Julia Roberts has been named People’s Most Beautiful Woman for the fifth time

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If you felt the earth moving this morning, it was because Julia Roberts let out the biggest GOOSE-HONK ever, in the history of goose-honks, and it literally shook the core of the earth. Julia is this year’s People Magazine “Most Beautiful” Person in the world. I had a series of reactions: one, I thought “what is she promoting?” Two, I thought, “Huh, someone’s jealous of the attention Nicole Kidman is getting this year.” Isn’t that the case? For months now, people have been talking about Kidman and how it’s her year and her work has been amazing and Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman. And so of course People Mag gave the cover to Julia. (Fun fact: Kidman and Roberts are the same age, 49. They’re both turning 50 this year. Who has the better career right now?)

It’s been 26 years since Julia Roberts was first on the cover of PEOPLE’s World’s Most Beautiful issue, and she’s still our favorite pretty woman. The stunning star is, for a record fifth time, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World – though she can hardly believe it. “I am very flattered,” she tells PEOPLE’s editor-in-chief Jess Cagle in this week’s cover story.

In fact, Roberts is now way ahead of pal George Clooney, who has been PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive twice. Jokes Roberts of the feat, “I’m going to mention that in my Christmas card to the Clooneys this year.”

She thinks the best is yet to come: “I think I’m currently peaking.”

Roberts was just 23 when she first appeared on the cover of the World’s Most Beautiful issue in 1991. The year before, she had skyrocketed to instant fame when she starred in the smash romantic comedy Pretty Woman. But behind the scenes, Roberts reveals, she had no idea how much her life had changed.

“People say, ‘Oh, when Pretty Woman came out it must have really changed your life,’ and it’s kind of become this joke, but the truth is I was out of town when Pretty Woman came out,” she says in the cover story. “I was in another movie in this tiny little town that was showing Star Wars in its first run. I remember reading … ‘Pretty Woman came out this weekend and made this much money’ and I thought, ‘Is that a lot of money? Is that good? Is that great?’ I didn’t really know.”

She reflects on how she found confidence after her “awkward” early years — and how she found her own fairy-tale ending. “I mean every day my husband walks in the door it’s like a recurring dream. I’m like, ‘Ah, he’s back!’”

[From People]

The tabloids are always full of stories about how Danny Moder and Julia are having tons of problems, so of course I find it suspicious that she got a People Mag “Most Beautiful” title and a chance to talk about how her marriage is amazing. As for what she’s promoting – beyond her marriage – IMDB says she’s done voice work on Smurfs: The Lost Village. And she’s got a movie coming out in November called Wonder. Huh.

Other people who made the 2017 Most Beautiful List: Oprah Winfrey, Carrie Underwood, Mandy Moore, Viola Davis, Emma Watson, Taraji P. Henson and Chrissy Metz. Sure. I’m here for Viola and Taraji, of course. But this list feels very… incomplete.

69th Cannes Film Festival - 'Money Monster’ - Premiere

Cover courtesy of People, additional photos courtesy of WENN.

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    • Original T.C. says:

      Had to double check that April fools has already passed. Of all the women in TV and movies you gave it to her? This is going to backfire on her and become a national joke.

      • AlmondMilk says:

        It already has backfired. Twitter is really having fun with this this morning. Lol

        This is a case where CAA has totally miscalculated. Everyone knows that most of what People Mag does is shill for the huge PR congloms. But this?
        This just takes it to new ridiculous levels.

      • ELX says:

        Isn’t this something your publicist can buy now? Years ago, People was in a different situation, but this ‘award’ has degenerated into a purchasable ego boost, no? Also, considering her career, maybe we should think of this as advertising?

      • Christin says:

        Is it 1990? She seriously thinks she’s peaking NOW?

      • KB says:

        She can’t possibly believe she’s peaking now. Especially compared to other actresses in her relative age group, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock…their careers are on fire!

    • susiecue says:

      This just goes to show how OUT OF TOUCH People magazine is. This is pathetic.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Like ELX says, her publicist probably paid/pulled strings with People. But the thing is, that stunt just makes her look sad and desperate.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      There’s an enormous spike in aloe vera sales today.

  1. OriginallyBlue says:

    I’m assuming she has some projects coming out soon, yes?

    • DIRTNAP says:

      I’m assuming she has a divorce coming out soon and has made a deal to give People an exclusive in exchange for this.

      But I haven’t had my coffee yet. I’m much less cynical after coffee.

      • Christin says:

        Count me in the cynical corner. I’ve never thought her blissful affair-marriage would last once all the kids are teenagers.

    • Bridget says:

      Think about who People Magazine’s audience is. People who still think John Travolta’s marriage is legit and want to hear all about George Clooney’s impending fatherhood (i.e.: my mom). It makes total sense that they’d go with Julia again.

  2. Boxy Lady says:


  3. Skins says:


  4. Fa says:

    It shows that people magazine is servicing the minivans as social media generation do not follow has-been actresses.

    • jinni says:

      I am not a fan of the MVM as a whole, but unlike the SM generation, they actually supported their faves and allowed them to build lasting careers. SM gen only follow their fave actor on SM but hardly every show up for their movies outside of the franchise with the characters they are actually fans of that those actors just happen to play.

    • Matomeda says:

      Idk if I’m minivan or social media? I have 3 kids and I’m a SAHM but I’m also a millennial who has a masters and worked until I had kids/have SM? Anyway if I’m the target market, it’s a laugh to say me or anyone I know likes or follows this woman.

      • AlmondMilk says:

        Thank you.

        Here’s what people don’t know.

        Back in olden days, pre social media when celebrities were seen and not heard. Roberts was admired for her Pretty Woman film and a few others like Steel Magnolias, and a couple suspense dramas. For an intense period in the early 90s she was the IT girl. By the time Erin Brockovich came out and that one rom com where Cameron Diaz kinda stole her limelight (Best Friends Wedding) that love affair was over.


        Her personality is horrible. Lol It’s the worst. I was shocked at just how unlikeable she came across when she spoke to anyone or had to promo this or that. I was confused at how she had gone for so long without anyone noticing her boorish personality. But it was a different day back then. It was easy to keep secret. Film stars made movies and when they didn’t you didn’t hear from them. Print was king.

        Over the last few years her family problems have been front and center. Her younger sister shared a lot of their tumultuous relationship and basically implied Julia ruined her life. She was a troubled woman. But people’s sympathy was with her not Julia. She ultimately took her own life. It was so sad. I felt bad for Roberts too. But it was clear her sister felt abandoned and alone.

        I’m sure this is some kind of rehabilitative move on Julia’s PR part. But it seems really inappropriate. Her life and complex very odd & harsh personality, is so beyond this kitschy silly PR fluff stuff.

        A better move would have been a very revealing Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone piece where she lays herself bare. But she’s not one to do that.

    • Lady D says:

      @Fa, “people magazine is servicing the minivans” I think they are starting to lose money as a print magazine. More and more consumers are getting their info from the internet, and less magazines are being sold. People is probably catering to the only audience they have left.
      Social media has also made it a lot easier to call magazines on their bullshit, e.g. People lying for Kelly Rutherford in her self-induced custody battle or putting a Kardashian on the cover of Vogue. Voting with your wallet campaigns are also a result of SM and hard to battle against when you only publish once a week. People mag is probably slowly sinking like the other big ones, and I’d be willing to bet that within a decade these magazines will be mostly gone.

      • Christin says:

        It is hard to believe what a different vehicle this was in the 1980s-1990s. Now it’s a vehicle for those on the outskirts of fame. The reality TV many-kid family or the K clan have become their repeat cover stories.

    • Bridget says:

      Well, how many magazines do the social media gen purchase?

    • Sarah says:

      I think People is servicing people older than minivan moms. Maybe my age? 55 and up? Cause I can’t imagine young women being into JR at all.

      • Carol says:

        I remember making myself a promise that I would end my People subscription when I didn’t recognize more than half the people in there. That happened about 15 years ago. If they are trying to refocus to my demographic (turning 50 this year), then they are too late. No reason to go back.

    • sara says:

      I am the minivan majority now ( hated them before until we had to get one due to our SUV getting fixed and fell in love) and I think JR is a huge mistake. Pick Blanchett, Kidman, Michelle Obama or even Ruth Ginsberg, but no way do I agree with using Roberts. Beautiful is inside and out and JR is not either. I still remember her A-Low Vera t-shirt, the bitchiness and how in your face she is. Not beautiful at all.

      I may have 4 kids and look old and tired, but I want something fresh and different when describing the most beautiful person.

  5. Linabear says:

    Um wut.

  6. Mia4s says:

    Ah but you forget Wonder was supposed to come out in April and was bumped to November! Bad luck Julia’s publicists! 😏

  7. Shambles says:

    I don’t find her physically attractive at all. Her inner nastiness doesn’t help.

    • AnotherDirtyMartini says:

      This ^^

    • Rhiley says:


    • Neelyo says:

      I’ve always referred to her as Pretty Evil Woman.

    • Jeesie says:

      She’s just completely normal looking except for the ridiculous smile. In her youth when she was better at hiding her mean streak and desperate need for attention she had a certain something that made her more appealing, but now that that cats out of the bag she’s nothing special.

    • Megan says:

      I never got why she was a thing. I don’t think she is pretty and she is a terrible actress.

    • Esmom says:

      I’ve always found her odd in that sometimes on screen she’s really beautiful, other times not so much. I guess I’ve always thought she was originally discovered or cast because her look is pretty unique and can be compelling onscreen. But she’s definitely not conventionally beautiful.

    • AlmondMilk says:

      I feel you on the inner nastiness. The fact that she became America’s Sweetheart (pre Sandra Bullock who is no sweetheart either considering she married a nazi Trump fan) still floors me. But like I said, back in olden days you could keep your horrible personality a secret more easily.

      But let’s face facts:

      In terms of the attractiveness levels of CAA clients that People Ragazine heavily promotes non-stop, she is head and shoulders above people like Aniston or Paltrow. No one can honestly sit here and say that Aniston is prettier than Roberts, and yet I’m fairly certain no one on these boards had a coniption when Jennifer got the same honor last year or the year before.

      Maybe it’s because they expect Aniston to pull these desperate stunts and not Roberts.

      • Lady D says:

        Hey Almond, um I don’t want to argue with you honestly and for the record, I am a huge Angie fan from way back, but I can state unequivocally and without a doubt that Jennifer is far prettier than Julia. Plus, like you say, Julia has a nasty low personality which once seen can’t be forgotten. (we’ll talk Jen’s personality at a later date:)

      • fiorucci says:

        That’s interesting lady d. I think ja is a bit cute, but it’s mainly her body and hair . I love her look on friends and her cute outfits back then. It’s hard to choose between Julia and Gwyneth I think they’re both really pretty. Gwyneth is so elegant in her early movies (haven’t seen any recently) I actually like the articles about Julia on Laney gossip .. yes she’s totally full of herself but at least she’s consistent and she doesn’t act coy. Kind of like Mariah actually. Would a man be criticized for always wanting to be number one attention hohoho in the room like her ? Or would he be seen as confident and friendly like Clooney is? Not a fan in that I haven’t seen her in anything for quite some time, just feel like she’s getting too much hate here!

  8. Rhiley says:

    At least they didn’t give to Ivanka Trump, maybe?

  9. AnotherDirtyMartini says:


  10. Neelyo says:

    So random. I was searching the post to see what she had to promote and that’s it? The Smurfs movie???

    Yeah, she must be hating Kidman right about now. It didn’t occur to me but it makes sense.

    • Mia4s says:

      This is the hazards for publicists setting up these kind of things. Wonder was supposed to be out this month with good buzz, so a few weeks ago (at least!) they made this deal with People. But oops, the studio bumps the movie to November. People doesn’t care though, they have the photos, interview, and an issue to get out. So they go to print anyway. Leaving us like….huh?

      There was a similar thing with Chris Hemsworth related to one of his eventual bombs. It got bumped to months later but suddenly he has a couple of big magazine features around the time it was supposed to be out.

      It’s not great….leaves the stars involved looking a bit desperate and that PR is pretty useless to the movie when it eventually comes out.

  11. Mildred Pierce says:

    This one is a no brainer, she’s tight with Jess Cagle.

  12. JustJen says:

    Did hell freeze over? Should I be running to church whilst dousing myself in holy water? Legit questions here.

  13. Kate says:


  14. Margo S. says:

    I saw the pic of Julia and I immediately thought “wonder what gossip came out about her?” Didnt expect the dumb people beautiful cover… but honestly, Hollywood is so out of touch I shouldn’t be surprised.

  15. WingKingdom says:

    If 26 years into my career my greatest accomplishment was “still looks good” I would be devastated. That’s all I got.

    • sendepause says:

      But don´t you know that being “beautiful” and “sexy” are the only traits that matter if you are a woman?

    • Lucy2 says:

      At this point in her career and life, she should be ignoring this kind of nonsense, especially considering she’s done this several times before. It’s nothing groundbreaking or complementary of her in any substantial way.
      While it’s nice People didn’t chose a 20 year old, this choice feels dated and out of touch.

  16. Tania says:

    What a joke. She’s outdated and irrelevant. Why not pick someone interesting who is doing good work? Any of the BLL ladies would have been a great pick. Or Viola. What a waste. It just goes to show how out of touch People is.

    • tracking says:

      +1 It for sure should have been Kidman.

    • nemera77 says:

      agree that Julia is not relevant these days. I think they are trying to keep the “old Hollywood” people because there really aren’t that group of stars that we will see as ICONIC anymore.

      but no to the choice. It’s lazy at best. And I don’t think Julia has the following they People mag seems to think she does.

    • third ginger says:

      Michelle Obama.

  17. minx says:

    Oh, brother. Who paid them off?

  18. Jenns says:

    I do think Julia is beautiful. And I’ll give People credit for giving a woman over 35 this title.

    But, the timing is interesting. I think the point about Nicole Kidman and her career right now is spot on. I’ll even throw in Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern into that mix. They’re all over 40 and their careers are doing pretty well right now. Me thinks Julia wants to remind ever one that JULIA ROBERTS is still here.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Yes. And correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Julia do some kind of miniseries/movie for HBO that she thought/hoped would be HER BLL moment? Didn’t happen, if I recall it didn’t get anywhere near the buzz or attention BLL is getting.

      • Jenns says:

        The thing about BLL was that, in the end, it was about women supporting each other. And during the press tour and premieres, the actresses made a point to support each other .

        As we all know, Julia supports two things: Julia and men like George Clooney. I wonder if she would be able to step aside and share the spotlight with other female stars without making it all about her. I can’t see her on a red carpet hugging women who she probably views as a threat.

  19. Daria says:

    These lists are so dumb.

  20. Sage says:

    I honestly can’t remember the last movie I watched of hers.

    Maybe she’s making a comeback.

  21. Nev says:


  22. naomipaige says:


    • Shirleygail says:

      I agree! What a wimpy, weak choice. I want this award to mean beautiful, inside and out, with PROOF of what makes them special. Not just the fact that they still look good at their age. I want me some serious beauty….mind, soul and y’know what, could care less about a pretty face. Pretty is as pretty does, Darlin’

      • naomipaige says:


      • Erin says:

        This is People magazine. They don’t do “deep and meaningful.” They do silly puff pieces. I used to buy it every week…probably haven’t even looked at it in 5 or 6 years. Their “beautiful” issues never were about inside beauty, in men or women. Yes, Nicole Kidman has several movies that will be showing at Cannes. The majority of readers of fan magazines barely know what Cannes is or represents. She is a good actress but most of films are seen by about 100 people. She is pretty, or as pretty as years of botox and plastic surgery can make her. I can’t believe people are upset because People, which totally represents air-head reading, expects them to choose someone that has beauty on the inside. Of course, they can air brush just about anyone to be as pretty as she needs to be.

  23. HK9 says:

    She’s had the cover five times? Is there no one else who can pay for the honour?

    • Lady D says:

      Ikr? She is pretty and if the voting was done in a small town she would probably win, but this is Hollywood, they’re all beautiful, some stunningly so. Five times does seem excessive.

      • me says:

        But they didn’t even say “most beautiful in Hollywood”…they said “most beautiful in the WORLD”…how can they even make that claim? I bet there is a female in a remote village in some developing or third world country with beauty that would have us in awe.

  24. Beth says:

    I never found her beautiful. I haven’t heard much about her lately. Who made this choice?

  25. Jaded says:

    Odd choice but gotta say I love that you can see some wrinkles on her face, that’s refreshing.

  26. Angel says:

    Very subjective….

  27. Eric says:

    Not particularly fond of Big Mouth Fish. Her niece is prettier and more relevant.

  28. QQ says:

    Ummmm Suuurreee…. so like.. she pays for this or is it publicist quid pro quo type thing? or is it deflecting from something??… SMDH That don’t even make any sense as anything other than sponsored for publicity reasons cause Julia Roberts is legit i nobody’s radar, Imagine this if you would for a minute.. A hungry town full or pretty people and the long suffering People reporter comes in a burro from afar, thirsty dusty.. to a Ranch in a forgotten New Mexico Dirt road to say, Mrs Roberts… Miss Julia… You are the Peoples 2017 Most Beautiful person!

    Also LMMFAO at the Thread’s Incredulity LOLOLOL Atta Girls!

    • Giddy says:

      Congratulations to People magazine for being the #1 kiss-up in the world. Some may ask if they were just feeling lazy so they said Oh, let’s give it to Julia again! But, nope! They are bought and paid for schmoozers. I picture Julia as something out of an alien movie: at night she peels off that outside layer and OMG! there is this horrible lizard creature underneath. We see you, Julia.

    • Christin says:

      She should just pose in her homemade A Low Vera t-shirt, since this is apparently desperate, look at me time.

      My guess is turning 50 is bothering her.

    • jugil1 says:

      QQ: “long suffering People reporter comes in a burro from afar”….is LOLLOL! I can’t take it. My co-worker is asking me why I was laughing so hard but I’m laughing to hard to answer her. Your comment is hilarity perfection!!!!

    • HappyMom says:

      Love you QQ.

  29. robyn says:

    I think of her half sister, Nancy Motes, who died whenever I see Julia Roberts.

    • DIRTNAP says:

      I think of “A Low Vera.”

    • Zuzus Girl says:

      Crap, you’re going to make me defend her and I can’t stand her. She had nothing to do with her sisters death. There are some people you just can’t save or rescue. her sister had a history of problems that she is not responsible for.

  30. My first thought on reading this headline: How much did THAT cost her and her publicist?

  31. Annetommy says:

    About as sensible as their sexiest men alive decisions, i.e, not at all.

  32. Dee says:

    I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t still 1999.

  33. Snappyfish says:

    Ugh! Not beautiful. Not nice.

  34. Ennie says:

    Its like when J Aniston had some movie out and her publicist got her some phony award.
    Too thirsty, too transparent.

  35. me says:

    How can they actually say “World’s Most Beautiful”. Did they really search the whole world? This is about pr and b.s. She is beautiful, but come on…People mag is so tired. Give it up already.

    • robyn says:

      The entire concept of “most beautiful” or “most handsome” is outdated and, since we can’t scan the planet to test their premise, an outrageous, ridiculous lie. How about the most courageous, helpful or kind or teachable or most whatever …… come to think of it why not get rid of the word “most” entirely. No one is “most” anything really.

  36. Freddie says:

    Cannot stand this woman. She treats people like crap, and is a proud homewrecker. If a movie has her in it, I don’t see it. Pure and simple. They need to re-evaluate what they call “beauty”.

  37. Liza says:

    Did I fall into a wormhole and it’s 1990 again??!

  38. Mannori says:

    As Channing Tatum would rightfully say:

    ahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Julia please, you’re pathetic.

  39. Nimbolicious says:

    Bought and paid for. Media bolt-ons.

  40. Canadi-Anne says:

    She’s seen the successes of Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, her kids are older now, and wants back in on the action. She’s fishing for a chance to get a respectable role (Smurfs, really?!) and this is a way to do it without having to give the revealing Rolling Stone/Vanity Fair interview. She’s saying ‘remember me?’ without having to give us too much in return.

  41. Hola says:

    Its a bit disapointing to see (once again) making this into a womans fight. She must be jealous of nicole, shes evil, blah blah … wathever… I would rather like to think its a bussiness move from a bussiness woman… she needs to renew her channel contract or wants a new one… you are all really disapointing

    • EG says:

      Ah, finally, a sane person! ITA with you. Props to you for even commenting.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Isn’t the “Most Beautiful Woman” in this issue generally a woman?

    • fiorucci says:

      I like Nicole and I don’t mean this to be mean but let’s be honest her plastic surgery or lip whatever has left her looking a little botched. I don’t think JR is jealous. Where is that even coming from?

  42. Lisa says:

    lmao, is it 1991? I’m not saying she’s unattractive, but she isn’t exactly relevant.

  43. Tiffany says:

    Viola, dominated the awards season and is on a hit TV show.

    Taraji, stared in one of the highest grossing films of the year (with just domestic BO) and is on a hit TV show.

    But Julia. Okay then.

    I totally believe that neither one of them were chosen because they do not mince words on any topic. Which is a pity because they are great interviews.

  44. Wilder says:

    I might not be able to stand her, but I totally get why Julia Roberts is where she is. Hollywood LOVES her. And by Hollywood, I mean all the white men that run it. She’s one of those women who knows exactly how to flirt with the “right” men to get what she wants, and most of those men are so happy to have the attention of a beautiful woman that they fall for her fawning every time. It’s a narcissistic business. Not only is Julia a narcissist, but she knows how to flatter and fine-tune the narcissism in the producers and directors who make the decisions. That’s why she’s famous and successful, even though it seems like most movie-goers find her mediocre at best, annoying at worst.

    • Elgin Marbles says:

      This, this and this! I know a fair number of people who have worked with her. They all say that the men , e.g. other male actors and the suits with titles, love her. Everyone else – not so much.

    • Turtle says:

      Good point.

      As far as her relevance with “People” readers, honestly, millions more have seen her on TV every day in those Lancome perfume commercials than any of her recent films.

  45. Cheryl says:

    The most beautiful is old and tired. It should be put to bed. The whole idea is ridiculous and people who say yes are simply pathetic. What I would love to see is the most beautiful person was the one who invested the most in helping others and not just money. Like who is the most beautiful inside. Now that would be novel and interesting.

  46. S says:

    I neither love nor loathe her, and legit think she’s a stunner with an incredibly memorable and unique look (if depressingly bad fashion sense). She looks ah-may-zing for her age and though I must assume she’s had work done, the work she’s had is wonderful stuff, and she sincerely does look pretty much the same as she did 20 years ago. BUT, I do believe the first time she received this “honor” I was in Jr. High. And I’m 40. So … yeah. Odd choice. To say the least.

  47. bap says:

    What a good PR team can make happen. She has always been overrated. There are plenty of women in hollyweird that deserve the honor.

  48. M.A.F. says:

    Is there a tally some where of how many white women have gotten this title vs. any woman of color? This issue and the sexiest man alive issue have become too predictable.

  49. elle says:


    I jest, but that’s how I felt for a second, because who has heard or thought of Julia in ages?

  50. trtgfc17 says:

    Really? When I think of “beautiful”, Michelle Obama or even Amal Clooney comes to mind. Beauty is multi-faceted. This is exactly why I don’t buy People. It’s all garbage.

    • fiorucci says:

      Really? Amal has a cute young fashion sense (cooler that JR) and Michelle is in great shape and dresses and coifs in the most flattering way for her face and body. Also, she has wonderful values and how she expresses them has made a big impression on many. But isn’t beautiful more about face, than elegance style accomplishments or personality ? Do you find their faces nicer than Julia?

  51. MaybeTomorrow says:

    Julia is known for being an ugly human being, particularly to other women, So nope — not into this choice.

    You know what else I’m not into? The ageism this thread is demonstrating.

    Newsflash — we all age if we are lucky. Our careers change with that … first in good ways, then usually in other ways. But dismissing others as irrelevant because of it ? Nah, not pretty to watch, In fact, it’s damn ugly. It doesn’t look good on anyone.

  52. Julia says:

    SRSLY?! The only thing more ridiculous is pretending that she can act.

  53. PettyRiperton says:


  54. HappyMom says:

    I would assume that Julia is a very wealthy woman. If she is seriously trying to make a “comeback”, you would think she would try and find some kind of quirky, independent film. I’m feeling secondhand embarrassment for her.

  55. Jayna says:

    Julia doesn’t look like that cover. Lol I don’t consider her relevant as far as having had a big year before this cover. So I am baffled by this.

    • Christin says:

      Agree on both counts. This is not about her age; it’s about how it does not match where her career/visibility currently resides. She’s not Nicole or Meryl, in terms of career consistency. She pops up now and then, with a little publicity and fades away again.

  56. Missmarirose says:

    Russian interference

  57. fiorucci says:

    That’s a gorgeous photo of her. One thing I don’t find beautiful about her is her street style. But her face and hair are very nice

  58. Career Shopping Hookups says:

    Julia Roberts should start talking like a professional wrestler.

    “Hey, this is Julia Roberts,
    The five time
    Five time
    Five time
    Five time

  59. Marianne says:

    They probably chose Julia because she’s an easy “yes”.

    Or they chose Julia because she gave them a nice incentive to do so.

  60. Nikki says:

    Unbelievably ridiculous choice by People magazine; they’ve lost ALL credibility, and it makes Julia look foolish.

  61. Lia says:

    What is their criteria?? There are so many absolutely gorgeous women in the world, and while Julia Roberts is pretty enough, she is not in their league. Which makes People’s lists a joke.

  62. bogos says:

    I don’t get how a woman can climb to the position Roberts is in by being “nice”. She may have a nasty streak but I doubt it is towards her children. In her line of business, it’s probably better to be cold, calculating and self-protective rather than to use drugs to cope.

    • Wilder says:

      Not a bad point. “Nice women don’t make history,” and all that. And as I pointed out above, Julia is where she is because she knows EXACTLY who she needs to be nice to (i.e., the easily-flattered white men who run Hollywood), and knows that it doesn’t matter one bit if she’s nice to the extras or the crew on a movie set, because they aren’t the ones making any of the decisions. In that sense, she’s a pretty clever business woman.

  63. perplexed says:

    Except for Jennifer Lawrence I can’t think of a star in her 20s right now who is as “big” as what Julia Roberts when she was in her 20s, so in that sense I think it makes the magazine picked her.

    Not being contrarian — I just get why she’d be chosen if you’re looking at “star quotient.”

  64. Curious says:

    I don’t agree with the title “world’s most beautiful” did they look all around the world or world celebrities before deciding on Julia? Anyhow never liked Julia or found her beautiful. She does not come across as a woman’s womanand seems fake. In my humble opinion Sharon Stone, Winona Ryder, Michelle Pieffer, Halle Berry, Angela Bassett and Demi Moore were the most beautiful Hollywood women in the 90s with terrific screen presence. They still are compared to the ladies today.

  65. raincoaster says:

    Seriously, her PR is a genius.

  66. Ike says:

    Poor choice last year and poor choice this year.

  67. Beanie says:

    Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, now Julia Roberts? Is People magazine in the habit of picking the most ugliest and unfortunate-looking celebs possible? Who next, Barbra Streisand?

  68. lily says:

    Say whatever you want but Julia looks amazing, beautiful and natural. Nicole has been getting a great year and she is a beauty but she has been abusing botox so she looks a little freezing (?). Finally, prejudices on women over 35 years old are been overcome and are still considered beautiful, sexy and interesting, with a self esteem, wisdom and knowledge stronger than a younger one. Personally, i would love to see Viola Davis in that cover, she is the most beautiful person of the year IMHO.

  69. Jennifer says:


  70. JaneFr says:

    Well, I’m going to be the odd comment here, but… I like their choice this year.
    Like her or not, Julia is a beautiful woman, and I love that she well over 20.
    And I love that their list is as far as possible from the Victoria’s secret list: To me that list says you don’t have to be a skinny white (stupid) girl to be beautiful.
    In fact, while they all actually are pretty, to me their beauty comes from that something something more.

  71. Luci Lu says:

    She’s still pretty, but no longer the most beautiful.

  72. Fiona says:

    WTF? Gross… 🤢