Gigi Hadid vs. Bella Hadid: who was the best dressed sister at the Met Gala?

The Met Gala 2017

Both of the Hadid sisters rolled up to the Met Gala without boyfriends. While Gigi has a boyfriend (Zayn Malik), there were photos of him in a wheelchair over the weekend, so I guess he didn’t want to literally roll up to the Met Gala. As for Bella Hadid, she’s still single following her breakup with The Weeknd. At last year’s Met Gala, The Weeknd and Bella came together and walked the red carpet and everything. This year, The Weeknd came with his new girlfriend Selena Gomez. Which is probably why Bella turned up to this year’s gala in an Alexander Wang-designed leotard/bodysuit. It’s crazy how exposed she is. But… I bet she was pretty comfortable in that.

The Met Gala 2017

The Met Gala 2017

The Met Gala 2017

Gigi Hadid has her own capsule collection (or whatever) with Tommy Hilfiger, which is why she wore Hilfiger to the Met Gala. She also got her brother Anwar and her mom Yolanda to wear Hilfiger too, but no one cares about them. Part of me likes that Gigi went so big, even if I absolutely loathe this dress. It’s crazy, it’s not cute and it’s huge. It “fits” at the Met Gala, basically. But here’s the thing: WHY BEIGE??? Would this have been better/more dramatic in another color?

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  1. Babs says:

    I like Bella’s bodysuit but the shoes don’t fit and she got bad posture, it’s annoying.
    It’s a miss for Gigi. No to beige, no to beige and black, no to the pantyhose bouquet.

  2. teacakes says:

    Shoot me, but I love Gigi’s dress. Beige or no, it works and she works it – she has the presence to do that, unlike some people with ‘better’ outfits.

    And I’d rather see this than that random with the red sweetheart dress that had sleeves around her upper arms, or the Baldwin girl’s equally beige dress.

    • anna says:

      Gigi’s outfit is pretty great, occasion appropriate and i would never have guessed it’s Hilfiger.

      • detritus says:

        That’s the shocking part to me too, it’s Hilfiger.
        She looks great though, and on point.

      • senna says:

        seconded! it’s one of the most successful 50/50 dress concepts I’ve ever seen and she totally pulls it off. Andre Leon Talley thought it was Thierry Mugler!

    • Josephine says:

      I agree, I thought it was oddly appealing. It looked good on the carpet and I love the structure of the top half of the dress. This is the occasion for stunning and eye-catching and this was both.

    • Matomeda says:

      +1 odd color choice but it somehow works?

    • LadyMTL says:

      I felt like Gigi’s at least tried to be on-theme, because so many others just seemed to shrug and wear whatever. I’m not nuts about the color (to me it reads as more peachy-beige) but overall, I liked it.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      I like it too – Gigi is the better model, she works it they way models are supposed to.

    • MMSmall says:

      I agree I have been hating on a lot of the “on theme” outfits but I think she nailed. I do however think a different color might have made it even more awesome.

    • Erica_V says:

      The beige to me is a nod to Rei’s oversized trench coat collections – I’m fine with it.

  3. Maria F. says:

    i totally agree.

    1. Bella – she has the body for it, but it screams desperation. Like she has something to prove to the Weekend and Selena. You can look sexy and hot without showing off your vulva too.

    2. this beige colour and the shiny patches are not good. But, i do love the fact that she went for drama.

  4. Tina says:

    I think both look ridiculous, just look at them! Would you want to wear THAT?

  5. SKF says:

    I love both these girls but… nooooo. Gigi’s dress isn’t great but it’s different and dramatic and she’s working it so I’ll give her a pass. Bella… my god the girl is so, so thin and this bizarre bodysuit somehow makes her look pregnant. It is so unflattering and awful. No no no.

  6. eXo says:

    Bella looks so old, can’t believe she’s only 20. Maybe it’s because of all the plastic surgeries she had.

  7. Pumpkin Pie says:


  8. QQ says:

    Neither… bella is what happens when you go HAM About the whole ” oh im gonna see My Ex tonight” and none of your girls stop you, Then you end up looking stupid cause you sang Robyn’s dancing on my own too many times

  9. Alleycat says:

    Gigi’s hairstyle is hideous. Both girls are pretty, but so boring. I can’t muster up anything but ‘eh’ about their outfits.

  10. SM says:

    the first one (i won’t even bother to try remember which is which by the name) looks like a cat woman, or someone who forgot to put an actual outfit on top of fancy set of spanx, but I like her better anyway, because at least she is displaying some emotion on her face (and actually looks like she came for a fun night out) rather than the ice queen who looks like frozen in a permanent state of frustration

  11. K says:

    I cant believe how much weight Gigi has lost.WOW.

  12. Onerous says:

    I LOVED Bella’a look. And I like that neither of them wore what can only be deemed as “mother of the bride couture” that so many others wore. Why go if you’re not going to push the envelope?

    • Marie-France says:

      Me too. I’m no fan of hers and her face is just bizarre, but I loooove The body suit, with the jewlery and red nail polish.

  13. detritus says:

    I mean, I guess it’s a win for both girls, they got what they wanted.
    GiGi is on point fashion wise, and Bella’s showing off all the goods her ex can’t get anymore. Extra obvious points if she made out with someone in front of him later.

  14. Daisy says:

    Bella’s face is stunning. She’s one of the rare cases where a lot od plastic surgery really worked. The hair and makeup are great too.

    • Gabriela says:

      Sometimes stunning, sometimes Jocelyn Wildenstein. It’s weird. So, for that alone I can’t say her surgery was 100% successful imo, even if it partially, alongside her heiress status, got her a career.

  15. Svea says:

    if you base it on adherence to the designer homage, Gigi won.

  16. Linabear says:

    No to both! The outfits look so cheap provocative 80’s…why? They’re cute young girls.

  17. zan says:

    Gigi is sensational! Bella looks like she’s going on a ski trip.. with ski underwear

  18. kay says:

    oh snap! it isn’t often i can’t say something nice about the hadid girls….so…uhm…love bella’s smirky smile…and…cute stay up stockings on gigi.
    aaaaaaaand done.

    wha’ happen’d?????

  19. deevia says:

    Hmm Bella nose looks crazy in close-up. Someone sliced the middle part of WAY too much.

  20. Stacey says:

    Everything about Bella screams desperate!

  21. Naddie says:

    Disagreeing with some here, I don’t think Bella’s body is good for this outfit, too skinny.

  22. Redgrl says:

    Can’t stand either sister but actually love Gigi’s dress. Somehow the beige and the stocking all comes together…even the hair…

  23. Otaku fairy says:

    I like both of these outfits but Gigi’s is better and more original.

  24. Janice07 says:

    Am I the only one who saw Gigi’s outfit and immediately was reminded of the leg lamp from the movie “A Christmas Story”??


  25. blonde555 says:

    Unfortunately Bella looks a lot like her father and no amount of the plastic surgery she has had is going to fully erase that.

  26. Paris says:

    They both look cheap.