Paris Hilton says her boyfriend is ‘the one,’ she can’t wait to have his baby

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You have to admire Paris Hilton’s hustle. I give her props for branching out in what I hope are legitimate businesses after her celebutante star had fallen. Don’t worry if you forgot Paris’ businesses, she’ll list them for you any time someone puts a microphone in front of her. She has a DJ residency in Ibiza, a fragrance line, stores, handbags, shoes, hair extensions, a hair and beauty products line, her own hotel brand and probably some other businesses I missed. Seriously, that is impressive. However, Paris’ name has been popping up more than usual and when that happens, it’s usually talk of love and marriage. Well, guess what? Paris told E! her boyfriend of a few months, Chris Zylka is “the one.” She is also obsessed with her niece Lily Rothschild so she can’t wait to start a family of her own.

There are a lot of things going on in Paris Hilton’s life these days that she would consider “hot.”

To start, her romance with actor and model Chris Zylka is heating up so much, she’s confident he’s “the one.”

“I’ve never been surer of anything in my life,” she told E! News. “He’s so incredible in every way. We’ve actually been friends for a really long time, like the past six years. We just now started being serious in the past few months and it’s really just changed my life in so many ways and brought so much happiness to my life. I feel so safe and he’s so special. We’re best friends and we’re together every minute. I don’t know what else I could ask for. He’s perfect for me.”

Now that she’s happily in love, the 31-year-old mogul is considering becoming a mother more so now than ever—especially thanks to a special little lady in her life. 

“Before I met [my niece, Lily Rothschild], I mostly cared about my business and my brand and traveling and I just thought I’d never have time, but especially after meeting her and me being in such an amazing place in my life and being so happy and in love, I can’t wait to [have a baby] one day,” she shared. “It’s just the meaning of life to have a family of your own and bring children into the world, so I cannot wait to do that one day.”

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I get Paris’ adoration of her niece. I was younger than her when my nieces were born and they didn’t make me want my own kids – I just wanted them. Honest to God, I’d never loved anything so much in my life up to that point.

I am not so convinced, though, of Paris and Chris. I don’t doubt that he is THE ONE she will get engaged to. But we shouldn’t take her declarations as evidence they’ll make it down the aisle. Last year, Thomas Gross was her ‘soulmate.’ She was ‘meant to be’ with Paris Latsis. And she and Jason Shaw were ‘perfect for each other.’ I don’t begrudge Paris being head over heels for these guys, I’m just saying I’ll wait until the church bells ring to throw rice. I’m not alone on this, her parents Rick and Kathy said pretty much the same thing over the weekend. Whatever the outcome, Paris has plenty to keep her busy in the meantime. In addition to her businesses, she claims to receive several TV offers “every day.” Really? I’m having a hard time swallowing this one. But maybe she’ll combine her interests – sell a reality show on her engagement to Zylka and how she manages her many businesses while being a wife and mother? Let’s not pretend that this isn’t already in the works.

BTW – Paris filmed an April Fool’s prank for SodaStream and it’s pretty funny:

Mi Amor 😍😍

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(and one Lily shot because baby!)

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  1. Bri W. says:

    If Paris Hilton is 31, I’m 18.

    • Hecate says:

      You know what, he is 31 – I think they may have reversed their ages? Or maybe we all get to be 31 today!

      • GirlOne says:

        I was really irritated by the age, too. She’s been around for what feels like eleventy billion years. She can’t be 31.
        Wiki says she’s 36.

      • Kitten says:

        YES that was my first thought! I know she’s not that far from me in age.

      • Esmom says:

        As someone who just celebrated the big 50 I will take being 31 for the day, thanks! :)

      • susiecue says:

        OH thank God. I’m 31 and I was thinking “the hell?” I always remembered her being older than me by a few.

    • Nancy says:

      She’s the same age as Kimmie K, which I think is 36 or 7. What did she use to say all the time with Nicole…..that’s hot. BTW I don’t think she chopped her age, since the whole world knows it, whoever wrote the story effed it up.

    • minx says:

      She’s 36, he’s the one who is 31.

  2. Anon says:

    Uhh do they mean 41?

  3. astrid says:

    Wiki has Paris at 36 years old

  4. Lena says:

    I was gonna say, I thought Paris was a lot older than that.

  5. Esmom says:

    Oh hmm, I love him (and everyone, really) in The Leftovers. Somehow I didn’t expect him to end up with her.

  6. QQ says:

    I Mean Watch Chris Zylka in The Leftovers, He is the one for me too, sis… But Anyways I’m feeling Charitable cause that’s my weakness, My Niblings, i just adore them, I’m Particularly Into my Sister’s Set of babies cause we get along better and also they are not so little so they Text me and such all the time but still sit on my lap for lovies and such, and she has a 7-8 month old chubby who act so much like a Disney Cartoon of a Baby is simply Impossible to not feel the twinges in the heart… That Said I’ve never changed a diaper, i will feed bathe reason with your kid but i dont diaper anyone

  7. Lucky Charm says:

    She has an Ivanka Trump vibe going in that rooftop photo, but I do like that dress. I know that 31 has to be a typo, because she was around 23 during The Simple Life with Nicole Richie, and that was a good 12/13 years ago! (My daughter used to watch it and thought it was a scripted comedy show, because “no one can be that dumb in real life!” Alas, reality tv has otherwise since proved her wrong…)

  8. HappyMom says:

    I side-eye gushing on your significant other on social media.

  9. Chelsey says:

    Didn’t he have a really messy twitter meltdown breakup recently? Messy birds of a feather, I suppose.

    I do love The Leftovers.

  10. Jeanette says:

    Isnt he the one that went all drama queen on Lucy Hale? Yeah, perfect match for Paris.

  11. Beth says:

    I’ve had a few boyfriends I thought were “the one”. Not uncommon. I never ended up marrying them though. Oh well.
    Since my nephews were born, I’ve loved them more than anything. Thankfully though, I never believed that “the meaning of life was to have a family of my own and bring children into the world”. I can’t have babies and I’d feel pretty sh*tty if what she said was correct

    • Nancy says:

      It’s so Kardashian to say he’s “the one.” Same m.o. as Kim who was friends with Kanye supposedly for years before she realized he was her destiny… Seems Paris has the same agenda, I’ve known him for years but just realized he was the one. These chicas are ridiculous!

  12. NotSoSocialButterfy says:

    Interesting body language in these photos. Like Leann and Ed, she’s clinging to him from behind and his hands hang at his side while she again clings to him.

  13. Tessa says:

    I really thought she was early 40s. She’s been around for ever

  14. Bridget says:

    She is still the worst. I think I just got herpes through my computer screen.

  15. usagichan says:

    Ew. Why is he giving me Nick Carter vibes? (didn’t they date?)

  16. Yup, Me says:

    She sounds dumb as a box of hair in almost every interview but she’s sly like a fox and has made a fortune from it.

    I have the impression that she’s emotionally and mentally still 17 or 18- the age when she started to gain some fame. For all that she’s done in the intervening years, she doesn’t seem to have much more to say now than she did then.

  17. bonobchick says:

    He’s got a spotty … aka trainwreck-like … dating history too. If they do make it down the aisle, I don’t see it lasting long.