Colin Farrell celebrates his 33rd with old scruffy boots, his sister & no girlfriend

Colin Farrell was out last night with his sister, Claudine, celebrating his 33rd birthday (May 31st) at Nobu in Los Angeles. He’s a Gemini, which is like the worst astrological sign to date. And yet, I still love him. His sister Claudine is Colin’s personal assistant, and it doesn’t seem like he was celebrating his birthday with anyone else. Not even his alleged girlfriend, Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus. Considering Alicja was nowhere to be seen on his birthday, I’d say they aren’t as serious as the earlier reports indicated.

I dated a Gemini many years ago, and he was a drama queen. I don’t want to think that Colin is like that, but he may be. The photo agency is making a big deal about Colin wearing these very scruffy old boots. They look about a hundred years old, and he should try polishing them, but other than that, what’s the big deal? He’s wearing a pair of comfortable old boots, probably his favorite. He’s probably broken them in perfectly by now. I used to have a pair of Doc Martens and once I broke them in, they were the most comfortable shoes I ever owned. Colin’s boots are probably the same way – and it’s birthday, for goodness sake! Let him wear his comfortable shoes!

Thanks to Pacific Coast News for these photos

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  1. Samantha says:

    Look at him! Who the hell would notice his BOOTS!?! Crazy people, get your priorities straight! 😛

  2. Christianne says:

    “He’s a Gemini, which is like the worst astrological sign to date.”
    Why is that? I am a Gemini also! 🙁

  3. nimble minx says:

    geez, after seeing pics of his brother last week and his sister this week, I can honestly say…

    that’s one GOOD looking family.

  4. Casey says:

    He is so good looking, even with those awful boots!

  5. Bodhi says:

    Hey! I’m a Gemini & so is my husband!! Whats so bad about us?! Hurumph!

    Hes only 33?! Wow, I still have time!

  6. Your soulmate says:

    The boots do look comfortable…but I will buy him new boots 🙂

  7. CC says:

    And by the time he’s 43, he’ll still be wearing those boots!

  8. River says:

    Hey, at first I was kinda psyched to hear that someone famous shared my birthday.
    And then I proceeded to get dissed in the same article. Gee, thanks Kaiser!
    This would be one case where you probably shouldn’t have put in a ‘personal’ tidbit.

    But since you shared that the Geminis are drama queens, I’ll give you this: Pisces are cheaters, Aquarius are commit-maphobes, Scorpios are abusive and Leos don’t respect women. But why stop there? Italians are jerks, Germans are ugly, the French are rude and the British practice bad hygiene. Because I can generalize whole groups of people based on one person I’ve dated, too!
    (Disclaimer: None of this is actually how I feel, since I’m mature enough to know that you can’t base your opinion on a group of people based on one person, like saying “Geminis are the worst people to date.” Kaiser- please grow up and realize that this sort of thing is insulting. I’ve lost all respect for you, and I’m a usual reader).

  9. Kaiser says:

    Yeah… there’s definitely no Gemini drama on this thread. Thanks for proving my point, River!

    I actually meant Geminis are the worst people to date – for me. Because I’m an anal-retentive Virgo who can’t stand all of that f-cking drama and insanity that follows Geminis like a bad habit.

    And Leos do respect women. It’s Taurus men that have problems with women.

  10. Bodhi says:

    Aw… my hubs & I aren’t drama queens! We are awfully batty though… 🙂

  11. ChristinaT says:

    jeez, how can you take a comemnt about astrology so seriously? do you guys read the astrology section in your magazines and have a bad month or what? try not to take astrology so personally, it doesn’t deserve that much credibility… :/

  12. Lex says:

    I don’t know Kaiser, I’m a Virgo and I’m with River on this. Your statements were completely ridiculous. “I don’t like to think of him that way, but he might be’…..? Just because you’ve dated a drama queen that just happened to be a Gemini? That’s the most random stupidity I’ve read today.

  13. skilo says:

    He is so gorgeous! He also seems to be a very loving father to his son,which just makes him even more painfully attractive to me.:)

  14. River says:

    Because it’s clearly the Geminis fault for getting irked and causing “drama” when the Virgo says something stupid/inflamatory; as far as I’m concerned, the only person creating drama was the one who made an ignorant, sweeping statment.

    That would have been a perfect opportunity to fess up and apologize for alienating 1/12th of your readers,
    but you had to get your nasty little jibe in first, dear.

    I don’t believe in astrology because I don’t believe in fortune telling. However, I’m just annoyed with the fact that there are people out there who, in their bitterness, decide to alienate an entire group of people (race, religion, creed, sexuality, ethnicity, etc.). And while stereotyping through astrological sign isn’t the same as donning a KKK hood, it’s one step closer to it than I’d rather be.

    The defensive whining and the holier-than-thou attitude has to go.

  15. Jill says:

    I’m a Virgo married to a Gemini. (Quite happily) Let’s not lump all Virgo’s together either.

  16. Jill says:

    Deleted double post

  17. River says:

    Nope, not lumping all Virgos together(hence the use of the definite article, infering a specific Virgo).

  18. Feebee says:

    I married a Taurus and happy to report he’s very respectful of women and he doesn’t even have a sister. Brother is a gemini and I love him but man sometimes he is Hard Work. So Kaiser you may have a point.

    It’s all in good fun anyway, right kids?!

  19. yasmin says:

    Look people, take it easy. Every sign has their good + bad points and every sign is going to interpret those differently. But don’t take it all so seriously! Not everything comes from a place of hate, I think Kaiser meant it in an affectionate way.

    Anyway, Gemini’s are notorious for being fickle. And as a typical Gemini, I can verify that. Although, I think Leo’s are the sweetest, just don’t step on their pride!

    But you know what RIVER?? Celebrities are a type too… don’t mind alienating them do ya?

  20. yasmin says:

    AND telling someone ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE that their attitude has to go? How very holier than thou of you.

  21. Anya says:

    He treated Alicja to a day at a fancy Bel Air hotel for her birthday, you think she’d be with him on his birthday? I guess it fizzled out as fast. Glad he had his sister to hang out with. Claudine is a real gem!

  22. morgs says:

    Are Virgo/Gemini matches really that bad?

    I’m a Virgo dating a Gemini…

    Plus he looks damn hot in those photos!

  23. furrrball says:

    ha ha ha ha you guys r really crazy. the worst men to date are South African and all the starsigns with them are equally sh!t.

    lighten up, Kaiser had a tongue in cheek statement which is actually very funny. must be something in your water that side – i suggest filtering it!!!

    anyway the real subject at matter is I think it was nice of Collin to take out his sister for his bday. the family thing is good and not everybody gets to be that privileged. Im not – my brother is not down here with me. My sad – his loss!!!

  24. Yae says:

    Actually astrology is a metaphycial science that involves much more than your sun-sign. (which is what y’all are discussing). Sun sign is just basic natured traits that can be tempered, or exasperated based on where the other planets in our solar system were aligned at the moment of your first breath. So all geminis virgos are different ,etc. I don’t agree on all of it. But people using just ones Sun Sign as an indication of ones personality isn’t how it works 🙁

  25. Yae says:

    For example: You’ll not-often find a quiet Gemini. However their talent for gab can be used for gossip, drama, excellent salemanship, wacky comedy, creative hosts….or even given the other planets in their make-up, a soft compassionate, empathetic companion who is a neverending source of excellent conversation and verbal comfort.

  26. Serendipity says:

    I agree with River here. She made a good point- that making generalizations is a dangerous thing and will always end with someone getting hurt. As a Virgo myself, I think what Kaiser said was a little harsh and she owes people an apology, both from the article and the nasty comment made back at River.

    As for Yasmin- where did she start haranguing celebrities? I don’t think you actually read the whole feed before you started into attack mode. Why don’t you chill out with the passive aggressive CAPITAL LETTERS! Makes you look like a drama queen. lol.

  27. Jag says:

    I happily volunteer to take Colin out for his birthday next year. 😀

  28. I Choose Me says:

    “He’s a Gemini, which is like the worst astrological sign to date.”

    You take that back!!!! All of the geminis I know (including myself) are lovely people. So there. :’)

    Edit: Sorry you had a bad experience Kaiser but just so ya know my husband is a Virgo and we get along just fine.

  29. xploxite says:

    I don’t care about his boots, even with those boots Colin is so hotttttttt, so sexy with that hairdo just look at his gorgeous face & such a brilliant actor.