Melissa Gilbert cheated on Rob Lowe with John Cusack

Last week Star Magazine had advance details from Melissa Gilbert’s upcoming memoir, Prairie Tale. Gilbert writes that Shannen Doherty, her co-star on “Little House on the Prairie,”slept with her first husband, Bo Brinkman, when they were still married. Star has more juicy findings from the book, including the detail that Melissa cheated on then-fiance Rob Lowe in the 80s with hot commodity John Cusack – who just happened to be Lowe’s best friend. Lucky girl! It wasn’t a clear cut case of betrayal, though, because Lowe was stepping out on her too:

In her new autobiography, Melissa reveals she even slept with her fiance’s best friend – just to get back at him.

Melissa was engaged to Rob Lowe when he went off to make the movie The Hotel New Hampshire in Canada, she writes in Prairie Tale, according to a publishing insider faimliar with the book.

“Rob asked his pal John Cusack to look after Melissa while he was away,” says the source. But it wasn’t long before Melissa learned that Rob was having a torrid affair with his costar Nastassja Kinski. “So, out of revenge, Melissa had a fling with John!”

Melissa and Rob’s whole relationship was on and off. “She writes that she was deeply in love with him and was devastated when they split,” says the source. “She started dating a wonderful guy she adored, but then Rob reappeared and proposed to her.”

Melissa broke up with her new man, and everything was great with Rob – until she found she was pregnant, says the source. “Rob was young and began freaking out, and he and Melissa broke up for good. Melissa reveals that she ended up having a miscarriage.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, June 8, 2009]

How sad that Lowe dumped Gilbert when he found out she was pregnant! They were obviously having other problems in their relationship, but that must have been heartbreaking to lose the baby afterwards.

Gilbert is a busy Twitterer, and she’s very gracious about answering her fans’ questions. She said in answer to a question if she was getting nervous about her book release on June 9 that she was “Kind of freaked out. I’m re-reading it and it’s just so personal…yikes!” Gilbert also said that she had to clean her house for a People Magazine photo shoot so we can expect to see a nice spread with her ahead of the book release. I would bet this book is a big success for Melissa. She sure put enough dirt in there to earn a lot of headlines when she’s promoting it.

Photo below is of Cusack in 2002 thanks to PRPhotos. Photo above is thanks to Life Magazine and is from 1984

John Cusack

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  1. BlahBlah says:

    Let’s not forget, this is just her side of the story, and she’s trying to make money off famous people she knew or dated. I’ve never liked her. And now the girls admits to being a ho, so I like her even less. lol Don’t you find that celebrity books are like ‘get rich quick schemes’? haha

  2. Granger says:

    Okay, I’m not even going to touch BlahBlah’s “ho” comment.

    I hate celebrity memoirs. It’s just so darn narcissistic to think the whole world needs to hear your incredibly personal stories. It’s one thing to talk about how you grew up, overcame the odds, triumphed over adversity — it’s entirely another to blab about who you f***ed along the way.

  3. ash says:

    Oh God Lowe could have made an excellent Clark Kent. Smoooooolderinggg.

  4. Liz says:

    I always loved her in Little House and I don´t think she´s a ho at all! And guess what, I´m quite curious what it was like to grow up on the Little House set. And to sleep with both Lowe and Cusack….
    She´s part of entertainment history.

  5. Mairead says:

    Oh God i laughed like a drain at this one – doesn’t look like Half-pint was quite the bastion of morality and one of the pantheon of blessed “wronged wimmin” as her first snippit tried to lead us to believe.

    This story is FAR more interesting than the Shannen Doherty one, and features much bigger stars. Yet the other one comes out first – why? Because many would just say it served her right and side with Shannen. Whereas, now we’re already looking at her in a victim light. Even here – she’s the victim; she only cheated because her heart was broken. Oh please.

    Out of curiosity – is this an autobiography or a memoir? Usually memoirs are told at the end of a career and as far as i can make out are based on memory – which means things don’t have to be as verified as with an autobiography. If I’m wrong on that please let me know.

  6. BlahBlah says:

    Oh come on you guys… so if someone sleeps with their fiance’s best friend, that doesn’t make them a ho??? If something is wrong, it’s wrong, no matter what your ‘reasons’. Anyway, I vote ‘ho’.

  7. Kevin says:

    I vote no Ho. Way too hot for Rob during his hey day. He owned the 80s. But there is nothing you can do or say that will convince me that she is guilty of Hodom. She didn’t have the goods for it if you ask me,,,,unless she cornered Roger Rabbit with those buck teeth.

  8. Lizzie says:

    Between the two, I’m willing to bet that Rob would be the bigger Ho.

  9. Kevin says:

    True dat Lizzie. She’s not the one who was caught with an underage HO.

  10. Christmas_Babe says:

    I’d always heard that John Cusak was gay so this is shocking but for the wrong reason! And using sex for revenge is definitely a trip to Ho Town.

  11. Allie says:

    Here we go again…..another admission, just in time to sell her books!

  12. Wif says:

    I’m voting ho too. For the only reason that she’s consistently gotten way hotter guys than her. I bet she’s good at getting the freak on. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’d shag them both too if I got the opportunity.

  13. clare says:

    When Morton was writing his book on Tom Cruise, Melissa spoke out saying she knew firsthand that Tom Cruise was not gay ’cause he messed around with her back in the prairie days.
    Stick to Lifetime tv, Melissa! Is “miscarriage” a nicer way of saying you had an abortion?
    Vote ho.

  14. Paulette says:

    Gossip about Lowe and Cusack… Jesus, it’s like I’m 12 again reading a copy of Tiger Beat.

  15. SixxKitty says:

    Rob was the ‘ho, and there is a tape to prove it.
    I always liked her, and think that while I may not read the book, sorry, memoir, I imagine many will including anyone who ever worked with her and those fans that still love her.

  16. jennifer says:

    I had NOOOOOOOOOOOO idea she was such a player in the 80s! And I don’t mean sex, I mean I had no idea she ran with that crowd. Knowing that, how could you NOT want to read this book knowing the dirt she has on all these people?! LOL ESPECIALLY if you’re around the age when you’d remember how big Rob Lowe was, etc. I AM around that age (34) and I had a HUGE crush on Lowe, as did most people back then (until the day someone pointed out that my brother looked like him, and then everyone jumped on it and it became “OMG (blank) looks JUST like Rob Lowe!!!” and then I couldn’t crush on him anymore. What a crush killer *shudder* LOL ) Anyway I’d love to hear the dirt she must have!

  17. Aspen says:

    How, precisely, does having more than one boyfriend in your twenties make you a “ho?”


    Even I’m not that hard-assed.

  18. Giz says:

    As far as I’m concerned I have friends who lead far more interesting lives and have done some amazing things and, yes, have cheated on squeezes, so?

  19. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Oh God, it was 20+ g*dd*mn years ago- who cares ?

  20. Judy says:

    Rob already talked about this years ago. He said he cheated on her all the time and she finally got sick of it and slept with John..Doesnt make her a tramp lol and yes he walked out when she said she was PG because he wasnt ready to settle down and he also wantred her to get rid of the baby..he talked about this on someones show, cannot remember who it was so many many years ago. They are friends now and I bet when he looks at the thing he is married to now he wishes he had stayed with MG lol

  21. friendly mother says:

    Gilbert shares a story in her book that she and Boxleitner were sitting in a theater joking about whether there was anyone in the audience they HADN’T slept with.

    Such a different set of moral standards in Hollywood.

  22. Thefacts says:

    The facts: 1)Melissa admits to sleeping with 2 guys at the same time 2)So Lowe would not be to blame for dumping her 3) who was the father of the baby to be? 4)AND the biggest concern should be was it a MISCARRIAGE or abortion? 5)sounds too fishy to have been a miscarriage only days after being dumped and sleeping with 2 guys not knowing who the real daddy was?? 5) I can not respect Melissa Gilbert 6)now she is on DWTS and will use the pregancy to try to win votes as the POOR little me, Rob Lowe dumped me when I was pregers with his child. 7)It won’t work! Who was the Dad? and did she opt to have it aborted to save face? 8)I vote HO choice an abortion

    Have a nice DWTS journey Melissa Gilbert