Tom Brady denies Gisele’s pregnancy while Bridget Moynahan fumes

I was really looking forward to reporting on the rumors of Gisele Bundchen’s pregnancy, but alas, Gisele’s husband Tom Brady denied the pregnancy rumors Thursday night after a practice session with the New England Patriots. Apparently an Associated Press journalist waltzed right up to Tom and was all “So, dude, is your wife knocked up?” And Tom was all “No.” And then Tom added, “One is enough.” Ouch. Take that Gisele, with your biological clock and stuff.

Unfortunately for Tom “One Is Enough” Brady, many gossipy sources have Gisele coming to the end of her first trimester. Which would have meant that she was already pregnant before she and Tom Brady married in April… which I don’t buy. I think Gisele is traditional in the way that she would wait to get pregnant until after she gets married Just my opinion. So, by my rationale, Gisele is at most two months pregnant, if that. In which case it would be silly for Gisele or Tom to confirm the pregnancy – traditionally, you don’t announce until the end of third month, or into the fourth.

So let’s play the game – say Tom was just denying the pregnancy for the hell of it, but Gisele really was less than two months pregnant. If that was/is the case, then this report from In Touch is really juicy. Not only do they have Gisele’s pregnancy cravings (pizza), they have a really bitchy quote from an unnamed friend of Bridget Moynahan. Apparently, it’s totally a catfight over everything between Bridget and Gisele – ever since Gisele called Bridget’s son “my child” and Bridget sent all of her friends out to bash Gisele. Now Bridget’s getting nasty about how Tom isn’t man enough to tell her about Gisele’s pregnancy face-to-face or something:

Gisele Bundchen has gotten plenty of practice with her husband Tom Brady’s son, John, but she’ll soon become a mom for real!

The supermodel and the New England quarterback told their families that they are expecting their first child together.

“Gisele is about three months along and over the moon about it because this is all she’s ever wanted,” says a family insider.

“Tom is equally happy and making sure she has anything she needs. She’s been craving pizza and eating it like crazy. They haven’t decided if they’re going to find out the sex but don’t care either way. Everyone is so happy about it.”

But they didn’t exactly break the news the right way to Bridget Moynahan, Tom’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his 21-month-old son.

“Bridget found out about Gisele’s pregnancy through someone else,” says a friend of the actress’. “Any man not willing to make a call to tell an ex that his current wife is pregnant is not right.”

But no one is going to take away the 28-year-old Brazilian beauty’s happiness.

“I would like a big family. I love children,” Gisele, who wed Tom in February, has said. “This is why you get married – you want to create those roots together. You want to give that to your kids.”

[From In Touch, print edition, June 9 2009]

“Any man not willing to make a call to tell an ex that his current wife is pregnant is not right.” Uh… maybe that didn’t come straight from Bridget, maybe it did. But am I alone in thinking that if and when Gisele does get pregnant, it’s none of Bridget’s business? Yes, it will affect Bridget in as much as she lets her son spend time with his father and his father’s wife, but Bridget doesn’t get a say or any kind of first notification on the state of Gisele’s womb.

Tom and Gisele are shown at the Costume Institute Gala on 5/3/09 and outside an OB/GYN on 5/4/09. Credit: Fame Pictures and

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  1. Wench. says:

    I don’t know, I think it would be courteous to tell the mother of your other child as opposed to waiting it out and being the last to know.

    I know I’m not a ex-wife, but I remember my Dad not telling me his wife was preggo until a few hours into labour. Sucks!

  2. Rosanna says:

    Of course it’s none of Bridget’s business!

  3. cc says:

    It was only a matter of time before the “Gisele is knocked up!!” rumors.

    In their case, I do think he should tell Bridget if they are expecting. Not only are the three of them in the tabloids for the relationship triangle, but they will be working together as a blended family. She needs to be kept up to date because her priority is HER child, not theirs. She needs to make sure he is being taken care of while they are over the moon about a new baby. This isn’t a case of a deadbeat dad and horrible step mom who want nothing to do with the first child. It is about respecting boundaries while still working together.

  4. mel says:

    I think if Tom and Bridget’s relationship was more amicable, it wouldnt be an issue…he would tell her as a courtesy. It’s too bad that things have come to this. I used to like Gisele until the comment she made about Jack being her son.

  5. Ursula says:

    UGH??? I didn’t know that a man had to tell all his baby mommas that his current wife is preggers. What for? It is not like their split was the most friendly one. And Bridget should stop sending her friends/ publicist to fight her battles. Move on. You have a beautiful child, enjoy him.

  6. HEB says:

    Yeah lets drag this on a few more months.

  7. Alisa says:

    Bridget is starting to look really stupid right about now. Zero chance that Tom will get back with her so she should move the he!! on with her life. Tom don’t have to tell her nothing and just show up on time to pick up his son for visit then take good care of him and return him home on time.
    Bridget was probably someone Tom was never serious about any way. Bridget needs to let the psychotic act go.

  8. Lindsay says:

    In this case it probably would have been better to tell her. Why make her find out from a magazine or a reporter? Although he really hasn’t been all that great about respecting her feelings throughout this whole thing. But the quote makes it sound like you should call up every ex-girlfriend when your wife is pregnant. That is a little overboard.

  9. bros says:

    yah i dont think a married guy should have to tell his ex girlfriend anything about his current wife’s reproductive status.

  10. nanster says:

    Alisa – I agree with you 100%. From everything I have read, Bridget sounds like she’s a bitter, angry woman. Maybe she not with her son’s father anymore – get over it and move on! Hasn’t she ever heard of living well being the best revenge? I don’t think that anything Gisele has said was deliberately meant to hurt Bridget (and yes, maybe she could have said things in a better way), but Bridget seems to want everyone to think that it was intentional. Bridget needs to quit playing the victim and do what is right for her son and in turn, do what she can to get along with Tom and Gisele.

  11. Ggirl says:

    It seems Bridget is always pissed about something. Let’s face it: She will never be satisfied with anything Tom and Gisele say or do!

  12. nony says:

    I think it would be a courtesy, since their children would be half-siblings, and you would hopefully want them to have a good relationship.
    If that quote is true, maybe Bridgette needs to think of her son and his happiness, since her’s seems to be a bit nonexistent.

  13. RobN says:

    If Tom and Gisele care about John, then they’ll inform Bridget early on. It’s a big adjustment for a small child to have a new sibling and it would help to have all parties on board with how they will handle it with him. Course that might be too adult for these people.

  14. so what says:

    Ummmmm Bridget has yet to say anything publicly about these two @ssholes.

  15. Tia says:

    Another child of a future divorce.. ughhhhhhhhhhh

  16. Kevin says:

    I know for a fact that Brad calls Jen every month before the stork drops off the child DE jour. It’s only common courtesy.

  17. Embee says:

    I think it’s good form to tell the mother of your child personally, and before a public announcement, but not earlier than the couple is willing to discuss it at all.

    My real beef here is the horrifically trite “over the moon” statement. Can we please use a different term to express great happiness? This one puts my teeth on edge.

  18. michellle says:

    Really. If it’s true, regardless of courtesy, why would they tell her before being well past the 1st trimester?

  19. Anoneemouse says:

    1. I don’t believe any comment either Giselle or Tom makes to the public since they denied their engagement only to get married a month later.

    2. If Giselle is pregnant, why does that mean Bridget is entited to know? Why would that be any of her business?

    3. Why can’t Bridget just accept the fact that Tom moved on a long time ago and is happy and married? Why hold a grudge against Giselle? She had nothing to do with their breakup and who cares if she loves Bridget’s baby? Wouldn’t Bridget rather that than someone who resented her baby?

  20. Cinderella says:

    Bridget is entitled to know when they’re ready to tell her, but I don’t believe the In Touch story. I can’t see Bridget blowing up because she wasn’t told. I’m sure she knows that sooner or later, a baby will come along.

    My guess is Bridget’s focus is on her own son, and whatever happens with the Bradys, good for them. It will be nice for her little guy to have a sibling.

  21. jess says:

    i’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again;
    rightfully so, Tom to break things off with her.
    she probably froze his sperm and then carefully basted herself with it when she knew things were going south.
    isnt their son almost 2 now anyway?
    WHY is she still sending her minions to fight her battles?
    WHY doesnt she even have a man?
    bitch has pathetic written all over her.
    trust me, if my ex told me his 35 year old “new” gf was pregnant by him [adding 1 to her already oversized brrod of 4 kids] i would die laughing!

  22. boomchakaboom says:

    They should have told Bridget. Her son will have a half sibling, and while it may not affect Bridget that much, it will affect her child. Since Bridget is responsible for her child’s well being, it would demonstrate real consideration on the part of Tom & Gazelle for the child he already has to be informed and helped to adjust to this new development.

  23. stewie says:

    I don’t know much about these people, but I’ve never seen Bridget dragging this kid around for publicity pics like his wanna be mama does..models evidently believe everything is their prop

  24. BellaLuna says:

    Everytime there is a Gisele post with a picture my jaw just drops when I see her body! I mean come on! The blue dress looks fantastic on her. Pretty much everything does. I love them as a couple just because they look so good together. Im a huge Patriots/Brady fan. Toms moved on with his life but still spends time with his son. Thats all Bridget should be concerned with. Anything between him and his wife should be none of her business. Eventually she will know her child is having a sibling.

  25. Ana says:

    Poor Bridget, she is turning into the new Jennifer Aniston. Honestly, I think she has moved on.

  26. j. ferber says:

    Bridget was way too classy for Tom Light-on-the-Brains-Department Brady. I agree with Robn. It is common courtesy and will help his son eventually. In fact, just after telling their families would have been a good time, since the news would be sure to spread after that. It’s a tricky relationship, but better to err on the side of being considerate, than not. I’m just saying Bridget deserved a phone call from Tom. And for all we know, Bridget is dating again. I hope she is. She keeps a low profile and doesn’t tote her baby everywhere for the publicity, so I don’t think she’d publicly show off her dates either. Good luck to them all.

  27. DeCe says:

    bridget is the third wheel, she has imposed herself into their lives. when tom told her he didn’t love her, want to marry or have children with her, she went off the pill without telling him. this is according to people close to the families. When a man says that you keep your legs closed, walk away and find someone else. that would have been the classy way. she made a life aletering decison and imposed her will on him. Then portrayed herself as the victim in the tabloids. tom had to get a mediator to protect him and his parents from any lies she came up during visits. bridget is not entitled to personal info about tom and his wife, that is their business, she is a non issue. she hasn’t even met gisele! the only contact is only about john, nothing more, the way it should be. i can’t wait for the day when i only hear about tom and gisele without her name thrown in. she isn’t part of them, she’s just the manuplitive person who got herself pregnant to try and keep tom,and it back fired. some day she will have some explaining to do when her son finds out he is here as a trap for his father!

  28. lylah says:

    Bridget is really annoying. She’s mad because Gisele is a hot piece of ass and she’s a washed up tired house hag. If Tom and Gisele are expecting congrats to them. Otherwise please stop mentioning Bridget she is no longer relevant.

  29. lisa spivey says:

    Unfortunately, Nanster, u r right. G n T owe B nothing. But we can’t pretend they weren’t together. If I were B I would want my child to be treated as if it were her own. I’m so sorry that she is still very hurt by this situation but I fear if T shows her more attention she will confuse his niceness 4 something else. I guess G n T are doing the right thing and I hope over time her pain will become less visible, congrads G n B, Godspeed B n lil John!

  30. Twisted Brother says:

    BeCe do you think she got pregnant by herself no, Tom had to sleep with her. It was a very short time between the women and Bridget has to see him constantly because of their son. She obviously loved him, only immature love is done in days, real love lasts a lifetime. “But” since there is no chance they will reconcile she needs to redirect that love into getting along with the couple and their joy some times its hard to be happy for someone when they have everything you want. I think Tom and Giselle understand this and keep the comments to a minimum. Be patient and show her love she will get back on her feet!!!

  31. Twisted Brother says:

    lylah, if your of the female species, You too will pass your prime and feel the sting of a young hot piece of ass that will walk pass your man and take him away. I know this because if he’s with u he’s probably just as immature. And will refer to the hot piece off ass without stretch marks a true winner. Stop this madness, okay she has been upset a little longer but sometimes women never get over it. Esp. when she is known as over the hill and the other woman a hot piece of a**. OUCH!!!

  32. Tied Up says:

    Da*n Jess, eveytime I read ur response I get upset. Would you really laugh I think u probably would so u didn’t look obviously upset that they have a wonderful family and can’t wait to have more. 35 u say what difference did her age make shows where your head is just by devulging this tidbit. Oh what did u say it doesn’t feel good to be judged and have ur feelings scrutinized, lighten up were all sisters and should nuture as such. Bridget has not found a constructive way to deal with what she considers to be wrong she dealt. it doent matter what’s true or not PERCEPTION IS TRUTH TO THE ONE WHO PERCIEVES IT. B NICE SHE WILL CUM INTO THE LIGHT!

  33. stevieb says:

    Triangle? What triangle. Tom is obviously done with Bridget (and has been for some time… as in before she found herself pregnant) and now with his wife, Giselle. I don’t think it should have been an expectation that he ‘be man enough’ to tell an ex that he’s now expecting with the woman he married…

    Sorry, I don’t feel sorry for Bridget and never did. Whenever Tom was asked if he planned to marry her, he always deferred or otherwise refused to answer. That should have told her something…

  34. stevie b says:

    Oops. I meant to say (above) that Brady had been done with Bridget for some time and is now with his wife, Giselle…

  35. DeCe says:

    twisted brother, i have tried to comment on your comments way before this, but it wasn’t published, so i’m trying again. bridget admitted to tom her pregnancy was not an accident, she went off the pill without telling him and i’m 200% sure if he knew he would have worn a condom.. she’ll never marry, men will be eary of her. when tom told her her he didn’t love her or want to marry her, or have a family at this time in his life, she should have close her legs, left and found someeone else, like gisele did with leo.instead she took this to the tabloids portraying herself as a victim of tom and giseles’, manipulating the public into shaming and pressuring tom into going back to her, so i don’t understand when people say she is keeping quiet about this and handled it with class. she did everything wrong. she needs to confess what she did so her son and tom and giseles’ kids don’t read too much of her deceipt. i don’texpect her to be happy for them , but the truth must come out and not by her FRIENDS.

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