Melania Trump ‘swatted away’ her husband’s hand when he reached for her

I’ve never been on the “Free Melania Trump” bandwagon. She’s a big girl and she knows what she’s doing. Do I think she’s stuck in a lousy situation? Sure. Do I think her husband makes her miserable? Absolutely. Do I think she really signed on to be First Lady? Of course not. But all of those things don’t necessarily make her sympathetic, even if she literally looked like she was about to cry during the inauguration.

So, Melania has joined Donald Trump on his nine-day overseas trip. They were in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, which was a total sh-tshow, and now they’re in Israel. This video of their interaction on the tarmac in Tel Aviv is going viral though – it appears Emperor Bigly reached for Melania’s hand and she swatted him away:

Personally, I don’t think this is as awful as that “Melania almost crying at the inauguration” one. It’s not even as funny as Melania nudging Bigly on Easter to get him to put his hand on his heart during the National Anthem. This is just sort of… husband and wife sh-t. She obviously doesn’t give a crap and he was the one trying to make a show out of holding her hand and she wasn’t playing that game.

Meanwhile, Baby Fists has only been traveling for less than three days and the poor baby is already exhausted! He’s so low-energy, you guys. He doesn’t have the stamina to be president. The reporters following this sh-tshow apparently asked the White House officials why Trump’s schedule changed last minute (he didn’t show up at one of the events in Saudi Arabia) and the official said Trump is “just an exhausted guy.”

Also, no one knows why Trump had to touch this orb?

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  1. minx says:

    We were watching that snippet here at work. What I noticed even more than the hand swat–she goes out of her way to veer away from him, even walking off of the red carpet. She doesn’t want to be near him. Look at the other couple walking and then look at the Trumps. LOL!

    • Megan says:

      She is trying to avoid catching cooties.

    • Suzanne says:

      No that’s not the way it happened…or should I say WHY it happened. According to a report I read elsewhere, certainly not left leaning AOL….she was directed to go left…while he was to go right…that’s why she didn’t accept his hand holding gesture. Besides…what’s the BIG DAMNED DEAL if she didn’t want to hold his hand? Stop reading negativity into EVERY DAMNED MOVE these two make. ENOUGH ALREADY. Go focus your energy where it might do some good!

      • Mieke says:

        What the cooties is your problem? They dislike each other and can’t even, for the sake of holding up appearances, be near each other without looking awkward in any way. She can’t even get herself to live in the same residence as he does. And it’s biiiig. You could live there and not see each other for days.

      • Lafawnda says:

        I agree, Suzanne. Lot’s of free time around here to obsess over nothing. Although, I do get a kick out of these comments.

      • B n A fn says:

        I believe you are a very nice person. Why is this story so upsetting to you. Most of the fans were just having fun because most of us have been going through a very stressful time since the night of the election. I will take the liberty that you are a #45 fan, but you have to admit it was funny to see FLOTUS swatting away POTUS little hand. This reminds me of Inauguration Day when he was facing FLOTUS, talking to her, and as soon as he turned away her face melted. You maybe their fan, however, to some of us, it would appears she can’t stand him, jmo.

        Btw, there are more news coming out that #45 asked two intel chiefs to dispute FBI Russian investigation. The plot thickens.

        Chris Christie says he warned #45 on more than one occasion not to hire Flynn, he also says that he cannot understand why DT gave him a job or why he was ever in the White House.

      • Ange says:

        Well I like my husband and if he wanted to hold my hand I would at least give it a quick squeeze before we headed off in different directions. I certainly would never slap it away!

      • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

        I’m still chuckling over ‘left leaning AOL.’

      • wolfpup says:

        Sorry, Suzanne, but obviously M. doesn’t like him very much, even in a squat – REALLY? are you going to think up ideas as to why this is not obvious? That is, would you go to bed with him? Most of us would not go to bed with him for money? – but how much??? – and under what circumstances? That he is paying her – is true. Sure, I would give it up for a million. Good money, for a handshake. However, I would not want that man to even touch me! It would cost a lot, but a handshake costs little, and dignity is invaluable! He treats her like a jerk – no woman would ever fall behind him, over and over, without pay – would you?. Period – end of story! If she didn’t want him to touch her, THAN GO GIRL!!! He probably troubles and hurts her for this tiny indignity of her body. SCREAM!!!!

        A REAL question- do you put your father on a registry, and embarrass your mother because he sexually assaulted your little 8-year-old girl?

      • Amy says:

        LOL anyone NOT seeing something is seriously amiss in their marriage is concerning!

      • Booboochile says:

        Damn…..Suzanne is maaaaaad…lol. Stop making fun of Mrs Bigly you guys! I mean dang!

      • Antonym says:

        @wolfpup – YES, yes you do. That’s the kind of thing a mother would understand and support.

    • teehee says:

      I am on the side of official/duties. I would react that way also if I were trying to tell someone to focus more on teh task at hand rather than me/something else. Ie ‘*swat* look forward at the people you have to shake the hands of, dont be distracted by me behind you’– thats how I read her body language or at least thats how I would use it.

    • Taxi says:

      He should have offered her a hand, or an arm, on the stairs from the plane. That would have been courteous.

    • wolfpup says:

      How much would you charge for a toad to touch you, and when would that not be enough? A swat is nothing compared to the stuffed feelings of bearing such a touch of ownership.

      DT is never courteous to Melania – he gets off on being better than everyone else – including his wife – and it’s obvious.

      I would charge millions!!! There is no grosser man than DT – Is there ANY woman who would actually DO him without great amounts of money? Melania does the entire world a disservice by hiding the truth EVERY woman sees. Would that change because of being called a Miss America?. EWH – he is a toad? Does he expect us to think differently, because of his model-wife? Please, he is so disgusting to Every Woman.

  2. Anna nuttall says:

    I don’t blame her! Urgh I wouldn’t want to hold his hand either. Just a quick question, does Melania do any FLOUS duties? We always heard about the good thing Michelle was doing throughout her time as FL but it dead quiet when it come Melania.

    • Lightpurple says:

      No. The FLOTUS is responsible for working with The White House staff to run the The White House and there have been problems because she isn’t doing any of the work. It was closed to tours for weeks after he took office because those are the responsibility of the First Lady. The Easter Egg Roll wasn’t planned until almost the last minute because that’s her job too and as a result, it was much, much smaller with fewer activities and fewer prizes for the kids. She isn’t there and she really doesn’t seem to care.

    • B n A fn says:

      The gossip last year was, he is having an affair with that woman Hope Hicks that works with him in his office. Who knows, but if true she’s still working for him, FLOTUS KNOWS.

  3. Chef Grace says:

    The orb. They all look evil gathered around it.
    As for her swatting tiny hand away, hell I would too.

  4. lassie says:

    She looks like his nurse.

  5. anniefannie says:

    I could be wrong but I’m fairly certain that they separate the men and the woman during the prayer portion so I think Melania was more on the ball and let her husband know….no idiot,
    now we go our separate ways.
    When they get to Europe it will be a full on shit show….

  6. Indira says:

    She’s always been disgusted and embarrassed by her husband, it’s just on full display now.

  7. Who ARE These People? says:

    Shallow this may be but I would love discussion of her tour fashion. That black mumu with the big gold buckle? It looked like she got out of the plane with her seat belt on.

    This white outfit: again with the belt buckle. What’s up with that?

    Also, the bottom photo with the hooded priest: Look at these people. This is some Torquemada-level f**kery.

  8. Olenna says:

    Yes, it is a shit show. For the next 42 months, it will be a never ending dump and flush of drumpf f*ck ups and evil deeds orchestrated by his administration to dismantle our democracy.

  9. Aims says:

    Let’s be honest here. They don’t have a loving marriage . She knew exactly who she was marrying . This isn’t a partnership like the Obama’s .

  10. Arock says:

    She’s really leaning into the “dictators wife ” look.

  11. Merritt says:

    There are other similar instances where they have awkward hand holding.

    Nothing says virile like a guy who has a wife who is disgusted by him. I don’t feel bad for her since she chose to marry him.

  12. Giddy says:

    Usually they aren’t even in the same town, and on this trip she has to share his bedroom. I don’t imagine that are a couple who closes the door at the end of the day and shares their thoughts over a glass of wine. No, he probably criticizes her mercilessly, then yells about other real or imagined slights. She probably locks herself in the bathroom with that wine until she is sure he is asleep.

  13. Lightpurple says:

    While he was speaking, she looked positively ill.

    And what’s up with Princess Nagini’s get up today? She looks like she’s dressed for the funeral of a silly hat designer.

  14. MostlyMegan says:

    Hey Melania, why do you stay?

    • B n A fn says:

      “…, why do you stay?” Money, and prestige.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Agree, I think she would lose Barron and that is a deal breaker for her, as with most people. I’m not president of the Poor Melania fan club, but I do feel for her as I would walk through fire for my kids.

      • Cynical Ann says:

        Why in the world would you think she’d lose Barron?? It’s not like he wants to be responsible for him. She would absolutely get custody.

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Clearly Cynical Ann has not heard of pre nups (especially in marriages such as those!) and custodial fights, much less ever met with a divorce attorney. And she must thing Donald is a kind, nonsociopath human that wouldn’t throw Melania under the bus if she tried to leave.

        I envy your naïveté Cynical Ann.

      • swak says:

        @Adele, but how much did he really raise his other children. Marla took Tiffany away. Ivana raised her three and she has even said so in interviews. To me, until Barron reaches an age where he is useful to Donald, I doubt there is much interaction between the two of them.

      • Cynical Ann says:

        Her prenup is about money not her child. In what universe has he EVER been interested in his children other than Ivanka?? Marla raised Tiffany in California and she barely saw her father. There is no way that 70 year old is interested in raising a child. He doesn’t spend time with him now-there’s no effing way he wants to deal with him in the day to day.

      • jwoolman says:

        Trump is not interested in raising the boy, but he is vindictive and getting more so with age. If Melania makes a move toward divorce without him giving the order, there is a chance that he will try to take the child for that reason. Even joint custody would be a nightmare for both mother and son.

        The man is staying married for political reasons. It is not far-fetched to think that there is a chance he would insist on custody for political reasons. She has to walk carefully on this. This is why I don’t think she is staying in NYC as her own decision. If he wants her in DC, she will go. She may benefit greatly from being far far away from him and may or may not be using her child’s school needs as a rationale. But Donald would tell her to come to D.C. If he actually wanted her around. He only sends the order when he feels the need for a sham appearance of marriage, such as for this trip.

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Thank you jwoolman! My sentiments EXACTLY.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      She stays because he is a nasty vengeful sociopath who only cares about how he appears. He doesn’t love her or respect her and most likely treats her like dirt. However, a third divorce would mess with his ego and studly self image. Plus he probably likes the idea of her having to care for him when he’s ancient.

      • Elsa says:

        You’re right she should just stay a “prisoner” forever because it’s not like she lives in america and can get divorced, America where women have rights, especially as former first ladies, no poor victim Melania is stuck for the rest of her life with donald to spend his money and is forced to live in a golden tower all alone with her son and her parents who live in the same building and see her everyday.
        You guys are so stupid the way you infantilize this woman. It really is pathetic.
        Yeah because it’s not like rich white women have ever gotten custody of their kids plus a juicy payoff. Spare me.

  15. Teebee says:

    Love it! You can see the Don notice Netanyahu holding his wife’s hand, so he goes for Melania, and she denies him! Doesn’t occur naturally to him, and yet she is so over him she won’t indulge his show of “Team Trump”.

    I despise this administration, but gotta give props to Melania for not always doing what’s expected.

    You just know any media attention that tarnishes his image further incenses him. I wonder if he gives her hell, not that she cares.

  16. Bobbysue says:

    The Trumpet Spinmeisters had a heartwarming tale of the great extent of Melania’s love for her ma-yun. It appears that she scans all news every day to cull specific stories which in her estimation make poor Donald look particularly not bigly. I wasn’t clear on whether she brought these to his attention and keeps his List of Names, or if she tries to shield him from such negativity. It went on to remind us of her superior intellectual functioning and she speaks five languages. FAKE . FAKE . FAKE . FAKE . FAKE . Fake news I say. They do not appear to have had any communications other than how much when and where since commencement of this farcical.

    • Nanny to the Rescue says:

      She doesn’t speak five languages. Both her English and her Slovenian are bad so I’m not holding my breath for the other three.

      • Bobbysue says:

        Yeah, if true, we hope she has a better grasp on the other languages than she does Zee Engleesh.

      • M4lificent says:

        Isn’t Slovenian her native language? Or does she just speak it poorly for a native speaker?

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        How bad is her Slovenian?
        There are people who have problems speaking their native language if they live abroad for extended periods of time and don’t get to speak it very often. Their accent gets messed up as well.

      • Malika says:

        I actually don’t think her English is all that bad, judging on the few interviews I have seen. Does she have a thick accent? Absolutely. But not everyone has the gift of mastering the accent. I speak my third language almost daily at work, and everyone comments immediately on the fact that I have an accent. But it doesn’t stop me from being being understood.

        Her subdued posture when she went down the escalator after election night and being led around the White House reminded me of the attitude i have when i have to fill in my yearly tax return. I didn’t expect her to embrace the role with fervour, but her minimal effort towards the role continues to astound me.

        The swatting the hand away and being able to get away with it surprises me. I would think that part of her contract is playing the role of dutiful wife. It almost makes me wonder how many receipts of The Donald she has in order to having the relative freedom she has within this setup (not moving to the White House, Cherry-picking First Lady duties, all round NGAFness).

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        Slovenian’s her native tongue, yea.

        I only heard her speak it once years ago, in some interview about her success. She sounded like she wasn’t native, also had an accent (not one a native from Sevnica would have). At that time I thought she forgot the language because she’s been speaking English for so long, so I was very surprised when I heard her English isn’t all that great either. Perhaps that’s just the way she always talks, I don’t know? I wish I’d find the interview again because I wonder how good my memory is.

        Dunno why but I do kinda have a soft spot for her otherwise. She made her bed alright, but she looks like she’s the happiest when not around him, which makes her feel so human (unlike him). :D

      • Trillion says:

        for how long she’s been living in the US, I judge her English as pretty poor. I also highly doubt she speaks “5 languages fluently”. That’s some serious resume padding. I know this because when I pad my resume, I say I speak 5 languages but in reality, I’ve STUDIED 5 languages but only speak 3 fluently.

    • jwoolman says:

      That story sounded really odd to me also. He might have someone doing that for him, but it’s so unlikely that it’s Melania. Possibly Ivanka, or just an assistant with or without Ivanka. Sounds as though someone is trying to paint Melania as a loving dutiful wife who will do anything to help Donald. The negative stories must be getting to them.

    • jwoolman says:

      (Deleted because it was tossed into the wrong thread, don’t know why)

  17. Gina says:

    Sadly what I think she’s really pissed about is she hasn’t found a way to capitalize on being “first lady” yet. Precious daughter was just given some ridiculous sum by the Saudi’s and I’m sure there was plenty of “behind closed doors” conversations about how the Saudi’s will help Dumps biz. She’s mad she’s yet to make any money yet. She’s looking for her payday, that’s all. I”m sure if she got a nice little nest egg she’d bolt from the relationship which I’m guessing is her end game at this point.

    • agnes says:

      But everybody knows, that Princess Nagini is TheOrangeOne’s Number One (besides himself, of course). Why would anybody try to bribe Melanoma?
      She will have to save some of her pin-money. So sad!

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      I honestly don’t think that’s it at all. They had a certain arrangement that worked for them for more than a decade. Then he decides to do another off the wall PR stunt (likely without even checking with her) and now she’s in one of the last positions she could have imagined. I think she’s well aware of its a sh*t show and that history will not look kindly on anyone involved in this fiasco. I think Melania is over it (especially since had no say in being in it) and is simply trying to limit the fallout for herself and her son.

      • Elsa says:

        I wish you guys would stop saying this as if it is true. She already said she expected him to win during the campaigning during more than one interview and was happy about it.
        and good lord she lives in America, what say does she not have?? Fucking hell man the way you guys talk about her you’d think she lives in Saudi arabia and is living some variation of “not without my daughter”.
        She can leave anytime!!

  18. jwoolman says:

    The weird glowing globe pic was for the opening ceremony for the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology, which is funny if you think about Trump and his Vice President and his staff like Bannon and Miller. Extremists galore in the White House.

    But doesn’t it look like the boys are pledging “no girls allowed”?

  19. B n A fn says:

    Bty, Flynn just told the senate he will not testify or turned over notes, he’s going to take the 5th. It’s getting hot, hot, hot!!

  20. Beth says:

    He always walks a few steps in front of her like he forgot her, he’s almost shut the car door on her, and he’s the most embarrassing laughingstock in the world. I’d smack and shove him if he tried to touch me

  21. bonobochick says:

    I’m mixed on this cause I appreciate her attempts to physically distance herself from him but I also recall her enabling his birther movement BS.


    • ClaraBelle says:

      I heard her promoting that stupid theory too and I think she is wretched. I’m not torn at all, but it is fun to watch her swat him away and give menacing hateful glances behind his back! They are both despicable in different ways and they deserve each other.

    • jwoolman says:

      We won’t really know what Melania thinks about anything until her son is an adult and out of reach for his orange father’s vengeance, and any money she collects from her ex is safely set in stone legally. Right now she’s in a rather precarious position. She’s not going to say anything unapproved by Donald. He went after his first ex-wife when she wrote a book that had some things in it that he didn’t like and in particular when she said something in an interview (he might not have noticed the book itself, not being a reader). She shut up quickly. The guy is quite willing and able to grind people down by throwing lawyers at them.

      It’s obvious that Melania actually likes and respects the Obamas, though.

  22. AG-UK says:

    He is ONE grumpy a…s looking man. Good Lord turned down lips ughghghghgh

  23. Bobbysue says:

    Had such female impertinence been on display for the Saudis, what oh what would have come of it? They’d probably still be trying to get out of there!

  24. He married her because she was young and beautiful and she married him because he’s rich. They are equally horrible and in that way perfect for each other. I know some people might feel sorry for her, but I don’t. She made her bed

  25. Scal says:

    Did anyone see the gifs/video of his smug face during the sword dance in Saudi Arabia?
    ‘This is awesome! I’m awesome and they love me!’

    Barf city

  26. Lightpurple says:

    I can’t. I just can’t. He just confirmed he gave Israeli intel to the Russians while claiming he didn’t give Israeli intel to the Russians.

    • The Original Mia says:

      I facepalmed so hard I left a handprint. He’s an idiot.

    • Bootsie says:

      Not really related to your point but I just had to share this. Info Wars have been given White House credentials. Info Wars. The conspiracy website. FFS. I’m starting to think we deserve whatever is coming to us when global warming really starts to kick in…except people like Trump, Bannon and Mercer et al will have the money to survive probably.

      • jwoolman says:

        The regular press really needs to stop going to the fakey press conferences. Let Fox News, Breitbart, and InfoWars (!) be the only ones in the room. They get more info from Donald’s tweets anyway. It’s just keeping up the pretense of normality to attend.

        Unless of course they find it too amusjng to stop…

  27. The Original Mia says:

    If this media type on twitter is to be believed, they had signed divorce papers, but he won the election so she is stuck playing the dutiful wife.

  28. Gina says:

    Hi Celebitches,

    Chipping in with my 2 cents worth here. As it is in Saudi Arabia, it is also frowned upon in Israel to display PDA, SPECIFICALLY as in Ivanka and Jared holding hands in Saudi. :’( Whelp…I nearly plotzed when I saw that. So disrespectful. Ivanka should know better (as an Orthodox Jew)

    In this case, I think Melania did the right thing in terms of ettiquete by not holding Drumpfs hand.

    Have a good week y’all

    • Stella_9 says:

      Exactly Gina, that was respecting the hosting country and not “omg she hates him”. Now for the other two holding hands in Saudi I have no words… It’s barely tolerable where I live, in Dubai which is the most progressive place in the gulf. And they did that in the most conservative country in the world! I was left speechless!

    • B n A fn says:

      That was in Israel this morning.

      • Gina says:

        Hello B n A f N

        Perhaps I could have been a bit clearer, my apologies.

        You are absolutely correct, yes this was Israel this morning. I have been following the entire tour with much interest.

        I merely wanted to comment and say that:

        In most Middle Eastern countries, in Israel, and most definitely in Saudi, public displays of affection, such as holding hands is quite strictly frowned upon.

        Which is why I was so shocked to see Ivanka grasping Jared’s hand in Saudi upon their arrival. And why I believe Melania was following protocol and as SusanneToo points out ‘respecting the host country’ this morning when they landed in Israel and she brushed Trumps’ hand away, I am very much aware this was taken in Israel, but thank you for pointing it out :)

    • jwoolman says:

      Your interpretation is more likely right. She has gone along with the hand-holding in the past. She was probably signaling to him “not now, remember?” He was probably told that but forgot. I don’t think Melania likes him, but I also don’t think she tries to humiliate him in public.

    • Iknowwhatboyslike says:

      But the Prime Minister of Israel is holding hands with his wife. Melania and Trump are neophytes to how the closely they’re watched by the media. I’m sure she thought she was brushing him off covertly, but underestimated the intense scrutiny that is on them at all times.

  29. Keri says:

    We just need Austen Powers in that orb photo and it will look more authentic

  30. Lime says:

    She’s still annoyed at him for running just to get better pay for The Apprentice, as he did (successfully) in 2008. This time it backfired and not only does Melania have to move to DC, the whole world has to put up with an orange POTUS. Looks like the military is overriding the POTUS on foreign policy anyway, so maybe we’re not so doomed.

    • jwoolman says:

      I have mixed feelings about the military influence on him. On the one hand, I hope they do what they did for Nixon in his full-blown paranoia stage and Reagan as he drifted into Alzheimer’s, and make it impossible for him to actually order the start of WWIII at 3am some morning when he’s mad at somebody and tweeting isn’t enough to give him emotional release.

      But the military has the ability to do a lot of damage if they are the ones making decisions rather than having to deal with the frustrations of a civilian Commander in Chief. All they have to do is be the last ones to talk with him, and he willingly goes along with what they want. It’s easy for them to be the last influence on him because they can claim urgency and deal with him after staff has gone home. It’s not that the military are evil, but they’ve been trained to think in certain ways. The lure of wanting to show what they can do and to use all the equipment they have and prove they need that obscenely huge military budget is very strong. They are not thinking in terms of alternative approaches not involving military action. The only real constraint is that they see how bad his judgment is after the fact and have already been locked into actions that did not turn out well and know Trump will throw them under the bus in face of any criticism.

      In other words, we have a President who is easily distracted by bright and shiny things like bombs and missiles plus the ability of the military to have undue influence on what he orders next. This could easily get us into even more trouble and make it easier for us to end up with multiple endless wars. Once a stupid war is started, it is really hard to shut down. Look at Afghanistan. We’re still there after how many years?!? And Trump has authorized more troops down that infamous black hole. Why anyone would think we could “fix” or “control” Afghanistan is beyond me. It flies against every bit of history and common sense.

      We are always told that military action in country X will be limited, that we are there as advisers and helping to train the locals, and then before we know it – there’s a draft and we’re escalating into full-blown direct war. The extent of US military activity and the Middle East and nearby areas is very dangerous. Our government, regardless of who is President, has a poor record of keeping to very limited goals. Now we have a President who is willfully ignorant and has no clear goals all, and lumbers from one impulse to the next. And waiting in the wings is President Pence, who may be more clear headed but is also driven by religious beliefs welcoming conflict in the Middle East as a sign of the Second Coming.

      • Vernie says:

        Couldn’t agree more, although your last sentence is absolutely terrifying to consider.

      • jwoolman says:

        Vernie- we actually had a similar situation with Reagan, who was more of a casual pre-millennialist but he put a lot of more serious ones into high positions, including among his close advisors and Cabinet. The Secretary of the Interior was a pre-millennialist and couldn’t understand why selling off public lands was not necessarily a good thing because he infamously said we don’t know how long we have before the Second Coming. That caused quite a controversy. The idea apparently is make profit while we can before the Rapture, I guess. It’s a curious mix with the Prosperity Gospel.

        It just seems so risky to let people with such beliefs anywhere near Middle East policy, it seems like a huge conflict of interest.

      • Lime says:

        “ability of the military to have undue influence on what he orders next”

        In most cases I’d think this a terrible thing. But Trump has access to the nuclear codes and he’s the one exception, which means he proves the i-m industrial complex’s commonly cited raison d’être that citizens can’t be trusted to elect good leaders and they’re the ones who can safeguard the country.

        The intelligence-military industrial complex, with its private-sector-and-government revolving doors, loves hawkish candidates and does what it can do sell/pressure intervention and wars to presidents. Obama’s recent comments about resisting bombing Syria requiring political courage was interesting because I think he might have also meant courage to resist the intelligence-military community’s advice. (See JFK and the Unspeakable.)

        So in short, even though the intelligence-military complex has self-interest in starting and prolonging wars (massive money and massive power), I’m glad it’s there to keep the Orange, who has little self-control, in check when it comes to nuclear weapons.

        As for breaking up the intelligence-military industrial complex (which I think goes more to your excellent points about wars, jwool), highly recommend JFK and the Unspeakable (one of the saddest books ever written) to find out what happens when a president, elected by the people of the US, tries to do just that. The Rolling Stone article by Robert Kennedy Jr on the book is a quicker read that gives you an overview of the book’s theme.

        Also the New York Times had an article last year about Hillary Clinton’s Libya campaign (Smart Power and a Dictator’s Fall) and the article gives insights into why politicians might be tempted to be hawkish – they actually think they’re fixing things but the variables are just too great with regime changes and shifts to democracy have to come within. The destabilization of the Middle East maybe started when the Republicans in power reacted badly to 911 and opened the floodgates to the intelligence-military industrial complex to do what it wanted in the Middle East, and the ongoing wars likely seeded and will continue to seed extremism around the world for decades.

  31. Gippy says:

    A good president will have stamina, but it’s not the necessarily the only requirement. I wouldn’t give to SH – TS if there was intellect he could bring to the position. But since there’s not, it’s just another black mark against this vile, lazy, orange man.

  32. Baltimom says:

    Go, Melanie! Smack that baby fist! You guys don’t sleep together so why should you hold hands? Would’ve loved to see/hear how they spent the flight. My guess is no mile high action for him.

  33. Harryg says:

    The first time I like her.

  34. moo says:

    remember when he dropped her hand like it was a POS?? yeah… payback is a bitch! I bet she’s done with this sh*tshow.