Gerard Butler in NY, might star w/ Jennifer Aniston in Mr. & Mrs. Smith type film

After a whirlwind trip to India to see his maybe-girlfriend Priyanka Chopra, Gerard Butler is back in America, just chilling out, waiting for his next film role. Over the weekend, he was spotted in New York, walking his bicycle along the Hudson River Parkway while listening to his iPod. I have to say, my boy cannot dress. Jeans with a beige button-down shirt and a gray Kangol hat? Is he channeling Brad Pitt with that hat? I like his necklace, though. It’s cute, and I’d like to imagine it against his naked chest… mmm… nevermind. Good outfit.

Gerry’s next film could likely be with Jennifer Aniston. They’re both loosely attached to The Goree Girls, which is some kind of musical set in a women’s prison, and I really hope that one doesn’t get made. Both Aniston and Butler are also rumored to be involved with what’s being called The Untitled Bounty Hunter Project (which is sort of a cooler name than Bounty Hunter). Apparently, the plot of this film will strike many people as very familiar:

Jennifer Aniston isn’t concerned that one of her forthcoming films follows a similar plot to Mr & Mrs Smith, which starred her former husband Brad Pitt, according to reports.

The actress is due to play the female lead in Bounty Hunter, which tells the story of a journalist who is on the run from her hitman ex-husband.

The plot echoes that of Mr & Mrs Smith, which saw Brad and future wife Angelina Jolie play rival assassins that try to kill each other before joining forces.

A source told the New York Daily News: “Jennifer knows people are going to say she’s copying Angelina, and she doesn’t care.”

Mr & Mrs Smith, released in 2005, was widely believed to be the movie that brought Brad and Angelina together.

Jennifer, who is due to team up with Gerard Butler in Bounty Hunter, is currently shooting another movie, The Baster, in New York.

The film, which is due to be released in 2010, has been adapted from a novel of the same name by Jeffrey Eugenides.

[From Entertainmentwise]

Of course it sounds familiar. It’s not like Mr. and Mrs. Smith was the first film with lots of explosions, chase scenes and gun play. Bounty Hunter does sound a bit more like Mr. and Mrs. Smith than most silly action films, especially with the plot of an ex-husband tracking his ex-wife. I’ve said it before, but Gerard Butler could have chemistry with a limp noodle, so will he and Aniston heat up the screen like Brad and Angelina?

Gerard Butler is shown out in NY along the Hudson River parkway yesterday. Credit:


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  1. ash says:

    yeah who cares, do it.

  2. someone says:

    I would love to see how Jen does in an action flick…shes great at comedy and it could be a good thing, especially with Gerard in it!

  3. jill says:

    thats not a necklace..its his ipod earphones

  4. Dean says:

    If she is rich as she would lead you to believe then why don’t she take a few years off to travel and enjoy life. With any luck she will meet some rich business man and have a real life.
    Why struggle with these nothing movies.

  5. Jones says:

    Not a fan of either group – but how much longer will it take before one person is mentioned without the ex and his current partner? I am starting a pool similar to the Stanley Cup hockey pool or for you spring/summer fans football.

  6. Lucky says:

    Call me crazy, but I just don’t think Jennifer Aniston is believable as an action star.

    She’s just too girl-next-door. Gerard would catch up to JA in 2 hours. tops.

  7. Neelyo says:

    It’ll be just like MR & MRS SMITH, except homelier.

  8. Me says:

    Hmmm.. Let’s hope that this is fabricated because if not then Brad and Angelina might need a restraining order. I do think Jennifer is delusional at this point and needs some reinforcement. Usually these crazy behaviours should be over and done with by the time a woman is reaching her mid thirties. Jennifer is regressing, somebody needs to speak some serious sense into her. Angelina did her crazing age appropriate, she’s matured now. My fault with Brad is for marrying Aniston.

  9. Wow...Pathetic... says:

    Neelo: so true. Homelier and whinier!

  10. Samantha says:

    That doesn’t really sound anything at all like Mr and Mrs Smith…seriously.

  11. Me says:

    Is Gerard Butler married? Maybe she wants to find love like Brad and Angie did so she can continue to copy Angelina. I still do not understand why people continue to cast her in movies.

  12. nimble minx says:

    it sounds like the general plot of a LOT of movies…one spouse on the run from the other…

    but I wouldn’t say it was just like M&MS…that was a husband and wife who were both hit-persons and had to go after each other.

    but, of course, the brangeloonies will start up on this…(as evidenced by “Me”, #8 above.)

  13. dubdub2000 says:

    Is it just me or is he looking worse and worse?
    He really needs to lay off the booze.

  14. Holly says:

    He doesn’t drink! He has been off booze for over 8 years!

    He looks good, but I think he works a bit too hard. When he gets rest he looks smokin hot. I still think he is the sexiest man in Hollywood, bar non!

  15. Debbie says:

    I think it would be better than Mr. and Mrs. Smith because I can’t stand Brad or Angelina. I love Jenn and Gerard! I love all Jenn’s movies, some of Angelina’s but not because of her and some of Brad Pitt’s but not because of him. Anyone could do a better job in any of the parts they have had. They just get good movies because of who they are. People should stop going to their movies so they can start casting people in them they would actually do a better job in them and make them better movies.

  16. nnn says:

    it’s ridiculous. Aniston acting ability resides in only flipping her hair !

    She is not beleivable in anything she does,let alone with a gun in her hands. Plus she is fug.

  17. contessa says:

    Aniston will not be believable in a action/rom com with Gerry. They will have ZERO chemistry. She will be better suited in a film with John Stamos or Patrick Dempsey. She just doesn’t have enough edge hence why Derail was a bog FAIL. I did think that Gerry had loads of chemistry with Angelina in TR2.

  18. Casey says:

    It’s really sad that they need to compare this to Mr/Mrs Smith.

    There’s a ton of action flicks with a male amd female costar, it’s not like MMS is the only one.

  19. Lucky says:

    Debbie – JA can not act in a serious movie. Rent the Good Girl, Derailed, or go see this crapfest Management. She’s a TV girl, a secondary female lead in a comedy movie, or ensemble cast. She can not carry a movie like Brad or Angelina. Period. As for Jen as an action star, it’s just utterly ridiculous.

  20. someone says:

    You Brangaloonies are ridiculous..this isn’t about Brangie, and if you think so little of Jens acting ability, then don’t go see her movies…thats what I do when a Brad or Angie movie comes out…I stay home and watch Friends reruns, they are better than anything Brad or Angelina have been in lately!

  21. kap says:

    Think this is a good career move for her. Her romcom days are numbered at this point, and she’s not a very good dramatic actress, so the action route is the way to go. Understand it’s easier to get into the genre in your 20s or 30s, so she’s a little old (even though she looks good for her age), but it should be a nice change. What’s going on with her now though? She looks terribly depressed in recent photos and the story about the baster filming being finished sounds fishy. First it was she needed time off for exhaustion, now her PR is saying the filming wrapped. Can’t be just the poor BO for management. Anyone know?

  22. Guest says:

    Celebitchy is behind the times on this – they aren’t rumoured to be in this film, they are already signed on for it (and have been since before Xmas). It is already in pre-production and is due to start filming in New York on June 15th.

    I’m looking forward to seeing this duo together and think they will have awesome chemistry. And while I don’t think the plot sounds much like MAMS based on the above information (nor would I care even if it did), there are conflicting reports that put the plot as being about a bounty hunter (Butler) who is on the hunt for his convict ex-wife (Aniston). If this is the case, the plot is even further away from MAMS. Either way, I’ve read that it is a supposed to be an action/comedy with the two leads sparring and bantering with each other throughout much of the film. It sounds like something new for both, and like it has great potential.

  23. SAYWHAT!!! says:

    ….”Celebitchy is behind the times on this – they aren’t rumoured to be in this film, they are already signed on for it (and have been since before Xmas). It is already in pre-production and is due to start filming in New York on June 15th.”


    Dont go spreading rumors. This movie has no funding. Ther is no start date for filming to begin. She has movies listed in imdb from 2006 that have yet to see the light of day because no one wants to fund her movies. And after the Mismanagement fiasco, she can just kiss them goodbye. Or she can just let them stay listed so she can look like she is actually in the biz instead of what the reality is, which is, her movie making days are done.

  24. Chicamorena says:

    To someome: You don’t have to be concerned about the “brangeloonies” not going to see her movies. The problem is it doesn’t look like anyone is going to see her movies. “Management” is a world-class bomb. It has been in release two and a half weeks now and has earned the whopping sum of $809,000. (That’s thousand, not million.) If “Traveling” bombs also, she can kiss her movie career goodbye.

  25. someone says:

    SAYWHAT….I believe you are delusional..if you think Jen is finished as an actress, you need to get back on your medication…

  26. say WHAT, SAYWHAT? says:

    yeah, SAYWHAT is delusional alright.

    if you checked out IMDB, the bounty hunter project is listed…and as for the films “from 2006 that have yet to see the light of day”, I don’t know what he/she/it is talking about. the only ones listed from 2006 are “friends with money” and “the break up”.

    and I may be mistaken, but I think both have hit the theaters, DVD and TV already.

    sounds like another brangeloonie is on the scene.

  27. selma says:


    You are the one that starts rumors, they are beginning with filming 15 June

    You are crazy her days are over… get a life… you are a brangiefan to begin with… she makes money to the studios so you dream on…

  28. Phaedra says:

    The Bounty Hunter begins filming about June 18th in NYC. Should be a really great movie! Gerard Butler is HAWT, and Jennifer Aniston is one hot chickie , should be great chemistry. No worry’s about Brad and Angie’s break up affecting this film, as Angie has said she’s moving the kids to either France or Portugal, and Brad has lined up enough movie projects to keep him legitamately away from Angie and the kids for at least six months. Should make their parting of the ways easier on both of them. Who is Jolie’s new , hot young stud???

  29. Victoria says:

    Jen keeps getting Angie’s discards. Butler was in Lara Croft and Vince Vaughn was in Mr & Mrs Smith. What’s next? A movie with Billy Bob?

  30. contessa says:


    Angie also worked with Clive Owens in Beyond Borders and with Jennifer Aniston in Derailed.

  31. someone says:

    Hey Victoria, are you saying that AJ slept with Gerard and VV…well, that says a lot for your idol. Everyone has been in a movie together at one time or another in Hollyweird, except AJ and JA…Of course Angelina couldn’t do a comedy if her life depended on it..except that her life is a many bombs has Angie made in the last 4 years..several, if my memory serves me.

  32. Karen says:

    Man, are you out of touch. Bounty Hunter starts filming June 15th in New York City and yes, with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. Sony’s already announced the filming dates. Dear Lord, keep up!

  33. Leah says:

    Bounty Hunter starts filmimg in 2 weeks in NYC>>>the haters are so behind in this. Go look at Variety or THR-it’s on. It’s a comedy-nothing like MAMS. So I’ll definitely be watching it!

  34. Giz says:

    Ooo yeah, can’t wait for remake of the Smiths with THOSE TWO! She can’t act her way out of paper bag that’s already torn and he does funny things with his face. I’ll be skipping this one too!
    This isn’t personal,just an observation!

  35. Aspen says:

    I don’t think it sounds at all like M&MS, really. Sounds more like Sleeping With the Enemy.

    I watch Jennifer Aniston films with pleasure…even though I’m decidedly on team Angelina. LOL.

    I will definitely watch this one because I think it’s high time Aniston did something other than romantic comedy. I want to see her stretch her legs because I think she’s underestimated by a lot of people due to her previous roles.

    Maybe it will suck…but I doubt it.

  36. DD says:

    Hmm so according to some of you JA should avoid all movies that may contain any of AJ’s former cast members, and any kind of characteristic similar to any one of AJ’s movies. So basically we’re saying here JA shouldn’t accept any movie offers because she might be trying to copy the king and queen of the movie making universe.

  37. p3rp3tu4 says:

    OH NO! Please can’t they find an ultra sexy actress that has enigmatic appeal & doesn’t make you cringe when they kiss him lol. What is it with placing him with the least likely actresses that have ZERO sex appeal when next to him? what on earth? Some people look awesome together & some don’t. The person has to SHINE next to him like Scarlett Johansson is gorgeous but a little youthful. We need a Xena Type like Angelina.. Maybe an actress from New Zealand or Australia NOT anyone less nor homely looking.

  38. Cheyenne says:

    Um, Phaedra… you’d better take some Thorazine to silence those voices in your head. Angie never said anything about moving the kids to either France or Portugal or anywhere else without Brad.

  39. Giz says:

    I love the way people are just planted on this site. “Haters”, well, if you can’t act, you just can’t act. It has nothing to do with hating. Of course what better than to keep a pointless converation going!

    I’m tired of Aniston’s folks using the Pitt and Jolie to keep her pitiful career alive and I’m tired of Pitt and Jolie, period. As far as Butler goes, he’s just set decoration!

  40. HashBrowns says:

    Let’s put something into perspective shall we:

    Management has made, to date, $809,787 in 212 theaters. In four weeks. That’s about $4,000 per theater.

    Alexander made about $6,000 average per theater(domestically) and made around $34,000,000. In ten weeks.

    Management was made on a shoe-string budget.

    Alexander cost $155 million-not including promotional materials.

    Which was the bigger bomb?

    Now, of course Alexander made up it’s budget in the foreign markets but in the US the film is known as a legendary bomb of epic proportions. So is Troy.

    So the Golden Couple can screw up every now and then and that’s ok. Every actor has a bomb or 10 in their acting profile. They happen. Stop acting like Jennifer Aniston is the only one.

  41. Chicamorena says:

    Um… Troy is a bomb?

    Troy was a big expensive movie. It’s production costs topped $175 million. It made $133 million in the US. It made $364 million overseas. Total box office gross was $497 million, almost half a billion. Troy more than recouped its production costs. Most studios would kill for a “bomb” like that.

    The studios know that the overseas market is where the real money is, especially in Asia. Otherwise, they wouldn’t spend millions of dollars to market their films overseas.

    Now Management, any way you try to spin it, is not only a bomb, it’s a total thermonuclear meltdown. You don’t know how much it costs to make because no web site has posted it. But we know how much it has earned after two and a half weeks: $809,000. That’s thousands, not millions. At the rate it’s going, it may never even make a million. It opened in 212 theaters because they couldn’t get funding for wider distribution. After two and a half weeks it’s already been pulled from all but 49 theaters. That’s 49 theaters in the entire US. It made $59,000 over this past weekend. They could have saved a sh*tload of money by just bypassing the theaters altogether and sending this dog straight to DVD.

    If Traveling does as poorly as Management, she can kiss her movie career goodbye.

  42. Ursula says:

    Woo hoo, I am hoping they will get together. Dances around*

  43. HashBrowns says:

    Studios consider a film a success if it makes back it’s money in domestic markets. That is the sure sign of a hit (like say, The Dark Knight which made twice it’s budget domestically). Troy, while it did make back it’s money in foreign markets, was about $40 million short of coming in on it’s budget domestically…$40 million is not a penny.

    Studios are more often trying to open big now-with all the marketing and such that they forget that people want to see good movies. Troy was crap. The only reason people went to see it was because #1 Brad Pitt’s bare ass #2 Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana, all in one movie, with homosexual subtext for the gay dudes, fight scenes for straight dudes and hot guys for straight women. #3 it did exceedingly well in Australia (Bana’s home country) and Great Britain (Bloom’s home). #4 Hot lead chick and naked chicks for the straight guys.

    What mouth-breathing moron wouldn’t go and see that movie?

    They made back their money, yes. But was the movie actually successful and a good investment? That’s debatable.

    I guess the real point I was trying to make which you got lost in trying to prove that Troy wasn’t malarkey is that every actor is involved in some kind of crappy movie at some time in their career. It isn’t unique to Jennifer Aniston like some of you seem to choose to believe.

    If you want a better example for Brad Pitt: Sinbad (the animated movie), Meet Joe Black, and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford-the last of which only made back half of it’s budget, including worldwide gross, and it’s budget was $30 million. Did Management cost $15 million to make? Unlikely.

    Oh and PS: Jennifer Aniston’s movie career is like Kate Hudson’s. She’ll always be in movies no matter what she does or how poorly her movies do. So, sorry, Chica-just don’t go see her movies and don’t watch her interviews. You can always avoid news about her, if it bothers you so much.

  44. Jones says:

    Folks? hmmm..this is about a movie. Time out folks..Jennifer Aniston is a decent actress, Jolie won an Oscar, playing herself but nevertheless won a best supporting actress award. Aniston is hailed as the girl next door, Jolie is not – she is the woman no woman wants working with their husband. Both are good at what they do..both have extremely different acting styles. If you don’t like Aniston stay out of movie complex, if you don’t like Jolie you don’t have to part with you money as see her films. As for the rest of us we like to be entertained and if the movie is good we pay for the pleasure.

  45. PJ says:

    Should we play “Six Degrees of Angelina Jolie?”

  46. HUH? says:

    chicamorena, I thought you and your crazy Angelina-worshiping ass were leaving this site?

    why are you still here preaching the word of St. Angie?

  47. HUH? says:

    chicamorena, for someone who claims that they “don’t hate” Aniston, you sure seem to have a LOT of vitriol in you that comes out toward her.

    besides, I thought your crazy brangeloonie ass was leaving this site? why are you still here preaching the word of St. Angie?

  48. judy says:

    Well when they start calling people bragaloonies and such you know you have hit a nerve lol and they are trying to stick up for someone who cannot act lol I havent seen Jen do a movie yet that is funny she cannot carry a movie period and AJ can.
    I dont see AJ out there acting like she is nuts and stalking her ex husbands and riding on their coat tails. Jen got what she wanted now let her be, she married Brad thinking he could make her an A actress and he was not and is not a miracle worker. You people that go on hate tangents about Brad need a dose of reality. These people do not care if you like them or not and neither does Jen,,she just wants you to go to her movies so she can have more money for acting lessons and plastic surgery lol

  49. Chicamorena says:

    Whoa. Posting statistics on a movie is “vitriol”? Since when?

    Look, honey, it’s not my fault that “Management” tanked. You could have seen it coming when it was panned at the Toronto Film Festival last fall and couldn’t find a distributor for months afterwards.

    If you can’t take the heat, haul your ass outa the kitchen.

  50. whatever says:

    Jen fans are living in dream land. Jen’s movies have not done well lately, unless there is a bigger male actor, a bunch of other actors, or a dog to take the lead. I also think she’s on her last legs and its time to get back to tv. I’m sorry, but she is not talented, has no real range, her mannerisms and voice are always the same. There are so many more talented women out there. I know Jen’s psycho fans will attack me, but that’s my opinion.

  51. morgs says:

    Anyone remember how much “A Mighty Heart
    made? Next to nothing.

    And I remember “Beyond Borders” was a moneymaking hit (eyeroll).

    Jesus people. All actors have hits and misses. If they’re marketable and bring interest…the studios are going to use them.

  52. lisa says:

    Management only made $800,000 after 3 weeks! For a movie that cost millions, that’s sad! Esp. since Jen is supposed to be such a BIG STAR acc. to her PR.
    How did the “Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past” make 50 million! Aren’t Mathew McCoughnawhatever and Jen Garner NOT big stars??!!! It just goes to show that Jen is being portrayed as a much bigger star than she really is. Not even her crazy stalker fans bothered to come out. They were obviously too busy trashing Pitt/Jolie on the internet! That’s their entire world, basically.

  53. Georgia says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh Brangeloonies out in full force on this! How dare Aniston try to branch out a little, even though she gets trashed for not doing it! I have no problem with Angelina, but her fans belong in a mental institution.

  54. RAN says:

    Sorry… I just couldn’t resist this:

    “Jen keeps getting Angie’s discards. Butler was in Lara Croft and Vince Vaughn was in Mr & Mrs Smith. What’s next? A movie with Billy Bob?”

    Um… if you consider recalling correctly, I believe Angelina got Jennifer Aniston’s biggest discard of all 🙂 Think about where Mr. Brad Pitt’s been… Silly, silly rabbits…

    Oh and Chic… try to use your brain, Hashbrown actually had an intelligent point. But… I get it, you don’t “get it” 😛

  55. Chicamorena says:

    To morgs: A Mighty Heart made $19 million. Beyond Borders made $11 million. That’s a paltry amount, but more than ten times what Management has made to date.

    AMH made $4 million on its opening weekend and opened at #10.

    Beyond Borders made $2 million on its opening weekend and opened at #11.

    Management made $375,000 on its opening weekend and opened at #17.

    Question: how come so few Aniston fans came out to support her movie?

  56. morgs says:

    I can’t afford to go to the movies anymore be it for AJ, JA, BP or any other actor/actress. It’s too f*cking expensive. So I use Netflix. The only time I will go to the theater is for a movie that deserves to be seen on a big screen in all its glory.

    And as a side note: I haven’t seen an Aniston film in a long time. The last one was The Break Up, which I watched with commercials on TV.

    Why do you find such perverse joy in the fact that “Management” didn’t do well. Who f*cking cares?

    Jen Aniston will fade in movie land, but I believe she will try her luck behind the camera as a producer or whatever.

    I wish both ladies the best of luck in their chosen endeavors.

  57. morgs says:

    Who knows, maybe AJ will start making documentaries of all her Humanitarian work. It would make sense, she’d get out the message, and if done through her charity they would reap the financial rewards, thereby allowing them to further the charity…and it goes on.

  58. Barb says:

    Question: how come so few Aniston fans came out to support her movie?

    I would have loved to see this, but unfortunately it wasn’t playing anywhere near me. I read somewhere it was only in 211 theatres.

  59. Hanh says:

    Both AJ and JA have their own distinct acting styles and they tend to stay in it (smartly so).

    AJ is the action/drama queen and JA is the rom/com queen. I can see how branching out may see weird but I’m sure sometimes they get tired of playing the same thing. I can’t really picture AJ in a rom/com just like I can’t quite see JA in an action/drama movie.

    If JA can get rid of her rom/com personality and channel a bit of AJ for the action role, I think she can pull it off. The problem is she does the same character in every movie that I’ve seen her in. I’d like to see her try a different character portrayal. Instead of always being the “girl next door who’s your best friend”, she needs to start trying to be the “girl next door who’s going to steal your man” for this bad girl role.

    But I can’t see JA doing that. She really really likes to be loved and I can’t see her willing to be a unlikeable person in a movie.

    And for all you loonies out there, I’m not in either side. I’m neutral, just mostly commenting on JA instead of AJ because this article is about her. So don’t get started, please.

  60. sonia says:

    You are comparing a movie about terrorism(AMH) to a romcom with a beloved former TV star. Angie has done animated films(KFP) action, dramas, period pieces Original sin, Alexander. everthing but a comedy.