the landmark birthday in March – will never admit her real age and wants to remain a woman in her 30s for the rest of her life.

She said: “Read my bio again. We can’t allow these lies to spread! Don’t say the F word around me. It’s just a number but I don’t see why women should have to conform to what is expected of a 40-year-old – whatever that is.”

To celebrate her birthday – which was on March 27 – Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon whisked her away to Barbados on a private jet.

Mariah enjoyed an intimate dinner party with 11 close friends at the exclusive Wispers restaurant, which was filled with hundreds of pink and lavender balloons.

A source said: “It was important to Nick that the trip be a very relaxing one, where Mariah and her friends could truly enjoy themselves.”

At the time, Nick revealed he wanted to treat his wife to a “bald eagle” for her birthday.

But as well as being an endangered species, a “bald eagle” is also a slang term for someone with shaved pubic hair.

[From BANG Media International via Gossip Rocks]

Alright, not to wade too deeply into the “bald eagle” discussion (I just grossed myself out), but who really thinks that Nick Cannon gave Mariah her first “bald eagle”? I realize that’s not what he’s claiming, he’s just saying this one was special, because it was his treat. But considering all of Nick and Mariah’s beach photo-ops featuring Mariah’s too-flat stomach in itty-bitty bikinis, I think the girl’s had a bald eagle for the better part of a decade.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are shown at Cannes on 5/16 and 5/17/09. Yacht photos from Event and other photos from Fame Pictures

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16 Responses to “Mariah Carey: 40 is ‘the F word’ & Mariah’s b-day bald eagle from Nick”

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  1. nony says:

    hahaha, Is this what she told him to make him feel better for losing his virginity on their wedding night?

    I’m fairly certain anyone who has watched her videos, or ever seen a picture of Mariah could probably deduce that she and modesty parted about 20 years ago due to irreconcilable differences. That was probably the last time she had pubic hair too.

  2. vale says:

    I think the most comical part of all was “Nick Cannon whisking Mariah away”. Like it was his money °snort°

  3. the original kate says:

    that dress is insane.

  4. Carrie says:

    Mariah, your 40 now. Start acting and dressing your age. Dressing like you are 16 was cute when you where in your 20′s. It was still tolarable when you were in your early 30′s. It just made you look sad when you where in your late 30′s. You are 40 now and dressing and acting like a 16 year old makes you look old and sad!!

  5. lkjglkj says:

    That is ridiculous…that said, WOW shes 40?!?!? She looks AMAZING!!! Seriously i never would have thought that. To me she looks like shes 25!

  6. BOGART4017 says:

    These entertainers should have enough of telling all their business out. I don’t care if Mariah is bald and if i “treated my wife” to a school-girl cut i wouldnt go around bragging about it!

  7. Geebz says:

    Two things that irritate me when folks talk about these two:

    1. “Mr. Carey” jokes
    Nick Cannon doesn’t have “Mariah Carey” money but he has his own. He’s produced shows for Nickelodeon and MTV and has movie credits. He’s credited as an executive producer for his films too. Now by her standards he doesn’t have a bunch of money but for some reason the average Joe thinks that he’s being taken care of. I find that petty and ridiculous and I call you out on it.

    2. the theory that it “won’t last”
    What in Hollywierd does last? That was said about the Pitt/Jolie family, the Dermott/Spelling union, the Moore/Kutcher marriage…I could go on but what ever. They’ve survived the first year and I wish them the best in their marriage.

    Now onto the juice…

    You know she shouldn’t be wearing the stuff that she does. It is not becoming for her to be rocking the unicorn and butterfly look that would work on a twelve year old. My niece, who is 13, wouldn’t wear most of the stuff that Mariah does. It’s just not ok for ANY adult…boo!

    And Nick….keep some things between just you and the missus!

  8. diddy says:

    Nick may not be has rich as mimi but the man is also loaded in his own right. i read a long time ago that he was worth 20- 30 million from different types of projects , he is basically the black version on Aston Kutcher in regards to how he made his money and his various projects.

  9. jess says:

    i think he meant that he got a bald eagle for her. as in on himself.

  10. tasteT says:

    yup, Nick has a ton of loot, not as much as Ms. Butterfly but he recently signed a new deal w/Nic and its named after him, some new subsidary they created for him..Nick-movies or something I forgot but he just signed a huge deal for like 20 mil to produce new things for that channel..

    He may be kinda corny but I’d take him anyday. I’d take corny and rich over the whole bad boy image all day long.

    poor MiMi, girls just want to have fun and not face reality.

    one question: is she high on something? because Nick always has to help her walk or lead her around..

  11. Tia says:

    NICK IS SOOOOOOOO GROSS And Mariah is a joke.. grow up and stop dressing like you are 10 years old..EWWWWWW

  12. georgiagrl says:

    She’s a combo of Charo and Pam Anderson!
    Tacky dresser and ourageous fake boobs are a disaster going into your 4th decade.Not gonna age well at all with all the slutty clothes and surgeries

  13. M says:

    It’s fine to judge someone on what they wear, however, you need to remember that clothes don’t actually mean anything and certainly don’t tell you anything about that person.
    I worked with academia for years and I can tell you that some of the brightest minds in the world dress a lot worse than Mariah Carey..

  14. yasmin says:

    HuH? I adore the dress she is wearing in the header pic… it’s beautiful.

    And I support Mariah on her right to not reveal her age! I can’t imagine being anywhere near that ugly ugly F word. I am turning 22 tomorrow and will be telling all that im actually 20. LOL! Age complex & a half. But still :)

  15. The dress Mariah has on is for a GROWN woman…not an early 20′s girl who is still self-conscious and can’t pull it off, and certainly not for a teen. That dress is for a grown as woman only. And Mariah,JLO, or Kim K have just the ‘tude to rock it.

    Now, as for the other clothing, Mariah does need to tone it down a bit and dress more age appropriate. She just needs to find the right stylist and learn to dress sexy, yet elegent. She’s got the body for it.

    Also, she does not look 40 yrs old. And every bio I have ever read had her born in 1970, which means she is not 40 yrs old until next year. She is 39 yrs old, so the 40 yr old stories are a lie.

  16. Mariah Carey… she is so ridiculous. I am glad people as fake and ridiculous as her do not in my neighborhood – the thought of even selling real estate to her is annoying enough…