Victoria Beckham’s Target collection is for women of any ‘budget, age, or size’

I was beyond excited to see an email from Victoria Beckham in my inbox yesterday. Sadly, it wasn’t an invitation to join the Spice Girls, but it was a link to the lookbook for her new capsule collection for Target. Victoria’s website showcases some of the pieces in her new line, featuring bright colors and lots of florals and color blocking. It’s nice she gave us time to put our shopping lists together in advance of the line’s debut at a Target near you on April 9th.

Victoria talked about the new line, inspired, in part, by her daughter Harper, with Refinery29. Of the collection, she enthused that, “There are lots of conversational prints, and a really energizing palette; color was very important for the collection.”

Even though Harper, her muse, is already 5-years-old, this Target collection marks Victoria’s first foray into designing clothes for children. She said, “It’s been a dream of mine to do so for a long time; Harper’s been wearing the collection already, and she loves it.”

The Victoria Beckham for Target collection is also the singer-turned-designer’s first to include plus-sized fashions, with pieces that run up to size 3X. This was important for her because, as she put it,

I want to design for women no matter their budget, age, or size. I want to empower women and girls, and make them feel like the best versions of themselves. The fact that I can offer plus size is really exciting, it’s a first for me, and it’s something important that I’m proud of.

[From Refinery29]

The commercial for the collection premiered on Victoria’s Instagram page and has a familiar soundtrack. Yes, I totally squee-d over the fact that she chose the Spice Girls’ song “Spice Up Your Life” to introduce the line.

The pieces really give off a 60s vibe, don’t they? I kind of want to go re-watch Down with Love now. They’re cute, not me, but cute. And Victoria seems very excited about them, gushing to People Magazine:

I love every single piece of this collection! I’m probably most drawn to the soft tailored pieces, like the tuxedo shirt and calla lily shirt and pants. They’re just really easy to wear, but still feel luxurious and create a very pulled-together look.

[From People Magazine]

I have to agree with I covet the calla lily shirt. I may have to beat off other crazed Target shoppers to get my hands on that one. If I had kids though, I would grab every last piece of the Harper-inspired togs. They are adorable. Anyone else want to go on a Target shopping date with me on April 9th?

Victoria Beckham Looks Chic At JFK Airport

Victoria Beckham In NYC

Victoria Beckham out and about with son Brooklyn Beckham and his ex-girlfriend Sonia Ben Ammar in Paris

Photos:, Fame Flynet

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  1. Clare says:

    I’m all for affordable fashion, but my issue with previous Target collabs has been the quality – it seems to be below Target’s usual standard and shit just falls apart and is made with shitty fabrics.
    My only surviving piece from a Target collab is a Alexander McQueen for target dress…everything else has fallen to bits – worst culprit being the Liberty of London for Target stuff!

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I don’t buy clothes at Target because the quality is pretty poor–one washing and buttons come off or random holes appear. I will make an exception and try to put my hands on a VB item or two. I was a little gutted when her makeup collab with Estee Lauder was sold out so quickly.

      • Clare says:

        I’m a sucker for their t shirts and pyjama pants!

      • Jeesie says:

        I think some of the Estée range is being brought back soon for another limited run. TBH though I wouldn’t really recommend it. It’s all pretty good, but still just the usual Estée quality, and the packaging alone isn’t worth the massive price hike. At those prices you might as well go for Tom Ford instead.

      • Betsy says:

        The EL products are coming back, some at least! And a new, lighter bronzer!

      • Betsy says:

        @Jeesie – they are the exact same thing as Tom Ford, which is owned by Estée Lauder.

    • Beth says:

      I don’t buy stuff at Walmart. I’ve seen the terrible quality. Target has better made stuff, but I only get my Marvel pjs there. I shop for clothes at the millions of outlet malls in my area

  2. manda says:

    I don’t have the energy to fight the crazy target fashion shoppers. They buy everything up within minutes. I can’t compete

    • @BitingPanda says:

      This. The sport of buying up shit just to sell it online makes me ragey.

    • Mel M says:

      Exactly. I remember when the lily Pulitzer came out and I wanted to get some for my daughter because I thought there were some really cute kids pieces. I think I got to target two hours after they opened and everything was already gone and it looked like a tornado had been through. So not worth it. I also love their new kids line Cat and Jack so I’m good.

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    What sizes is she talking about? Up to a 12?

  4. Bubbles says:


  5. Betsy says:

    I’d be excited, but it all gets snapped up and ebayed. So I won’t get excited.

    Ms. Beckham, I’d love to buy your diffusion line regularly. Make larger sizes!

  6. sage says:

    All of her outfits in the above photos could use some tailoring. It’s all too baggy on her and overwhelms her frame.

  7. OhDear says:

    I saw her collection yesterday and like it a lot (the kids’ one is especially good), but will likely not get anything (not my style).

  8. Cdoggy says:

    Not a fan at all of the adult stuff. Too cutesy cutesy, flowery. Honestly, I love her clothing lines, but this target collaboration is terrible. However, The kids stuff is super cute and I will take that bunny rabbit kids outfit In an adult size 8, please!

    • AnnaKist says:

      The calla lilies on black… I have a set of coffee mugs that look exactly like this! They’re shoved away at the back of a top cupboard, despondent, and waiting to be donated to a charity shop.

  9. Beckysuz says:

    Yeah I’m not going to get excited. Every time a good collection happens jerks buy it in two hours and Jack up the price on eBay. I don’t have the energy to find some crazy for clothes

  10. Singtress says:

    The target near me doesn’t carry plus sized clothes at all. And when they did — it was a couple pieces next to the maternity section. Cause, ya know, that’s the same thing…

    • Marion says:

      It’s a bummer as Target used to have a pretty decent plus size clothing section. I have a tshirt and black pants that are 6+ years old and still going strong. Now, IF you can find anything in the store, most is poor quality and nothing like the stuff, even simply basics, they have in “regular” sizes. They have a big selection online but their sizing is so inconsistent and, first world problem, I want to be able to see/try things on in the store like the “regular” size women can do.

      • Trashaddict says:

        I had two great linen skirts and jackets, in beige and a nice spring green, lasted me for years. But the more recent stuff – eh.

  11. zan says:

    I love the ad! Spice up your life!

  12. Lucy2 says:

    The stuff for kids looks really cute. I am amazed she use that song for the add, she often seems like she tries to distance herself from her SG past.

  13. Bros says:

    Her recent lip implant looks atrocious.

  14. EMAu says:

    What rubbish

  15. kimbers says:

    Who buys clothes at target? They’re so not worth it.

    They’re shoes alone smell like a tire factory.

  16. Meggin says:

    Could be cute but I never have luck with clothes from Target. They fall apart after one washing

  17. Libra girl says:

    Good for her!

  18. Amalia says:

    I hate the kids stuff, and I have an adorable 6 year old girl, who would look even more adorable in it. But she doesn’t incline to girly, and she certainly doesn’t wear structured little dresses like that because then she can’t play on the bars! Come on, VB, don’t you let Harper wear pants?? Or, like, t-shirts?
    For myself, I LOVE the calla lily top but not sure I really *want* it.