Brad Pitt looks ‘gaunt’ in new photos: just how much weight has he lost?

The fan event for Paramount Pictures' 'Allied'

When Brad Pitt went on his promotional tour for Allied late last year, many of us noted that Brad seemed to be… de-bloated. Or something. To be fair, I never really thought Brad looked “bloated” in the first place. He always seemed like the kind of guy who had great genes and a naturally slim build. But he noticeably lost some weight – especially off his face – in the months following The Plane Incident, and Angelina Jolie’s sudden divorce filing. Many of us attributed the weight loss to Brad’s possible detox, as in… he probably wasn’t drinking anymore, or he was drinking a lot less. All of the reporting in the past few months has emphasized Brad’s new “clean living” outlook too. So… just how clean is he living? Because Brad Pitt looks really, really thin these days. The Daily Mail got their hands on some photos of Brad looking “gaunt” (their words).

Again, he was always slim. But it feels like the weight loss off his face is what is so striking. His face DOES look gaunt. My first reaction was, “Wow, he sort of looks like Billy Bob Thornton now.” Maybe that’s what Angelina always saw in him???

Speaking of Jolie… I still have questions about whether Brad and Angelina are actually getting along and talking these days. I think Team Brad wants us to think that they’re in a better place. Team Angelina isn’t saying much though.

And finally, a new trailer for War Machine was released this week. I actually think this looks good. I’m glad they didn’t do a flat-out bio-pic of Stanley McChrystal, which was what the original story was going to be. Slightly NSFW because of language.

Spainish Premiere of 'Allied' at cinema Callao of Madrid

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. David says:

    Wow he looks thin!

    • Carmen says:

      He looks like he’s not taking care of himself. When he met Angie he was slim but he was never THAT thin. He didn’t even look that thin in Thelma and Louise when he was much younger. I hope he’s okay.

    • Sarah says:

      He’s an almost 60 year old man who isn’t getting high everyday and gorging on junk food. He looks exactly as I’d expect him to. He was puffy and bloated for the last few years/decades. Maybe he’ll get clean for good this time. Although I doubt it. His kids weren’t enough motivation to stay clean, why would his divorce be?

      • bap says:

        @Sarah Very True.

      • mayamae says:

        Is a 23 year old almost 30 in your world?

      • Honest B says:

        59 is almost 60.

      • themummy says:

        Isn’t he in his very early 50s?

      • doofus says:

        He’s 53, turning 54 in December.

        lol @mayamae…

      • KB says:

        Almost 60? He just turned 53 in December.

      • Sarah says:

        Sorry ladies, I’m old enough to remember when Thelma and Louise came out. Entertainment tonight was freaking out about 29 YEAR OLD Brad Pitt and how he was going to be a huge star. It came out in 1991. Hollywood lies babes. Were they lying back then or now? 56 or 53 he’s still too damn old to be acting like a child.

      • raincoaster says:

        I don’t think he’s getting clean. I think he’s dieting and smoking a ton, as reported in other posts.

      • Mieke says:

        Sarah, Times have changed an wikipedia relies on every idiot out there to correct things like this. Someone born Dec 1963 would turn 28 in 1991. 28, 29, no big deal. But even with him being 29 in 1991, he would be 54, 55 at this point. Still not almost 60. And since you’re being such an donkey’s head covering about it: Math hard, huh?

  2. what's inside says:

    This is what happens when you blow up your life….can’t eat.

    • Andrea1 says:

      Exactly this… Outsiders might cheer him on and tell him its a good thing you got rid of her…
      But when he is alone he knows the bitter truth which is that he brought this upon himself and he is now bearing the brunt of his actions.

      • Maya says:

        Exactly – Brad is a good man and he knows he was the reason the family split so it’s probably tearing him apart.

        Alcohol can change a person’s personality and has ruined thousands of families.

        Hopefully this family can move on from the trauma especially the children.

        And hopefully Brad will be strong enough one day to release a statement like Ben Affleck..

      • bap says:

        @Andrea1 You are speaking the Truth.

    • testmilk says:

      It would go a long way towards good will and setting a good example for his kids if he accepted responsibility for his life ‘blowing up.’ (see Affleck) I also think that ala Affleck, he was part of the boozing and steroids club and it got away from him. Maybe it had been an issue for a while and he wasn’t doing anything to resolve it.

      • bap says:

        @Testmilk Good luck with him issuing a statement.

      • Michelle says:

        Much as I would love to see him issue a statement, I won’t be holding my breath.

      • GoOnGirl says:

        I have to agree with bap and Michele. I don’t see Pitt ever issuing a statement admitting he is wrong. He’s Brad Pitt and he is never wrong. If nothing else, I never figured out why he didn’t say anything absolving Maddox of any wrong doing, especially since he claims to love his family so much. If Pitt is miserable, he has only himself to blame.

      • bap says:

        @GoOnGirl I am more concerned about Angelina and her children health and emotional state. It will be 7 months in April and he has not been seen with any of the children out in public.

        The media built his persona like they did Tiger to convince the public their above reproach but their characters are totally different in private.

      • Daria says:

        I’m sure Brad spends time with his kids. Just because he’s not dragging them in front of the paps doesn’t mean that he hasn’t seen them. He’s not Ben Affleck, who regularly uses his own young children for press and PR purposes.

  3. Greata says:

    Sculpting/rehab. This is what happens when your wife makes you get your sh*t together. I still think that they are in a better place and he is on probation with her.

  4. Livealot says:

    Stress will do it to you #beenthere

    • Esmom says:

      Me, too. My sister always laments that I’m “so skinny,” but I tell her that not having an appetite from stress is not something to wish for at all. I tend to associate thinness with unhappiness/stress and believe that Brad isn’t eating much. Although I don’t think he’s too thin, just thinner than before.

    • tealily says:

      Yep. When I was at my thinnest, everyone told me how great I looked, but in truth I severely depressed and barely able to eat.

    • NotSoSocialButterfy says:

      Also #beenthere. ((hug))

    • Nibbi says:

      yup. generally when i’m “stressed” ie “semi-everyday annoying basic life” kinda stress i overeat and carry a few extra… but after my shock breakup several years ago i dropped weight in a snap. another couple i know who nearly divorced after the mistress came forward and confronted the wife both lost a shocking amount of weight in a shockingly short time. another friend became actually gaunt (i wouldn’t yet call Pitt, above, gaunt)- skin and bones and fatigued-looking, after her husband suddenly died, leaving her a widow with small children.
      i think a certain level of “insane crazy huge life event trauma” stress just makes the body waste itself. so i look at this and feel like it just shows how hard this is for him. i remember how angelina got so particularly thin after her mother died.

  5. Stella says:

    The severe haircut is making his face look slimmer. After I turned 40, any weight I lose seems to come off my face first. It really is true that aging causes you to lose fullness and volume.

    • Tigerlily says:

      Very true Stella. When I was “50ish” I weighed significantly more than I did at 30 but my face lost it’s roundness and my cheekbones could’ve cut someone.

  6. justsaying says:

    War Machine looks awesome.

  7. Bridget says:

    He looks like someone that just went through a massive detox from alcohol.

    • Tiny Martian says:

      Yup. I’ve always thought his face had that distinctive “alcohol bloat” look to it in the past. Now the bloat is gone.

      Plus, alcohol is just plain fattening. I used to drink a glass of wine with dinner almost every night. I stopped doing that 6 months ago, and now I’ve lost that little roll of flab I was starting to carry around my middle, without any other changes to diet or activity level.

      • Tata says:

        Yeah, I read that some people handle alcohol ok on a daily basis maybe because of good genes? (good liver?) and for others it really stresses their body, in that if you don’t eat well, it depletes vitamins and minerals to process it, which causes bad sleep, metabolic crappiness, stress, that can make you gain weight.

        Apparently sumo wrestlers drink up to 2000-3000 calories of beer a day to get to the size they are, they can’t do it through food alone.

      • Bridget says:

        You know what this reminds me of? The time that Matthew Perry got clean in between seasons of Friends (so basically between the episode where Chandler and Monica bogey engaged and then when they announce and start planning the wedding, IIRC). He went from being kind of bloated (in hindsight) to really skinny like this, and had openly gone to rehab during that time. I don’t think I’d call any of them gaunt, but it’s just a marked contrast.

  8. minx says:

    Too thin, imo.

    • zan says:

      Yep, he’s losing his hotness..

    • pinetree13 says:

      In addition I think he’s been ‘aging out’ of his hotness for a while now. I feel bad saying it, but at the same time time women are constantly told their ‘hotness’ has an expiry date so why shouldn’t men be held to the same standard? Sadly it seems like the standard for women is “not past 30-35” whereas for men it’s 50ish.

      But yeah he’s long past his prime and if women get to be past their prime, then me get to be past their prime too.

      • bap says:

        @ Pinetree13 The media keeps him young in the public eyes. If you repeat it over and over again he looks young the public will be condition to believe it.

      • perplexed says:

        I’ve never been a big fan of his, but I don’t think a lot of 50 something year old men look like him. He’s not young, but I think he looks good enough for any age. Imo, he looks better than Nick Jonas, who makes every effort to look good and yet still looks kind of annoying.

        I can’t believe I’m saying this, because when he was younger I never got the big whoop about him. But for his current age, I do think he looks a lot better than other men (well, you know, the men you see on the street anyway). Maybe the standards change when you compare him to Hugh Jackman or whoever.

      • NotSoSocialButterfy says:

        @bap, just like the lying politicians. If repeated enough, a claim is accepted as truth.😑

  9. perplexed says:

    His life might be a mess…but I think he looks good. I guess thin-ness suits him…

  10. Indira says:

    He looks thin, yes but not gaunt. He just needs to eat some hamburgers etc. 😉

  11. Pandy says:

    He looks good. After 40 weight loss hits the face first, annoyingly.

    • Anna says:

      I notice folks mentioning that but for me, it’s quite the opposite–weight gain everywhere, the dreaded mid-age spread I thought could never happen to me and a chunky looking face. I rarely look in the mirror anymore and hate taking photos…My hope is one day soon to do something about it and hope that my skin won’t sag so much after losing weight that being heavier would actually look better. :/

  12. Anon says:

    I don’t think he looks gaunt or too thin at all. He’s definitely within the healthy weight range.

    • Sophia's Side eye says:

      +1 he looks fine to me too.

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. Too many men his age are overweight and unhealthy that it’s probably shocking for some to see someone on the thinner side.

      • Ankhel says:

        His face now shows some of the stress and problems he’s had over the past year. Looking at his body though, his weight’s fine.

  13. MissMerry says:

    this movie looks interesting, and the line at about 1:20 reminds me of one of the problems that bowe bergdahl reflected on when being stationed over in the middle east, he was told they were there to help and interact with civilians and give them better lives and whatnot, but Bowe felt that he and the other soldiers did not have the training or the resources to do it successfully and their commanders/leaders didn’t have a plan that would stick once the US no longer occupied the area.

    interesting stuff.

    plus there was one scene in that trailer where Pitt looked an awful lot like Clooney. morphing has begun.

  14. Talie says:

    Usually when people lose weight they look older, he looks younger. I agree with everyone else, this screams detox, not stress.

    • mee says:

      yes and i recently lost weight as i was eating uber healthy. well even though my diet was clean, the weight off my face made me look a bit haggard

      • KB says:

        When you see the before and after on The Biggest Loser, the people always look so much older after they’ve lost the weight. He looks great.

      • Erinn says:

        KB- I think largely because the biggest loser does it in suuuuch and unhealthy, extreme way.

  15. bap says:

    When women look to thin they are criticize for it but not men. Mainly it’s women who criticize other women for being to thin, they have hard time criticizing the men.

    • KB says:

      Most people over 40 or 50 do look worse when they are thin, because it’s aging. A little extra fat looks youthful and healthy. He just happens to be a rare exception. Lainey has a theory that after a certain age you have to pick face or body. If you want the perfect body, it takes a toll on your face. Sad truth, but even more so for women.

    • Sam Vimes says:

      I spat my coffee out at “Face or fanny”, fanny has…em…different connotations outside of the US 😀 😀

  16. Adrien says:

    He takes pottery lessons, listens to Bon Iver, locks himself in a room for 15 hours and stares at fruit baskets. Maybe he is going method for a role like Hunnam. What is odd is how his face lost the volume, itis not even saggy. His body looks ok but. He looks like he is wearing a mouthguard.

  17. Dana says:

    I guess I’m not seeing what everyone else is seeing. He doesn’t look good. Way too thin. I’ve never seen him this slim. He was bigger in Fight Club.

    • Lady D says:

      I’m not seeing it either, Dana.

    • KB says:

      Lol he was like the epitome of the perfect human man in fight club, of course he looked better then

    • Dana says:

      Not overall looks. He’s still an attractive man but he looks better with more weight. He probably weighs less now than FC. He could stand to gain at least fifteen pounds and that wouldn’t make his fat just healthy looking.

      I was looking at the Daily Mail article and a friend saw the headline and pics and said, my god what happened to Brad Pitt he looks rough.

  18. Ain'tNoTelling says:

    This happened to me when I first got sober. Drinking really does a number on your face. My face was so gaunt at six months sober, that it looked like I wasn’t eating. It took a little over a year for my skin to adjust and tighten up accordingly. Now, I look great, but my face and body went through plenty of “changes”, so to speak.

  19. Laura says:

    I think he looks good here. I was thinking his face looked too bloated before, most likely as a result of drinking too much. I just saw By the Sea a few weeks ago, and was wondering if their characters did indeed mirror their own personal vices – Brad’s character liked to drink a lot, Angie’s character loved her pills…

  20. Zapp Brannigan says:

    The Daily Mail are getting a lot of “exclusive” pictures, must be one of the publications he did a deal with. Poor form if that is the case, they are a rag newspaper.

    • Dana says:

      Daily Mail never has “exclusive pics”. All of their headlines are click bait. Same goes for People magazine with their ” exclusive stories ” to sell magazines.

    • KB says:

      Huh? Exclusive just means they were the highest bidder.

  21. Originaltessa says:

    Before his heyday, Brad was really lean and thin. Think Thelma and Louise. He bulked up and got more beefy, but I think he’s naturally thin. Away from alcohol and beefing up at the gym, I think he’s a skinny guy. And yeah, it’s hard to eat when your life is in ruins.

  22. Kate says:


  23. Lucy says:

    I actually find that he looks younger now.

  24. Desi says:

    Maybe Jolie strapped on her Maleficent headgear and “Thinner” cursed his ass.

  25. Ari says:

    Is it me or is he channeling George in war machine lol

  26. DareBear says:

    Yeah he’s about as gaunt as a plus size model :'(

  27. Sage says:

    He looks fine and War Machine looks interesting.

  28. Adorable says:

    Wow!..he’s a good looking man so he’ll always be “good looking”..but WOW!..He’s hella thin…”guess you don’t know how good you have it till you lose it”

  29. PettyRiperton says:

    Happy single Brad 🌚

  30. Ann says:

    It’s called the divorce diet. People that have been through it know it well. I lost 20 pounds without trying. Stress metabolism + lack of appetite over several months. Five years later life is good, the 20 pounds are back, and I’m happy.

    • tracking says:

      Yep, I bet smoking like a chimney to deal with stress and also instead of drinking as well. He’s a little on the thin side now, but def looks better without the bloat and greasy-looking long blonde-highlighted hair.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      Yeah, but when it was Angelina looking anorexic it was something else, right?

      It’s not just divorce it seems like a lot of things in his life went down hill – his family life and his. Make it right foundation. Make it right is being sued and his whole team jumped ship. Oh well.

  31. BJ says:

    I rarely go to Daily Mail but in the article it says someone tweeted their coworker saw Brad staring at fruit baskets for 30 minutes at a Santa Barbara grocery store.

    • Erica_V says:

      I couldn’t get past the multiple uses of the term “bolthole” which I kept reading as “butthole”.

  32. YepIsaidit says:

    Haha at people saying he looks good. He looks terribly thin but im sure his team will come up with some lame excuse about how he’s not eating because he’s so focused on his children and oh yeah those 15 hours a day sculpting. 😂

    I think he has a lot of stress not just because of Angelina divorced his sorry behind but because make it right foundation is in the dumps too. Oh yeah, we’re not supposed to talk about that 🙄

  33. PoliteTia says:

    He looks great, leave him alone. Brad going through an adjustment right now. Stay strong Brad

  34. Ophelia says:

    Angelina looked better and Brad looked worse for wear post-divorce. Someone was freed, another one was suffering. I guess marriage was better for Brad, and divorce better for Angelina. Bad for the kids anyway you cut it. Hopefully they’re making it up big time for the kids, especially the teenaged ones who are in a more sensitive stage of their lives.

    • friend of says:

      It will take a while, but they will both be better off divorced. Marriage has to be a major commitment for both parties, one sided marriages never work. Angelina said long ago that she would never marry again. I didn’t think she ever wanted to marry Brad but she succumbed to the pressure from all sides. Now she’s free and happy with no restraints. Brad is better off. He will find a wife that loves and cherishes him and all this will be but a memory. He will get the kids some equitable arrangement and be able to take them to visit his family. It will work out in the next years. And then the kids will be old enough to switch back and forth, and choose what they want to do. For now, The kids will survive and will need to work things out in the adult lives like countless others.

      • Paige says:

        If they don’t look at their individual problems they’ll carry those issues over into their next relationship. New person with the same problems. People grow apart, it’s not the end of the world. Brad and Angelina loved and cherished each other once upon a time but they couldn’t make it work. Why are you assuming Angelina was the only one unhappy in their marriage and not putting her effort into making the relationship work?

      • Ophelia says:

        I never said that Angelina didn’t put in the work. In fact I think it is because she put in the work that she is miserable. I think she had been resisting marriage for a long time, until one day she thought it would save the relationship. And she got progessively thinner and sadder and not all of it because of the surgery I believe.

        Sometimes putting in work and trying to salvage a marriage can cost a person more than cutting their losses.

        In the meantime, I believe that Brad is content with being in a relationship and marriage, that he was happy even though he must’ve seen Angelina trying to keep it together. I’m not saying he is holding her against her will; she is more than capable of helping herself. There were many factors of the trying-to-make-it-work angle (kids, family, etc). But for Brad, being in a relationship seemed to suit him much better than being single.

        I think Angelina was also trying to find a solid reason to get out of this relationship. When the incident on the plane provided her with the opportunity, she took it immediately and never looked back.

      • Lady D says:

        I wonder what relationship is next for Bradley. He couldn’t keep the cute, bouncy, blonde it girl next door, or the gorgeous seductress. He’s had one that cheats, and one that was too young. Will it be the actress of the moment or perhaps a divorced woman? Maybe he wants to become a kept man or move to Tibet and become a monk?

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Lady t, I’m sure it will be someone CAA and his Pr team hooks him up with. They’ve already thrown a few possibilities out there probably to check public interest.

        Guess after her own custody issues came to light Kate Hudson was not a good choice but Sandra bullock would be good. Every one loves her and would be good Pr for him.

        I’m more interested in seeing who Angelina is going to date next. A woman? A politician? Someone like clooney snagged? I’m sure most people think she’ll stay single for a while but nah I think she’ll find someone fast and that should be interesting.

      • Ophelia says:

        She’s been rumored to hitch her wagon on William Hague, especially after Hague pulled strings to give the Damehood to her. But if she really wants to be effective in her social work, she needs to stay away from Politicians because they are inherently partisan, and will give her limitations. Which is why I think she will never run for Public Office in the US. The UN, flawed though it is, provides her with all sorts of freedom of courting both sides of the gallery to do what is best for those most in need.

        She might go with social activists or some sort of think tank guy, academic. I think next to her children, her charitable causes are her babies and factors in a big deal in terms of who she chooses as a partner. Not surprising to see Brad suddenly became overtly humanitarian when he’s pursuing her. In those early days, he followed her around the globe not to glamorous resorts but to disaster areas, refugee camps, etc just to prove that he supports her. I think MIR is also her influence, but we know he ain’t so good with it.

      • bap says:

        @Ophelia Lord Hague asked Angelina to join him on the PSVI team. Angelina did not asked him.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      I think you’re right, Ophelia. I always thought she looked depressed , unhappy and extremely thin because of the stress from that relationship. She looks like a giant weight has been lifted off her shoulders now. Much more relaxed and genuinely happy.

      Brangelina fans never could admit that she looked terriblly stressed and unhappy back then.

      • friend of says:

        She never wanted to marry. Once they did, the marriage seemed doomed to fail. She was the saddest bride I’ve ever seen. I agree that she was waiting for something solid to hit so that she could take the kids and leap out of the marriage. And that is what she did. She will give him hell until he agrees to the kid arrangement that she wants. She does not intend to share. Not her style. But, she will let the kids visit as they want. Occasionally. Brad will be much better off going through real loss. He getd a chance to find himself. Seems like that is what he is doing. Happy for him. And for her now that she is free. They are both better off, although only one of them seems genuinely happy. But, time heals all wounds. Maybe brad can get to the bottom of his “congenital” depression and find himself and let that make him happy. I hope he can do that before he finds himself in a new relationship. But, no matter what, he will be happier without her and it goes without say she will be happier not married to brad.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Well, I think she will share the kids as soon as he’s done with his rehab therapy and proves he is better. I do think she’s going to want to travel with her brood when she feels like it and it seems like she will. His team seems to think all is better and he is happy only having 25% custody. I never thought he wanted joint custody anyway… He just didn’t want to look like a deadbeat.

        I agree that she was an unhappy bride and all of her post marriage interviews show it too. Just very blah about it. When they were officially married she says his assistant told her it was time to get married … She went to some office and sat down while the judge married them. Didn’t seem enthusiastic at all.

        As for his depression? No excuse. Angelina has talked about her time dealing with severe depression and she doesn’t use that to have a pitty party for herself. She lost her mom and didn’t feel like getting out of bed but didn’t use that as an excuse to use drugs.

        He is almost 60 and he doesn’t know who he is? Now that’s pathetic.

      • Lady D says:

        @friend of, “She does not intend to share. Not her style.” Where did you get that from? Her generosity is legend. As for her children, she wants the best for them and having their father in their lives is what’s best for them.

      • Paige says:

        Lady D, Friend of seems to think she is Angelina or at least live with her.

      • Marcus says:

        Even I saw it. Look at the pictures of her at the Unbroken premier in LA or at the Kung Fu Panda 3 premier. When I saw those pictures I knew she was not happy. My guess is they have been having problems for years and her recent surgeries have not helped any. I agree I don’t think Angie wanted to marry but did for the kids and that is the wrong reason to marry. As for their future I think Angie will stay single and she will travel still with her brood. I would not even be surprised if there was more adoptions on the way. Im sure it hard for her to visit these refugee camps and not want to bring one child home with her. Angie seems to like Europe so I do think she will move their eventually. As for Brad I think he will date and maybe even get married again. I think it will be an actress because he like the limelight.

    • Latte says:

      Warning, lots of assumptions here. I think he was an absent father and husband in the past year before she filed (travelled a lot by himself). I think they’ve been open from the start as long as it didn’t get too serious; they would always come back to the other because who else could match being in one half of HW’s most powerful couple (at the time). They had vicious fights from the start too (AJ admitted this many times), and the bombing of By the Sea put strain on their relationship. I think BP, as always, lost interest when his partner was no longer the biggest A-lister actress and the reality of having six kids (even with 12 nannies) sunk in. AJ looked sad at her public appearances in the year leading up and they barely appeared as Brange at all. The last straw was him getting high and drunk in the plane and hitting out at Maddox. (All three boys have names that end in X.) She was already planning a separation but that was the last straw that made her file. I think they’re both very sad about it but he has regrets (admitted asking for a chance through his leaks last year) but she won’t look back.

      • friend of says:

        I agree with Latte mostly. I don’t think he lost interest because she wasn’t the big A list star. She was and is and will always be. He couldn’t get input into the children’s fate, wanted different for them and she wouldn’t have it. They fought big time about that and he walked out a lot in the face of her fury. I suppose he couldn’t figure out what else to do. He didn’t want to just give in to her every whim, not when it was about the kids welfare. She was on her way out the door, but wanted to take all six kids with her. I suppose their fight now is not so much about who the kids will live with but what the kids will do . Will they ever go to school, or will they always just travel the world? I suspect they will always travel the world until they are old enough to decide for themselves. Brad will not win this war. He may have to just let go of the struggle and trust that the kids will be fine. He and she will not get back together. They couldn’t possibly want to. Love and passion are probably long gone, except for the love you always feel for someone significant in your life. I doubt Brad will go the way of JLM or Billy bob. Doubt he will give interviews about Angie.

      • Billy says:

        You’ve never read an interview with Brad, he’s the one who says he hates Hollywood, LA, it’s not a place to raise kids, he wants kids to know the world. What happened was that we no longer saw Brad supporting the family, it was not him who was with the children, they did not share, they all stayed with Angelina in Cambodia, and strangely Angelina’s brother had to help his sister, and it was him Who traveled, stayed with the children ….. if Brad wanted a more stable life for the children, the amount and type of movies he did one in sequence the other, he traveled in all to other countries, War Machine was Filmed in 5 different places, Allied in 4 different places …. and he continued traveling alone until at fathers day oprefiriu stay away from the children to see a race.

        And as soon as word of the divorce came out, the “source” attached to Brad said that he was willing to change everything, any lifestyle and bad habit. Even if divorce happened for the good of the children. What was clear was that Brad was not healthy and this was disturbing the coexistence with the children. The airplane incident the day, a person working at the airport used twitter, to tell you that he saw Brad so drunk that he fell off the plane ladder ….. then when he broke the news of the divorce the person deleted … Some gossipers tried to increase this story by saying he wanted to get away in the fuel truck …. but the fact is they saw Brad completely drunk.

      • Latte says:

        @friend of, I think they have a hard time fitting in at regular school (apparently they did try and the elder kids couldn’t handle it). Maybe the younger kids will get a chance to do so.

  35. kri says:

    He looks quite slim here. I have seen him and her many times, especially in New Orleans. Yes, that was several years ago, but in real life (at that point) he was very slim, and not very tall, maybe 5’8. He smoked with my ex-husband, as a matter of fact. I think he looks good here, naturally slim, and I also think he got fillers at one point and that was awful.

    • KB says:

      5’8?! If the man who smoked with your husband was 5’8, he wasn’t Brad Pitt. That would make Angelina like 5’2 tops and it’d put Aniston under 5 feet. He’s taller than Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts, and Gwyneth Paltrow when they’re wearing heels. That’d put them all at 5’4 or shorter. No way, no how!

  36. Candies says:

    @yesisaidit then brad Don’t need worry everything he started while with her will collaps along side her relationship then…
    Start all new. All things. Free

    • YepIsaidit says:

      Exactly. Good for him. His charity screwed over native Americans and now he can split and leave it all behind.

      Meanwhile Angelina’s 14 year old charity Jolie-Pitt foundation (she added the Pitt when he adopted her kid) is doing fantastic.

      • sendepause says:

        I don´t care about pitching one charity over the other but wow — rotting wood, useless houses, etc. — that is bad. Those people already lost everything to a hurricane, just to discover that they are loosing everything all over again. Meanwhile celebrities get to use the foundation to polish their images. Ugh.

  37. Estelle says:

    He looks sad.

    What goes around comes around. Karma. She’s a bitch.

    • kai2015 says:

      I donto know how is rep ping him or leaking sourced stories to People mag and a few more but they are inssiting he is just eating healthy and working out. Pfft. He has done that for years there is something wrong here and they ares wearing it ain’t drugs and definitely not Angie. That is why I know they are a god Damn lie. That man loved her and my guess is many people he was associated with did not. There are many reasons they are divorced and I bet that would be one. His folks, handlers Or rep or whatever including him. They have poked her too many times. I know she got tired of all that BS including now with the divorce. You would have to be blind not to see the PR hit they put out on her after she decided to leave. It’s always Angelina fault on all things Brad or Jen A and the media sells papers and get hits for it.
      You know this whole thing reminds you of a high school swooray. Good girl with the popular boy but he is in love with the hot chick no one likes. I believe they paired him with Aniston that is why he wasn’t happy.
      One day someone will write a memoir and I will bet money that is the scenario. I believe this to my heart AJ had enough and now you can tell who is relieved. She is a strong girl and I commend her for stayong all those years letting people dog her for stealing a man who wanted to be stolen. He was definite happy but now he looks how he feels.

    • bap says:

      @Estelle Dame Angelina is a strong woman and will NOT let a weak person walk over all over her children and her. Great Lady! Angelina is not driven by her image or what the media or public thinks of her.

      • Ophelia says:

        @BAP, @KAI2015, I think Estelle is calling Karma the b word, not Angelina. So I don’t understand where your defensiveness comes from.

    • Bap says:

      @Ophelia You are correct mis understood her sentence. I stand corrected.

  38. Helen Back says:

    Splitting and trauma from your’re former beloved. Well, it brings one to their knees.
    I was very shocked to see the latest photos of B.Pitt.
    He is almost 6″.
    At the moment he is far too thin. I was shocked, to see his face. All teeth.
    Partnershipps are very hard to deal. We all know that..
    They tried to get through.
    Personally, ??? Oh no way. No way .
    I know many will say “oh, they put . them selves out there”.
    Ok. They did.
    Does not mean, we can judge.
    Not one person on this Planet, can judge.

  39. friend of says:

    Yes, she will want their father in the children’s lives, but on her terms, her time table. When she says. Not by some calendar timetable, every other week, every other holiday. When they spend time with their dad will go through the mom. They will always clear dates with the mom. He and the children will adjust. Soon, very soon, the children will all be old enough to decide for themselves. Seems that the two eldest have decided pretty much, the younger ones will be only maybe 5 years. That’s a very short time. And soon, sooner than we think, Brad will have another family. Then everyone can meld and adjust. Its the nature of life. Change.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      Well, he is the one who bleeped up so it should be on her terms BUT It’s not Angelina who has been making the rules. 7 therapists and two judges have kept him from his kids. That’s not normal. Any decent mother should want their kids to be in a healthy environment.

      It’s sad that if she had just dumped him without the “incident” becoming somewhat public his team would have railroaded her even more than they already have.

      • friend of says:

        All selected by Angie right after the “incident”. Timing was perfect. She wants her freedom and she wants to take all the kids with her. Everything on her terms. It will work out. Everything always works out in the end. Brad has never suffered as he is suffering now. Suffering comes when we need its lessons. He must need it now. He walked away too much. He should have stayed if he wanted Angelina for wife. He was with a goddess not a mortal woman. He may know it now, but he should have realized it then. I knew it. He had to give her 100% attention. He walked away. He argued. He should have supported her 100% in what she wanted. That is who he married. He didn’t want to give 100% so now she is gone and she took the whole family with her leaving just him, the dad. Alone. If he wants a regular wife, he can easily get another. I doubt he wants another goddess. Once is enough for any mortal man.

      • Billy says:

        As much as you repeat the lie a thousand times will never be the truth, and the truth always appears.
        In the documents and e-mails exchanged between Brad and Angelina’s attorneys the ultimate goal was to reconcile Brad with his children so that after the six-month-to-year period Brad he would get the children’s trust again. Both parties were concerned that the children were still traumatized by the incident (and probably still did not want to be with Brad) and was not opening up to the therapists. So much so that Angelina’s advocate suggested that they look for a therapist who had a trauma specialist to help the parents he and Angelina trying to deal with their children.
        Until the time of the uncertainty of the investigation both Brad and Angelina were in agreement with everything, think that for this reason the DCFS decided to close the investigation of Brad, even before the children be ready to want to speak with the father. Parents Brad and Angelina as well as lawyers agreed to continue following the recommendations of DCFS, and the therapists and evaluator were all of DCFS.
        It was not Angelina who chose the therapists. All are linked to DCFS in the document that Angelina’s attorney sent to the court, said that as soon as Brad and Angelina arrived in LA the day of the incident they were interviewed by DCFS and the children immediately began to be treated by these therapists with the agreement Of Angelina and Brad. If you look in the Internet you have several cases about DCFS, and what happened to Brad and Angelina is when to prevent children being taken from the coexistence of both parents, if one of them has not been part of the “alleged abuse” he agrees to give temporarily custody to the other parent.

        In all the conversations who is aggressive, bossy and wants that it was the way of him was the lawyer chosen by Brad
        He was angry that the therapists did not agree with his demands, he wanted Angelina to act out of the arrangement, if Brad was not in agreement he should not have agreed, but as I said it is clear that the investigation would not be closed if he did not agree . Even an investigation being closed by DCFs he will not be prosecuted. DCFs requires that the parents do various things , if drug use was one of the causes, the parent has to participate in support groups, therapies and continue to prove with tests that they are not using anything else

    • bap says:

      @Friend You said it so beautifully! Dame Commander Angelina is not just any woman, She is what you described ‘ A Goddess’.

  40. Rose of Sharon says:

    If reports are true that he was mesmerized for a 1/2 hour by a bouquet of flowers at a grocery store, then he is in trouble. The fixation means that the occipital lobe is trying to compensate for the failure of the frontal lobe.

    Let us hope that his gauntness is not a sign of the motor cortex affected.

    • Lady D says:

      In 2007 I l sufferred the heartbreak of losing my beloved dog in March, my dad in April and my grandmother, who couldn’t cope with the loss of her son, in June. One day in the middle of July I suddenly realized that I had been standing in my garden with the hose running over my feet for over half an hour. I had no memory of that half hour of my life, and I wasn’t sure how many times that had happened so far that summer. It scared me.

      • Rose of Sharon says:

        Lady D:

        I am so very sorry. You were traumatized from many losses, almost too many to cope with. Are you a little better now?

      • sendepause says:

        I understand that it can be scary but dissociation is a common way to cope. Actually, everyone dissociates on a smaller scale from time to time. It is okay, our brains are weird and fantastic that way.
        I am sorry for your loss!

    • YepIsaidit says:

      I mentioned before the “incident” and divorce that he was looking sick.

  41. Nibbi says:

    like angelina, he will always be easy on the eyes because of incredible genetic blessings, but like angelina, i think he looks better with more flesh in the face.
    i hope he doesn’t get much thinner, he doesn’t “look well.”

    (hey, i know it’s kinda concern-trolling there, but a dark part of me kinda delights that it applies to a man, for once, even though that’s probably not fair.)

  42. laura-j says:

    World’s most public break up diet. Poor guy. I’m a weirdo (since none of us know what really went down) I still hope they can patch it up. #brangelonnie4life

  43. kai2015 says:

    I see this thread is still going. I would like to add that there is no big ho hum about him. Angelina is the news and the story in the duo. Has been since day 1. I would think that they both know this.
    So all the negatives they want to throw at Ange I got a few for him.
    He has had affairs with quite a few of his co stars. 3-5 tops so there you go with his history.
    Gwenyth Paltrow left him and no one baggered her like this. I don’t know why and perhaps she will never tell.
    He has always been a stoner. You could tell when he was dating R Givens in pics he was high as hell.
    I think the alcohol gradually increased.
    HE NEVER has taken the blame for his relationships, never.
    As for the terds commenting here and other places about how she was a nobody before Brad, she will be blacklisted after she tried to smear him. Really? Lies they tell. I’m not going in on that but I would like to add that she brought him out from the shadows even tho it was because of a scandal.
    The one thing I want people to help me understand please. Echoing, Chelsea H, Melissa E, Jen A… How the fuck can you hate Angelina and blame her for what happened to Lara and Jennifer when there were two grown willing and able men whom they treat like Kings.DID SHE HOLD A GUN TO THEM. I mean they throw the hate at her and love him. Somebody help me please. One thing I do feel is that they just want to hate her because she is a bad, beautiful , entitled young sexy woman.

    • julia says:

      all the women running from Brad? And what about your Jolie: From her mans dry and die like flies … She is not an example for imitation, it is clear that drug addiction in the past sucked her mind .. She is a liar, a vyky opinion of herself, Lara Croft’s time has come out, so she feeds alone Scandals, the actress so-so … Beauty for a long time is not present, health too … Here and to rave the witch … Yes, Pitt the simpleton by nature, how many millions he did not earn. And in his simplicity, he thought he could help a mentally unstable woman (there all the doctors of the world will not help) and get used to her exotic manner to raise children. And Jolie the shark, used it, and now he is tired, prevents her from shaking at political gatherings

  44. julia says:

    “Thin and sick, broken by the divorce of Brad Pitt” …. I even guess who these rumors in the press are allowed, as well as that he is a drunk addict, you saw it, you have evidence other than the lies of Hollywood’s main witch! Journalists in Cambodia say that he is a wonderful father, and behind his back continues to mess up. A snake with a lamb will never be. All jolie’s fans. They are all as evil as she is. They think that he offended her by not obeying her. For once, Jolie grabbed a normal man, but did not understand how to behave with him to continue to be with him. Now they are furious, it turns out – because of her dullness and inflexibility.
    Brad made a mistake and now his fate beats hard. He’s a good actor and I feel sorry for him. And the fact that he was so exhausted, says a bad condition … Health to you Brad!