Lindsay Lohan reemerged for the Cannes amfAR gala: messy or fine?

70th Cannes Film Festival - amfAR's Cinema against AIDS Gala - Arrivals

As we discussed this week, Lindsay Lohan has been in Cannes for the film festival. The Cracken doesn’t have any projects to promote, but she’s still meeting with Netflix about some shady-sounding “TV show” which she will write, produce and star in. Something about Russian princesses and the oligarchs and she’ll probably need Netflix to finance all of her “research trips” to Moscow. Lindsay stuck around Cannes to attend the amfAR gala. You guys, this is seriously what she looks like these days. HER NOSE. Those inflated cheeks! My God.

Cannes amfAR arrivals Eden Roc

70th Cannes Film Festival - amfAR's Cinema against AIDS Gala - Arrivals

I feel a little bit guilty for throwing Uma Thurman in here right after Lohan, but here you go. I actually don’t hate Uma’s Armani look at all. I like the matching “tie” too.

70th Cannes Film Festival - amfAR's Cinema against AIDS Gala - Arrivals

Sofia Richie in Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition Spring 2017. I’ll give her some credit: this is more interesting than I would have expected. I don’t think she should have done the center part, low-key hair though.

70th Cannes Film Festival - amfAR's Cinema against AIDS Gala - Arrivals

David Beckham came to the gala! I’m disappointed that he didn’t bring Posh.

70th Cannes Film Festival - amfAR's Cinema against AIDS Gala - Arrivals

Paris Hilton with her boyfriend Chris Zylka. I have to say, Paris actually didn’t look too bad. She fits in at this kind of event. Her fringed-bib dress by Yousef Al-Jasmi is absurd though.

70th Cannes Film Festival - amfAR's Cinema against AIDS Gala - Arrivals

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57 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan reemerged for the Cannes amfAR gala: messy or fine?”

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  1. guest says:

    Lohan needs to stop with those fillers, her face looks like it’s about to burst.

    • SM says:

      I came here to say the same thing. Uma looks surprisingly great here

      • doofus says:

        Uma looks GORGEOUS. simple, sophisticated and sexy.

      • Pandy says:

        Yes, UMA looks the best I’ve seen her in a while. Love her dress as well. Lindsay looks like she’s in her mid 40s but she does look healthy? Matronly dress though. What IS Sophia Richie?

    • burnsie says:

      Agreed re: Lindsay’s fillers. Also, idk if it’s her makeup, her self-tanner, or her fading tattoos, but she always looks like she needs a scrubdown

    • Sabrine says:

      I think Lindsay looks better here than she used to, not so haggard and exhausted looking. Yes, she’s had work done but she looks happier here than she has in years. I hope she’s quit smoking as that will age her skin faster than anything….well, that and the sun.

  2. KBeth says:

    Poor Lohan, she is unrecognizable….at least she tried though.
    I think Uma looks pretty.

    • noodle says:

      I used to love Uma Thurman…now I can’t even muster enough strength to call her an actress. Feels exactly like Lohan with all the billionaire baby daddy mess and frozen Botox face and Euro living etc..feels very Tara Reid. Sorry, Uma.

  3. astrid says:

    The cracken isn’t flashing anything and seems appropriately dressed for the occasion

  4. eXo says:

    The guest list from the Cannes Film Festival is horrible this year. Why are people like Sofia, Lindsay, Bella,… there?

    • Mia4s says:

      The hilarious thing was that DiCaprio was at this event and while I usually side eye the hell out of his refusal to walk carpets (it’s for charity FFS!), this time I completely understand. DiCaprio and Lohan!

      Well amFAR is certainly inclusive! A list to Z- list!

    • hogtowngooner says:

      For yachting. Cannes is notorious for that.

  5. bread says:

    That dress she’s wearing is a bad copy of the one Grace Kelly wore in “Rear Window”:

    • DiamondGirl says:

      It’s a terrible copy and she can’t carry off anything Grace wore.

      I like Paris’ dress the most of this group.

    • Zuzus Girl says:

      It’s a decent copy but the arm bruises make it all the more special.

  6. 76May says:

    Everyone looks good here. Wish Lohan could make a comeback, honestly. I read on Daily Mail her new manager has worked in fundraising. Lohan’s skin doesn’t look too bad here and she is laying off the lip fillers.

    • freewhitebaby says:

      I think her plastic surgeon accidently stuffed her lip fillers into her cheeks. And just kept stuffing until he couldn’t get any more in there.

  7. Catherine says:

    The blue club wrist band on Lohan is effing amazing 🙄

  8. Lady D says:

    Having not bothered with Paris Hilton for a few years, I have to ask, is her rack new or is she in one hell of a push-up bra? I don’t remember her being so endowed before.

  9. Leala says:

    Besides the obvious about the Cracken, am I the only one on here feeling a little gossip nostalgia today? Paris, Lindsay and Leann is a good gossip day 🙂

    • WingKingdom says:

      YES! I love the gossip that reminds me of when I first started reading Celebitchy 😄

  10. jwoolman says:

    Poor Lindsay really doesn’t look good. She looked best when just out of forced lock down rehab a few years ago. She doesn’t look too thin in these pics, which is good, but her face doesn’t look healthy.

    That show she’s pitching to Netflix sounds bizarre, and not in a good way.

  11. smee says:

    LL needs to stop the blowing kisses thing.

    Uma looks really good in that odd outfit.

    Paris really looks like her mom now, imo.

  12. L84Tea says:

    I honestly didn’t even recognize Uma Thurman…whoa. And LL, she is the to me the posterchild for what happens when your ego blows up and explodes all over you leaving a huge mess.

  13. kay says:

    totally LOVE that outfit on uma.
    saw a pic of lohan the other day in which she looked fed and hydrated and it was this moment of “oh. wow. she looks alright”. well…it must’ve been great lighting. 🙁

  14. Love Uma’s dress. I think she looks fabulous.

    Lohan looks like a middle aged woman in her mid 40’s instead of someone who’s just 30. I always thought the years 30 to 36 were a woman’s prime as far as looks. Not for Lindsay.

    Of all the messed up celebrities, I always hope for a miraculous clean comeback for Lindsay. She was talented and pretty. She could have been amazing if she was able to grow as a person and an actress and wasn’t so screwed up.

    • Paris says:

      Well… then she needs to stop drinking and smoking, taking drugs. Allegedly.
      She looks bloated. She looks unhealthy. I believe, that she has some problems with her liver.
      She needs to go to rehab. She needs to hire a trainer and psychologist.
      She needs to stop hanging around with Russian and Arabian male “friends”.
      She needs to realize, that she is not A lister.
      I don’t believe in miraculous clean comeback for Lindsay. Sorry. Then she needs to work extremely hard to have a second chance.

  15. Jeanette says:

    Know what else will make your face look like a puffy mess? Drugs..drugs will make your face look like it was stung in all the wrong places..

  16. TheOtherSam says:

    amFAR has become tartFAR these days. Yes I know it raises a lot of needed $ for AIDS research but in recent years its became far more known as a runway for every Z-list model, celebutante and washed up former star. Who pays for these people to attend? The ticket prices must be sky high. Shady.

    In the minority but Lohan doesn’t look that terrible here? overdone facial work aside she’s styled nicely, the dress is pretty. A more demure look for her.

  17. sanders says:

    She looks like Emma Stone.

  18. Cynical Ann says:

    Why is that Ritchie girl everywhere? She’s no looker and should be home in school. Lionel Ritchie and his wife really didn’t parent.

  19. Bridget says:

    Holy crap she looks terrible. And now Lohan is trying to go for the Grace Kelly mojo? A little on the nose, even for Cannes.

  20. Beatrix says:

    She looks like a 75yr old lady who got a plastic face/head transplant. She has aged herself past not only those who were her peers, but also her elders. Damn, I don’t think she could undo the damage now if she tried.

  21. Twinkle says:

    How funny/painful that Lindsay is trying to evoke Grace Kelly. She’s wearing pretty much the same dress as Grace did in Rear Window right down to the pearl necklace and short bob. Hhahah!

  22. Twinkle says:

    How funny/painful that Lindsay is trying to evoke Grace Kelly. She’s wearing pretty much the same dress as Grace did in Rear Window right down to the pearl necklace and short bob. Hahah!

  23. OriginallyBlue says:

    No matter how well she cleans up she always looks dirty.

  24. blonde555 says:

    Body language between Paris and her boytoy always seems to be off. Is that how a man in love poses? She has to wrangle him into her picture, he physically WON’T move his body next to hers.

    Lindsay Lohan… I’ve always had a soft spot for her, she had no picnic being raised by 2 loons.

    David Beckham comes alone…why is this a surprise? Just waiting on the conscious uncoupling announcement.

  25. Wren33 says:

    Lindsay looks great, for her….

  26. Michael says:

    Paris looks surprisingly great. Lindsay Lohan…. I just don’t know.

  27. kate says:

    lohan = phoebe price ?!
    I’m totally guilty of wanting a desperate pap shoot with these too – it would be one for the ages.

  28. Dlo says:

    I so appreciate the gorgeous that is David Beckman. I never quite got it til now. Old lady crush now 😄

  29. Bee says:

    I can’t help but cheer for Lindsay even though everyone bags on her. She looks healthy, isn’t dressed like a hooker, and looks pretty happy in herself right now.

    Uma Thurman is transforming into Melanie Griffith. If you hadn’t told me that was Uma I would never have guessed.

  30. Rae says:

    I don’t thinking Lynsey looks that bad??

    Her dress is appropriate, her hairstyle is nice, the only crux is the remanents of her tweaking to her face.

  31. serena says:

    Lord, Lilo looks like a 50 years old on botox.