Emily Ratajkowski in Twinset & massive jewels in Cannes: lovely or tacky?

Emily Ratajkowski at the 'Ismael's Ghosts' screening and Opening Gala during the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Here are some more photos from the Cannes Film Festival’s opening night. It should speak volumes that two of the most “interesting” people on the red carpet were Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, I’m not even joking. Emily must be getting paid by a few different companies to show up in Cannes and wear certain things. She wore a Twinset slipdress on the red carpet, and this ginormous multi-jeweled necklace. I honestly don’t hate the way she put this together – the slipdress has a “blank slate” effect so that your eye is drawn to the necklace, which is how it should be a piece of jewelry that significant. As for what I don’t like… well, just guess. The baby bangs, my God. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?

70th Cannes Film Festival - Ismael's Ghosts - Opening Gala

70th Cannes Film Festival - Ismael's Ghosts - Gala Opening

Hailey Baldwin also wore a custom Twinset gown. I guess it was a two-for-one deal for thirsty models? Anyway, I hate this dress. It looks so cheap.

Marion Cotillard in Jean Paul Gaultier at her own premiere – I really dislike this. What’s worse is that I don’t’ think Marion likes it either. You can also see Charlotte Gainsbourg in Saint Laurent, plus actor Louis Garrel (the good-looking guy with dark hair).

Cannes Gala red carpet

70th Cannes Film Festival - Ismael's Ghosts - Opening Gala

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, WENN, Joe Alvarez/WENN, Getty.

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  1. Sarah says:

    That’s some nice jewelry around her neck.

  2. deevia says:

    Wow Emily looks GOOD like an Audrey Hepburn and Kim K pre-surgery matchup. Did she shorten her nose? There used to be not much space between the tip and her top lip.

    • tegteg says:

      Ahh you’re right! I knew something was a little different about her. She used to remind me of a rodent sometimes. The tip has definitely been shortened. She looks great here though, and dare I say that I like the bangs.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Audrey Hepburn was who I thought of too. I love Emily’s entire look- the hairstyle, the fancy necklace paired with the simple but elegant slip-like dress, and the way the make-up brings out the pretty amber tones in her eyes. Marion’s dress is cool.

    • Chaucer says:

      Emily looks so good. I’m dying over here. Even with the baby bangs!

    • Wonderbunny says:

      I like her, but I’m not overly fond of the Kylie Jenner school of makeup where women who are already beautiful use makeup that makes them look almost like dolls. It feels like such a waste of youth and beauty to hide all the gorgeous skin underneath. It’s too perfect, so the humanity and vulnerability are hidden. Something very beautiful is lost in that process.

      Of course she’s allowed to do what ever she wants and is not there to please me, but I just wanted to get that off my chest, because it bothers me 🙂 I like the French philosophy of just hiding the blemishes, adding a bit of color and then allowing your true self to shine. No need to attempt to be “perfect”.

  3. Michelle says:

    how can Charlotte G sit in that dress? it will ride up to her navel. Emily trying to do the jolie leg.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    Don’t like either of the first 2.
    Marion looks uncomfortable. Charlotte’s is too short.

  5. eXo says:

    Looks like The Cannes Film Festival is turning into The Met Gala with all those models.

  6. Nicole says:

    Ugh I don’t like any of these looks. Emily’s is the best but I don’t like the top half. So meh

  7. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    The only thing I like on both women are the shoes.

    I don’t care for Charlotte’s hair cut at all. It highlights the fact that she looks exhausted all the time.

  8. Louise177 says:

    Facially Emily looks pretty but I don’t like her dress. Maybe it’s too simple. Is Hailey a real model? It seems like she hangs out with them but I’ve never seen her do any ads or shows.

  9. Lightpurple says:

    Did Charlotte forget her skirt?

    Why is Emily at everything?

    • Karen says:

      Why Emily? Maybe modeling contract? Although I only know of dkny, so I don’t know there. Yacht parties?

      • Most likely ‘yatching’

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        ….And I’m sure you’d both say that if she were a male. That his being everywhere is proof that he’s ‘yatching.’
        It’s a shame that in the 21st century some grown-ass women are still in a place where the only way they can boost their own self-esteem and worth is by using ‘sexual purity’ to knock other women down a peg.

      • Kristen820 says:

        That escalated quickly…

      • AsIf says:

        yeah they were all on a yacht together – Emily, Bella and Hailey

    • Merritt says:

      I’m a little surprised that Emily and Bella are not being uninvited from events given their role in promoting Fyre Festival.

  10. astrid says:

    Mmmm Louis

  11. littlemissnaughty says:

    Emily looks great, I love the whole look including bangs but why is she there? And why does she look miles better than Marion or Charlotte? That’s not right!

  12. bucketbot says:

    Emily Ratakojawski’s necklace is one ugly piece. It has rubies, emerald, (those pearly beads), and some assorted colourful things, and would be good to wear at the fair, if it weren’t so expensive, that is. I have never liked the trend of mixing too many different kinds of stones together. It becomes a mess, like this. ugh.
    P.S. Emily’s skin looks radiant though.

  13. LizLemonGotMarried says:

    *sigh* when I saw “Twinset” I read it as “a twinset.” I should probably get out more. I seriously scrolled down expecting Emily in some sort of weird cardigan set with a ballgown style skirt and I was trying to figure out how that was going to work with the jewelry and the carpet…

  14. Merritt says:

    A lot of bad fashion. Emily always looks dead in the eyes. Those bangs are awful.

  15. Jess says:

    Why are Bella and Emily even there? Clearly not to promote movies. I bet they get paid a lot to “hang out” with rich men on yachts.

    • ell says:

      it’s modelling contracts.

      and while i’m not a fan of either of them (especially emily, she’s unbearable), this isn’t a very nice insinuation.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        To misogynists, if a woman is attractive and has any level of fame or success, it means old rich dudes are paying her for sex. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Jess (as well as Karen and AlexadiorWang upthread at number 9) were all 53-percenters, but unfortunately ‘librul womyn’ can be just as complicit as the type of women they like to pat themselves on the back for being more progressive than.

      • Bridget says:

        Are you guys not familiar with Cannes? The festival is notorious for bringing young models and other women for the yacht parties. It’s a pretty common practice. Does that mean Emily is doing it? Not necessarily. But is it a thing? Oh yes.

      • ell says:

        the implication was another.

    • teacakes says:

      Bella is the daughter of a billionaire, I very much doubt she needs to make money by “yachting”.

  16. Nicole says:

    God, get over the bangs. It’s tedious and she looks great, lots of women look great with bangs.

    • Stella Alpina says:

      Yeah, I don’t understand her constant issue with bangs. Sometimes they help minimize a high forehead. Sometimes they don’t work with certain faces. Emily’s hair looks okay to me.

      Gowns made of satin wrinkle easily and often appear cheap. And I’m so tired of slipdresses and “underwear as outerwear” fashion. Emily looks like she’s half-dressed.

    • Ksenia says:

      Yes, lots of women look BETTER w bangs than w/out them–the vapid Emily-whatshername included. If bangs don’t look good on you, or you don’t like them, that’s fine, but why act like they’re some sort of curse on all women universally? Please.

      • Stella Alpina says:

        I agree. Bangs that are sideswept or straight down can make a man or a woman look younger. When hair is brushed back completely off the forehead, it can make you look severe.

  17. smee says:

    The slit in Emily’s dress is weirdly cut. I get the juxtaposition of the slip dress with the massive jewels, but it looks very unfinished to me. And she looks better with her hair down.

    Might as well just show up nude in high heels with a lot of jewelry on rather than wearing such ugly dresses (all of them).

    Cannes is too much of a Female Repro Bits on Parade event for my taste.

    • G says:

      For me, Emily’s look would have worked better if she had toned down the posing. I don’t think I’ve ever just seen her look elegant, actually — she always seems to go for Smouldering Sex Appeal. Which is fine! But then actively trying to Be Sexy, and piling poses on top of sideboob and slits-up-to-here, just pushes it over-the-top (imo). She could try trusting that she’s sexy, rather than working so hard to convince us.

  18. cleveland girl says:

    That Charlotte lady looks horrible. She looks like she just rolled out of bed and put on the dress that was crumpled up on the floor from the night before. NOT attractive.
    Plus that it looks like she can barely stand on her own two feet without being supported.

  19. elephant says:

    Marion looks like she cant move and Charlotte forgot to wear pants.

  20. Melissa says:

    Thank you for the pictures of Louis Garrel! You made my day. I love him.

  21. Lucy says:

    LOUIS GARREL. Such hot, many attractive, wow.

  22. Kitten says:

    Emily has an awesome body but I wouldn’t trade my legs for hers.
    Just saying. Boobs I would happily trade though.

    Her dress is nice, if a bit boring.

    • Lucy says:

      what’s wrong with her legs?? she looks fantastic!

      • Shijel says:

        It’s not her legs. Emily has a long torso which makes her legs look shorter in comparison. I have the same body type, normal length legs, but a long torso. And apparently it’s considered undesirable.

        i used to feel so insecure about it (and for a good reason as it turns out, people genuinely don’t like it. alessandra ambrosio, the VS model has it too and she gets lots of snide comments for it). but what can you do.

        emily looks great in here. the posing’s awkward, but that slinky dress looks beautiful on her and works with her skin.

      • Kitten says:

        Nothing is “wrong” with them, I just like mine better.
        Is that allowed or…?

        Mine are really toned and my calves are pretty bomb from running 50 miles a week. Hers are fine, but I prefer the strong aesthetic of mine.


        @Shijel-Please I would kill for a long torso.

      • Snowflake says:

        I have a long torso and I love it. I think it makes me look thinner because I look taller. I’ve never had anybody say anything negative about it. Not that I care anymore. When I was fat, I had people”hinting” that I needed to lose weight. Not that I’ve lost weight, I’ve had one guy tell me I got too skinny. Every single time I lose weight, I hear I’m too skinny. And I’m still 15 pounds over where I should be based on bmi, so I am not underweight. Why do people think it’s so acceptable to comment on a woman’s body? Ok, my rant is over. But I know you guys know what I’m talking about. I’m sure I’m not the only one

      • Sassafras says:

        @Shijel and anyone else who may be interested: I think long torsos give the person such a great line. I’ve noticed that many people who have long torsos also have long necks. IIRC Paulina Porizkova had a long torso and legs that weren’t that super-long (of course they were long anyway because she’s tall, but in relation to her torso they weren’t long)–her beautiful torso seemed unusual and helped make her stand out. And people have always raved about Ava Gardner’s body, but in looking at old pics of her, I’ve noticed she had a long torso and “normal” (i.e., not long) legs.

    • lala says:

      I’m busty and short-waisted. I wish I had a longer torso! my boobs take up all my torso real estate so I land up looking heavier than I am. Oh well, I have the body I have, and it’s not all bad 🙂

  23. Neelyo says:

    Based on the photo above, Hailey Baldwin has no right to call herself a model.

  24. Vizia says:

    I was watching a clip of Marion and CG during this red carpet–both of them look like they’re forcing themselves to smile. In fact, no one from that film looked happy on the carpet. No idea why, just something I noticed.

  25. Bridget says:

    Who wears a satin slip dress to Cannes? Hard Pass.

  26. Sarah B says:


  27. tracking says:

    Guess I’m in the minority, but I like Marion’s Gaultier (the shoes are awful).

    • bella says:

      Why is no one talking about those horrible shoes! Worst ever. I think Emily looks wonderful and I love Charlotte’s YSL. I think YSL has been killing it lately and is so much better than Gucci. Can’t stand all those prints by Gucci.

  28. Frigga says:

    Emily’s face looks different for sure. Her jewelry is nice, but as usual, she looks cheap and out of place. So does Hailey. This newer generation of models brings down the standard of class at all events. Sad.

  29. Bliss 51 says:

    I saw a picture of Cotillard seated in the theater. It looked like the corset rode up as she sat down.

  30. Lana 234 says:

    I usually like what Marion Cotillard wears when she shows up on a red carpet in this dress she looks really uncomfortable. I don’t like Emily ratajkowski’s fringe it’s gross. The dress is ok and the necklace is alright. Bella hadid’s dress is shit.

  31. Zaratustra says:

    Hailey Baldwin’s dress is okay for summery Cannes. Her mime and her hair dye though ruin the design of the dress and make it look cheap. Imagine Fan Bing Bing in that dress.

    Emily’s bangs look cute. It gives her some kind of Holly-Golightly-Audrey-Hepburn touch above the shoulders. It is a pity that Emily emphasies her sex appeal too much (the dress). As a whole she looks a bit tacky. Had she covered up a bit more she would have hit the Audrey look on the head 😉
    I think that Emily is appearing to sell herself too much like an adult movie “actress” instead of selling herself as a serious and (somewhat) talented actress. I am describing her pr and her style and her brand. Of course she can wear whatever she likes. But her style does create an impression that might not support a romantic comedy acting brand let alone a more serious acting brand. I do admit that girls with some “balcony” have a more difficult time to not look too sexy. The flat chested girl can get away with very low cut dresses without looking over-sexed. Not so for busty girls.

  32. teacakes says:

    Emily whatever’s necklace looks like the worst of Indian bridal jewellery (the gem overkill and the pendant design really remind me of stuff I used to see at Indian weddings – wonder if this really is by an Indian jeweller ?)

  33. kri says:

    I think Emily got her implants removed.

  34. Clairej says:

    Emily always looks to me like she has had a bunch of teeth removed to enhance cheekbones. She is bizarre when she talks. Think she is more attractive in stills than on the move. Best she has looked to me was in the Blurred Lines video.

  35. Blonde555 says:

    That dress on Charlotte is WAY TOO SHORT. Imagine the view from the back?? Horrible horrible.

  36. raincoaster says:

    Charlotte is like the platonic ideal of the YSL woman; musician, born famous and rich, lives an artistic, impulsive life full of neuroses and substances and glamour and Great Art and does it all in Paris couture, even her jean jackets.

    I like the dress, but it’s yes, far too short. And I LOVE her haircut. Hmmmm, going to take a picture of her to my stylist next time.

  37. Achoo! says:

    You must seek treatment for your bangs phobia Kaiser, that is a great hairdo for her.