Pregnant Oksana threatens to leave if Mel Gibson stays a nasty drunk


The National Enquirer was the first tabloid to break the news about Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva’s pregnancy, so I have to think they might have some kind of inside track on this “happy” couple. That being said, there are several pieces of information that ring false to me in this latest NE report. The gist of it is probably true – known and acknowledged alcoholic Mel is still having serious drinking problems, and it’s a cause for concern with almost everyone around him. Here’s the part that I think is iffy – Oksana is allegedly threatening to pack up her womb and walk out on Mel if he doesn’t deal with his alcoholism. According to the Enquirer, “Mel’s got a hair-trigger temper when he’s drunk, and Oksana insists she won’t stick around when he’s like that. She’s informed Mel that if he doesn’t go to rehab, she’ll bow out of the picture before they go any further.” Once again, I don’t doubt that Mel is a nasty drunk. But I doubt that any amount of nastiness will keep Oksana from her own private money train:

Mel Gibson’s pregnant girlfriend has already slapped him with an ultimatum: “Go to rehab – or we’re through!”

The Enquirer has learned Oksana – the woman behind Mel’s $1 billion divorce – is demanding the Oscar winner get professional help with his booze addiction or she’s prepared to cut all ties.

“Oksana wants Mel to deal with his drinking on a long-term basis,” a source close to the couple said.

“Mel’s got a hair-trigger temper when he’s drunk, and Oksana insists she won’t stick around when he’s like that. She’s informed Mel that if he doesn’t go to rehab, she’ll bow out of the picture before they go any further.”

The 53-year-old superstar – whose 2006 DUI arrest and anti-Semitic meltdown made headlines around the world – has struggled for years with a drinking problem. And while he’s owned up to alcoholism and is a big AA supporter, [Mel] has never entered a residential rehab program to deal with his addiction.

Oksana – who is four months pregnant with his baby – believes alcoholism is the reason [Mel] indulged in so many extramarital affairs, according to another source.

“Oksana thinks Mel will be less likely to cheat on her if he’s not out drinking,” a Gibson family friend told the Enquirer. “But she knows that Mel’s very stubborn and that it’s hard for him to stop drinking, especially now with all the changes in his life.”

“The good thing is that Mel really loves Oksana, and he desperately wants to get his act together. He says he’s willing to do whatever she wants, but only time will tell if he stands by his words.”

A feud [between Mel, his soon-to-be-ex-wife Robyn and their seven kids] over Mel’s fortune has ensued, and sources say Mel’s older kids are worried their hefty trust funds are at stake due to his new relationship.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, June 9 2009]

You know that silly trick people do in Chinese restaurants, where you put “in bed” after every fortune cookie message. As I was reading this, I did the same thing, only I put the words “but she’ll still cash the paycheck” after every sentence. It works beautifully. Meanwhile, in a different part of the Enquirer, there was this juicy little nugget:

No Bells, Mel? Mel Gibson’s estranged wife Robyn cracked up when a close pal questioned her about rumors that about-to-be-ex Mel will wed his oh-so-pregnant Kremlin kutie Oksana Grigorieva. Giggled Robyn: “MEL is the love of Mel’s life!”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, June 9 2009]

That’s the next big question – will Mel marry this woman? Is he that… what’s the word… dumb? Deranged? Mid-life-crisis-y? On the same note, earlier this week, we reported on this weird little story from People Magazine that seemed like a plant from Mel’s publicity team and Oksana’s mother (who lives in Russia, and probably depends on Mel’s largesse). In the piece, Oksana’s mom says that she’s really happy for her daughter because Oksana’s finally found someone to “take care of her”. Even though the story was a plant, I think it probably held more truth than this Enquirer piece, which makes Oksana sound really independent. I think Oksana is hellbent on getting Mel down the aisle – even if he has to drunkenly stumble his way down to the priest.

Mel and Oksana are shown on 4/29/09. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .


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  1. JayBird says:

    “allegedly threatening to pack up her womb and walk out…” best line of the day.

  2. ChristinaT says:

    the previous interview with this woman’s mom where she claimed that her daughter had finally made it really made me laugh… i pictured her jumping right out of bed the first time they had sex, accepting an imaginary bouqet of flowers, doing the “screwing in a lightbuld” wave while giving a sappy speech about how honored she is and crying… i mean seriously, what kind of statement is that? who says that?

  3. Kevin says:

    And some where else in the world (probably very luxurious) George Clooney chuckles and shakes his head in wonderment.

  4. cakes says:

    Is she really dumb enough to think he won’t do this to her? Of course he will and I can’t wait to watch it unfold

  5. DH says:

    So…suddenly this woman has morales? Oh, okay…hmmmmm

  6. RobN says:

    She can walk out anytime she wants. She’s accomplished what she wanted, she’s pregnant by an incredibly wealthy man. The child support alone is all she ever needs; why would she put up with his crap if she doesn’t want to?

  7. Carrie says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but shouldn’t she have know that Mel was a drunk before she crawled into bed with him. Some one should tell her old dog’s can’t learn new tricks. He isn’t going to sober up for her.

  8. Pufft says:

    Yes, and Witney Houston promised to leave Bobby Brown the first time she found out he sniffs.

  9. UrbanRube says:

    Just don’t care about Mel Gibson anymore and wish no one else did, either. The best way to get back at a narcissist is to stop looking…

  10. Yae says:

    I can’t see anything past her split ends. The picture is swallowed by them.

  11. Ashley says:

    Shes a real threat to Mel, I’m sure. Get the eff outta here.

  12. someone says:

    He was asked on Jay Leno if he would get married again and he said “once was enough”//He won’t marry her, and he won’t stop drinking, Im sure he got that ultimatum from Robyn, the mother of his 7 kids, and he wouldn’t do it for them, he won’t do it for this one either…She looks like a young, tall, version of Octomom.

  13. Victoria says:

    She is in no position to make any threats. So she wants us to beleive she has the upper hand? Walk out and go where? Back to a dirt floor in Russia?

  14. Jill says:

    She’s already pregnant, she’ll never want for money again.

  15. Cinderella says:

    Get used to it, sister.

    Hook him up with the best Russian Vodka and everything will be just dandy.

  16. ! says:

    Ah, she’s creating an exit strategy already, I see.

  17. Wow says:

    Oks isn’t calling any shots. At this point she could probably care less what Mel drinks or thinks. If she’s really a gold digger, then done deal. She’s already pregnant.

    Anyway, I found this link to some other pictures of her for some lingerie shoot with her piano (so I guess that was indeed true.)

    She looks different in these pictures. Much better than the ones from the premier with Mel. But whatevs.

  18. CathyT says:

    I don’t give much credit to The National Enquirer for getting the pregnancy story. In Touch and Life & Style (!!) also reported the pregnancy at the same time. The rumors appeared in other places as well. Basically, as soon as Mel told his family, the word got out fast.

  19. Sarto says:

    I actually think he’s going to end up killing her. Mel is in an extremely volatile time in his life, for many different reasons.

    She should RUN, not walk. But she won’t.

  20. Gypsy says:

    Their child will be so beautiful; I see a girl.

  21. Jag says:

    When Mel can’t stop drinking, all she’ll have to do is sue (or whatever) for primary custody. “Your Honor, I asked, and pleaded with him to go to rehab but he wouldn’t! I can’t subject our child to his temper.” (insert dramatic sigh and swoon here) She may or may not force a marriage for him to prove how much he loves her when he can’t stop drinking, too. She’s planning for her future… smarter than the average golddigger.

  22. annie says:

    so oksana thinks his alcoholism is the reason he had so many affairs? well that would explain what he’s doing with her, does it not. No, she does’nt care if he marries her, at least I don’t think so, she accomplished what she wanted. He’s an ass and so is she,I have no respect for the man anymore. Oh and it looks like crazy ass ocean was right, she was doing mel and david foster at the same time, someone posted on here that in nov.2008 he introduced her on the dr. phil show as his girlfriend, and oksana was on his movie set in boston in sept.2008 and nov. 2008. I think this is going to be a really fun ride!

  23. I think Oksana is smart enough to know Mel was a drunk before she ever hooked up with him, and that only 3% of men marry the woman they leave their wives for…

  24. maritza says:

    She’s pregnant,her money is insured with the child support that Mel with have to give her. She doesn’t have to deal with his drunken behavior if she doesn’t want to.

  25. CathyT says:

    Oh and it looks like crazy ass ocean was right, she was doing mel and david foster at the same time, someone posted on here that in nov.2008 he introduced her on the dr. phil show as his girlfriend

    No, she was wrong. Foster introducted his girlfriend Yolanda on the Dr. Phil show, and the picture on the website confirms that Yolanda is a different woman.
    “After three marriages, David has five daughters and two stepsons. He introduces three of his daughters, Sara, Erin and Allison, his sister, Marylou, and his girlfriend, Yolanda.”

  26. CathyT says:

    Here’s a picture of David Foster with his blonde girlfriend in October 2008.

  27. samus aran says:

    “Ah, she’s creating an exit strategy already, I see.”

    That was the first I thought by reading it. LOL
    She knew he is a drunk, now after she knows that her life will be save and wealthy with the money for the child she will get from Mel, it´s time to think forward….”how can I get rid of him as a nice, sweet lady and without guilty destroying the relationship”
    She is russian and old enough to know how alcoholism works. He`ll never can stop, and rehab only works on 30%, or less, of drunks. Especially with manic depressive people like Mel it´s only a dream they would stop it.

  28. morgs says:

    She worked the ho stroll, and b*tch got paid! Workin’ it like a true gold digger!

  29. Anoneemouse says:

    Should have thought about that before accepting his demon sperm lady. Besides, she’s probably already got all the child support money he will owe her worked out in her head.

  30. annie says:

    I stand corrected, I was going by a earlier post on cb by someone who saw the show

  31. daisy424 says:

    If he doesn’t quit drinking for himself only, he will fail.
    I’d like to be a fly on the wall for his 12 step apology to Robyn & his kids.

  32. CathyCee says:

    Unless he gets an annulment, there won’t be any legit Catholic priest presiding. He and Robyn are still married in the eyes of the Catholic Church. On the other hand, he built his own church,and seems pretty content to make his own rules to go along with that,so ,yeah,maybe whatever alleged priest with whom he contracts to make his alleged marriage will satisfy his need to delude himself about his real status as a Catholic,should he continue with this charade.

  33. CathyT says:

    After re-reading this Enquirer story, I noticed that it never actually says that Mel is drinking now.

  34. y says:

    it will be interesting. she will have baby who brings much money to her and her child son. mel leave alone with no money because lose his money for his wives. and leave alone with alcholic old body who nobody take care leave lonely enough with sick of alcholic. robyn fight with him about his alcholic. but she couldn’t help him with her so long love with him. she give up. so this slut can do with him with his old enough body. she must take care of him and his child from long enough time 30 years or so. this will be so hard way.

  35. y says:

    only god judge his behavior we can see how things goin on about gibson. he always cheated his wife not respect his children’s mother. humiliated always their mother’s life. she suffered enough. hope her suffer from gibson returns to him. not good to get marry with holywood star. dangerous and suffer enough life will be waiting.

  36. y says:

    agree #9.

  37. linda k says:

    i know that mel isn’t stupid. how he got this woman pregnant when he was with others all these years is weird. also the fact they are not living with each other does not mean they are not sleeping with each other….sources say he loves her–her friends say they are happy she has someone to take care of her and her children…so weird

  38. Victoria says:

    Ron Wood with his Russian teen girlfriend and now Mel. These guys love to drink and Russian women are used to it. What does she care? She’s got her house and soon we will be punished with her music.

  39. annie says:

    linda k., what I think iss wierd is how is he rationalizinj all of this? where’s his preist? where’s his confessor? I would love to hear what his dad has to say about this. The ironic thing is that if he seeks an annulment(and I think he is, I don’t care what he said on leno) he’ll get it from the post vatican 2 priest and not prevatican 2 priest(although it’s probably whoever happens to be on the tribunal, chances are post vat. 2 priest) and he’ll take it too eventhough he knows it’s wrong. The women in the past probably just wanted to sleep with mel, I’s sure they were on brth control, most of them. One girl who had an affair with him said he never wore on condom and never asked her if she could get pregnent. I think thats the way he rolls. He has been with oksana since AT LEAST summer of 2007, not less then a year like they’re saying in his camp. they’re tryning to make it seem like this is a fairly new relationship and it’s not. so oksana has had some time to work on this pregnancy.

  40. CathyT says:

    annie – what makes you say that Mel was with Oksana since at least summer 2007?

    People Mag says that Mel isn’t going to communion, so he’s not completely rationalizing what he’s doing. His confessor won’t give him absolution until he breaks off the relationship.

    Are you sure that Mel thinks an annulment is wrong? I always thought that he went somewhat unwillingly into marriage with Robyn because of her pregnancy?

  41. annie says:

    cathy t., I did’nt mean to imply that mel thought annulment was wrong just that some of the reasons these days are so vague and can mean anything you want them to, thanks to vat.2. But I forgot that his first marriage was a shotgun marriage so he’s got a ace in the hole. Seems to be the only way to get him to the alter. If you go on mel gibson gurl,then go to #3 you’ll see a picture of mel in panama in summer 2007 and oksana is in the picture wearing sunglasses. As for some other good and I think reliable info. go to Gibbo fan site and look up “true story” part one and part duex(I think it’s named true story, something like that)

  42. annie says:

    And I’m glad for mel’s sake they’re holding his feet to the fire, I did’nt read or hear about how this was being addressed. It was like “mel was drinking coffee with other parishioners after Mass” la de da

  43. CathyT says:

    Mel must enjoy the fellowship at the coffee and donuts. At least the people there won’t gawk at the celebrity or try to give him scripts.

  44. annie says:

    true and I hope I don’t sound like I’m judging him, believe me I’m not,no ones perfect and I hope he gets everything sorted out.

  45. liz says:

    There is a factor that you seem to miss. As a good Catholic he doesn’t use contraceptives. He may be smart, but he’s an idiot. According to Catholic dogma his child can not be legitimate, (as a good catholic) guilt is everything, he can never be legitimately married, (adulterous). I don’t really think the marriage thing bothers her. She has two children from wealthy men. Child support would keep her in luxury for the rest of her life. Mel is history, he just doesn’t know it.