Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez are predictably moving too fast

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson seems like one of those women who moves too fast in relationships and is all too eager to rearrange her life to center around her new man. She dated athlete Lance Armstrong last summer and the two quickly met each other’s families and jetted around the country together. That relationship lasted three months and seemed to flame out almost as soon as it began. To their credit, neither of them spoke about the other to the press although there were enough photos of them at hitting the paparazzi hot spots together.

Now Kate is dating a notorious ladies’ man, Yankee player Alex Rodriguez, and seems to be making the same mistakes. Rodriguez is an even worse choice for a mate than Armstrong, and Kate is supposedly traveling with him as he tours with his team. The NY Post words this to make Kate sound like a puppy dog, she’s “following Alex around,” but I would bet that the feeling is mutual and that A-Rod is more than happy to have her with him:

Alex Rodriguez, is nursing his hurt ego with Kate Hudson. They’ve been together for little more than a week, but already Hudson is following A-Rod around. She even stayed with him at the Hotel ZaZa in Dallas Wednesday night after the Yankees played the Texas Rangers.

[From The NY Post]

In Touch has a story this week that claims that Hudson’s friends and family are advising her to be careful with A-Rod. This could be pure conjecture but I can’t imagine that anyone really approves of that guy as good boyfriend material:

While an associate of the baseball star says that Alex and Kate, 30, are longtime friends, it’s clear that they’ve taken their relationship to a new level. But Kate’s friends fear she’s setting herself up for heartbreak. “She should not take this too seriously,” says one pal. “Alex doesn’t stick with one woman…”

Many worry that, like Kate’s marriage to Chris Robinson and her failed romances with Owen Wilson and Lance Armstrong, her romance with A-Rod will ultimately fall apart. “He has a very short attention span when it comes to dating,” says a pal.

[From In Touch, print edition June 8, 2009]

It seems like Kate is happy to go along with what the guy wants and to honor however much privacy he’d like to have, which could explain why there are almost no photos of her out with Owen Wilson during the months they dated on and off. Owen guards his privacy and probably wanted to make sure to keep the relationship under wraps. I doubt that Rodriguez cares much either way and we will probably see photos of the two of them together at some time – if their relationship lasts much longer. Why do otherwise smart and successful women make such bad choices for partners? This is a guy who visited prostitutes while he was married. Maybe Kate will find the right one soon, though. You have to kiss a lot of frogs.

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  1. RobN says:

    Maybe she should try kissing fewer frogs for a change; this girl is a skank. This man-whore is perfect for her.

  2. Ggirl says:

    Kate is such a maneater. I am glad she is having a good time and all but I hope she decides one day to slow down and change her relationship patterns and choices. How come all the douches? (Wilson, Armstrong and Rodriguez) Doesn’t she crave some integrity and stability because most of her choices over the last couple of years don’t reflect this. I am sure she loves her son Ryder more than anything, but the older he gets he is going to wonder about Mom’s extra curricular activities. Just sayin’.

  3. nimble minx says:

    they BOTH have a short attention span when it comes to dating.

    Nothing wrong with her playing the field, but I don’t like the way she introduces her latest f-buddy to her kid so quickly. that can be damaging to young kids.

    and though I don’t normally find A-Rod to be good looking, he looks HOT in that pic there.

  4. boomchakaboom says:

    nimble minx: You took the words right out of my mouth: they both have the attention span of gnats. Does she drag her kid along on all these trips she takes with whatever new man she’s seeing, or just where, exactly, does the child fit into all this?

  5. j. ferber says:

    I do find A-Rod to be good-looking and hot, but he’s got the maturity level of a 13 year old boy. If Kate can handle that, fine. If she’s looking for something more, she should get out now. I will superfluously add that if I were single and knew of his history, I might very well date him, but expect nothing more than a good time (a safe, good time). I don’t think he’s mean or controlling (which would be an obvious deal-breaker), but won’t (not can’t) keep it in his pants. He seems affable enough, not a great thinker, and would make for a steamy, if short-lived, interlude. Of course, I’ve never gone after that in my life, but as a fantasy. . .

  6. SuzyQ says:

    To play psychoanalyst for a moment, perhaps she picks the elusive bad boys because deep down inside she doesn’t want a serious relationship and is just looking for fun and excitement. She chose Owen Wilson over Adam Scott (the golfer). Adam is the ultimate nice guy. So clearly Kate is just playing the field right now, which certainly is her right. More power to her. As for introducing them to her son, we have no idea how that is playing out whatsoever, so who has the right to judge?

  7. SuzyQ says:

    I note that people talk very judgmentally about Kate and her kid without knowing the facts. But where are the holier-than-thou comments about A-rod and his kids? There is such a double standard. Single moms have the right to date people!!

  8. ahem says:

    i am pretty sure i saw the shirt version of kate’s dress last night on rachel, on a friends rerun. dated?

  9. Iris says:

    I don’t think she’s a skank. why is she a skank? she’s classy and beautiful, so what if she sleeps with the guys she’s dating? negative and judgmental comments about other women’s sex lives never ceases to irritate me.

  10. nimble minx says:

    SuzyQ, IMO, the difference btwn Hudson’s kid and A-Rod’s kids is that we haven’t seen him toting his kids around WITH his flavor of the month. Hudson seems to do it with every man she dates.

    Yes, single moms have the right to date people, but the single moms that I know don’t introduce the guy to the kids until they’re sure he’s a good guy, family material, and will be around for a while so that the kids don’t get attached and then lose the father figure they bonded with.

  11. SuzyQ says:

    nimble minx- I haven’t seen one picture of Ryder and Owen Wilson together and that has been, what, a 3 year on off relationship, or of Ryder and A-Rod together. I saw lots of pictures with Lance, his kids, Kate and Ryder doing tennis together…so what? Besides, dating 3 or 4 guys after a divorce 3 years ago isn’t that many. I would have dated more guys than that if I were in the same situation. It takes a long while to find the right person.

  12. nimble minx says:

    If you haven’t seen any pics, then you’re not looking hard enough.

    Not only have I seen pictures, but read plenty of stories about Owen sleeping over at her house…where do you think the kid was? hidden away in a closet?

    And I don’t care how many guys she’s dated…if you read my first post, I clearly stated I got nothing against her playing the field.

    Introducing your young child to a man that you’re not serious about (repeatedly) can have devastating effects on a child’s idea of what a healthy relationship should be.

  13. ChristinaT says:

    what? what happened to own wilson? i can’t even keep up!!

  14. j. ferber says:

    Nimble Minx, Or maybe not (re: your last post). Kids are far more resilient than we give them credit for. I hardly think Kate introducing him to her “friends” will scar him. Also, Alex probably does not have primary custody of his kids. His wife does. But when he was married and screwing prostitutes, no one said, “Oh, it’s good he’s not introducing his kids to the prostitutes.” Alex’s affairs hurt his kids because the affairs led to the break-up of his marriage. Kate is a single woman dating. If she’s happy, loving with her child, and taking good care of him, then he’s happy, too.

  15. nimble minx says:

    yes, kids are resilient.

    but I’ve seen it first hand. if mommy has a revolving door when it comes to boyfriends, it can damage the kid’s idea of what a healthy relationship is. It can also lead to heartache for the kid if he or she bonds with that person and then they’re gone in a few months.

    I have NO idea if Ryder is a mentally healthy child, and I made no such claims. Please note the language used…”can be damaging”, “can have a devastating effect” – I am speaking in generalities here.

    my opinion is that it’s not a good idea to do what she’s doing and, having some experience in that area, I think my opinion is justified.

  16. RobN says:

    ferber – you honestly don’t think that a parade of men through the house, and that is what it is with Kate, does any damage to a kid? Getting attached over and over to some new guy only to have him disappear? It’s not just about loving your kid; it’s about showing a kid what responsible, mature, adult behavior looks like, so the kid doesn’t grow up to be an A-Rod. Lots of children are loved by crackhead parents; that doesn’t mean it’s ok because in the real world the love doesn’t actually overcome the damage.

  17. danielle says:

    I agree that letting a child get attached to people, and then the child never getting to see that man again could be very confusing and damaging. Also, if you let your child spend time with someone you don’t know very well, the child could be put in a bad situation.

  18. trevor says:

    hudson is good mother to her child she wouldnt have been subjected to this much media attention had she not hooked up with this sleeze ball, is she really interested in arod who has no respect for family values & treated his own wife badly by sleepin with hookers & madonna & is paid for cheating in his sport? non of the men shes dated in the past have attracted her this much bad press, she doesnt deserve it, shes a good actress whos love life has now become the focus, arod is a leapard & will never change his spots. he remains arrogant, self centred & defiant in his steroid & still gets paid to lie about it.

  19. Sunnyjyl says:

    Who can keep up with this girl’s love life? Put a cork in it, Kate, and hang out with your kid once in awhile.

  20. leanne W. says:

    dont fink arods ever cared bout his exwife & kids,the dude only loves himself completely obsorbed in looks & body is arrogant a snob & forgets where he came from.

  21. barneslr says:

    Man, that is one desperate woman. She really should get some counseling to get to the root of her insecurity. She is setting a terrible example for her son. And she is getting a reputation as being a total slut. I mean, who on earth would be interested in someone who had sex with Madonna? Ugh. That’s just nasty.

  22. j. ferber says:

    To all the women “worrying” about Ryder: it’s interesting that no one has mentioned Chris Robinson, Kate’s ex-husband, whose notorious hook-ups with groupies led to the demise of his marriage in the first place. I just think condemning a woman for her sex life has shifted in these “post-feminist” times to sanctimonious cluckings about the “poor child.” Let’s face it: she can be a good mother with a string of boyfriends, just as a man can be a good father with a string of girlfriends. The boy’s bonds are primarily with his mother, Kate, and father, Chris Robinson. He knows Robinson is his dad and I believe he has a good relationship with him. For all I know, they have joint custody. His stability is in the parents he has.

  23. stellapurdy says:

    Arod is the villain of the month and then again so is Kate. Because you are all privy to what goes on in their lives by reading these blogs. Christ, give me a break

  24. loldongs says:

    I love how A-hole tries to look all dignified and introspective, when in reality, he’s just a big stupid meathead.

  25. Persistent Cat says:

    Don’t know why people hate Kate so much.

  26. barry b says:

    hey hudsons a cool hollywood chick with class, after a couple of nites with her Im sure arod is wondering why the hell did he trade his beautiful wife to have sex with blow up doll madonna. maddys angry & jealous watch out hudson yah stole her sex toy.

  27. JustMe says:

    Hudson needs to be tested the way she gets around; so does A-Rod.

    In fact, let me stipulate that most of Hollywood should be tested.

  28. Haveni says:

    What if Kate got preggers with A-Rod’s child?

  29. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Kate Hudson= village bicycle; everyone in Hollywood gets a ride.

  30. DANMOR9 says:

    She’s a SKANK! Good Actress, but still a SHANK.

  31. nimble minx says:

    and j ferber misses the point again.

    as stated twice now, I have NO problem with her dating a string of men. This is not a double-standard issue.

    the problem comes when (stated for the third time) she exposes her child to the string of men.

    the difference (again) is that the man, in this case Mr. Robinson, is not exposing his child to the groupies that he hooked up with. how hard is that to understand?

    if Hudson was hooking up with the entire Yankee team, I wouldn’t care. but if she was letting her kid see all the men parading through her house, that’s a problem.


    being a slut = OK, whether man or woman.

    being a slut and introducing your kid to every person you hook up with = not OK.

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