Courteney Cox on eco-friendly daughter Coco: ‘She teaches me everything’


Courteney Cox served on the committee for UCLA’s Institute of the Environmental and Sustainability annual gala that took place Monday night. The swanky event was hosted by Hyatt heir Tony Pritzker and his wife Jeanne at their Beverly Hills home. You can read all about how fancy it was here. The theme, however, was “Innovators for a Healthy Planet” and to that end, Courteney said that daughter Coco Arquette takes the lead when it comes to being environmentally conscious in their home. Courteney credits Coco with teaching her everything she knows.

Courteney Cox has learned a lot from her 12-year-old daughter, Coco Arquette. Especially when it comes to being environmentally conscious.

“She goes to a school that’s extremely progressive and, luckily, she knows almost more than I do,” the actress told Us Weekly at UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability’s annual gala on Monday, March 13, in Beverly Hills. “She teaches me everything. Recycling, not wasting, conserving water.”

Cox, who served on the host committee for the event, says there are things that everyone can do to help with environmental issues.

“Its about doing research, and that’s what’s so amazing about this event, is what UCLA is doing,” she explains. “They’re teaching us and doing all of the science we need. We have to learn what they’re doing in order to put it into action.”

[From US Weekly]

Just so it’s clear – I love all of that so nothing I say should be perceived as shade. I don’t dispute that Coco’s school is very progressive but all LA schools just as most in California teach very aggressive conservation – public, private or otherwise. Courteney was born and raised in Alabama, which probably didn’t need to worry as much about water (I am not saying that as a dig). Water conservation in particular has always been essential in California, especially the past 10 years of this g-d-forsaken drought. If I’m running the faucet at night to heat the water to wash my face, my kids will turn it off on me – and that’s not me exaggerating for the sake of this post. However, the point is that Coco is using what she is taught and Courteney is not only recognizing it but learning from it. It’s so nice to post something positive about LA schools!

On a superficial note, I’m glad Courtney has stayed fairly true to her new motto, “Just let it be,” when it comes to face fillers. She was always my beauty ideal – m I wanted to look like – before she started tweaking.

Also, she spent International Women’s day lunching with longtime friend… Isla Fisher? I had no idea they hung out. Apparently they have been friends since meeting at David Spade’s birthday party in 2003. I love the thought of them together. Gawd – how do I get in on that text chain?




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  1. Zuzus Girl says:

    Just a note about: ” Courteney was born and raised in Alabama, which probably didn’t need to worry as much about water (I am not saying that as a dig).”

    Yes, this area (Alabama, Carolinas, Georgia. Arkansas) has plenty ow water but we also have unbelievably toxic coal-ash dumping into freshwater streams, creeks, lakes. So yes, water conservation and preservation is a big deal on the east coast too, as it should be everywhere.

    • swak says:

      With Trump wanting to cut the EPA budget and a director who doesn’t believe in global warming, we’re all going to have to worry about water conservation and preservation along with many other things.

  2. MrsBadBob says:

    She should be teaching her daughter water conservation in the home, as my mother did when I grew up in Southern California long before the extreme drought we are experiencing today. All the excessive development down there relies on water from other parts of the state, and everyone needs to be responsible with water conservation and usage. That being said, agriculture is the big water pig in the state, and the over planting of almond trees is likely going to suck our state dry because the state refuses to protect our water resources from greedy speculators.

  3. Mimz, says:

    Lovely to see her with a somewhat normal appearance. Also, this is a noble cause. In my country we are suffering from drought and we get very limited amounts of water every other day, or it stretches for about a week. But since this is a very poor country, majority of citizens are uneducated and we don’t have the infrastructures to distribute water evenly, even when it rains, lots of water is wasted because there is no actual system. Our only working source is way below level so we are working with what we get, plus all international allies have suspended aid since the IMF flagged us for undisclosed debt so yes … my country is in the s*hole.
    Gosh I miss Cougar Town. It was so funny and so good. Also, wine! And Andy. And Ellie. and Travis. I might watch it again.. for the 3rd or 4th time.
    Ok I’m done.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    Wow, her daughter looks so much like David! She’s cute. Glad she is so interested in the environment.
    I’ve seen photos of Isla with Jennifer Aniston too, I think they have all been in the same circle of friends for a long time.

  5. lyla says:

    Yay for California schools. I went to schools in SoCal (LA and OC), but I also went to school in the midwest for a couple of years – and from personal experience I agree that Ca schools emphasizes conversation.

    This kinda reminded me of the movie Hysteria with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy – did anyone see it? There was this scene emphasizing the importance of handwashing and Maggie’s character says that they teach it to children so that the children will go home and teach it to their parents.