Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski secretly eloped over the weekend

Thomas Sadoski, perhaps best known as Amanda Seyfried’s fiance, was on The Late Late Show with James Corden yesterday. Sadoski is promoting his role on the CBS sitcom Life in Pieces, costarring James Brolin, Dianne Wiest and Colin Hanks. He also has a film out in limited release which costars Amanda called The Last Word. Sadoski showed off his wedding ring and opened with the news that he married Amanda on Sunday, in a private civil ceremony attended only by the two of them and an officiant. He said “We eloped, we just took off into the country with an officiant and just the two of us, and we did our thing. She’s the person that I love, admire, respect most in the world.

He said they wrote their own vows and that “it was beautiful, it was everything that it should be. It was just the two of us talking to each other.

Corden asked if it was weird afterwards because no one else except the officiant was there and Sadoski enthused “It’s great, it’s sort of perfect. Then you take the dog, you walk through the country and you go home. And you, like, have your life. We went out to dinner. We had a great day it was perfect.

Amanda is of course pregnant and looks to be due any day now. As for whether he’s ready to be a father, Sadoski said “No, how can you be? I’m more excited about this than I’ve ever been about anything in my life. And I’m also more terrified about it than anything I’ve ever been in my entire life. If I’m too confident then I’m just kidding myself.

At that point Corden changed the conversation to address Vanessa Hudgens who was also on stage. In his transition Corden mentioned that Thomas and Amanda met when they were in a play together on Broadway (because Vanessa was just on Broadway in Gigi). When Amanda and Thomas met on Broadway in April of 2015 he was married and Amanda was with Justin Long. Thomas filed for divorce in August of 2015 and Amanda and Justin broke up a month later.

Amanda and Thomas officially reconnected on the set of The Last Word early last year, and made the announcement that they were dating in March, 2016. So now they’re married and expecting a baby. It happened quickly, the beginning of their relationship was a bit suspect/messy, but they do seem happy. I’ve never seen Thomas interviewed before and he comes across as an earnest guy who really loves Amanda. Best wishes to them. I want a nice family for Finn and I know Amanda will be a great mom.

Here’s the video with Thomas on The Late Late Show

This nice man is going to be on @latelateshow tonight to talk about nice things! 💫

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    It’s dog day! First, Domhnall, now Finn! Two great, big, shaggy, awesome dogs!

    • What Was That? says:

      Yes!..I am here for handsome FInn💝

    • emilybyrd says:

      He’s such a sweetheart. I love the numerous different expressions on his face! He can look alternately innocent, wise, protective, and even sometimes like he’s humoring her!

  2. courtney says:

    congrats to them they likely chose to elope so their baby would be considered legitimate in the eyes of the law and also of religion they are Jewish though they are far from the first celebrity couple to elope in similar circumstances over the years including Paul & Linda McCartney with whom they share a wedding anniversary

  3. Jenny says:

    Good for them to elope if that’s what they wanted.

    Didn’t realize how messy their relationship started but best wishes

  4. Stella says:

    That dog is A STAHHHHH.

    Mazel tov to them. That’s a lovely way to get married. Slip off and do it.

  5. Alyce says:

    I’ve always had a crush on her. I just think she is so beautiful.

    Anyhow, good for them! I wish them a happy marriage and safe delivery!

    • WingKingdom says:

      Totally agree. She looks so amazing in that last instagram photo where Finn is gazing at her with adoration.

  6. mary mary says:

    Didn’t realize his divorce was finalized.

    Hope this time it works out for both of them.

  7. Mia4S says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if anyone will follow them on their honeymoon trip…huh Amanda? Messy. Messy. Messy. 😒

  8. JA says:

    Barf… May they be as faithful to each other as they were to their former SOs! Karma is a bitch and it never forgets. Cute dog tho

    • Fallon says:

      I wonder how long karma takes… my husband cheated on a girlfriend once, 13 years ago… still waiting.

      • mary mary says:

        Fallon: Cheating on a spouse and breaking up an eight year marriage isn’t really comparable to being single. Cheating in a committed relationship is cheating isn’t it? Being unfaithful when the significant other believes they are in a trusted/committed relationship says all you want to know about someone’s values and ethics.

        Patience, Karma does happen though 🙂

      • JA says:

        @fallon As long as it takes dear 🙂 but yay for your husband for going that long without meeting it?? \_(••)_/

    • ricke says:

      Amanda should see what happened with Brad and AJ. Karma indeed came for both of them. especially Angie.

  9. QQ says:

    He did have kids from his first wife? I’m not being shady I’m just curious, I assume not?, Also That Outfit/lipstick in her first pi is EVERYTHING..kinda calls back to whatever Amazing Lipstick Jemima Kirke had in the last ep. of Girls?? that velvety Matte not too warm red thing!?! Someone Help me find such a thing for me!!

    • Jayna says:

      No. They didn’t have children.

    • Nicole says:

      Didn’t see the episode, but try mixing Tom Form Matte Cherry Crush and Kevyn Aucoin Bloodroses. Or much cheaper, what about Nars Cruella with a different colored liner?
      Wait, I misread. Nars Red Dragon or Heat Wave with Mac Cherry liner or still, Tom Cherry.

      • QQ says:

        *screencaps for later studies* Nicole.. Also Jemima herself says ep two she did Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour / Helmut Newton So I want to try this weekend and see whats up

    • tealily says:

      Finding *the right* red lipstick is, like, the hardest thing in the world. Seriously, I think red looks great on everyone, but I’m still having a hard time finding the right one for myself.

  10. HeidiM says:

    So the picture hack happened at the same time they were gettingmarried . That kinda sux.

  11. elimaeby says:

    I have been a dog-wanter all my life. When I finally got one, I named him Finn. Couldn’t remember why I was so stuck on that name until I saw a shot of Finn with Amanda and the lightbulb went off. I don’t care for her one way or another, but that Finn is amazingly gorgeous!

  12. TyrantDestroyed says:

    Congrats! I also hope they stay faithful to each other.

  13. Kate says:

    It makes the news of the hacking of Amanda’s private pics even sadder. Can you imagine dealing with that on your wedding weekend?

  14. Chinoiserie says:

    My parents got married in a small ceremony when my mom was expecting my younger brother, apparently they thought it was easier to have a baby when married (but they were going to get married even before me, they just had been lazy with wedding planning). I felt really betrayed after I realized that since if they had had a big wedding I could have been the flower girl (I was 6) lol. So this just reminded me of that. Congrats to them!

  15. trishy says:

    Not to derail from the messiness, but I hope Amanda will post a pic or two of Finn with the new bebeh. Teh cuteness! I’m dying already.

  16. LA Elle says:

    Congrats to them!

    Cynical comment: Will be interesting to see if Amanda, who has had quite the string of broken relationships and cheating, changes now that she’s married and a mom.

  17. courtney says:

    children have a way of changing people for the better case and point Nicole Richie. you can’t help who you all in love with and when. my guess for the lipstick Amanda is wearing is Givenchy Le Rouge as she’s the face of their new fragrance Live Irresistible Delicious it was during the launch of that last November that she announced her pregnancy

    • lisa says:

      Amanda has beautiful lips, but she has beautiful eyes as well.
      I wish she wouldn’t wear bright red so much, it takes away from her green eyes!

  18. sunshine gold says:

    My theory is that there are a lot more pretty women in this world than men because so many of these beautiful women end up with seriously average dudes.

  19. courtney says:

    well they eloped because they’re in love and expecting a child shortly and they didn’t want that child to have the stigma of being of unmarried parents particularly because of Amanda’s history of O.C.D.

  20. delorb says:

    Congrats to the both. I don’t know their histories so I wish them well. Love him on Life in Pieces. Very funny show.

  21. Sarah says:

    *rolls eyes* Can we start a betting pool as to how long this marriage will last?