Jennifer Aniston, In Touch worry about Brad Pitt’s drinking

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Now for Part II of the massive In Touch cover story. Previously, In Touch spun a little soap opera about Brad and Angelina acting pissy to each other on the red carpet. They even added a controversial new vixen – Brad’s Basterds costar Diane Kruger. Angelina hates Diane because Diane and Brad posed for photos together on the red carpet… and that’s it. Good story, huh? Drama!

Now we get to the good stuff – “insider” analysis of how Brad and Angelina were acting at the after-party. It seems for both Brad and Angie, excessive amounts of booze were consumed. No matter that reportedly, for the past decade, Angelina barely drinks more than a glass of wine a night, if that. And no matter that Angelina is allegedly pregnant. But as for Brad, I’ll buy that he got drunk. He’s reportedly been drinking quite a lot lately, from Berlin (and it’s lovely beer) to France (where he and Tarantino get wasted) to New York (and his drunk dialing Aniston). Now people are starting to worry that Brad is drinking because he’s so depressed that he has to go home to Angelina Jolie every night:

By the time Bad and Angie arrived at the after-party…[they] were barely speaking. Instead of talking to each other, they both chatted up total strangers and drank excessively, which shocked the other guests. “After a couple of hours, both of them looked drunk and sloppy and out of it,” a party guest tells In Touch.

“If he was 18, it would be one thing,” says the party guest. “But Brad is in his 40s and has six kids looking up to him.”

[It seems] increasingly [alcohol is] a crutch for the pair – and shows that there are some serious cracks in their relationship.

Brad can’t hide his emotions… he looked uncomfortable whenever [Angelina’s] name came up. During the one interview he granted with the Today show… Brad said flatly, “Right now, Angie has been working and I’ve got to be home a lot with the kids. Let me be a cliche. It’s really rewarding.”

Ann Curry asked Brad if this was the happiest time of his life, and he replied curtly, “It’s one of the most on-track.”

“Brad is most definitely ready to move on,” says a confidante. “He’s just bidding his time.”

[They will go] their separate ways this summer, with Angelina [and the kids heading for the French chateau] while he films the movie Moneyball in Oakland, CA. And as In Touch has reported, Brad is quietly planning to meet up with Jennifer Aniston.

If Angelina finds out about the secret rendezvous, it may be all but over for Hollywood’s once most glamorous couple. “They are keeping up this charade in part for the children, but also because there’s a strong sense of pride and they hate people to know how bad things really are between them,” a friend explains. “But they can’t go on like this. It’s tearing them both apart to be so unhappy all the time.”

[In Touch, print edition, June 8 2009]

Because it always comes back to Jennifer Aniston in tabloid-ville, doesn’t it? In Touch has a little side-story called “Jen is really worried about Brad”. Apparently, Jennifer is still so emotionally attached to her ex-husband that it’s upsetting her to see how Brad is “unraveling”. And while in Cannes, Brad texted Jennifer, and trying to re-ignite the old pity party. But Brad’s texting has left Jennifer “exhausted and emotional.” Um… how exhausting is it to receive a text message?

Despite the fact that Brad callously dumped his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston for Angelina four years ago, she’s still “extremely upset to see Brad unraveling,” her friend tells In Touch.

“When she saw the pictures of them at Cannes, she covered her mouth in shock and said, ‘Oh my God, they look awful! What are they doing to each other?’”

As In Touch has reported, Brad and Jen have recently reconnected – and Brad has used Jen as a sounding board about his problems with Angelina.

On May 15, Brad texted Jennifer to say that he was nervous about Angie’s arrival at Cannes. And while Jen is happy to be back in Brad’s life, she’s not necessarily enjoying being his shoulder to cry on.

“Jen is exhausted and emotional,” her friend adds.

[In Touch, print edition, June 8 2009]

Here’s the thing – sometimes, some days, I think it’s perfectly possible that Brad and Angelina might split up at some point. They’re both complicated individuals, and I could see how they might start to grate on each other’s nerves and call it a day on their relationship. Here’s what I don’t buy – I don’t buy that Brad would eve go back to Jennifer. I really think if Brad “leaves” Angelina for another woman, it will be someone new, someone he hasn’t already slept beside for years.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Brad Pitt is shown with a bottle of Krombacher beer (it’s pretty good, but not my favorite. Give me a Warsteiner or Radeberger any day) in Berlin on 1/19/09. Credit:

brangelina cinema 190109

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  1. Alex says:

    LMFAO OMG Intouch is really Outtatouch. That tab is really funny especially this part

    “When she saw the pictures of them at Cannes, she covered her mouth in shock and said, ‘Oh my God, they look awful! What are they doing to each other?’”

  2. Karen says:

    GMAFB…The man had a few beers. Gosh will they just leave these people the hell alone. These stories are just so overdone. BORING>> BORING>>

    NEXT please..

  3. puhh-leez! says:

    Yeah. It’s perfectly impossible for both of them to ever break up. Nobody in hollywood breaks up. Ever. Nobody in hollywood puts on a good face (and a slutty dress) to play it up in front of the camera.

  4. Cindy says:

    @ Karen

    Sadly, I don’t think they’ll ever leave them alone since people are so engrossed into any news about these celebrities lives. I wonder what’s it’s like working at InTouch. Sounds like they have some creative minds over there.

  5. ha! says:

    She looks like such a granny in these shots. And they both look miserable. And as for the idiot remark about how angelina never drinks “more than one glass of wine a night”–lets bring up the Assasination of Jesse James premiere, where a photo was posted of her, getting tipsy on beer and wine, tripping over the curb while a photog tried to catch her. Oh yeah, and Brad’s anger at her for her inebriated state, telling a reporter, “she pisses me off sometimes.” Funny what brangeloons will “choose” to remember, believe and forget.

  6. sonia says:

    According to IT they have broken 50 times ,being pregnant 20 times gotten married 12 times or morein the last 4 years. They claimed she was pregnant in December. They claimed they were getting married in Sep on a yacht”the wedding on the century” That’s why I’don’t trust anything they write.

  7. kap says:

    It was a beautiful dress and she looked beautiful in it (I understand beauty is subjective). Aniston’s PR teams attempt (with much help from the tabs) of reinserting herself into Pitts life went up in smoke and all it took was a short walk down a red carpet. Better luck next time.

  8. HashBrowns says:

    @Alex: I was cracking up at that too. Also “Jen is exhausted and emotional”. Because her ex and his lover went to Cannes and she’s filming a movie?

    Receiving a text sure is exhausting. I wonder if she’ll get the vapors next time she walks by a newsstand and there is a big picture of Brad with “Come Back To Me Jennifer!” splashed across the cover of InTouch right next to a cover of Star that says “Leave Me Alone Jennifer!” right next to a cover of Hello that says “Brad and Angelina want Jen in Their BED!” right next to the Enquirer that says “Jen is Exhausted! Brad is Happy and In Love and it’s KILLING HER!!!!”

    *snort* the world of gossip rags is a curious one, to say the least.

  9. HUH? says:

    “That’s why I’don’t trust anything they write.”

    but you sure do remember it like gospel, apparently…

    I guess that throws out the claim by brangeloonies that only aniston fans buy tabloid mags. (Cheyenne, I’m lookin’ at YOU!)

  10. Cheyenne says:

    Ever since Brad Pitt dumped the ball and chain, In Touch seems to have some kind of vested interest in getting him and Aniston back together, and they keep fabricating one bullshit story after another to back it up.

    The bottom line is that IT is selling its audience what they want to read. The minute they throw in the towel and admit that Brad is not going back to Aniston, and Aniston almost certainly doesn’t want him back after all this time, the minivan majority will have a collective hissy-fit and stop buying the magazine. After all, Brad leaving Angie and running back to Jennifer is the sole hope that has made their lives worth living for the past five years.

  11. grisgris says:

    How dare they go to a party at a Chateau in Cannes and have a good time? No one ever drinks in France.

  12. Cheyenne says:

    Sonia: Don’t forget IT’s story last year about Jennifer Aniston’s “baby bump”. Whatever happened to that bump? Or did one good fart take care of it?

  13. diddy says:

    haha here comes kap again with her obession with jennifer aniston pr team lol. so if we are to assume according to you kap that every negative brad and angie story in the press is from aniston people are we also to assume that also every negative aniston story in the press and from brad and angie’s people hmmm?


  14. Cheyenne says:

    “Receiving a text sure is exhausting. I wonder if she’ll get the vapors next time she walks by a newsstand and there is a big picture of Brad with “Come Back To Me Jennifer!” splashed across the cover of InTouch right next to a cover of Star that says “Leave Me Alone Jennifer!” right next to a cover of Hello that says “Brad and Angelina want Jen in Their BED!” right next to the Enquirer that says “Jen is Exhausted! Brad is Happy and In Love and it’s KILLING HER!!!!” ”

    Hash, I have to give you credit. Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had today.

  15. Mairead says:

    Oh god – you HAD to pick a photo with the PMT Dynasty outfit didn’t you!

    *re-reads article*

    😯 A chink in your adoration Kaiser????
    the Empress DEMANDS that you attend to the shrine and redouble your devotion forthwith!!*

  16. Carrie says:

    It’s been 4 years or more since the Jen and Brad break up. Can we please move on!!!

  17. Geri says:

    Amazing how everyone seems to agree that the whole story is BS, but somehow it’s still Aniston and her PR teams fault? GMAFB. A pile of made up crap is exactly that. I just can’t believe how Aniston gets blamed for eveything.

  18. bizz says:

    i predict jen and angie will one day recognise that slut brad as the cause of all their troubles and get together in a hot twosome.

    brad in the meantime will realise that george clooney has always been the love of his life. they’ll hook up in a civil partnership, sue for and win custody of the kids, bring them up together and live happily ever after 🙂

  19. Cinderella says:

    I thought they looked fine in Cannes. AJ looked a bit fatigued, probably because she didn’t have any sleep.

    This Brad/Jen revival stuff is really starting to make me laugh. All that’s missing is an illustrated comic strip.

  20. bee says:


    “All that’s missing is an illustrated comic strip.”

    You haven’t read the Enquirer recently then!

  21. nnn says:

    Why would Jenny worry about that ?

    During that parody of a marriage, they were both smoking pot and drinking margarittas when they were not in therapy !

  22. morgs says:

    I thought her beverage of choice was vodka?

  23. Beautiful Mama says:

    Okay, I’m done with this website…you people are stupid and sick!!!!!!!!!

  24. Nesa says:

    Here we go again. Lies-lies-lies. I believe these lies have JA’s blessings.

  25. Bodhi says:

    Oh Lawd, weed & tequila! Signs of the Devil!! 🙄

    I’d LOVE it Jen & Angie got together!

  26. y says:

    this is a calma.this is a chance to pregnant last time. get’s brad this time. angie steal your hudsband from you. you can also do just angie did. gets pregnant of brad’s baby and leave him. angie always steal some married man from his wife. so she is never mind if someone steal brad from her.

  27. DD says:

    haha Mairead, the dynasty outfit. I cringe everytime I see it. Kaiser if you had any respect for the Brange, you would never post those pictures again 😛

  28. Not Impressed says:

    Angelina will ALWAYS have to live with the reminders and ties to Jennifer Aniston and rightly so. Let’s not forget she committed adultery and broke up a marriage. How dare she even think Jennifer will ever be a non issue. She has it coming, every single story, every single reminder, every single reference for the rest of her life and then some.

    Other women of recent news are bashed immediately for homewrecking, but Angelina seems to mysteriously escape this judgment. She would like everyone to just forget the truth and wonder why Jennifer’s existence matters.

    Jennifer will always be relevant to their relationship and I don’t think Brad is trustworthy for one second. Lest we forget.

  29. Thom says:

    @Y/DD you are living prof that Aniston has sick ignorant fans that will not move on with their life.

  30. k says:

    to Not Impressed:

    I agree — seems angie puts on a humanitarian act for public relations reasons.

    let’s face it, bradley may be a dull one, still he was somebody else’s husband.

    my hope is that dopey brad is lured away by some other slutty woman like ang, herself — and then she’ll finally get what she deserves: the same public humiliation she dumped on Aniston.

    that would be divine justice.

  31. poopoo says:

    The only thing about these magazines is they look at what seems to be going on. And they spin. So it is a grain of truth spun. Something is not right and hasn’t been. Pictures don’t lie. If one is a good people watcher. And I think even fans have to admit they look in trouble.
    I remember all the talk before Madonna and guy split for good. It is very obvious to me Brad is looking beat down.
    Sometimes a person realizes they are with someone who will not compromise and at first it is OK. I have a feeling it isn’t ‘OK any longer. Just my guess.

  32. RubyKaur says:

    Drinking probably makes her tolerable.

  33. malena says:

    exactly! it’s a fact that he left jennifer, so why would he comeback to her?! anyways intouch is so hilarious

  34. Chicamorena says:

    Four years after they split up and the Aniston fans are still whining about Angie is a homewrecking slut, yadda yadda yadda.

    Jesus please us, will you ever let it go? If Aniston was even half a woman, she would have found a new man she could be happy with, instead of being dumped and re-dumped ad infinitum.

    It’s nobody’s fault but Aniston’s that she can’t hold any of her men. And if her marriage to Brad Pitt had been on a solid footing, neither Angie nor anybody else could have lured him away. A man doesn’t walk out of a happy marriage. And don’t even try to pretend that sham of a marriage was happy. For all practical purposes, it had been on life support at least two years before Brad finally bailed.

    You guys need to grow up and tell your whiny, pathetic idol to do the same.

  35. hello... says:

    holina has it coming to her in the worst way… and I will enjoy her karma downfall!!! sienna is slutt y enough, but a classy seductress like Kerry Washington would be a better choice!!!!!

  36. JustMe says:

    Man, how much does Aniston pay InTouch?

  37. Not Impressed says:

    the issue isn’t aniston’s fans whining about the divorce, the issue is brangelina fans whining because aniston will always be an issue, as if someone has to remind them why.

    deal with it.

  38. kelly says:

    Karma? Jen dumped by Vince,Paul, John twice. Bradley C,Jason Lewis, Gerard Butler deny they ever dated her.

  39. RAN says:

    Karma? Look the definition up… it has nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston worrying about Brad Pitt’s drinking. And retribution certainly doesn’t fall in the category of broken relationships. If it did… well.. I’d say we were all screwed over by the karma beast. Geez! There are days where I wonder if half of the posters on this site are either dumb or insane.

  40. sonia says:

    Jen could care less about Brad Pitt.

  41. OMG says:

    Here we go again.. all the cheating crap. Where is the proof.. show it please. He said he did not cheat. Angie said she did not cheat.. Jen said they did not cheat.. And if Brad was trapped he sure looks like a happy and contented victum.

    Oh but I forgot the tabs were the judge and jury so just because it was printed then it was a fact. Get a life “NOT” and “Y”.. you don’t know if this did or did not happen. If you have proof I would love to see it and will eat my words. If you are basing it on Tab reports then you should shut your face. And as far as Angelina doing her UNHCR work she has been doing it for about 9 years. She is well respected in this avenue. I am sure if she were faking the people involved would call her out. she would not be invited to sit on major committees and such. She would not be meeting with world leaders. She would not be visiting troups and such in dangerous places. A thing that most political leaders have not done. So dislike her if you must. but please don’t discount the fact that she is committed and devoted to the causes she stands behind. JUST A CHEAP SHOT.

  42. Lins says:

    The only thing about these magazines is they look at what seems to be going on. And they spin. So it is a grain of truth spun. Something is not right and hasn’t been. Pictures don’t lie. If one is a good people watcher. And I think even fans have to admit they look in trouble.

    So poopoo by what you posted ^ there should I believe this story about Jennifer Aniston that I read this morning. It went something like

    Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer could be on-again once more. Friends of the actress are said to be against the idea. Heat magazine said Aniston still holds out hope for the revolving-door relationship.
    John will not call her or text her because he is done with her. Some one from the set on Aniston’s upcoming film “The Baster” said she is getting lonelier and very desperate so she started calling him, sometimes very late at night and sometimes after a few too many glasses of wine.
    Aniston is desperate to kick off round three with Mayer.

    ^so poopoo should I believe that Jennifer is so desperate that she is drunk dialing John the d-bag Mayer begging him to date her again. Jennifer does look sad and lonely in pictures not to mention sometimes drunk. So poopoo may be there is some truth there. Jen looks like she is in trouble.

  43. Jackie says:

    To Chicamorena:

    I don’t usually post, and just skim these, but your posts really stand out.

    Are you an adult? If you are, what is this obsession with Aniston and her fans? If you’re a Jolie fan, that’s great, so am I. But you seem incapable of making a post without bringing Aniston fans into it. Are you really a Jolie fan or just consumed with hate for Aniston?

    And then you’re telling them to grow up? You give Jolie fans a bad name.

    Very irrational behavior for an adult.

  44. Chicamorena says:

    No, Jackie, I don’t hate Aniston; there’s not enough there to hate. But her fans are something else. Wishing a family of six would break up, slandering Jolie as a homewrecking whore after five years, posting messages on other web sites hoping her children die, etc. So they are pissed because Brad dumped Aniston for another woman, but Jesus Christ, when are they going to get over it? It’s done.

    There is no point in hating on a family you don’t even know and wishing them harm just because one of the partners dumped his ex. People get dumped all the time. They hurt, they heal, they move on. The way Aniston’s fans act, you’d think it was they who got dumped. I’ve never seen so many people so obsessed by somebody else’s divorce. It’s going on five years already. Just let it go.

  45. gem15 says:

    Diddy, sorry for the delay in response. No, I think the tabs love keeping this triangle alive and Aniston’s people see that this storyline helps her and hurts them (whether they really care about it hurting them is unknown) and it’s become a match made in PR heaven. Is every story a feed from Huvane & co? doubt it, but I believe many are, especially the secret meetings/texting/their relationship is in trouble lines. I’m really not that paranoid, believe it or not, but I think you do underestimate what she and her team are willing to do to sell tickets and keep viable. It’s all she has now and if keeping people hating on AJ (and to a milder degree Pitt) benefits her I think she’s glad to do it.

  46. diddy says:

    ^^^^ sound like the reasoning of a paranoid person LOL… so you accepted that the media /tabs make stories up all the time, yet at the same time you simply want to believe that all the negative stories about brad and angie come only from jen and her so called team , ok if we are going on that logic are we also to assume that every negative aniston story is from brad and angie people(and pls dont tell me they dont have teams as well lol, they may not be publicist but they also have agents, managers ,handlers like everyone else in the business, or those funny unnamed faceless sources that give good stories like the one we had this week in hello magazine haha )? you still havent answered that part yet ….

  47. Cheyenne says:

    To Lins: Grain of truth spun? Where is the grain of truth?

    One week Star magazine reports Brad and Angie are splitting up. The very next week they say Angie is pregnant and Brad is deliriously happy. The week after that, they are breaking up again.

    IT reported last year that Aniston was pregnant with John Mayer’s baby. OK had Aniston planning the wedding of the year, two weeks before he dumped her.

    I don’t see any grains of truth in any of this. What I see is some tabloid editors desperate to keep selling their magazines, and willing to fabricate any amount of bullshit to do it.

  48. karen says:

    Totally agree, Chica! Aniston’s fans are the pitts. They keep this 5 yr. divorce drama alive with their constant bashing, calling her a whore, and then wishing bad things to happen to them. Do these people really think they are the good ones? They are judgmental freaks. I myself am not a fan of Jen, (or a lot of celebs, esp. Paris!) but I wouldn’t wish bad things on them.

  49. Mairead says:

    Oh God.. why did I come back into this thread? WHY?

    I’ve asked this of them bastions of morality what believe in (preferably instant) karma, but I didn’t get much of a response. It’ll probably be conveniently ignored again…

    If karma isn’t the sum of all the things you’ve done in the past and you choose aspects of life which will challenge you and help your soul grow in this and the next lives…

    but instead Karma is some sort of “cosmic comeuppance” as you lot seem to insist; is it possible that Jennifer Aniston was a serial adulterer/adulteress in a past life – and it was people exactly like you wishing ill will on her that has caused Brad to allegedly cheat on her and her being dumped by a some of Hollywood’s finest halfwits?

    Yes; going by your own logic, it’s probably YOUR fault.

  50. HashBrowns says:

    @karen: So the Brangeloonies saying that Jennifer Aniston is a desperate hag who can’t get over Brad aren’t continuing the cycle either?

    Both sides of this ridiculous crap are to blame for keeping it going, not just one. Because if it was one sided, these comment sections and the debates wouldn’t exist.

  51. someone says:

    Don’t put all Jen fans in the same sentence,,Im a Jen fan..and I couldn’t care less about Brad/Angie..don’t care if they have a dozen kids, get married, love each other, take baths together..its not important to me..I hope they stay together for the sake of all those kids, but if they don’t, so what, people split up every day, and the kids generally adapt!

  52. lb says:

    what? kaiser you consider it actually plausible that they might break up? have you ever taken a statistics course? it is highly probable that they will. as for your assessment that he will run to the arms of a newbie, i can see your point. he does seem to have a more traditional side too and he and jen were very relaxed together. but i would be surprised if it goes past the twin’s 6th birthday provided they have no more children.

  53. fiona says:

    I agree w/Chicamorena 100%
    anniston’s fans are weird and stuck in events that took place years ago… Brad &Angie make a good couple and a good family.

  54. Linda says:

    There are psycho fans on both sides of the fence. If you can’t see that, you belong in the psycho fan category yourself.

  55. lb says:

    re: drinking heavily, he’s got the bloated look to show for it. he looks so tired and haggard and i doubt it is from changing diapers at 3am.

  56. BlueSkies says:

    It is supposed to be smoking “weed” to give up drinking, not the other way around but Pitt has always been backwards.

  57. so wat says:

    stop fightin n get over urselves. flipin hek. pleez cum bk 2 d real world ppl! it’s really depressin readin sum of dese coments, honestly. y do ppl even cum on dis syt?

  58. Issa Rosalia says:

    Whatever…!!! Angelina Jolie Voight Pitt is still our number one favorite Hollywood actress here in the Philippines. Someone like Jen Aniston doesn’t strikes our interests…honestly. Keep it up Angie, just go on… life is what we make it…lol.

    By the way, I love your tats and hopefully someday, you can send me all the pics showing them off. Thank you. More power!!!…yeeeevvvaaaahhhh!!!!!!