Elizabeth Olsen wants you to know that she has a boyfriend, huh

Elizabeth Olsen Out In NYC With Her Boyfriend

I’m not sure anyone will care about these photos as much as me, but here we go. Elizabeth Olsen was photographed with a “mystery man” yesterday in New York. Seriously, outlets were calling this guy Mystery Man. No one knew who he was. Even the Daily Mail – an outlet which is pretty good at problem-solving when it comes to romantic mysteries – couldn’t figure out this guy’s identity. It took hours before he was ID’d as Robbie Arnett, a member of the “cinematic indie pop band” Milo Greene. So… everybody’s sure that Robbie Arnett is Elizabeth Olsen’s boyfriend. Because of the body language, and because of her smile and her awareness of the cameras. This seems like an old-fashioned pap-stroll to announce one’s new boyfriend.

So, why is this notable? To me, it’s interesting because Olsen is so obviously pap-strolling with a boyfriend after making such a big deal about how “private” she was/is. Remember that? Remember when she and Tom Hiddleston kept playing games about whether they were dating? That was pre-Tiddlebanging. Olsen dumped her boyfriend right around the time she started working with Tom. Then Olsen somehow ended up in Hawaii with Tom while he filmed Kong: Skull Island. Then she and Tom were photographed at dinner in London, and they were seen out together by Twitter-stalkers too. While promoting their film, Tom and Elizabeth played endless are-they-together games and Olsen always said that she likes to keep her private life private.

So, a brand new outlook on being public with a boyfriend? Who knows? Robbie’s cute, btw. He reminds me of a less craggy Ron Livingston.

Elizabeth Olsen Out In NYC With Her Boyfriend

Elizabeth Olsen Out In NYC With Her Boyfriend

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Snazzy says:

    For some reason, I just can’t get myself to care about Elizabeth Olsen.
    She’s about as interesting as watching paint dry

  2. Lucy says:

    That coat is very Olsen-esque, but I like it. His is nice, too.

  3. Mia4S says:

    That’s odd for her…but nope sorry, can’t work up the interest.

    Now if Lainey’s story was right that post-Hiddleston she had a fling with Diego Luna they managed to keep totally under wraps? THAT would be interesting.

    • ell says:

      yeah, that was interesting. i generally trust lainey because she obviously has good sources, but there have been quite a few times in which her idea of a celebrity gets in the way of reality, like that time she was sure mila kunis wasn’t dealing with arseton. i personally never thought elizabeth olsen was particularly private, just careful. celebs who actually want to be private usually manage to do so, for the most part (unless you’re leo di caprio, but lbr not many are as famous as him).

    • teacakes says:

      I actually believe the Diego rumour.

      Lainey’s been wrong on occasion when guessing that someone WASN’T dealing with someone else, but I can’t remember her ever making something up entirely or being wrong about people she said were hooking up.

      • ell says:

        i hoped it were true, because it would prove that diego has better taste than suki waterhouse lol.

    • Adrien says:

      I have a masters degree in diegology (studied that course since The Terminal). That rumor floated around last last year but he got busy with some small indie flick called Star Wars (the film had millions of reshoots that it took almost a year to finish) so it died down. There was another chick,not named Jabba unfortunately. The whole Suki PricewaterhouseCooper is puzzling. Not really. Diego is a well known floozy.

      • ell says:

        he’d be truly happy with jabba, so that’s disappointing lol.

        i didn’t know he’s a well known floozy, mostly because he was married for quite a bit. but yeah, he needs to drop the suki.

      • Mia4S says:

        Eh, I feel like people are expending too much energy on the Suki thing. They are spotted together occasionally, then aren’t in the same country for months. Seems more a friends with benefits thing. Sure I’ll eat my words if they elope or whatever but it just seems like two adults having fun. *Shrug* Enjoy.

        Yeah the impression I get is that to his credit Diego is a good and loving father, but maybeee not exactly wife-hunting at the moment. 😉

      • teacakes says:

        @Adrien – heyyy my fellow student of Diegology!

        @Mia4S – I agree, this PWC Cooper thing is no big deal. Diego likes to hook up with his female costars if they’re single, and that’s been happening since he was very young (all the way back in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, if not before). Heck even his ex-wife was a costar at one point, she just happened to get pregnant so he married her.

        It’s to his credit that he’s a good dad with an excellent relationship with the mother of his children, but like you said – I doubt he is wife hunting lol.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Let me turn on my gossip conspiracy hat. Okay…..

    Olsen career is on a bit of a slide as she is either unnoticeable in franchise films or no one is going to see her indies. She might want to play the game that her sister’s do but cannot because, well, she ain’t her sisters and she ain’t got her sisters money. She could have another indie film coming out and she needs behinds in seats for it and she will have a sound bite for interviews, Dollars to donuts she has a public relations person telling her to cut that crap out if she wants to continue to work.

    Or she just wanted to take some attention away from Skippy because he has a bonafied hit on his hands.

    • ell says:

      let me guess; you’re a tom hiddleston stan? i can’t with conspiracies tbh.

    • teacakes says:

      Is Kong the movie you referred to as a “bonafied hit”?

      Not sure how it qualifies as one considering it’s unlikely to make back its production budget.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        Actually, analysts ATM say it’s very likely it will not only make the money back, but also actually make some pretty penny over that. But it’s too early to tell because it has only been out for a good week and it hasn’t widely opened in all markets (including China) yet. There’s still time to go either way.

        I agree, tho, that it’s not a bonafied hit yet, although I suspect Tiffany was talking about Rotten Tomatoes where the film is labeled certified fresh.

      • Ramona says:

        Bbbut nobody refers to a fresh Rotten Tomatoes score as a “bonafied hit”. There are movies with 100% scores that couldnt be accurately called a middling hit much less a bonafied one. The term hit only applies to a commercially successful film except when prefaced with “critical” to mean it was well received by critics.

        Kong is hardly a bonafied hit either way. Godzilla (which Elizabeth Olsen was in) was at least $30 million ahead of Kong at this point when it came out and its still considered just a moderate hit. In any case, Sam Taylor Johnson had way more screen time in Godzilla than Hiddles has in Kong and nobody presumed that he had “arrived” because of it. The stars of both movies are the monsters followed by the prestige players (Cranston and Ken Watanabe in G, Sam Jackson and Goodman in Kong). The white dude leads are interchangeable, nobody cares.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        Since people use bomb in both financial and critical sense (although it should only be used in financial), I don’t see why hit couldn’t be used in both ways too. Anyway, I didn’t make the claim, I’m just saying that I thought Tiffany meant that, but I could of course be wrong.

        And I agree it’s the monsters that people want to see, not the characters. I’ve been saying this the whole time: whether this film ends up being a huge hit or a huge bomb, you can neither credit nor blame the actors. King Kong is bigger than all of them.

        That being said, it’s always good for an actor to star in a financial and/or critical hit. Samuel L. Jackson is a huge deal because he’s the world’s’ highest grossing actor, but lets be honest: Star Wars and Marvel films wouldn’t earn any less if he was replaced with somebody else. But it sure does help him being placed among – as you put it – prestige players.

        P.S. It was Aaron Taylor Johnson. Sam TJ is his wife. 😀

      • teacakes says:

        @Nanny to the Rescue – It has a 185 million production budget, plus at least half that much (if not more) spent on marketing.

        Trade magazines have specifically noted that Kong earning the budget+costs back to show any profit is going to be a struggle, and I would say more than ever now that Beauty and the Beast is in theatres and taking up all the money. Kong needs about 600-700 mil to break even, going by reports of previous movies with that budget (Suicide Squad etc) and I doubt it will book that much over the course of the next month, with more big movies coming out soon.

    • OhDear says:

      I wouldn’t say that’s a conspiracy, I’d say that’s just business on her end. Celebrities have to drum up interest in themselves (esp. if they’re not as well known), but have to play the “oh, I’m so private” card to not be deemed thirsty (which seems to be the most damaging insult to a celebrity these days).

  5. Sigh... says:

    Didn’t she actually dump her *fiancé* for Tiddlesgiggles?

    • Mia4S says:

      It wasn’t confirmed and I believe it was denied (I don’t think she ever admitted to dating him!). But if she didn’t dump the fiancée for him, the timeline was really, really unfortunate.

  6. SM says:

    I think that it may be the case of showing off how hip she is. The chances are she felt somewhat reluctant to parade Tommy because he is all puppies and rainbows and now she got her self an indie hip boy and hence showing him off is like a proof of how hip and underground she is. I wonder ehat she thinks of her ex who becase somewhat more famous since he got himself a role on narcos and in the Logan film. Sorry, can’t remember his name. He however had a small part but managed to make it his own contrary to her being all unnotable in avangers.

    • Guesto says:

      Her ex Boyd was hot as hell and she dumped the guy over the phone for being able to climb Hiddleston like a tree.

      • Hannah says:

        Boyd is hot and a fine actor, but we don’t know why Olsen dumped him. They may very well have had problems for a long time. The fact that she may have a hooked up with Hiddleston doesn’t mean she dumped Boyd for him. Hiddleston could have been a welcome distraction after a long term relationship gone bad. Either way we know Hiddleston has no problems being public with his girlfriend when he wants to and she was papped with Boyd quite a lot and now this guy so I don’t think whatever it was between tom and her was serious at all.

  7. ell says:

    pap walks always make me laugh, because they’re so obvious. i also don’t get why celebs feel they should announce a relationship, but oh well. that coat looks super cozy, btw.

    jlaw was pap walking with aronofsky as well, lmao.

    • Nanny to the Rescue says:

      Well known celebrities earn money by selling their stories to magazines. If they’d be photographed by a random paparazzi/fan, the word would have still gone out but they’d get noting out of it. It also helps if the first coupling photo looks nice and happy instead of what happens if you catch people off guard. And after the word is out, they know what to expect. Before that, it’s a ticking bomb.

      • ell says:

        thanks for the answer, it makes sense. that said, making money out of your private life, and then complaining you don’t want the attention sounds ridiculous (hello selena gomez). there’s a reason why the truly private ones are always busted by fans with creepy shots, rather than pap walks.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        We’ll always disagree here. I think Selena (and anyone else) has every right to sell her image at one point and be upset if she gets photographed without permission at another. Agreeing to it once does not mean permanent consent.

        Journalists, bloggers and readers also often act like they know while in truth it’s all just cynical projection. We can presume Selena ordered a paparazzi photoshoot, but no matter how clearly staged it looks, we don’t TRULY know. We dislike her, so we automatically think she’s shady and we’re positive that’s the case, while it’s equally possible that her complaining is justified.

  8. teacakes says:

    well, she dated Diego Luna for months without a peep coming out about it – according to Lainey, they broke up right before the Golden Globes.

    I actually believe she knows how to keep her life private when she wants to – if she was really a famewhore, she wouldn’t be doing the pap stroll with a relative nobody and we’d have pics of her much more famous immediate ex (Diego), especially just before or in the immediate aftermath of a Star Wars movie.

    • Becky says:

      I think she does do the whole pap thing, which is why I also find her hypocritical, though to be fair I didn’t know about her involvement with Luna until now.

      • ell says:

        they all do the pap thing though. it’s only a select few who are truly private, most of them play the pap game at least once. jlaw does it as well, and she really doesn’t have to.

      • Becky says:

        She then complains about getting papped though, when she’s obviously playing the game. I find it hypocritical and unnecessary.

      • ell says:

        does she though? admittedly i’m not a massive fan of hers and don’t keep with everything she says, although i enjoyed her as scarlet witch, but i don’t remember reading anything on complaining about the paps.

      • jetlagged says:

        @ell, she has made a few comments in interviews about how she finds them intrusive, being photographed buying vegetables at a farmer’s market prompted her to find a different place to shop, she rents a house in LA rather than buying because she doesn’t want them to hide in the bushes outside her house, etc etc.

        I’m on the fence about exactly how much she does intentional pap strolls, but she’s photographed often enough in random places that I do think she’s a willing participant at least some of the time. No shade from me on that account – like you said they all do it.

      • Becky says:

        Ell, this is what I was referring to:

        “she says, going on to describe the “crippling” nature of paparazzi in L.A., where, after being spotted, she won’t go home for several hours in case they follow her”


        It’s pretty to spot so called set up pap photos: if they’re high quality, they have to be taken relatively close up.

  9. MI6 says:

    Theory: some gossip rag was reporting TH wanted her back.
    Perfect timing.
    …I know way too much about this crap.

  10. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    Famewhore= Loki guy “dating” Taylor Swift and their papped love tour
    “I have a boyfriend and I am proud “= 0slen papped in the street with her unknown boyfriend

    • ell says:

      i think there can be levels of famewhoreness lol. not that i think EO is a famewhore, in fact not at all actually, but this is a pretty obvious pap stroll. they all do it, so no big deal really, but it also shows she’s fine with not being that private.

    • Nik says:

      @Don’t Kill Me…


      People can be overly critical on how celebs go about their fame. Do we expect all celebrities to live outside of NY/LA or stay at home all day? Realistically they’re going to get papped. She’s not doing anything ridiculous or crazy, so why should we call her a famewhore? There’s nothing wrong with smiling and looking stylish if you know you’re going have your picture taken.

  11. A says:

    I have no idea who this guy is but I get a vibe that says he’s a hipster and not very fond of bathing buy heyy Elizabeth wants everyone to know she’s not the bland Olsen sister anymore lol Unfortunately relationships like this won’t do anything for her image cause he’s a nobody.

    • Nanny to the Rescue says:

      Wouldn’t dating a hipster make her the blandest of them all, tho? It’s such a “now” thing. And does anybody even use the term “hipster” as a positive description?
      (BTW, I’m not calling this dude a hipster, just commeting on the word itself.)

      • A says:

        her dating life has always been mostly boring, she likes guys slightly less bland than her so maybe (smelly) Mr.Hipster seems like very exciting option to her.

  12. SJ says:

    I personally like her, I think she’s beautiful, but like others have said I can’t stand it when celebs claim to be so, so private and shy but then do stuff that’s anything but.
    If you want your love life to remain private then keep it private.

    ETA: @ell, she did an interview with “Fashion” Magazine where she said she wasn’t going to go on social media because she wants to keep her personal life private.

    • ell says:

      saying you’re not on social media bc you want to be low key =/= complaining about the paps. sure, she also doesn’t need to pap walk so that’s on her, but it’s still not on the same level of a selena gomez or a jen garner who do nothing but pap walk, then whinge about the paps.

  13. Guest says:

    Every time I see her, I keep remembering the TOOOOOOOOOM incident. Embarassing like hell. But oh geez, I would pick her over Swift any time… Who would have thought that something worse than Olsen dull doll would happen….. No clue how anyone could dump Boyd for Tom…. And I like Hiddles.

  14. jetlagged says:

    Why was she sooo over the top with her discomfort when she and TH were spotted at dinner in London? She has never done the duck and avoid thing before, or since. I don’t get it.

    p.s. Cool coat.

    • ell says:

      i actually believe the london one was the odd unexpected pap pic. most of them are clearly set up, but given how genuinely uncomfortable she looked then, i believe she didn’t know.

      • Hannah says:

        Maybe she didn’t know but Hiddleston who is a Londoner should have known, given that the place they went is a known pap haunt.

    • Evie says:

      EO wasn’t just over the top in that obviously staged pap walk at The Wolesley which is where one goes to be seen. She looked like a raging idiot walking “blind” with her purse in front of her face, bleating “Tom, Tom where are you?” There’s a video floating around somewhere and it shows her standing by a fence and there are maybe three paps around her standing at a respectful distance while she’s having a meltdown like a 4 year old in the middle of Toys R Us. Very bizarre. Especially since Lizzie never had a problem being papped during her two year relationship with Boyd Holbrook or now with Robbie Arnett OR even at Paris Fashion week when the wind accidentally blew her skirt up to show her underwear.

  15. Jenny says:

    On another note, Milo Greene is a fantastic band that doesn’t get enough love.

  16. Hannah says:

    I don’t see the issue here. She had flings with Diego Luna and possibly Hiddleston, although she always denied it.

    She never hid Boyd when she was with him. So I am just gonna guess this is a relationship, as opposed to those flings that she was more private about.

    I mean it doesn’t even make sense that she goes on a pap walk with a guy nobody cares about but isn’t willing to that with Hiddleston if it was attention she was after.We all know he’s not opposed to pap walks…

    • A says:

      She was probably scared to go public with Hiddles because of his rabid fandom I can’t say I blame her tbh. As for Diego thing, Lainey said the rumour was that they dated for few months so maybe it fizzled out before they could go public. Anyway now that she has gone public with guy she needs to be prepared for LA paps stalking her for PDA shots

      • jetlagged says:

        Before that night, most of TH’s fans didn’t really buy the gossip about them – they had chalked it up to a work friendship that tabloids were trying to make into something more. For as few times as they were spotted together, they could have gone with “just friends having dinner” as an explanation and I don’t think anyone would have cared.

  17. Nanny to the Rescue says:

    Here’s another photo from this set, and come on, it’s the best one (dude in the back):


  18. meow says:

    hah! that’s my friend’s band. weird. first lena gets all up on miniature tigers (stupid ex-bf) and now milo greene is making it happen with an olsen. oh coastal socal, you’re so small.

  19. Antonym says:

    I thought she was Jessica Biel in the thumbnail photo on the main page.