Tom Cruise is planning to recruit for Scientology in Australia this summer

Tom and Katie on 3/12/09 at the Japan premiere of Valkyrie. Credit:
Take this report for what it is, a rumor from the British tabloids. Daily Mail gossip columnist Katie Nichols is reporting that when Katie Holmes goes to work on that creepy thriller in Australia this summer, her husband Tom Cruise will be joining her for moral support – and to further the cause of Scientology in Australia. Apparently, the Church of Scientology hasn’t gained any kind of foothold down under, and Tom is going to spend several months recruiting and trying to “dispel the myths that Scientology is a cult” according to an unnamed source.

This sounds a lot like what happened when Tom was filming Valkyrie in Germany. The German government (and many Germans) consider Scientology to be a cult, and Tom is considered Scientology’s “face”. During the film shoot, Tom’s presence in Berlin seemed to cause major grief for all involved, despite his meetings with German leaders, where he attempted to convince government officials that The CoS is a legitimate religion rather than a cult engaged in racketeering that doesn’t deserve tax-free status. Now it seems Tom will have to bring his charm offensive to Australia:

Tom Cruise will launch a recruitment drive for his Scientology church in Australia.

His charm offensive will begin when he relocates to Melbourne for four months while his wife, Katie Holmes, begins work on her latest film, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark.

‘Tom knows that he will have his work cut out as the church attracts protesters,’ says my source.

‘But he hopes his presence will help change minds and dispel the myths that Scientology is a cult.’

The state of Victoria outlawed Scientology for six years in the Sixties after it was branded ‘evil’ by a local lawyer.

Katie will begin shooting in August amid tight security. Sources say the cast will have to sign 20-page confidentiality agreements and the couple want to recruit a large ‘entourage’.

[From The Daily Mail]

Surprising that Scientology didn’t get a bigger boost in Australia when Tom was with Nicole Kidman. Oops, did I just stumble upon one of the reasons for their divorce? Perhaps Nicole was audited one too many times, and she talked! That must be why CoS didn’t take in Australia.

A bit off-topic, but I finally watched Valkyrie this weekend with my dad. My father commented during one of the critical scenes that “Hitler needed to be audited” which still has me giggling. I actually thought the film was really good, and Tom was great in it. Of course, he was helped by a stellar cast, including Bill Nighy, Eddie Izzard and Tom Wilkinson. Still, it’s a shame that movie wasn’t discusses more as one of Tom’s better performances. All because people think he’s so loopy with the Scientology stuff. Tsk, tsk.


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  1. just a poster says:

    Well hell.. there go goes that alliance.

  2. nikky says:

    You got the richest man in Australia into scientology, id say your work is done around these parts. Seriously, you’re done. GTFO.


  3. someone says:

    Another way for him to make an ass out of himself.

  4. surely would says:

    This site said that the only good reviews Valkyrie got were from reviewers they bribed into watching. If you’re wondering why his performance wasn’t more discussed, maybe look in the mirror or at your other fellow writers. Maybe if y’all weren’t so busy generalizing, that discussion could have happened.

  5. Wresa says:

    He is throwing away a good life for this cult. I know someone personally throwing away all of his money on this cult. Truly sad.

  6. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Slowly but surely his real age is starting to ooze through the cracks on ol’ Tommy boy. His involvement in the Co$ is what put him on my permanent DO NOT WATCH list.

  7. Kat says:

    What Nikky said.

  8. Jazz says:

    I agree with Nikky!

  9. Nony says:

    Nikky: didn’t he get out of it?

    It’s hard to dispell the myth that it’s a cult when anyone who spends 10 minutes reading up on it on wikipedia and other easily accessible sources show abundantly clear that it IS in fact a cult.
    Scientology actually meets ALL the criteria on this page: