Do you trust Vince Vaughn to make a movie about cops & the black community?

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Vince Vaughn considers himself to be a conservative. He’s one of those Ron Paul-supporting anti-government types, like a rich Tea Partier who hates government overspending but keeps electing Republicans to office to overspend. Vince also became something of a meme during the Golden Globes this year for the look on his face during Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump speech, and I definitely believe that Vaughn did not vote for HRC. Well, Vince is working on some new stuff, and none of it sounds appealing. First off, he’s reteaming with his Hacksaw Ridge buddy Mel Gibson (yes) for a thriller called Dragged Across Concrete. Vaughn and Gibson will play two cops who are “caught on camera” using “strong-arm tactics.” Do you trust either of them to make a real movie about police violence? Or will it be something like Poor, Maligned Abusive White Cops: The Movie? But that’s not all. Vaughn is also set to produce a documentary about the relationship between police and the African-American community:

As an emerging network, AT&T’s Audience Network already boasts original programming with series like Ice, Kingdom, Rogue, You Me Her and Full Circle under its banner. Now it’s now producing a documentary focused on the relationship between African American communities and the police.

“We haven’t announced it yet, so I can’t say much,” network head Chris Long told Deadline today on the sidelines of a Hollywood Radio & Television Society event in Los Angeles. “We were interested in something that’s happening in the media, but that part of the story’s not being told. We said to ourselves, ‘You can’t do it in a soundbite, you can’t do it with four people on a split screen arguing. You have to find out what’s the real struggle, and that’s part of getting the story to be authentic.”

Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Picture Show Productions has been working on the documentary for a year, Long said. “I said [to Vaughn], ‘Listen, I would embed. Hoop Dreams, that was a five-year embedment. Let’s get people who’ve been in a difficult situation and directors who are willing to commit.’ These guys went to the top of the list, agreed with what we were thinking and wanted to make the same thing we were making.”

Speaking earlier today, Vaughn said of the project, “The concept is really to humanize people on both sides. I’ve had friends who’ve grown up in that environment, I’ve also had friends who are police officers, and there’s a lot of fear on both sides. I think the situation causes a lot of problems, so it’s really a chance to sit with the people and getting access to them and seeing their daily lives.”

[From Deadline]

While I feel like maybe we could trust the documentary filmmakers, I’m so wary of supporting Vince Vaughn’s take on anything, especially as a producer. Yes, he’s anti-government so there’s a possibility he will come into this questioning “the police state.” Except that most anti-government types like the police state, as long as the police state is white and white people are afforded special privileges within the system. I find this problematic: “The concept is really to humanize people on both sides.” Like, if a cop shoots an unarmed black person, does that cop deserve to be “humanized,” especially given the structure of the police state is to dehumanize and otherize minorities?

And then I started thinking… like, who would I trust to produce a documentary on police and the black community? It obviously shouldn’t be Vince Vaughn, but who should it be? Oprah?

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36 Responses to “Do you trust Vince Vaughn to make a movie about cops & the black community?”

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  1. minx says:


  2. SaraR. says:


  3. QQ says:

    Wh… NO NEGATORY, ABSOLUTELY NOT … I hope this turd gets flushed down the toilet before they cast a “black Cop” and Rachel Dolezal as the Black Woman that fights for Justice and brings the Pepsi

    • Kelly says:

      Right? A movie like this needs to be made by the African American community. As a white woman, there is just too much that people like myself do not understand about the struggle to do it justice. You can be the most sympathetic white person ever to BLM (which Vince Vaughn clearly isn’t) and still not understand all the nuances of growing up black in a black community.

      • Aria S says:

        So true Kelly! We will never be able to fully fathom the prejudice they go through.

        Pertinent Short story:
        My good friend is Ghanaian (from Africa) and I’m East Indian. The American border is 15 minutes from where we live, so we’d cross every now and then to do some shopping. Of the 5 times we crossed together, we got pulled into the customs office 4 times for a “random search”. When I’d cross by myself, I never experienced this problem. During the 4th time I was visibly upset, whereas she had to remain calm. When I asked her why, she didn’t want to fall for their trap of being an “angry black woman”. Even if it’s justified, she has to repress her emotions and concerns out of fear for ruffling any feathers. I should note, we’re both Canadian citizens.

        These were just the few times I witnessed the injustice done to her, I can’t even fathom what occurs on a daily basis. So for those who try to marginalize their oppression need to shut up and disappear.

    • Nicole says:

      Agreed QQ. The last thing I want to see is a false equivalency documentary or movie about police brutality from a white dude.


  4. Marty says:

    “Fear on both sides” except fear from cops comes from insidious systematic racism and fear on the part of citizens comes from cops brutlizing/killing us.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, the “fear on both sides” is a clue to me that they’re “pro-police.” If I see another FB post asking me to pray for our men in blue and ignoring the root of the issues, I will scream.

  5. Wellsie says:

    Vince! For the love of Darwin, just live off the money you have and go away.

  6. AlmondJoy says:

    *rubs temples* BOY IF YOU DONT ✋🏾

    • QQ says:

      The Full entire F*ck , All the stories he can tell are about Lurchy men that went to seed in the looks dept once they became famous and the secret sauce to still landing SOME women in the midst of looking like that . That’s it, exclusively that

      • AlmondJoy says:

        Exactly. Don’t try to hop on the bandwagon to make money from telling OUR stories

  7. Chell says:

    Trump is in power and his supporters will eat a pro-cop anti-black-people movie up. There has never been a “better time” in the last decade for two men like Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn to come up with something completely awful and racist to do with this subject matter.

    • HadToChangeMyName says:

      Yes. Every shot will be of some “scary” person of color and the “poor” cop fearing for his/her life at every turn.

  8. jinni says:

    Who was really waiting around to hear Vince Vaughn’s opinion on this topic? Who asked for this?

  9. Tiffany says:

    HELL NO !!!!!

  10. Miss Grace Jones says:


  11. detritus says:

    Ahahaha, hell no.
    I trust Vaugh to write about adult man babies and alcohol over consumption. That’s it.

  12. greenmonster says:

    When the questions contains the name ‘Vince Vaughn’ my answer will always be NO.

  13. Allie B. says:

    Yup, Vince, fear of black skin is pretty common in America, as is fear of the police who have been given free reign to use dogs, water hoses, batons, and guns at their own discretion. If that’s the fear angle you’re narrating then we agree. Alas, I doubt that’s where he’s going.

  14. Neelyo says:

    HELL TO THE NO!!!!!

  15. Abbess Tansy says:

    Absolutely NOT.

  16. kay says:

    where is the face palm button at?
    and can i use it, literally, on v.v?

  17. Tia says:

    I was trying to think of a white actor who could do this without the immediate full body wince (either the documentary or the movie) but I realised that if there are any actors who could, by definition they would consider whether or not they should and not do it (except possibly in partnership with appropriate African American organisations or actors).

    I think an excellent movie could be made about the way African Americans are treated by police but at best this is going to be Kendall Jenner handing out cans of Pepsi and at worse it’s going to be a feature length version of the episode of Blue Bloods where an African American suspect deliberately threw himself out of a third story window to frame the heroic white cop.

  18. Tanya says:

    I trust he’ll make a pro-police movie. It won’t be nuanced. He’ll make a snowflake, reactive movie about cops fearing for their lives with just cause.

    So , hell no. I don’t trust him.

  19. justcrimmles says:

    In a word, no. In two, f#ck no.

    Also sick sick sick of the “I support the whoever in blue” crowd. Is the fact that it’s a dangerous profession really new information? And is it really THAT hard to comprehend that a person can choose to be or not be a cop, but a person of color cannot just one day decide to dial down the melanin? It’s not freaking quantum physics ffs.

  20. detritus says:

    I think the real question is:
    How badly will VV eff this up?

    Do you think he’s going to tell the story of a white cop who was wrongfully charged with police brutality? And his black female sidekick who will be the only woman and POC in the entire movies other than drug dealers?

    Or do we think he is actually going to hamfistedly try to take on the sociopolitical imbalances in crime and detention?

    And which would be worse?

  21. Sam says:

    Oh Hell no.

  22. Jules says:

    It was a “no” from me after the fifth word of the headline.

  23. Bridget says:


  24. pf says:

    VV grew up in a wealthy, white suburb of Chicago (Lake Forest); his mother was a top hedge fund manager that bilked her fund out of $25 million, then got caught, and is now banned for life from the Securities Industry. VV has no freakin’ clue!

  25. Hummus says:

    “The structure of the police state is to dehumanize and otherize minorities”

    THANK YOU. This is what so many people overlook when they enter in these discussion. There is no ‘both sides’. There is a system with the full support of legal apparatus behind them to use force and violence on INDIVIDUALS.