Martha Stewart’s ‘worst date’ ditched her and left her with the bill


Most people have horrible date stories. The difference between my horrible date stories and Martha Stewart’s is that people want to hear hers. Fortunately, Martha is always happy to throw someone under the bus so she’s spilling the beans on some poor sap who stiffed her. Martha, who said she doesn’t “have that much time for casual dating,” still manages to get out there occasionally. She doesn’t really care if they can cook or set a proper table, she just asks herself, “how much time do I want to spend with that particular person? How interesting is that person to me?” I imagine the list of people who seem interesting to Martha is pretty slim. But if you do make it on to the list, I suggest you stick around for a decent length of time and for God’s sake, don’t pull a runner on the bill.

Martha Stewart is a busy woman. She’s published over 80 cookbooks, launched a meal kit company, hosts a cooking show and so much more—so you can imagine her hectic schedule might affect her love life.

She’s not however, immune to some dating horror stories.

“I went to the lounge area at Le Bernardin with this guy,” Stewart says of the worst date she’s been on. “He had to go somewhere afterward, and I had to go somewhere after. It wasn’t a first date, but it was like a second or third date. We each had places to go; he did not ask me to go with him to the second place. We had cocktails and a little caviar or something. Then he just got up and said he had to run, and he ran out and didn’t pay! And I thought that was extremely rude.”

Her “guilty pleasure” foods are equally as shocking. “It’s a spoon of really good organic peanut butter, or a slice of American cheese from my housekeeper’s drawer,” she says. “I steal American slices sometimes—in the plastic, it’s so horrible. But it’s such a good snack.”

But, wait, there’s more. “I eat pickled herring as a late-night snack before I go to bed because it’s savory and good,” she admits. “I like liverwurst, and I know how bad it is now. I love squeezing it out of the tube and just eating calves’ liverwurst.”

[From People]

I haven’t been on a date in 15 years so I honestly don’t know how it works today. How does a couple decide who pays? Do you discuss it ahead of time? When I was dating, I roughly adhered to the Whoever Asked rule but I also made sure I had enough cash to offer to pay half, at least. I assume that Martha dates men from her social circle so I would guess this guy could pay for himself. But racing off and not even asking if she’s covering the check? That is rude. I do love, however, how fancy their second date sounds, “let’s meet at Le Benardin for some caviar before our other appointments, just for a quick catch-up!” My friends and I do stuff like that. Except, instead of Le Bernadin, it’s the laundromat and instead of caviar, it’s the half-eaten Snickers we fish out of our kid’s jeans pocket. And there’s no appointment after, that’s literally the highlight of our social calendars.

But let’s talk about Martha Stewart chowing down on plastic wrapped cheese and squeezing liverwurst from a tube, because that’s a visual I want to keep. I swear stealing them from her housekeeper is part of the pleasure. I bet she hides under a hand crafted organic alpacas’ wool lap blanket to eat it too. In addition to the fare above, Martha admitted to a soft spot for hot dogs because they didn’t have money growing up and the local hot dog shop was the most they could swing. Instead of saying, ‘look how far I’ve come,’ she talks about treasuring those memories and how hot dogs make her think of her mother. Of course, it’s Martha Stewart so her story ends with a hot dog named after her at Pinks in Los Angeles. Where I don’t think you will find hot dogs and tube-liverwurst? In her meal kits that’s she’s producing in partnership with Marley Spoon. She said the reason she joined the meal kit craze is for sustainability because $43 billion gets wasted in supermarkets every year. Then, as she’ll take any opportunity to poke the Orange Bear in office, she added, “we can give that money to President Trump.” Nah, even if you did, Martha, he’d probably still stiff you in Le Bernadin.




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  1. MC2 says:

    She did it for sustainability?! Nah, nope, no, cough, bs. I bought her meal kits & loved them. But they have SO MUCH WASTE. The box says you can recycle it all & gives you a website……. The site only tells you what to do with half the packaging & part of it is “throw it in the trash”. So I quit based on the mass amounts of waste for three meals. It is NOT sustainable.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Thanks for pointing this out. I read that article last week in Mother Jones that explains how the freezer bags in many meal kits aren’t recyclable and the goop inside can damage the environment if just thrown away (not sure if Martha has those in her kits).

  2. FLORC says:

    We all have unhealthy cravings. I like her.

    Omg dating… As my own rules I offer to pay. My date usually insists and covers drinks and dinner. However, if whatever date number we’re on, I feel I want no more dates, I pay. As a parting gift.
    There’s never been a discussion over who pays prior in my experience.

    • Alex says:

      I used to think that I would share the bill; but for me times are hard and at the end of the day men get pay more than women. So I dont offer and let them pay. Sadly men do walk out and leave you with the bill so I was on this aweful date. And this guy tells me he has to make a “business” call 9 pm, so I grabbed his arm and told him leave ur car key and wallet. Because you are not leaving me with the tab since I was broke. He was soooo insulted by my request that he took 20 minutes to come back. I would have left but…I wanted to eat the creme bullè from Maxs grill. I was truly broke so if I can eat for free and its a bad date. I should reward myself for sticking it up while this rude ass makes a phone call. He got back I had finished eating my entrè and order dessert. The Maxs grille creme bulle is for two but I sat down and ate it all on my own while laughing on the inside. F–k rude entitled men

  3. minx says:

    Love Martha. She just does what she does, makes no apologies for it. She seems happy with herself.

  4. tmot says:

    I think Martha is hilarious. TBH I’m stanning for her and Snoop to have an actual Thing (not just a comedy biz partnership). That would be so hott! Snoop would wake n bake them and then Martha would (make her staff) rustle up breffy in bed! (While stealing their cheese slices.)

    I hope that’s an inside joke and she pays her staff well. Because your richie boss stealing your cheese slices is BS, unless you both think it’s funny.

    Also, shoutout for liverwurst! I never eat it any more either. Altho when the roaster chicken comes with giblets and I’m fortunate enough to receive a liver or two, you can bet I fry ‘em up and chow ‘em down. (Before the chicken is even done, haha.)

  5. Nev says:

    Love this Woman. Go Martha.
    THE best.

  6. holly hobby says:

    Love Martha! Hope she lives a long life. The day she checks out will be a sad day for me!

  7. BTownGirl says:

    God, I love this woman so much. Go on with your cheese singles and liverwurst, girl :)

  8. Egla says:

    Here in my country there is no doubt; IF someone invites you out that person pays. Full stop
    With my friends we share our bill or we “argue” who will pay it this time, or the waiter decides if he/she hasn’t any small change and pick the smallest bill. No problems there.
    Men here are kind of macho style and many would be very offended if you are with them and you pay for them. Exception for male friends but still….. I have had bad dates but mostly because of their attitude on other things no paying problems

  9. Chelly says:

    On my dates the men always pick up the tab (but I do offer). I don’t like to always be “paid for”, after a few dates it usually ends with me having a tug of war with him over the bill. There was this one occasion where a guy on a 1st date however, I guess he overestimated how much he had vs how much was ordered in food & drinks & didn’t have enough to cover the bill. I chipped in the rest & left the tip & I didn’t mind one bit, but never saw him after that. He just drank way more than I was ok with a seemed kinda wasted by the end of the night

  10. MarcelMarcel says:

    I usually just go dutch on dates but idk if me being a broke artist and generally dating other broke creatives factors into this.

    Unless my dates say they are paying beforehand then I assume we are splitting the bill. I recently found a job so now I offer to shout people (friends & dates included) but before then I would just have people over for dinner. It helps that I come from a family of good cooks so i’m confident about cooking. And i live alone so I don’t have to deal with housemates wandering around.

    I love Martha! She’s a hilarious ice queen.