Enquirer: Tom Hiddleston desperate to rekindle romance with Elizabeth Olsen

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It’s almost magical how this story cropped up just a few days after Elizabeth Olsen strutted around New York with her new (hipster?) boyfriend. Last week, I pointed out that super-private Elizabeth Olsen seemed absolutely fine with doing a little boyfriend-rollout with her new guy. We discussed how different that seemed from her game-playing (if not outright lies) with her relationship with Tom Hiddleston a few years ago. Well, guess what? The National Enquirer says that Tom Hiddleston wants Olsen back! According to their sources, Tom dumped Elizabeth for Taylor Swift and now he wants Elizabeth back, probably because she’s so private and now he is too, people.

Gun-shy from his sensational tryst with Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston is yearning for a comeback with his former love — Elizabeth Olsen! The ‘Thor’ hunk hooked up with Elizabeth in 2015, but Tom sent her packing when megastar Taylor sang sweet nothings into his ear last summer. The three-month, headline-hogging affair was way too much for Tom’s tastes – but it was Taylor who called things off at the end of September.

“Frankly, it was karmic payback — he got dumped by Taylor just like he dumped Elizabeth!” dished a source to The National ENQUIRER. Now pals believe Tom’s seen the error of his ways. He knows he was a fool for ending what they had together to chase after Taylor.

“Tom desperately wants to wash the bad taste out of his mouth when it comes to Taylor,” spilled the insider. And while Tom’s been begging Elizabeth to take him back, friends said the ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ beauty prefers to stay in the ‘friend zone’ for now.

“She still has a warm place in her heart for him, but he has a lot of work to do to win her back,” added the spy.

[From The National Enquirer]

He’s not going to win her back because she already has a new boyfriend. But does he want her back? I do think there’s some kind of media strategy at play for Hiddleston following the Tiddlebanging Extravaganza and how it blew up in his face so spectacularly. I think he realizes he has to be single for a while (publicly single, at least) and then his next relationship better be a lot quieter. At least, I hope Tom knows that now. Taylor’s new album is probably coming out later this year, which means blind item songs, which means Tom will be getting dragged into this mess yet again. He might need to be in another relationship by the fall. And not with Elizabeth Olsen.

Also: “Tom desperately wants to wash the bad taste out of his mouth when it comes to Taylor…” God, that’s harsh.

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  1. trollontheloose says:

    yes there was this blind that he keeps calling her to get back and finally she staged this outgoing with new Bf.. as in “in your face, Tom”.

    • QueenB says:

      I dont think thats true. Sure those pictures look at bit staged and she isnt hiding like she was with Tom but they probably saw these pictures and then wrote the blind item around that.

      • Hannah says:

        Google her and Boyd Holbrook. She never hid with him either there are many photos of them together.. This idea that she hides her relationship is a fallacy that’s mainly been use to push that she and hiddles had some undercover relationship. Most likely whatever she had with hiddles ( if it was something) never amounted to an actual relationship.

    • spidey says:

      Or some saw her out with new boyfriend so decided to make up this story?

      • Becky says:

        This story appeared on Radar online over a week ago (Radar and the Enquirer are owned by the same company).

        A few days later, Lizzie was papped with her new bf.

        Draw your own conclusions.

      • Fluff says:

        Reasonable conclusion is that the paps went looking for her because there were articles in the press about her love life, no?

        “Woman doesn’t force boyfriend to hide and only go outside with bag over his head” isn’t exactly news.

      • Becky says:

        I agree it isn’t news, but the pap pics were good quality and it was a bit of a coincidence.

      • Jellybean says:

        I saw Olsen and her boyfriend in a photo in early February coming out of a club. They weren’t holding hands, but I thought at the time they were very likely a couple

      • dot says:

        Yes @Jellybean Lizzie has been with her boyfriend for quite some while. They were seen attending Jeremy Renner’s gig this Feb. Before Lizzie was papped at NY, she made a post on IG about jetting to NY soon, so I guess if the paps weren’t tipped, everyone sort of knew where to find her.

  2. Mia4s says:

    Hahaha! Ohhh, Enquirer, sometimes you are so enjoyable I’m almost glad you exist.

    So next week’s headline will be “Taylor’s heartbreak over Tom’s return to Liz” right? Right?!

    It’s unfortunate her new boyfriend is not very famous because then we could REALLY have some fun. If only she had kept dating Diego Luna, I can see it now!: “Tom devasted as Liz rejects him for sexy Star Wars heartthrob!”. 😉

    Hey Enquirer! Can I have a part time job?

    • third ginger says:

      LOL Your headline more than qualifies you!!

    • inka says:

      you totally deserve that job.

    • Adrien says:

      That Diego rumor came up more than a year ago in our gossipy fb chat. Someone from his tv/movie set had squealed on that. We didn’t take that seriously because why would Liz date someone who doesn’t live here. I still doubt that even after the Lainey scoop. But who knows, Diego is a known flirt.

      • A says:

        more than a year ago? Lainey said the rumour was that they dated for few months and broke up after Golden Globes 2017, that makes it recent-ish.

      • teacakes says:

        @Adrien – now I want in on your gossipy FB chat too!

        And you’re right, Diego is a veteran flirt who tends to hook up with actresses, right from a young age (his ex-wife was a costar too). The only surprise about him and Lizzie Olsen was that she wasn’t a costar of his.

  3. inka says:

    Exactly and I don’t think it’s true either,feels too lipstck alley ish or tumblr ish. People would cook up anything when they have too much time

  4. Beth says:

    The National Enquirer said it? That really is where fake news is. It’s always been know for fake gossip. Trump uses stories from it as “proof”. That’s where he found out Ted Cruz father was involved with the assassination of JFK.

  5. spidey says:

    What a load of cobblers!

  6. dave says:

    I’m a failed novelist, can I still get a job on the National Enquirer?

  7. Lightpurple says:

    Does he know?

    Does she know?

    • spidey says:

      @ Lightpurple – exactly what I thought when I saw it the other day on LSA (blushes with shame at admitting she looks there sometime, purely in the interests of research you understand?) 😆

    • kate says:

      I mean, does Chelsea Clinton know she has several alien siblings?

  8. QQ says:

    Why does this man stay coming off like he’s got more Legs than sense? LOL I mean really is so …Dying

  9. Juniper says:

    Well – at least the first three words of the title are pretty accurate.

  10. Angel says:

    I still don’t believe Taylor dumped Tom, he totally ended it

    • Jessie says:

      Disagree, he acts all hurt in interviews and pretty much hinted she ended It.

      • Scout says:

        This. I think his posh pedigree/accent and education throws people off – my impression post-Swift is that he’s kind of a bumbling idiot.

      • Becky says:

        That was from the GQ interview and it’s been suggested that a certain narrative was being pushed with that article.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if he extracted himself from the situation.

    • Fiorella says:

      You must have missed the interesting profile of him. I think Lainey covered it and maybe here too. If he wasn’t dumped they have a very good act planned out making him seem dumped

      • madly says:

        Pft, L ainey is a swiftie. She is hardly objective at her reporting of anything to do with Taylor.

  11. A says:

    Remember that time when National Enquirer said Elizabeth was actually dating Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston was just a cover up LOL their fic writers are obviously very good at their job.

    • spidey says:

      Pity they can’t remember what they wrote so they could keep their stories straight!

    • Adrien says:

      Tbf, the Enquirer broke the John Edwards Rielle Hunter story and the Flynn as Russian agent story.

      • Sigh... says:

        Yup, even “broke clock” NE can be right twice a day.

        Although according to them, Cher has been “knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door” from a debilitating, incurable disease for about 20 years now…

    • Lightpurple says:

      And then they threw Jeremy Renner into the mix

      • A says:

        no Renner story came from some other trash tabloid. National Enquirer’s exclusive was solely about how Elizabeth had a secret relationship with Chris Evans and their good friend Tom Hiddleston was covering it up for them cause Chris didn’t want womaniser reputation LOL

  12. Jessie says:

    “from her game-playing (if not outright lies) with her relationship with Tom Hiddleston”.

    If both of them denied it i dont think we should calll it a relationship. It’s a rumour and could have been a casual situation hence why both denied.

  13. bread says:

    I think he’s desperate to change his personal narrative to anything other than that-guy-who-wore-an-ILoveTS-tanktop-last-summer.

  14. dot says:

    There may be some truth in this story. I can see Tom wanting to divert attention by dating some other girl, but that girl will definitely be dragged or put on the spot, so better be another PR-setup rather than someone he has genuine feelings for.

  15. Scout says:

    Olsen ended her engagement a month or so after she filmed that movie with Hiddles (over the phone, no less) and then the next thing you know, they are together. Swifty broke up with her boo a few weeks after the tragic Met Ball dance-off and we all know what happened days later. Tom seems to have a thing for starlets in relationships so sure, why not?

    • Lightpurple says:

      She ended her engagement about a week into filming ISTL, not after. They just didn’t announce it until months later.

      • Evie says:

        Yes, she ended the engagement to Boyd Holbrook a week into filming ISTL but Lizzie, Tom and the other principal members of the cast had been in town for rehearsals since the end of September. So she’d been hanging with Hiddles for a full month before she dumped her fiance by phone. Lizzie and Boyd were always open about their relationship and were photographed numerous times walking down the street or at premieres. I have no insight into their relationship, other than all seemed well because in mid-September she flew down to South America where he was filming Narcos to celebrate Boyd’s birthday. Maybe they were having problems and the breakup had nothing to do with Hiddles, who knows? But Holbrook said in a couple of interviews that he was totally blindsided and pretty upset to get dumped in a long distance phone call.

      • Scout says:

        My only reference is an article her ex-fiance did saying they broke up in January, while the ISTL filming had completed by late December.

      • Bonzo says:

        Boyd said she broke up with him the day his friend died in late Oct, by phone because she was IN REHEARSALS with TommyAnnE. Doesn’t prove their affair started while filming, but the circumstances sure are suspect.

        On another note, I like Milo Greene’s first album, so I’m ok with this new bf of hers.

    • Beth says:

      Ended an engagement on the phone?! Ouch

    • Hannah says:

      That just sounds like he’s the rebound guy. Especially as Lizzie wouldn’t admit she was dating him and she (and he)has been more than happy to be seen with actual significant others. As for Taylor I think she used him to get back at Calvin.

      • Scout says:

        Who knows, Lizzie’s ex was super bitter about the whole thing a full year afterwards so it makes me think there was more to it.

    • Evie says:

      @Scout: here are the links to a couple of interviews and articles on the Lizzie Olsen/Boyd Holbrook breakup. Apparently, her timing couldn’t have been worse, because according to the article, she dumped him on the same day he got the news that a close friend and older mentor, photographer David Armstrong who died from liver cancer — this happened on October 26. Holbrook was asked about the breakup in an interview with Man of the World Magazine. The article appeared in the December issue but had been written a month before. Because Holbrook is low-key and flies mostly under the radar, there was no news about the October breakup until the magazine reported it in December. It probably wouldn’t have received much attention if not for the Hiddleston connection, LOL!

      Holbrook never mentioned Lizzie by name in the article, just referred to her as “my girl” and said he got the “Dear John” phone call right after he found out that his best friend Armstrong had succumbed to cancer.



  16. third ginger says:

    Forgive me for interjecting some logic. Why would a man call or text a woman who lives on another continent, a woman who never admitted they dated in order to rekindle a relationship neither admits ever happened. And why would that woman plan her dating life around the man she never admitted she dated?

    Also, I know not everyone thinks well of Hiddleston, but does anyone actually suppose there is no one in London for him to date?

    • spidey says:

      @ third ginger haha – far too sensible, you are going to take my logical crown. Have a drink! 🍸

      • third ginger says:

        Don’t mind if I do! Just found out I have mild arthritis in one knee.

      • dave says:

        @ third ginger. Oh no, sorry to hear that. I have suffered from arthritis in my thumbs and fingers for some time now. Fortunately, it seems to have stopped progressing over the last year or two.

      • spidey says:

        @ Third ginger really sorry to hear about the arthritis, that’s a bummer. I have the same problem with my hands as dave. Just hope yours doesn’t progress. Check apple cider vinegar. No recommendation, you understand, but you may wish to check it out.

      • spidey says:

        @ third ginger, really sorry to hear that. I have the same problem as dave and am hoping mine has stopped progressing too.

      • spidey says:

        My post disappeared and appeared again, sorry for the dupilcation!

    • dot says:

      The National Enquiry seems to hint that Tom only wants to use Lizzie as a means of diverting attention, so of course he would want to get with someone famous. But I doubt at this point anyone who cherishes her reputation would want to be involved with Tom, so Tom has no choice but to revert to some of his exes.

      • justme says:

        Well he hasn’t got any famous “exes” except for Lizzie (if she even counts as an “ex”). Suzanne Fielding and he have been broken up for years and she has a long term boyfriend. So are we to expect the second coming of Jane Arthy? And if nobody who cherishes her reputation wants to be with TH, why would an ex? (Especially in the case of Lizzie and “ex” who never acknowledged being his girlfriend in the first place?)

      • dot says:

        Maybe he thinks that Lizzie agreed to play the PR game the first time so why not the second time. I do think Tom really wants to exclude himself from the Taylor narrative and he’s desperate to do whatever it takes. That Jake G interview must have also scared him too.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        There are about a thousand actresses a bit less famous than him who would do it for the sake of fame if not anything else. Trust me, there’s no shortage of girls he could use for diversion if he indeed needed one. He might be mostly known for Loki and his summer antics, but that still makes him more famous than a majority of actors out there, and his next girlfriend will get her name out. But that’s irrelevant anyway because I agree with Third Ginger that this is all NE’s clickbait fantasy.

      • dot says:

        The timing was too weird not to suspect that the news wasn’t planted by either camp.

    • seesittellsit says:

      Not only never admitted it occurred, but actively denied it – Olson stated that baldly in an interview. There was no relationship to “get back”. What’s more, the relationship with Swiftie was completely faked, as well. Sorry folks – this man isn’t really too interested.

  17. Hannah says:

    So now he dumped her ? Pretty sure at the time they’ve sayed she dumped him.
    And also Lizzie dated Diego Luna before her current boyfriend. I remember reading about her thing with Luna before or around the time hiddleswift happened so Its bs that hiddles dumped her for swiftie.

  18. justme says:

    Well whatever went on between EO and TH it was over by the time he started to go out with Taylor so the whole “he dumped her for Taylor” part of this fiction doesn’t scan. They seem to get along well when they see each other (there was a sighting of her chatting with him at the Golden Globes and teasing him for having only an avocado for lunch) and they were ok during the promo for ISTL (she said he was a kind person). Just a bit of pot-stirring from the NE. Taylor has gone missing for the last few months, so they have to find some Taylor-connected gossip to fill the gap. Tom got asked by a radio host if he was worried about appearing in one of her songs –“no, no no” he replied. I’m sure he hopes so!

    • Nanny to the Rescue says:

      Even if Swift doesn’t write a song about him, the media will sure proclaim the nastiest one to be about their romance. I’m calling it right now.

  19. phatypopo says:

    I had 100% forgotten until this moment how E Olson described in an interview how she didn’t make the Taylor Swift squad cut when she met her. SO WEIRD. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/elizabeth-olsen-blew-it-taylor-swift-didnt-get-my-number-201575

  20. Zoe says:

    Taylors publicist told her to get her shit together, dump him, then go into hiding like she promised she would. has she even been seen anywhere?

    he really does seem so butthurt lmao. but it was a 3 month “relationship” and you’re in your mid-30s. get it together.

    Or maybe ol Tommy boy is more hurt about what a ruthless beating he took in the public eye. Suck it up, all you needed to do was laugh at your own expense and the jokes would have died. I truly believe he’s a naive dofus and at 36 , with that education and in this business, that is just pathetic. I mean he seems like a nice man but there is something so desperate and clueless about him. TBH I am sure they both loved every moment of their international summer of love tour but Swifty has more sense and I respect that.

    • theHord says:

      Well, Taylor didn’t have a massive block-buster to promote, that would keep her in the public eye regardless of what she did or said, sooo…

  21. Madly says:

    Zzzzz, knew when I saw the story yesterday that it would be here with click bait article from this site about nothing but old rehash stories. This place is so predictable.

  22. Zoe says:

    it’s so weird bc yes Swifts relationships had very PR’y elements but NOTHING like what it was with hiddleston. like they just went balls to the wall and im honestly wondering what her thinking pattern was with that because with all her other relationships there were just speculation rumours for months until a staged pap pic would come out, but this was just pics pics pics from the get go. i wonder if she regrets it and that’s why he’s pissed

    • jetlagged says:

      Maybe she was thinking an avalanche of photos of her loved up with a shiny new boyfriend would dominate the tabloid headlines for weeks and effectively bury (or at least minimize) all the negative press she going to get when Kim/Kanye finally dropped their Snapchat bombshell. She conveniently ended things with Calvin – who never wanted to be photographed with her at all – just in time to start up with Hiddleston, who was more than happy to participate in a paparazzi world tour.

  23. Guest says:

    Geez from Fielding to Arthy, over to Olsen and then Swift. It got worse over the years. I for one root for someone who doesn’t seem to be dull. Whenever I hear Olsen talking, I fall asleep. And every time I see those snake eyes of Swift, I want to slap her. Well, each to their own. I am a die hard Chastain fan but I guess she is too bright for him.

    • MI6 says:

      ^ This. I would LOVE to slap 🐍. Hard. A few times.
      Except I get Big Sister vibes from JC and she’s in a long-term relationship to boot.
      And far too sensible to date an actor.

  24. Leah says:

    Don’t find Hiddleston attractive but Olsens new boyfriend Robbie Arnett is super hot! Boyd is good looking too.

  25. AzaleaMoon says:

    Most sources say Tom and Elizabeth were never even together so I call bullplop on this one.

  26. virginfangirl2 says:

    How do men like Tom fool around and not worry about the woman going to the news? Is he limited to only the famous because they all have a pack to remain quite? I can’t imagine he’s celibate for months or years, so who is he shagging?

  27. M.A.F. says:

    My God! Will someone give this man a proper Hollywood hook-up?!

  28. milibili says:

    This tabloid is so useless. Don’t believe this fanfiction for a minute.

  29. Zombie Hedgehog says:

    No, that’s all a misunderstanding.

    Elizabeth is actually dating Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer, and Tom is just trying to save her before it’s to late. Since Trump (who is actually a sweet, misunderstood orange) seems to hate Cruz too, maybe they could date each other to make her jealous?
    And then Taylor could write a song about it.

    I need a job – can I apply for the Enquirer?