Michael Jackson’s legal woes continue

Just when you think life couldn’t suck for Michael Jackson anymore than it already does: surprise! He’s being sued again! In fact two completely separate lawsuits involved completely unrelated issues were filed within two days of each other. Several years ago I remember reading that at any one point, Michael Jackson has three lawsuits pending against him. This was during his molestation trial, and I remember thinking that number was an exaggeration – but now I’m pretty sure it’s dead on. First up to bat this time around are a team of Michael’s former lawyers… you know, the very guys that have to deal with his constant lawsuits. Turns out, the Gloved One doesn’t really think he needs to pay for things, including legal services. Besides Jesus Juice, I can’t think of anything Michael goes through more of than lawyers. The Los Angeles law firm of Lavely & Singer has sued Michael for $113,000 the singer has failed to pay. The firm had sent up a payment plan to help Jackson settle up his bill of $540,000, but even then he failed to make the last payment.

“Several lawyers who worked for Michael Jackson claim “Jacko” hasn’t paid the money he owes them.

“A lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court claims Jackson owes the law firm of Lavely & Singer $113,750, the Web site tmz.com reported. Even after setting up a payment plan to pay off the debts, Jackson failed to do so, according to the lawsuit.

“This is not the first time Jackson has been accused of not paying his legal bills. The same Web site reported in June that a Delaware-based law firm sued Jackson. Lawyers claimed he owed them nearly $110,000. The Web site reported that the Delaware firm acted as general counsel for Jackson in a lawsuit where a concert promoter sued Jackson, saying he backed out of two New Year’s Eve concerts in 2000.

“On July 17, 2007, the Web site showbizspy.com reported that Jackson was ordered to pay more than $256,000 in outstanding legal bills associated with part of his defense in the child molestation charges in 2005. The Web site reported that Jackson’s attorney agreed in principle to the judgment because going to trial would be costly for his client.”

[From NBC affiliate wyff4.com]

Has Michael Jackson paid for anything since around 1992? I think he’s just relied on the kindness of others, and people’s assumptions that he’ll pay them back. Look, a guy with his own Tilt-a-Whirl is not reliable folks. Even Michael’s former friends are suing him. Remember how he escaped to Bahrain after he was acquitted of child molestation? Well the Prince Abdullah – who so generously put him up – has filed a lawsuit against Jacko as well. Abdullah showered Jackson with gifts during his stay. According to Fox News, “He housed him, fed him, chauffeured him and even imported Jacko’s friends to Bahrain for a special Christmas in 2005.” What did the Sheik want in turn for is kindness? To make a record – and Jackson agreed.

“All the prince wanted in return was to make a CD and start a record company with Michael. Jackson agreed, as usual signed agreements he had no intention of keeping and then did no work. You may recall Two Seas Records, the joint venture that Jackson agreed to, for example.

“Now the prince is demanding in his lawsuit that Michael go to work for him as agreed. Abdullah expects Jackson to make his record and put it out so the prince can begin to recoup the millions he invested in Michael during their friendship. Fat chance.

“Jackson hasn’t worked at anything in years — no performing, no recording. Occasionally, he announces that he is making some kind of record, but so far there’s no evidence of this.

“That Jackson is now being sued — in London, no less — by his former benefactor is a bad sign for the singer. He has depended on the kindness of Arab billionaires for some time now, but between this and what seems to be his current nomad status, he may have exhausted his credit in the last place where it still existed.”

[From Fox News]

I guess there’s no point in commenting on the crazy that is Michael Jackson. It’s all been said. I think the guy has pretty much burned all his bridges. For years Michael’s family and lawyers have talked about how often people try to take advantage of him. It seems he’s pretty good at taking advantage of everyone else, too.

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