Kat Graham says she collapsed from food poisoning, not a pot brownie


Kat Graham is being dragged through the press for photos of her being sick. Kat played Bonnie on Vampire Diaries, whose series finale aired only a few weeks ago. She is also a singer, producer and polyglot. She is not, according to her rep, a drug user. And yet, that is exactly what she is being accused of. Kat was visiting the Two Bunches Palms Resort & Spa in Palm Springs last month. She was spotted eating at a local restaurant when she suddenly got up, went outside, vomited and collapsed. EMTs were called to the scene and eventually took her to the hospital. The reason we are talking about this now is that TMZ was able to secure some photos of a collapsed Kat and printed them with a source claiming that Kat had eaten a pot brownie earlier and was having a bad reaction to it. Kat’s reps got on the horn as soon as they heard and told everyone this is a load of BS, Kat had suffered food poisoning.

Kat Graham’s rep confirms the Vampire Diaries star was hospitalized last month, but says it was for food poisoning, not a bad reaction to a pot brownie.

TMZ had on Sunday posted photos of the 27-year-old actress appearing unresponsive on grass while being treated by paramedics, saying the pics were taken outside a hotel’s restaurant in Palm Springs, California.

The outlet reported she ran out, saying she felt unwell and needed to go to the hospital, then started throwing up, passed out, woke up and was transferred to an ambulance. TMZ quoted sources at the resort as saying the actress had eaten a cannabis brownie earlier in the day.

A rep for Graham told E! News the story is “100 percent not true,” adding that the actress “was eating at a restaurant outside the resort and had a violent reaction to food poisoning.”

“Kat is not a drug user, and has never been a drug user,” the rep added.

[From E!]

I don’t know Kat so I have nothing to go on here. But I was once falsely accused of a term paper “reeking of pot” when a professor opened it. My roommate and I were both cigarette smokers but neither of us smoked pot and I never had. I ardently argued my innocence but she didn’t buy it and gave me a C for “the writing being all over the place.” (Ironically the paper was for Psych 101.) So, because I obviously still hold a grudge having never been vindicated, I’m supporting Kat. So much of this story bugs, too. For starters, the pariahs taking and selling the pictures of a person collapsed on the ground. And this dubious “source” claiming Kat had eaten a cannabis brownie is suspect. The resort has refused to comment on this so this is either a snitch from the staff or some passer-by in which case, how the hell does he/she know what was in the brownie? Baked goods are my number one vice on vacation, maybe she was just getting her confection on? Unless the “source” shared the brownie with Kat, in which case Kat needs to cull her friend group.

The fact is that the reactions to ingesting cannabis and food poisoning can have the same symptoms, although Kat symptoms coincide more with food poisoning than ingesting too much cannabis. Commonly, food poisoning manifests itself one to two days after ingestion however, it can start within an hour. Like I said, I have no idea what happened but if Kat insists she’s not a drug user, I will too for now. I’m just glad she was treated for whatever it was and feels well enough to start promoting her role as Jada Pinkett in the Tupac film, All Eyez on Me coming out this June.




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  1. Margo S. says:

    I’ve had a bad trip after ingestion a chocolate chip cookie made with cannabis butter. I was paranoid as sh!t and almost called the ambulance to “save me”. Lol. My boyfriend (now husband) talked me out of it, But It took me hours to come down. No vomiting though…. that’s why I think it’s more likely to be food poisoning. But even if it was a shady pot brownie, who cares?!

  2. BobaFelty says:

    Food poisoning doesn’t happen instantly, so if she got sick while out to dinner, it was from a previous meal I guess? Someone sold that pot brownie story, either for cashing in on their friendship or just made it up. Either way, she needs some new friends!

    • Loopy says:

      Food poisoning can actually be quite instant,i have actually witnessed this.

    • Chaucer says:

      It can happen nearly instantly. Example: my husband and I were on our lovely honeymoon a few years ago at Lake Tahoe. We decided to visit the buffet at Harrah’s one afternoon for lunch and instead of heeding my warnings concerning sketchy casino food, he decided to try the seafood pasta. He took one bite, swallowed it, and nearly vomited after declaring it tasted like an onion stuffed in a rotting fish.

      20 minutes later he rushed off to the restroom and spent the remainder of our honeymoon bouncing from restroom to restroom every 45 minutes or so. I have no idea who Kat Graham is, and I don’t really care if she ate a cannabis brownie, but I feel for her.

    • kimbers says:

      Intestinal bacteria (ie noro virus) dont hit for a bit. But true food poisoning from dairy is instant.

      I had it from ince from butter
      My sister had it from cream cheese at a hotel

    • tegteg says:

      I’ve only had food poisoning once and it kicked in within an hour after eating some questionable pork. I felt like I was tripping balls – sweating, hallucinating, and then I finally threw up and felt a lot better.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      It really depends on how badly the food is tainted. A tiny amount you won’t notice, until the bugs have started multiplying in your gut enough for your body to take notice. But something that is badly contaminated, with both the bacteria and the toxic byproducts of the bacteria? Yeah, your body figures that out right away and deals with it.

  3. Jess says:

    Definitely seems more like food poisoning, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I got it from Chuck E. Cheese salad bar years ago and it was awful, for hours it was coming out both ends at the same time, lol, to the point I started hallucinating that I was floating and dead. My dad took me to the ER where I had to receive multiple bags of fluid to rehydrate, so yeah I believe her!

  4. Lucy says:

    Ugh, poor Kat. I’ve never seen anyone throwing up from eating a pot brownie, but this girl I used to go to school with once ate way too many at a party and had to be taken outside for a walk and some air. Either way, hopefully Kat’s okay now.

  5. kimbers says:

    I’ve been a victim of food poisoning via bad butter. Not put in edibles …. just a bad square of real butter i used on a biscuit. Was upright one min, and the next, i was sprawled on the floor vomiting into a paper bag my sister put on the counter for something. My sister got it a month prior , while on vacation, and still had her prescription. I didnt want to lay at the hospital so i Gatoraded up, took an anti nausea and slept after the pulling of the skin above the rib cage muttering F and Sh sh sh all night…rather do that in my own bed comfortable. The hospital would have just given me the same meds and an iv

    Not gonna even give TMZ a thought…

  6. stkarolina says:

    Just got hit by food poisoning last night so I absolutely believe it. If my bathroom wasn’t tiny enough so that I could lean my head against the door while sat on the toilet I absolutely would’ve collapsed. Cold sweat, shakes, the works. No vomiting though but I guess it depends if you get it from a recent meal vs a few days before? Idk but it’s not pleasant. Hope she got well quickly

  7. Erica_V says:

    I got food poisoning from bad iced coffee once. I took maybe three sips before my stomach turned over and I knew something was wrong – 10 minutes later I started vomiting and was sick for the next three days.

    Maybe someone was in the bathroom and her choice was to throw up in the restaurant or run outside and throw up on the grass.

  8. raincoaster says:

    We will know for sure if she sues a local restaurant for food poisoning OR they sue her for defamation.

  9. k says:

    There is no way this is food poisoning. I’ve had food poisoning multiple times before and while I was puking my guts out I was not laying on the ground incapacitated. It also takes several hours after whatever you ate to kick in.

    I have also eaten a couple of pot brownies in my day and have hallucinated, barfed, had a panic attack, and layed on the grass in public from eating the whole brownie at once. I would rather take acid or mushrooms than eat an edible, I HATE the paranoid and sick feelings I have gotten from them.