Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez spent the Easter holiday with Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez All Smiles While Out In Soho

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are still happening. No surprises there. Many people believe that A-Rod is going to be J-Lo’s fourth husband. What surprises me a little bit about that is… A-Rod is into it. He always struck me as that classic divorced guy who never wanted to get married again, but I think he maybe-probably wants to marry J-Lo. I also find it surprising because Jennifer hasn’t dated someone over-40 in years. Anyway, A-Rod and J-Lo spent Easter in the Dominican Republic… with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony.

For such a famously divisive character in baseball, Alex Rodriguez is surprisingly popular with one very specific demographic: ex-husbands. A-Rod — who memorably partied with Google guru Sergey Brin while dating Brin’s ex-wife, Anne Wojcicki — was hanging out with current squeeze Jennifer Lopez and her ex Marc Anthony over the weekend. Rumors were swirling that Lopez had rekindled her relationship with Anthony — whom she divorced in 2014 — after they performed together on Saturday night at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic. But then A-Rod, J.Lo and Anthony were spotted having a ball together on the dance floor at an after-party later in the evening.

Lopez and her slugger-turned-sportscaster boyfriend brought their kids from their previous marriages along to the Dominican Republic for Easter weekend. The hot new couple, who have been dating for a little more than two months, even put together an egg hunt for their kids. E! reported, “Their kids have also really bonded and become good friends. A-Rod’s older daughter, Natasha, is like a big sister to J.Lo’s twins [9-year-olds Max and Emme].”

A-Rod recently said about Lopez on “The View,” “It’s obvious [that] we’ve been having a great time. She’s an amazing, amazing girl, one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met, and also an incredible mother.”

Lopez put on a show at the Altos de Chavón Amphitheater at the $10,000-a-night Casa de Campo resort owned by sugar magnate José “Pepe” Fanjul. Anthony — with whom Lopez is recording a Spanish-language album — was a guest performer, along with Cuban duo Gente de Zona.

[From Page Six]

Even though Marc Anthony has a new girlfriend who is basically a fetus, I still believe he’s in love with Jennifer. I think she loves him so much too, and while she’s dumb-in-love, she’s made up her mind that there’s no going back to Marc. He’s just too controlling, too angry, etc. But they can love each other and raise their kids in harmony and Marc can try to be “friendly” with Jennifer’s boyfriends. I imagine that Marc and Alex were trying to out-alpha-male each other, but who knows? Maybe everyone behaved with maturity and grace.

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez All Smiles While Out In Soho

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  1. Tiffany says:

    They also did some charity work while down there as well. Both she and A Rod came off well during the interactions with the kids.

  2. mint says:

    Of course he is in it, because he needs her. I´m not a J.Lo fan but she is very successful. ARod is transitioning into the business side of sports. He is taking her to meetings. And right now she is the most interesting thing about him. She gives him PR. When was the last time he was papped and written about that much?

    • Egla says:

      Sadly I think you are kind of right. I am sorry as she seems to be into every relationship she is in at the moment. I have heard of this guy through Cameron Diaz and JLo so….

  3. Splinter says:

    She looks like Ginger Spice

  4. PettyRiperton says:

    JLo loves Marc but she knows in the words of T.I. he can be “a better best friend than husband”

  5. TheOtherViv says:

    what cracks me up no end is that Alex is seemingly twice the size of Marc. He must have been giggling to himself the whole time, I know I would have. Skeletor vs Centaurus!

  6. Ange says:

    How fun for the kids, having a constantly rotating list of ‘flavour of the month’ people coming in and out of their lives.