Jared Kushner has allegedly been ‘exfoliating’ liberal friends from his life

Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Take Their Kids Out For Ice Cream In Aspen

To me, Jared Kushner is still largely an unknown, perhaps “unknowable” figure. We know he comes from a liberal New York family. We know that many say his liberal-leaning family is appalled by his choice to go all-in with his Bigly father-in-law. We know that he’s a practicing, conservative (but not orthodox) Jewish man who only married Ivanka after she converted for him. We know that he had/has his own business interests before becoming a public servant in his father-in-law’s administration. But who IS Jared Kushner? Does he have anybody in his life who can say to him “I’m not sure about this, bruh?” Apparently not. According to this fascinating exclusive from Business Insider, Jared has spent the last year “exfoliating” critical friends out of his life. Basically, if you’ve known Kushner for years and you’ve tried to talk some sense into him, he edits you out of his life. You can read the full Business Insider piece here. Some highlights:

At first, Kushner’s friends were hopeful: One person says, “The hope was that with Jared, there at least was someone who was smart and thoughtful and potentially doing the right things behind the scenes.” But people “hate him right now,” the person continued. “Not just him as a person so much but what he stands for and the fact that he hasn’t been able to use his position to do anything meaningful for what we stand for.”

Former friends & acquaintences are “seething”: “I’m not planning on being friends. I don’t think I’m going to be over it … I feel really, really upset about what they’re doing. I think it’s so terrible and so disruptive that I can’t get over that. I can’t endorse that.”

Kushner invested in a food-delivery startup founded by Wiley Cerilli. Cerilli said that while he once felt his and Kushner’s values were aligned, that no longer seemed to be the case. They went into business together in 2015, but as the Trump campaign went on through the spring of 2016, Cerilli grew more and more concerned. Finally, Cerilli had enough and set up a meeting with Kushner to tell him that he (Kushner) was being thrown out of the business. Cerilli confronted Kushner about the racism and disturbing rhetoric from Trump and Cerilli told Kushner that he was giving Kushner his money back.

The exfoliation: Kushner listened until Cerilli was finished. He told him that the call came as a shock — and that it was “cowardly.” Then Kushner unleashed. He conveyed that the process of campaigning with Trump had “allowed him to exfoliate” people he once considered friends. “I am seeing which friendships break in the wind,” he said, according to the document. “We live in a world and time that are interesting. There are a lot of issues that need to be discussed.” He told Cerilli that he was doing what he thought was right, with “complicated facets,” and that he was “navigating it appropriately.” Cerilli’s decision to distance himself, Kushner said, was a “childish thing.” He questioned Cerilli’s character, describing his messaging as “somewhere between incredibly immature and incredibly intolerant.” The decision to oust Kushner seemed emotional, not based on facts. He questioned whether Cerilli knew about his actual involvement in Trump’s campaign or where he stood on key issues. “You clearly don’t have the depth to take on a big challenge when something like this bothers you and so clearly your team doesn’t either.” After a few minutes, Kushner concluded: “I don’t give a sh-t. Send me the paperwork. I’ll sign.”

[From Business Insider]

The rest of the piece is basically like “the path to hell is paved with good intentions,” with well-meaning people claiming that Kushner really only fell into this because Bigly Trump needed him so much during the campaign, and now that Bigly is in office, Jared thinks he’s the one guy in the world who can finally hammer out a Middle East peace deal (seriously!). Personally, I think the Cerilli situation speaks volumes about how Jared is operating these days. Maybe it’s how he’s always operated, I don’t know. But something tells me he’s close to being a true believer in Trumpism. He talks like a True-Blue Deplorable.

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  1. JaneDoesWork says:

    I tend to think that Kushner is one of those typical ivy league guys. He is used to being a golden boy, he doesn’t handle criticism of any kind well. He’s also competitive and cares more about winning than empathizing with other people. So, he’s advising Trump based on getting re-elected and its sick.

    • vauvert says:

      I agree with him being a typical Ivy league guy – god knows I have been to school with them. But – as much as all these guys wanted to make money, most (not all) of them still had a shred of decency and a moral code. Not perfect, not something to aspire to, but they could distinguish right from wrong. Jared is too far gone to the dark side. It’s all about the $ for him – and revenge for his dad’s conviction. Look at who’s on his “SWAT team” and the people he’s been meeting with – Russians (including Putin’s banker which American are NOT allowed to deal with), the Chinese etc. This is grifting on a scale so large it’s both hard to grasp and enormously ambitious, so much so that most people assume they can’t be so obvious. But they are…

      • susan says:

        funny how the branch of Judaism that Ivanka converted to frowns on pierced ears and tattoos. I wonder how they feel about her fake t*ts.

    • minx says:

      I’ve also heard from a friend of a relative of mine, who lives in NY, that Kushner is no genius. Daddy had to buy his way into the Ivy League.

      • Nicole says:

        Its no secret Jared had to buy his way into both schools

      • minx says:

        Right. The Ivy League story is common knowledge. This person knows Kushner and says that, in every way, he is a dim bulb.

      • Disco Dancer says:

        Jared had to buy his way into Ivanka’s vagina And uterus. Prolly paid her pimp, I mean Daddy Trump, some yuge amount of money too.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Disco Dancer, I’m genuinely interested in theories about how they ended up together. I’m no fan of Ivanka’s, but I think it’s fair to say that someone with her looks and money had plenty of options. Maybe Jared has a great sense of humor?

      • TryingToThink says:

        I have heard that many Ivy League students didn’t exactly get in on their outstanding merits. But moneyed and well-connected parents?

    • E says:

      His father gave Harvard $2.5MM, that’s the only reason he’s Ivy League. Kushners are a notoriously unscrupulous family, so Jared fits right in with his in-laws. Like attracts like.
      Final step: tangerine day-glow spray tan.

      • JustBitchy says:

        If you compare their features side by side Jared ihas much more feminine features than Ivanka. Complicit is just a female version of Emporer Baby Fists

    • Bubbles says:

      Kushner is no “Ivy League Type’, not at all…He wants to portray that image, but it’s completely false. He’s not that bright. I knew someone that was a business casual friend of his. He said Jared is a slum lord who tried desperately to raise his profile in NYC; dating the right women, hiring the best PR firm. Buying a hipster, LIBERAL newspaper ,etc..
      He’s as phony & power hungry as his idiotic wifey & her greedy family.

      • TryingToThink says:

        Even Machiavelli argued that a ruler should have some moral code and that the ruling should benefit the people. Not exactly sure which “people” he ment but at least he disapproved of self-serving amoral tyrants. Also Machiavelli wasn’t very elaborate on the matter (just 1 sentence) but nevertheless. Mostly he argued that a ruler should keep the state going and he should keep up order.
        Machiavelli had also argued that a ruler should surround himself with smart advisors (he was one himself).

        It is really bad if you look bad in comparison to Machiavelli’s The Prince, Il Principe. Kushner and Trump: no smart advisors, no moral code, and probably not capable of keeping a state going nor keeping up order. As for the latter two: just wait.

      • Georgia says:

        My impression of him is that he’s hollow. His life has basically been JFK cosplay.

        My favorite description of him that I’ve read is that he looks like he would be cast as the perfect Lenox Hill husband in an episode of Law & Order where it is ultimately revealed that he is a serial killer.

    • JustBitchy says:

      Hate lumping all us Ivy Leaguers together he’s a prick for sure. Dad had to pull way more strings to get him into Fly Club than into Harvard.

  2. Neelyo says:

    Montgomery Burns’ niece has always been an asshole. There was a profile of them during the campaign and it seemed like he was always that way. And also I don’t believe he had many friends to ditch.

    • Tata says:

      I believe he had people he had known and fraternized with since childhood, if not true blue friends? Especially as Ivanka converted to marry him, he likely knew a lot of people through his synagogue, and I am sure a lot of classmates ended up in NYC with him.

      I do know Jewish people who voted for trump, and were surprised at the bomb threats against the Jewish Community Centers, and the painting of swastikas in various places. I guess never taking the subway and being superrich means you stay immune to these threats.

    • EM says:

      Agree probably very few friends that would be described as good or ethical people. This is the man that came up with the idea of bringing Bill’s accusers to the debate = sleazebag. Not a new sleazebag either.

  3. Jenns says:

    Another interesting article for someone who worked for Kushner and thinks that he is not qualified for his role in this administration.


    • Rhiley says:

      I just posted this down thread. I didn’t see that you had posted as well. I thought this was pretty insightful, especially the parts about the 2500 dollar monitor. By all accounts, Jared Kushner has used his family’s money and connections to by his way forward.

  4. ElleBee says:

    Is that the real length of Ivanka’s neck or photoshp?

  5. Talie says:

    It has to be wearing on him because he has gotten very, very thin.

    Remember how he and Ivanka were going to do all this amazing stuff for women, children and climate…yeah.

  6. Laura says:

    Ivanka doesn’t have near enough of a personality to pull off those pants. Bitch just cause you tall doesn’t mean you get to do that.

  7. Megan says:

    I call him Little Machiavelli.

  8. Ivanka has a pinhead. Mean but true.

    • Rice says:

      OMG! I thought I was the only Mean Girl here. Every time I see First Lady Daughter, I see that head-shrinker scene from Beetlejuice.

      • KatM says:

        The headshrinker scene from Beetlejuice…omg!!! That is it!!! I am dying laughing right now. Yes, she does look like that! To me, she has a very weird fem-bot look as well. She definitely looks she had some help in the chest department as well. Listen to her speaking on 60 Minutes as well…the whole delivery of her speech is very deliberate. They are all grifters, more or less.

      • Nibbi says:

        legit w the pin-head. i think mostly she has this problem because of her insanely massive way-too-big bolt-ons.

        (also, i’ve always kinda found it weird that both ivanka and melania have completely matching way-too-big bolt-ons. like, we know what daddy likes… )

        (EW, i know, sorry 😉 too soon? 😉

  9. Div says:

    Jared went to a fancy prep school and had tons of connections….and he only got into Harvard after his dad donated a couple of million dollars. What gets me is people act like he’s some kind of genius when he’s completely unqualified in the political arena and had his felon Dad buy him admission into school. He comes across like a complete cultist, and I have no problem believing he would cut people off.

    • Jayna says:

      I believe it’s the other way around. His liberal friends/associates would be appalled by his involvement in a
      Trump’s candidacy and now this horrible administration and turn their backs on him.

      • Div says:

        Oh I completely agree that people rightfully turned their backs on him. However, I can also see a few old friends probably trying to reason with him and I can see him cutting them off because he’s an egomaniac in the Trump cult. Kushner seems incredibly arrogant and unlikely to listen to anyone who would try and reason with him to see sense when it comes to Mango Mussolini.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, and I can imagine how any liberal, not to mention sane, business associate would be appalled at his association with the Trump campaign. And Kushner calling him “intolerant” is the classic conservative response. Ugh.

    • Christin says:

      Birds of a feather. No wonder he’s such a favorite of dad-in-law.

  10. SusanneToo says:

    Jared might need all the friends he can get. It’s closing in.

  11. Frida_K says:

    Roy Cohn died in 1986 and Easy D misses him. Ivanka’s existence is predicated on her being his daughter-wife that performs and codifies his ideal woman. Her husband, for his part, is being groomed to step into Roy Cohn’s role. A sexless, neutered one, true, but as apologist-in-chief, he’s got his persona all lined up for him and he’ll play his role until the bitter end, as will Ivanka.

    Emperor Bigly’s heyday was in the 80s or thereabouts. His psyche seems crystalized in that point in time. He gets older but his precious wife-daughter remains looking like a certain age/time period. She also married someone who can be groomed in such a way that he can replicate Bigly’s favorite, formative attorney.

    Narcissism is powerful, and here, in this instance, we are seeing a family romance on full display.

    • Esmom says:

      “Emperor Bigly’s heyday was in the 80s or thereabouts. His psyche seems crystalized in that point in time.”

      Spot on observation. It’s been amazing to me that he’s managed to stay relevant, let alone become POTUS, because he did always strike me as a has-been. I think his TV show gave him the platform he needed to appeal to the masses…perfect storm and all that.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      Sexless and neutered! One of the many reasons I’m creeped out by this dude. And probably one of the many reasons Bigly can stomach him as Ivanka’s husband? Blech.

  12. grabbyhands says:

    Never underestimate the ego and entitlement of a wealthy white man.

    • IlsaLund says:

      Amen to that.

    • Chaine says:

      Of any white man, really. Look at the random white supremacist guy who came to NYC for the express purpose of killing black men because he didn’t like that some black men date white women. Like he, as a white man, sees all white women as his potential property and felt entitled to kill this poor homeless black man because he thinks black men as a whole are besmirching the white guy’s potential mates. Ugh.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Chaine, I’d only seen a snippet of this story down here, and no follow-up. My stomach only just settled, but after reading your post, I’m sickened all over again.

      • Bootsie says:

        Sorry, just to be clear the victim wasn’t homeless. Not criticising the original poster at all as I’m sure you got your info from a reputable source, but it felt kind of racist that he was initially reported to be homeless when he wasn’t.

    • isabelle says:

      They have had very few consequences for their bad choices. They have been constantly protected and coddled with a giant safety net. So they really never mature or fully become responsible for their actions.

    • Radley says:


    • Imqrious2 says:

      Only White? Really?? How racist of you. Bill Cosby anyone?

  13. Kitten says:

    On a superficial note, I know people say he’s attractive but all I see is a clammy little boy on the verge of tears.
    There is something just so sexless and antiseptic about him. Ew.

    • Esmom says:

      I tend to think people have described him as attractive only because of his proximity to Bigly Boy. Same with Ivanka. But pretty much anyone is attractive next to Trump, lol.

      The bar is low on so many fronts, sigh.

      • Kitten says:

        LOL..you guys are cracking me up this morning.

      • AnneC says:

        Trump’s hairdo is something out of the early 60’s and has Elvis impersonator written all over it. I want to know if he does that hair every morning or he has a personal hairdresser/valet that swoops it together.

    • Christin says:

      He’s not handsome in any way, in my opinion. A clammy little boy in a grown-up’s body, who cannot handle anything remotely challenging or critical.

      • Laura says:

        Yes, clammy is just the word! I was trying to think of what adjective best described his brand of unattractiveness to me, and I think that’s it exactly!

      • Christin says:

        Kudos to Kitten for mentioning clammy first. He looks like he would melt under a bright light, or any exertion whatsoever.

    • perplexed says:

      Objectively speaking, I thought he was physically attractive in a preppy kind of way…..until I saw him in his jeans.

    • minx says:

      To me, he looks like he is transitioning from a man into a woman.

      • Christin says:

        In all seriousness, is this a Bruce-to-Caitlyn possibility? He’s looking more femme by the week.

        Now THAT would be a distracting storyline!

      • AnnaKist says:

        Phew, minx! I didn’t see your comment before replying upthread. He looks very feminine in that last photo, like Ivanka in a suit.

    • Abbess Tansy says:

      There’s something faintly reptilian about him to me. The Visitors anyone?

    • Tata says:

      Somebody here said it looks like he is turning into professor Quirrell which makes me lol whenever I think of it.

      • Lady D says:

        It was lisa,
        “jared reminds me of a baby head on a man’s body
        seemingly benign then he turns around and it is professor quirrell”
        I laugh every time I think about it.

    • Betsy says:

      He looks like one of the Nazi reenactors from all the WWII stuff I love to watch. Reptilian. Cold. Mean. Not super bright.

    • Zazz says:

      This !

      To me, his face looks feminishly juvenile.

    • RussianBlueCat says:

      I was thinking more like a Ken doll.

  14. Ally8 says:

    Jared should consider that Trump is so messed up and competitive that he might be overloading him with not one, but half a dozen, assignments that anyone would struggle with and Jared is ill-qualified to handle, in order to set him up to fail and/or to take the fall for some of Trump’s own screw-ups, to the point where Jared might end up following his father into jail (going full Freudian, because Trump wants to show his daughter that he’s the ‘better’ man, ew).

    • Alexandria says:

      Good theory. DT did not build his business from scratch. I’m sure he was raised as a brat and being used to getting his way and not getting his hands dirty, he would delegate a lot of things. If the project fails, he would finger point. Not hard to imagine he would ‘manage’ the same way as Prez. Girl you in trouble.

  15. bluhare says:

    So he gets all pissy with Cerilli because Cerilli is “exfoliating” him from the business but in the same breath says he’s been doing the same with his friends? Physician, heal thyself!

  16. perplexed says:

    He’s kind of starting to physically resemble Ivanka.

    • AnnaKist says:

      So, I’m really not seeing things, then, perplexed? Whack a blonde wig on him and you have Ivanka. The bottom half of his face, especially, looks as if he’s been into her injectibles.

  17. trollontheloose says:

    I think his friends exfoliated him. And not the other way around. but once 45 is out he’ll come back crawling.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Well, after he finishes his stint in prison, probably at Danbury.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      Enjoy being a pariah! And soon!!

    • Izzy says:

      He may go crawling back to them, but how many of them will accept him back into their lives? I know I wouldn’t. He’s shown his true colors, how easily corruptible he is. Power corrupts, and in his case completely corrupts. When someone shows you who they are, believe them, right? Most of the people he’s “exfoliated” are likely to believe him.

  18. Eric says:

    It all sounds very “church of Scientology-ish.”

    You’d think right about now he’d need as many liberals friends as he can get…like Warner, Hines, Swallwell, Schiff, Speier. 😂

  19. Stella says:

    Am I imagining it, or does he have lady-hips?

  20. Rhiley says:

    I just remembered something about Jared Kushner that I think speaks volumes about him- he is responsible for Mike Pence being the VP. He orchestrated the whole thing and wanted Pence from the get. He is no liberal. He is a power hungry freak man boy. I am sure too he is responsible for Steve Bannon.

    • Esmom says:

      Even if Kushner pushed for Pence, I don’t think that’s necessarily proof of his core ideology. Pence was a calculated choice to appeal to the Tea Party types who loathed Trump.

      As for Bannon, I think he found his chance to worm his way in and took it. He’s as much as a puppet master as Putin and I’m not sure Kushner is that smart.

    • Kitten says:

      Robert Mercer is why Pence is VP. Erik Prince bears responsibility as well but it all comes back to the Mercer family.

      “Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, is Trump’s nominee for education secretary and she has all but vowed to embark on a crusade to push a privatization and religious agenda in education that mirrors her brother’s in military and CIA affairs. Prince has long been a contributor to the campaign of fellow Christian warrior Mike Pence, and he contributed $100,000 to the pro-Trump Super PAC Make America Number 1. Prince’s mother, Elsa, pitched in another $50,000. That organization, run by Rebekah Mercer, daughter of billionaire hedge funder Robert Mercer, was one of the strongest bankrollers of Trump’s campaign.”


      • Neelyo says:

        Hate the Mercers so much. They try to hide but I hope they’re blamed for this mess as well. they should be as well known as the Kochs.

      • Kitten says:

        Agree completely, Neelyo. Wish people would talk about these nutbags more. I hate that they seem to fly under the radar…

    • Esmom says:

      Last week’s New Yorker had a good profile about Mercer, written by the illustrious Jane Mayer who write the fascinating book Dark Money:


  21. Anare says:

    Jared and Ivanka always look so smug. 😒

  22. Jade says:

    Correction, the Kushners are from New Jersey.
    They bought a building at 666 Park Ave, NYC to get in the real estate business in NY.
    Jared was trying to off load the building to a (shell) Chinese Company, who bailed on the deal, because the US Goverment would be taking closer look at the Company.
    When talking about slumlords, guess who would be at the top of the list?

  23. Rapunzel says:

    Kushner and Ivanka have these high levels jobs they don’t deserve. Did anyone else see that Ivanka was in NYC at her in-laws’ house for a party. What kind of special advisor to the President takes off like that? Especially with the stuff going down?

    Even if the Trumps weren’t evil grifters, they’re lazy dumb dumbs who think running the country is a job you can just step away from when you’ve got something better to do.

    • Christin says:

      But she has long branded herself as super working woman, who typically put in 16 hours a day. (My opinion — she counted every waking moment, from the time the house staff woke her and helped her get ready for her chauffeured ride, to when her pampered self returned a few hours later to again be waited on hand and foot, and posed for selfies.)

      • The Original Mia says:

        Yes, she works 16 hours a day, but makes it home to feed her kids by 5 and head to bed by 8. Liars and grifters, the whole lot of them.

  24. qtpi says:

    Fairly sure he was one of the main campaign aides behind the debate fiasco. The one that brought women accusers to sit front and center to rattle Hillary. I don’t know how these people sleep at night.

  25. Abby Rose says:

    This is my first comment at CB. I am de-lurking to say that when I clicked this story, an ad for Trump International Hotel Miami popped up. Just FYI, some people don’t realize what ads will show up

  26. Wren33 says:

    Holy sh*t. I was friends with Wiley Cerilli’s older brother growing up. Crazy.

  27. Karen says:

    I wonder if Jared exfoliated his brother Joshua. Joshua owns Oscar, a marketplace supplier on Obamacare. We used Oscar in 2016 and loved it. Great customer service. Great website. Unfortunately the major hospital in my area will no longer accept it and neither do their doctors. Unfortunately we had to switch and the new carrier is awful. I sent them an email early Feb and they just answered me this week!

    Also note that Jared was in Aspen during the vote last week.

    Joshua dates model Karlie Kloss. Probably makes Plastic Barbie Daughter Wife insecure. Love it.

    And exfoliate is something a woman would say. There is something effeminate about him.

  28. Jezza says:

    He looks exactly like the Dark Arts teacher in the first Harry Potter movie in that picture where he isn’t smiling (the meeting one).
    Just saying.

  29. Lily Sohn says:

    I think Jim Parsons (Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory) should play him in the movie about this nightmare.

  30. OhDear says:

    “Exfoliate” is a strange word choice in this context.

    • Disco Dancer says:

      Do these fools know what exfoliate even means? What a strange, out of context word to use

    • G says:

      Came to the comments looking for someone to mention this. It appears to be Kushner’s word, which supports the “dim bulb” reports from earlier comments.

      “Jared thinks he’s the one guy in the world who can finally hammer out a Middle East peace deal (seriously!)” — probably true. I cannot WAIT until Trump is impeached. I want to see Jared and Ivanka dragged down with him.

    • Betsy says:

      It sounds culty, doesn’t it? Like when scientologists use a real word, but in the wrong place, leave the non-cult member scratching their head.

  31. lyla says:

    exfoliate? cause friends are like dead skin cells? mmm…okay.

    • Giddy says:

      Or will Jared have a future career (after jail) as an aethestician? Maybe he’ll work in a spa at a Trump hotel.

      • Lyla says:

        I’m now picturing Jared running up to his friends with a giant loofah, exfoliating them, and then yelling at them that they are cut out of his life.

  32. Needlehole says:

    I don’t know jack about any of these folks, but what surprises me here are the comments about this couples appearance. Not terribly tolerant of any of you imho.

    • jwoolman says:

      I find it disturbing also. As though the worst possible thing is for a man to look anything at all like a female. Bugs me as much as “man hands” etc. being used to slur women.

      Sorry, people, young men often do have features in common with the other half of the species. Some retain those features longer than others. Some men never grow beards, for example. Some may have softer skin. Weight loss may also accentuate those features. Everybody is different.

      There is plenty to criticize Jared for, but his face isn’t one of them. Ditto for Ivanka.

  33. Bobbysue says:

    Bollox. The entire hootenanny is being shunned by any and all except for the supposedly 35% stubborn core supporters and we don’t even know how many of that number is rigged by trumpfools on the payroll. Those not in prison will have to move to Russia and Putin will not be happy.

  34. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Shudder. Jared has this creepy serial killer face in the side-eye pic.

  35. Bess says:

    I don’t think Ivanka married Kushner for money. She converted to Orthodox Judaism to marry him. That requires an entirely new lifestyle. I don’t think she’s even consider doing that unless Ivanka, for some reason, really loves Kushner.

  36. Estelle says:

    Ivanka married her father – Kushner is a just like the old man – he really believes he’s magical.

    A family of grifters plain and simple.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Is that why she married him? I don’t get it. The bro marriage market had to be wide open for this girl. He could not have offered the best combination of looks & money of all the bros with Trump-family aspirations.

      ETA, after a quick moment on Google, I realize I’ve underestimated his net worth, but even so…

  37. Belle Epoch says:

    I read somewhere that Jared insisted on making a huge monetary commitment to some project that was pretty clearly going to fail. People tried to talk him out of it. He said f*ck you all, lost all the money. Didn’t seem to bother him. Won’t listen to advice. Won’t learn from mistakes. But a genius who will negotiate peace for Israel and Palestine!

  38. LC says:


  39. Velvet Elvis says:

    OMG are those wide legged pants a thing again??

  40. Deeanna says:

    I can remember being kind of shocked back when Ivanka was getting married and it was published that the groom’s father was a convicted felon. I was thinking that the Donald was likely not all that happy about that.

    I remember thinking that Ivanka was an attractive, well educated young single woman who surely mixed with enough of the “right people” in NYC to have found herself a mate who came from a better background. So I wrote it off to she must be in love.

    But I suppose it could have been that none of the well educated sons of families from a better background wanted to become enmeshed with the Trump family?

    I do not see the Trump presidency ending up to be a good thing for this couple.