Amal Clooney has spent £168,135 on maternity clothes: dumb or fine?

Amal Alamuddin At The UN Headquarters In NYC

As we discussed last week, Amal Clooney was out in public, giving interviews and making appearances at the United Nations on behalf of her client Nadia Murad, a victim of rape at the hands of ISIS. Most of the headlines about Amal’s appearances were about her clothes, her appearance, her pregnancy and her marriage. Which Amal sort of shrugs about because, as she said to the BBC, if you’re paying attention to her fashion, maybe you’ll also stick around to hear what she has to say about genocide.

I sort of agreed with her perspective, especially since it’s clear that she’s not going to stop dressing-to-impress. Amal has always had sort of wacky style, but especially over the course of her marriage to George, her wacky style has gone higher-quality. Like, the coat that she’s wearing in these photos from her UN visit? It’s from Bottega Veneta and the coat alone costs £3,000. Now the Daily Mail says that Amal are already spent something like £168,135 on her “maternity wardrobe.”

Six months pregnant and carrying twins, elegant Amal Clooney could be forgiven for choosing comfort over fashion. But it seems that the human rights lawyer is taking impending motherhood in her very stylish stride — not to mention in five-inch heels. Since announcing her pregnancy last month, the 39-year-old wife of Hollywood star George has dressed her growing bump in a series of sophisticated designer ensembles.

Without an elasticated waistband or billowing dress in sight, comfort clearly isn’t a huge concern — and neither is price. While most expectant mothers might favour cheap maternity wear (after all, it can only be worn for a few months at most), Mrs Clooney has already stepped out in tens of thousands of pounds worth of designer gear, much of which is unlikely to fit her slender frame after the babies have been born. From an embellished coat by Valentino for £5,000 to a £120,000 Atelier Versace red-carpet gown, style editor DINAH VAN TULLEKEN reveals the secrets of Amal’s £168,135 pregnancy wardrobe.

[From The Daily Mail]

You can go to the Daily Mail to see the breakdown of which outfits cost what. I mean, if it was me, I would just go to The Gap and buy out their maternity section and that would cost, what? Maybe a few thousand dollars. But so many of the pieces that Amal wears are bought, not borrowed, and she’s having those pieces tailored for her pregnant body. Plus, she’s buying a lot of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces too, and very few of the pieces were even maternity clothes to start with! So it does seem like a waste of money, and all for what? To still be a “fashionista” while pregnant?

PS… I love the Bump Trutherism when it comes to Amal’s pregnancy. For whatever record, I think she really is knocked up. It’s just her style that makes everything look so pillowy and fake.

Amal Alamuddin At The UN Headquarters In NYC

Amal Clooney speaking at United Nations human rights meeting

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. astrid says:

    Seems like a lot of money for temporary clothes. On the other hand, they have plenty of money so why not enjoy it.

    • sally says:

      Exactly! Plus, she does have a job where looking put together is important. Most likely the other barristers wear designer clothing as well, or well-made pricey clothes.

      • huckle says:

        I agree. She can’t look like a bum in court. What’s she supposed to wear, jeans and tennis shoes? Plus, what does she normally spend on clothes in a year, outside of a pregnancy? That figure doesn’t seem so astronomical to me given her income level and job visibility.

      • teacakes says:

        and at least she HAS a job and does it and the money comes from some actual work, unlike say, Katy Cambridge who does no work but spends far more.

      • Nic919 says:

        Most barristers can’t afford over $200,000 in clothing that will only last for a few months. Top barristers may pull close to a million, but they are not the majority and someone of her vintage would not be paid anywhere near that amount, especially since billings often determine how a lawyer is paid, and she doesn’t put in that many hours.

        She can only afford this because she is married to Clooney.

        Also, barristers wear court robes in court, not designer wear. Only in the US do lawyers attend superior court without specific court attire.

        That said it is George’s money and not tax payer money.

      • Sarah says:

        Huckle, you don’t need to spend over 150K in maternity clothes to not look like a bum!! You can probably do that for 1/10 of that, even in designer clothes. It seem counterintuitive to me to be representing a woman raped by ISIS while wearing 10K in clothes. Clueless much???

      • notasugarhere says:

        Funny, sally. Melinda Gates never needed £168,135 in clothing (total in her life) to do her job or be taken seriously. Then again, given what little I think of George Clooney, Amal fits him just fine.

    • Shambles says:

      Yeah, I *shrug* to this. It’s her money, and she’s not using it to buy golden toilets or do anything harmful.

      Although, the article says no elevated waistbands in sight for Amal, but what’s wrong with that? I would think high waists would be more flattering on the shape of a pregnant body. The waistband on the yellow dress is not in a flattering place.

      • KB says:

        I’m also a big shrug on this. Are we asking this about Beyoncé? Who cares?

        They’re pregnant, they want to look great, and they’re rich. I see no problem. She’s fighting the good fight day in and day out, let her dress however she pleases.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        So agree about the waistband! NOT flattering. But the ensemble in general is lovely, as is the color on her.

    • Janet R says:

      That’s what I was thinking too – hopefully she donates it afterwards- but she’s got the money, she can buy what she pleases.

    • A says:

      I totally agree, this is dumb AND fine lol

    • Eleonor says:

      She is not Duchess Kate: the clothes are payed with her or her husband’s money, are not funded by taxpayers. I’m fine with this.

  2. AnnaKist says:

    Well, I wouldn’t have…

    • lavnbb says:

      If it’s her money, fine. I wouldn’t but…..

      • Lolo86lf says:

        You say you wouldn’t because you don’t have that kind of money. There is a pretty good chance you would become a conspicuous spender like her and most movie stars. In fact, the experts say that the new rich are more likely to show off than old money folks. And that’s what us peasants would be like if we ever won the jackot or married someone filthy rich like Melania.

      • Sarah says:

        lolo86, no, I wouldn’t. I think people spend a lot of $$ to fill a hole in their souls, which most of us have. I have worked on filling that hole in more spiritual ways. Many people would feel this kind of money for a short period of time is immoral.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        @sarah great comment. I’d be mortified to spend that much on myself, even if I had the money!

  3. Lucy2 says:

    Daily Mail? Likely false. That she paid retail for all of that? Likely false.
    Either way they can afford it.

  4. robyn says:

    Hopefully, she will pass the clothes on to charity when she’s done. Seems excessive but who knows what’s really going on. I always felt designers gave her clothes for free to showcase their talents. I don’t think she pays the enormous amounts we think she pays.

    • KB says:

      She can donate them or have them altered to fit her post-pregnancy. I highly doubt she’s spending that much, if anything, on these clothes. She could easily work out deals with the designers to get the clothes for free if she knows she’ll be photographed in them. They’re likely jumping at the chance to forge a relationship with her in hopes she’ll consider them for red carpet appearances, as well.

      • milla says:

        She used Galliano as a stylist. He is pricey. Of course she buys it, designers have no interest in her.

        I do not think anyone should have that amount of money to spenton clothes. People are overpaid or underpaid. People are living bellow poverty line cos they were not able to afford education or they had other life issues. This is obscene.

      • KB says:

        She’s pregnant with George Clooney’s twins. People care, paparazzi care, so designers care.

        She works her ass off, she takes on crazy international conflict cases, she’s a boss. She can afford designer clothes, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like her clothes budget is cutting into their charity allotment.

      • Sarah says:

        Milla, I agree. This type of conspicuous consumption when acting as a human rights lawyer seems stupid. Spending that kind of money on temporary, or even permanent, clothes, like a 20K handbag, when we have neighbors starving, is immoral to me.
        I am becoming more and more of a fan of Jolie, who I used to despise. When she has to look good, she does it, but her soul seems to be filled with helping those less fortunate, not spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothes. I hope if I had a great deal of money, I would keep my priorities straight.

  5. Laughy saphy says:

    No shade to her, but it must be nice. I think I spent about $250 on a “maternity wardrobe,” such as it was. It was hard to justify spending money on clothes that were only going to ft for a few months when I also had to budget for all of the expenses that come with a new baby.

    • Shambles says:

      Yeah. This is obviously a privileged thing to do, if the numbers are true, but.. .of course. Rich people are rich. They have the money to care for a baby and spend exorbitantly on clothes.

    • Lexie says:

      Right? I was even wide-eyed at the idea of Kaiser’s “few thousand.” Two pairs of good maternity jeans (light and dark wash), two pairs of black or grey trousers for work, a few cheap cotton tops that you can switch around, and non-maternity cardigans you already own. Bing bang boom — Lexie’s cheapo guide to maternity style.

  6. detritus says:

    It’s not like they don’t have the money. So if this is what makes her happy while she’s making a person, go for it.

  7. Dani says:

    You can tell by her boobs she’s pregnant. They’ve filled out on the sides as well, in that floppy your milk is going to seep out way (hey girl I feel you!). I think if she has the money, good for her. She can always have these pieces tailored to fit her post pregnancy, too. I bought a dress for my brother’s bar mitzvah when I was pregnant with my first, had it altered to fit better for my pregnancy, and when I gave birth I had it altered to fit regular me again. It honestly sometimes costs less to just alter stuff as opposed to buying maternity – which is hideous and over priced. Seriously, I’m 8 months pregnant and 26 year old and I feel like they’re trying to make me look 80.

    • Lexie says:

      Okay, I don’t mean to bump-watch because I’m pregnant myself and the whole idea makes me itchy, but I cannot believe this woman is due with twins in June! Where are those babies?! I’m due two months later, I’m pretty sure I have only one in there, and I’m not seeing much difference.

      • Babs says:

        Congrats Lexie! I am 6 months pregnant with one and everyone is different I guess but there’s Just no way amal is six months pregnant with twins.

  8. Pandy says:

    Excessive money spent. A bit disgusting really.

    • thaliasghost says:

      I wonder how it must feel to know that you have the money to help somebody – how many people ask you for money passing them by on an average day? Do you feel like shit every single time? Do you want to cry and blow the entire world up and make it all stop at the same time? Do you purposely try to NOT read anything because you can’t take the injustice? Do you try to get to work via alternate routes because you know you cannot not give somebody money passing them by, but you also simply can’t afford to give money?

      Now imagine you have money to burn to help those people. Every time your heart breaks – your money could make a difference. And what do you do — spend it on tens of thousands on tailored maternity clothes.
      How does it feel?

      • graymatters says:

        I used to be a financial counselor and would talk about budgeting by the percentage. So… x percent for housing, x for short-term savings, x for clothes, etc. Charity was also part of the budget. Traditionally, in western civilization, it’s a tenth of your total budget — a tithe. Establishing a charity budget is a good way to balance out the twin impulses of greed and altruism. It’s kind to share. It’s not necessary to don a hairshirt.

        She could well be tithing and dressing crazy-expensive. We’d only see the latter. The Clooneys might even be donating more than 10%. It’s been estimated that George earns close to 20 million dollars a year. Amal’s clothing budget — even as excessive as it seems — is a drop in the bucket when you consider it as a percentage of income.

      • NeoCleo says:

        I think her work as a lawyer speaks for itself. As well, you have no idea how much these people donate to charitable works.

      • Blu says:

        Time to take your meds, honey. And don’t forget to donate to charity(unless you’re a hypocrite).

      • Sarah says:

        This. 100%. I have friends in dog rescue, they can barely feed themselves, but when a dog or person is in need, they still open their homes and hearts. Then I read this, and it makes me so angry, this entitled, smug woman spending so much money on maternity clothes.
        Some human rights lawyer. Snort!
        And @Blu, how condescending to mock someone who finds this immoral, telling them to take their meds. You obviously don’t get it and rather than try to understand, you mock.

  9. Fakala says:

    Or none of our business?

    • Mel says:

      I wouldn’t want people to judge me for how I spend the money I earned.
      I’m going to extend the same courtesy to her.

      • KBeth says:

        Yep. Her money, her business.

      • teacakes says:

        I’m a little surprised by the amount of anger levelled at this woman for spending (as far as we know) legally earned and taxed money that is hers or her husband’s.

        And unlike Duchess Kate, the money for it doesn’t come from taxpayers and unlike, say, Emma Watson (who gets a lot more credit for empty “feminism”), she hasn’t been avoiding paying her taxes. Those sound far more immoral to me than spending a stupid amount of money on maternity clothes.

  10. Heat says:

    I really doubt that she has actually spent that much. It seems rather wasteful, but it’s their money to do with as they wish.

  11. PD says:

    Sure why not? He has the money. I hope she donates them after her pregnancy is over.

  12. Moon says:

    Not that you can’t be a fashionista and also a diehard humanitarian. But I just can’t take Amal seriously. Maybe it’s the fact that her initial rollout was all about how she was above the entertainment world and so much better than everyone else. But her caseload seems light, she hasn’t achieved much for her clients and the conversation always seems to revolve around her rather than her work

  13. Div says:

    Daily Fail hates Amal, so I have my doubts. I think she probably spends a lot of money on clothes (and I think she is probably also gifted a lot of clothes), but not that much.

    • Insomniac says:

      The Daily Fail hates Clooney, too. I’m fairly suspicious of this story but even if it’s true, what of it? She’s got the money.

  14. Zuzus Girl says:

    You tend to spend according to your income, which makes sense. Their income is in the multi-millions so that number (£168,135 ) isn’t exorbitant. They earned it, they can do whatever they want. She may donate them later but that is her perogavtive. HOWEVER….it is the DM doing the reporting so you should take anything from them with a giant salt lick.

    • noway says:

      Agree with everything you said, but the they earned it part. Seriously, he is just an actor who happened to get lucky with a hit tv show after many duds. Not saying he isn’t talented, but there is an awful lot of luck in this, not to mention a bit of nepotism with his Aunt and family too. Also, movie stars are paid ridiculous salaries if they are famous, and I just wouldn’t use the word earn with them, but lucky. Her wardrobe definitely took an upgrade with her marriage, so you know it is his money buying this wardrobe.

      The negativity of the story is a yawn, but what I find interesting is it costs that much to look like that pregnant. Well, I would rather look frumpy I guess, but wow. I actually like her pregnant style better than her not pregnant style. She looks good.

      • Dally says:

        Clooney is also a writer, director and producer, and has been nominated for Academy Awards in all of those categories, so pretty highly regarded by his peers.

      • teacakes says:

        He got paid in exchange for work done = he earned it.

        Maybe you consider his salary disproportionate, but the fact is, unlike Prince Workshy, at least he did something in exchange for that money!

  15. Dee says:

    Her money, her choice, none of my business how she obtained it or spends it as long as it’s not on a life of crime,

  16. minx says:

    It’s their money, most likely she will only have one pregnancy. Why not? I wouldn’t, and didn’t, spend a lot.

  17. Beth says:

    Seems like a big waste of money but I don’t think they’re broke. I wish I was able to spend like that!

  18. LaraK says:

    I only spent like $100 on maternity clothes – all Old Navy dresses. Plus I could wear them after the birth too.
    But she can afford it so whatever. I’m over all the mom bashing celebs get.

    • Syko says:

      I spent less than that. Maybe $20-30. My cousin had this thing going where a bunch of women passed around their maternity wardrobes, and when you finished with it, you just added whatever you’d bought. It doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on something you wear for maybe 4-5 months, tops. A lot of people don’t even go the maternity route now, just buy big t-shirts, stretchy pants, etc. But it’s her money and she does have a prestigious job to dress for, so whatever.

  19. QQ says:

    OOOF That Looks AMAZING These pics are giving me my Entire life this is what I’ve been waiting for LOLOLOL and remind me of Victoria Beckham to The Royal Lazies Wedding acting like “F*ck It, Ima Billow up in this b*tch i don’t owe you Belly shots”

    Also: It’s her/their money and their/her connections, None of our business if she wants to spend that money in service to looking like a Bad Ass B*tch

    Also she can be a serious person and also a serious clotheshorse ( which by the looks she’s always been) she can work and pay for such Extravagances I don’t understand why do we expect these public women to not have more … ways of being, things aren’t an either or, just cause she doesnt dress in Black Angelina Clothes doesn’t mean she isnt aware/serious/busy ..IDK

    • Elle says:

      For me there’s only one issue:

      She bought from Valentino and Versace. Both brands use sweatshop labor and practice environmentally irresponsible production practices. She and George claim to fight against all those things! Also, don’t get me started on Valentino’s “wild, tribal Africa” collection with almost all White models.

      As to the black versus color and serious clothes, I was always taught that if the issue was important then you don’t want the clothes distracting from what you have to say. I think that’s where the preference for neutral colors originates.

    • teacakes says:

      @QQ – spot-on and hilariously put, as always.

      This whole ‘neutral colours only’ shebang is so ridiculous to me, as an Indian – I’ve never been able to understand the ‘you’re only serious if you wear (like you said) Black Angelina Clothes’ thing. Or the idea that colour is ~distracting and (usually white) people are ~so brave for wearing it.

  20. Ophelia says:

    Unless we find that she’s been robbing banks, using taxpayer’s money, or skinning Dalmations for her maternity clothes, I say: none of our business. Her and her husband’s money.

    (Though I do wonder how much more comfortable, humane, or ethical these clothes are to make them so exorbitantly priced?)

    And unless she starts preaching or shilling those clothes, remedies, or wellness diets this news is really the nothingburger of all nothingburgers. I don’t think she’s even going to give them a Demi Moore type maternity photo.

  21. Lightpurple says:

    For all that money, that yellow dress doesn’t seem to fit very well through the shoulders and arms.

    • Bee says:

      Honestly, if she paid more than $50 for that ill-fitting yellow dress she got ripped off. It sits horribly and wouldn’t look good on ANYONE, pregnant or not.

  22. MelodyS.. says:

    “So it does seem like a waste of money, and all for what? To still be a “fashionista” while pregnant?”

    I don’t see it as a waste of money, I see it as someone doing what they want to do with the money they worked hard for.
    And why the hell can’t she be a fashionista? She using her own money, to dress her own body, the way she wants to be dressed.

  23. Merritt says:

    It is her money, so she can spend it how she wants. And since she has to look polished for work, it make sense to spend the money on clothing that will look professional.

  24. sage says:

    So what! She’s loaded, she can spend her money however she wants.

    She looks great in the above photos. Extra weight looks great on her!

  25. Jayna says:

    She’s probably given a lot of these clothes to wear for free (free publicity) and/or pays a reduced price.

  26. InsertNameHere says:

    It’s also hard to find clothes that fit properly for a twin pregnancy – it’s an entirely different situation than a singleton pregnancy. She’s expected to dress to a specific standard given her professional role. If they’ve got it to spend, why the hell not?

  27. KiddVicious says:

    I love that yellow outfit with the coat. The coat pulls it all together.

    I don’t begrudge her spending a lot of money for maternity clothes. I would do the same if I had their money.

  28. HappyMom says:

    Okay-most of these looks are NOT maternity-they’re just bigger than her usual size. She’s got the money and loves clothes-go for it, Amal!

  29. Carol Hill says:

    I wish I had that kind of money to spend on clothes. Go girl!

  30. DiamondGirl says:

    That yellow outfit is beautiful – it looks so nice with her dark hair.

  31. Ollie says:

    Amal is working and likely will continue for months. She needs clothes that fit and look proper for UN work, holding speeches etc. She has to represent her clients.
    I’m sure at home she is in sweatpants with comfortable t-shirts.

  32. Angel says:

    Meh, not like she can get away with yoga pants and her husbands t-shirts at her job. Non story.

  33. Jayna says:

    Did anyone see that pink outfit she wore for an evening fundraiser/charity event? I thought it was a gorgeous pregnancy outfit. Amal always gets her coats right.

    And in the dress, you can really tell she’s pregnant. And her legs have really filled out. They look much more shapely.

  34. iseepinkelefants says:

    It’s funny to me the differences ebtween American and French when it comes to maternity. Not only do women in France barely gain any weight (they all look like they have basketballs under their shirts) but they also don’t have maternity wear here. Maybe it’s just Paris, but I have never seen a maternity shop. Women here don’t seem to buy clothes for pregnancy. They wear what they have already. And they don’t look odd. They look normal. It’s made me wonder why women in america go so crazy buying special clothes. And why American women gain so much weight.

    • Mel says:

      You can find maternity clothes in baby stores and there’s also a special section in regular stores but I’m definitely not talking designer clothes.
      More like Old Navy equivalent.
      And also, plenty of French women gain a lot of weight.
      There’s no special French DNA or even anything in the water.
      That’s a myth.
      The French also struggle with obesity sometimes.

    • tealily says:

      I don’t think much of what I already have would fit if I had a basketball under my shirt.

    • LadyAnne says:

      Well I’m french and bought maternity clothes, as did or do all the pregnant women I know ! Of course we do have maternity wear and of course a lot of us do gain baby weight ! We are not a different species !!

    • minx says:

      No offense but that doesn’t sound right.

    • noway says:

      Not trying to spread the she’s not really pregnant gossip, but she is having twins there is no way French, Lebanese, European, or American you are to get bigger. Normal weight gain for twins is 35-45lbs. Not sure how anyone wears your old clothes with that gain. She really doesn’t look like she has gained much at all, but who knows.

    • Escaped Convent says:

      You have never seen a maternity shop?! And your mother’s generation didn’t have them either, assuming she was also in France? 😒

    • Moneypenny says:

      I currently only have a basketball under my shirt. A lot of people are surprised to learn I’m pregnant because I’m not showing much (and I’m 26 weeks). My normal clothes do not fit. Do French women leave their pants unbuttoned and just pray they don’t fall down while their pregnant?

    • Blu says:

      You’ve brought up an uncomfortable subject for Americans(so be prepared to be told you’re ‘fat shaming’) but there’s a big obesity problem in America that’s no one wants to look in the eye, even obese models are seen as the norm now(Ashley Graham, look at all the praise she gets on here). What used to be considered chubby is now ‘average’ etc.. etc..

      And there’s a lot of misconception about pregnancy in the first place (how much weight you need to gain, the ‘eating for two’ myth ( you don’t need to, you only need an extra 500 calories during the last trimester, and that’s to fuel your baby ,not you) ).

      Having said that, it doesn’t mean French pregnant women are just healthier by comparison…In France it’s seen as perfectly fine to continue smoking(a LOT) and drinking…But yes, in France they have a much healthier idea of weight, and how much you need to gain/eat.

      • Babs says:

        No Blu, it’s not. Some people do but it’s not seen as “perfectly fine” at all.

  35. Beckysuz says:

    It’s her money and she’s rich.

    Can I take a moment to complain about maternity clothes though? Not only are they expensive as hell, but maternity designers seem to think that all pregnant ladies want to dress like 5 year old girls or eccentric 75 year old women. So so many bows and frilly things, so many obnoxious patterns. Can a lady just get some solid basics already ?

    • Harla Jodet says:

      + a gazillion!!! I have said it a million times (on other sites) why do pregnant women have to dress like they’re 3 years old with peter pan collars, bows and lace? Could it be that the designers are trying to hide the fact that said woman actually had sex?

    • Lexie says:

      Not sure what retailers you’re talking about, but you’re describing maternity fashion from the 70s and 80s. I’m pregnant and I shop at Target and Old Navy for maternity basics (nice cotton tops with no embellishments, good jeans) and ASOS has some cute things for fancier occasions, like dresses and skirts. Maternity wear has gotten much better.

  36. CK3 says:

    I’d rather the rich spent their money and inject it back into the economy than hoard it in some bank account. Sure, she wasn’t spending it at some small mom and pop store, most folks don’t, but the taxes on 168,135 euros of clothes is a benefit.

    Hell, if I were carrying twins and working a somewhat full time job, I would be treating myself every single day.

    • KiddVicious says:

      “I’d rather the rich spent their money and inject it back into the economy than hoard it in some bank account.” Exactly. Years ago when the economy tanked all of these rich people suddenly decided to be frugal so as not to appear unsympathetic. The Beckham’s come to mind where they said they “downsized” their domestic help, meaning they put more people in the unemployment line. How was that helping anyone?!

  37. courtney says:

    who cares they’re obscenely wealthy and she has to be on red carpets and speak in front of govt bodies like the UN so she has to look presentable it’s not like she’s simply doing normal errands like walking the dog or shopping wear she can wear a simple T-shirt dress or stretch jeans or gym shorts and a t-shirt

    • Sarah says:

      So do you think Angelina Jolie spent 8K on her outfit to speak to the conference she spoke at?

      I think I don’t like Amal cause she comes across, to me, as smug. LIke the cat that swallowed the canary. She is always presented as this accomplished, brilliant lawyer and it seems as though she is in love with the glamor and money of Clooney. Like she found a sugar Daddy.

  38. mazzie says:

    She’s not a royal so who does she have to answer to?

  39. Veronica says:

    If it’s her (their?) money, I don’t even see why it’s a story. Plenty of middle class women get a kick out of buying fun maternity clothing, it’s just scaled down to our affordability. Considering how miserable can pregnancy can be for many women, I could care less if they have fun.

  40. Shannon says:

    Shrug. I honestly don’t think I would do it – even now, I can’t bring myself to pay full price for clothes, I buy exclusively second hand clothing except for my son (always growing lol). l do it because I enjoy it, so I think I still would even if I were rich. That being said, I don’t care what she buys. It seems she’s accomplished a lot and does a lot of good in this world, so let her enjoy her pregnancy on her terms imo.

  41. Libra girl says:

    Why is this anyone’s business? As long as she is happy and healthy that’s all that matters. THIS is news?

  42. Chelly says:

    People with $$$ spend ridiculous amounts of it on anything. It’s her $ her business. i just hope she’s the type to donate them or hand them off to someone else after she no longer has use for them. That’s all.

  43. Jeesie says:

    She’s tall and thin with a long torso and this is her first pregnancy. She’s only just started needed real maternity clothes/alterations, and even now she’s small enough that a lot of what she’s wearing will still be wearable after she has the babies. It’s not like she’s spent that much on full on maternity clothes. Most of it’s just normal clothing a size or two up, and she can have that altered. She’s also been wearing a lot of stuff that looks fine when it’s oversized.

  44. Gabrielle says:

    She probably always spends that much on clothes. She can’t show up to her job in leggings and an old navy sweater. I spent a lot on maternity clothes or things that were not specifically maternity but with then intention of wearing them while pregnant. Not Amal level money but I don’t have that kind of money. You need to make yourself feel good while pregnant because it sucks honestly.

  45. MI6 says:

    …not if she auctions them off for charity when she’s done.

  46. JayGee says:

    They are wealthy people and I’m sure she personally is pulling in a very healthy salary as a prominent attorney. So they can afford it (if it’s even true). Plus, her job is one that requires public appearances in Court or at the UN in suits and other business attire. High quality women’s business attire is NOT cheap. I’m also an attorney (not as well off as Amal) and I basically bent over backwards to avoid buying maternity suits, due to the unbelievable premium on maternity business clothes. She obviously doesn’t have that option. So she’s fine IMO.

  47. A.Key says:

    It’s their money so who cares, but the saddest part is that these clothes don’t even look THAT special. I swear you can find prettier outfits on Ebay.
    That said, if she really wants to be a spokesperson for victims of genocide, why not use all of that money you clearly don’t know what to do with and give it to refugees. That would make me take notice. Giving a speech and then splashing an obscene amount of money on yourself just so you can look pretty doesn’t really make me want to take you seriously or respect you in any way.

    • Sarah says:

      Good points! I agree. Her lack of seriousness seems real.

    • Stage says:

      Errr so true. Her floral mix ‘n match Parisian look was the mirror outfit, including boots, purse, coat and dress that Valentino sent down the runway. George, Baria and Stan worked hard to make her a fashion icon but why? Since she came onto the scene and George pygmalion’ed her into Eliza Doo-Legal we have seen endless parade of ‘darling I’m ready for my close up!’ poses for the paps.

      In her first video where she’s in front of a hotel in colorful patterned jeans and god-awful creepers, she literally turned her back on her friend, walked away and then posed left, right, glamour, glamour, glamour extravaganza for the cameras. She knew she was with George: she arrived.

      After countless catwalks, where she paraded in front of Nadia Murad in front of the cameras in outfits that could fund the rebuilding of villages in Syria; she was schooled and now she allows Nadia to go into a car first and walk in front of Amal *gasp*

      Leave you with some tea – she ‘dated’ Eric Schmidt. Check out the video where he interviews her. Her coy, coquettish girly girl is painful to watch but makes sense within the context of their past relationship. Trust.

  48. Oshin says:

    Agree with every one here. It’s her money. She can spend whichever way she wants.

  49. jerkface says:

    How do people even know information like this? Did her personal shopper spill the beans or did the reporter go digging through her trashcan to find receipts? Kind of creepy. Also, who cares?

  50. Lama Bean says:

    It looks like she isn’t buying maternity clothes. She’s buying clothes several sizes larger to fit her belly. No designer would define a normal waistline like that for maternity wear. That said, I still like the outfit, just not on her at this time.

  51. Zucchini says:

    She’s probably getting a lot of it for free on loan or whatever. She’s at least appropriately dressed business-wise this year. Last year at the UN she was in see through stuff and inappropriate outfits (a guy in a pink/green/outlandish-coloured suit at the UN would also be called out for it). The thing is she’s really not just looking presentable; she’s playing up to the paps as a fashionista as usual and inviting you to look and judge (and hopefully compliment), so it’s not really just her-money-her-clothes scenario. And can’t look past her regular wearing of fur and other nasty stuff. Someone on the Daily Fail pointed out she’s really old fashioned and Kate’s much more modern in her high street outfits, in the sense that Amal wears head to toe designer and overdresses and refuses to get fat for pregnancy.

  52. Achoo! says:

    Her clothes may retail for £168k but I bet she didn’t pay that for them, it’s her money (aka George’s money) and this will probably be a once in a lifetime experience, so not my business. However if I had money to burn like that , I’d have a pact with myself, whatever I spent on me , travel, flights, homes, clothes, jewellery, meals out etc. I would also give an equal sum to charity or good causes, small micro and local charities who can squeeze every penny out of a $, not the multi billion dollar money pit charities.

  53. Tess says:

    Absolutely not a waste, every woman should get what makes her feel best in her pregnancy. True the cost per wear is higher but you can’t put a price on self-esteem when you’re at a vulnerable time. Her budget just happens to be several hundred thousand more than the average woman’s.

  54. Wiccanwonder says:

    Amal looks lovely in these pictures. I think spending that much money on maternity wear is a waste but then I would spend that on a horse so it’s relative to what you value in life. Better idea would be to find some struggling new designer who makes the clothes in an ethical way instead of giving to these ridiculously overpriced, sweatshop using and dare I say possibly racist fashion houses. I’ve also had twins and asked to have them taken out at 37 weeks because I was literally bursting!!!! I was skinny with a BMI of 22 (8stone 10 lb and 5ft 4 inches) before becoming pregnant. I just can’t believe those are twins in there.