Mandy Moore morphs into Drew Barrymore; shuts down party to go to bed

When I saw the thumbnail picture for this photoset of the Dedication premiere, I wasn’t sure who it was right away and I assumed I was looking at some young British celebrity that’s vaguely familiar but whom I couldn’t place. Then when I looked further and realized it was Mandy Moore, I thought “why did she do that to herself?”

I get that she wants to change her look and is going for sultry and mysterious, it’s written all over her pouty mouth, but berry lipgloss with light sparkly eyeshadow? A dress with a built-in corset? It’s like she’s going to the prom and got her makeup at CVS. (Although you can do a hell of a lot better with drugstore makeup than this.) Either she’s working with JLo’s fired makeup artist or she tried to do her own makeup based on some high school formula of pretty. She looks a lot like Drew Barrymore here, who also looks good at premieres but has suffered from bad makeup choices in the past.

Her eyebrows are shaped well, I’ll give her that.

Overall the look is Hot Topic meets Forever 21, it’s too young and goofy-looking.

Mandy Moore is one of the better young celebrities, I really like her and I know she stays out of the spotlight and doesn’t party all the time or sleep around. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t take her to task for this look, though. Hire a decent expert to help you, Mandy, please. You are gorgeous and just need to accent it properly.

Mandy Moore recently said that she’s not going to go off the deep end and do drugs or get wasted every night. She said she’s only been drunk four times in her life and that drugs aren’t for her.

She said: “I’ve probably been drunk, maybe, four times in my entire life. Honestly. I guess I’m a bit of a lightweight.

“I have a better time enjoying one glass of wine and just being relaxed. It’s a bit of a control thing – I don’t like not being in control of my words. I like to go to bed at 10pm, or 10.30pm, because I like to wake up at 7am…”

She added: “Maybe for some people drink and drugs work for them, but I’m not a tortured artist. I wouldn’t turn to some sort of substance to make me feel better, I’d turn to writing.”

[Monsters and Critics]

It definitely sounds true that Mandy likes an early bedtime. The Enquirer also had an amusing story a couple of weeks ago about Mandy kicking people out of a house party in the Hamptons when she wanted to go to bed. It wasn’t even her house!

During a party at a mansion owned by the Manhattan club, Stereo, Mandy dropped in to surprise her ex-boyfriend, Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, according to insiders. “Mandy instituted a ton of rules and restrictions,” divulged a source. “She stayed upstairs with DJ AM and refused to come downstairs for a barbeque….”

She returned to the house with DJ AM, but went straight to bed alone – and her early bedtime prohibited late-night swimming in the estate’s outdoor pool.

“People were told Mandy didn’t want a lot of noise and that she was very sensitive to sounds while she was sleeping,” confided the source.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 6, 2007]

It’s nice hearing about a star who’s a diva for going to bed early and not partying too hard. If only she could get her look straight. It’s not that bad, just not suited to her.

Mandy is shown at the premiere of her romantic comedy, Dedication, with Billy Crudup in NY last night. The film is out in limited release on August 24.

Thanks to WENN for these photos.

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