Is Mariah Carey back with her back-up dancer ex-boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka?

And who said true love doesn’t exist? Potentially blowing my theory that theirs was a relationship created solely for promoting a reality show, singer Mariah Carey and her backup dancer boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, could once again be an item.

After breaking up back in April, the 47-year-old singer and her 34-year-old beau sparked rumors of a reconciliation on Friday, when they were spotted holding hands during a dinner date at Beverly Hills eatery Mastro’s Steakhouse.

The couple have already hinted that they may be back in the saddle again, relationship-wise. Back in May, Mariah posted a flashback pic of the two of them enjoying some ice cream. That same evening, the couple were caught smooching and feeding each other at at Wolfgang Puck’s CUT restaurant in Beverly Hills.


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Whether or not these two plan on making their reunion official is yet to be seen. We may have to wait until the announcement of a season two of Mariah’s World. But, I suspect they’re just having some fun, and dining out at some delicious restaurants. Who wants to eat alone? I sure don’t. Mariah’s also been hanging out with ex-hubby Nick Cannon a lot, so I’m taking this news with a grain of salt.

2017 Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals

2017 Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals

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  1. If not then why? Yum!

  2. Clare says:

    They are such a weird ‘couple’ – I caught snippets of her reality tv show a few months ago, and their interactions seemed so….rehearsed. But then again, her interactions with her then fiance, also seemed incredibly awkward and wooden.

    Either way, I’m not buying whatever they are selling here.

  3. Loo says:

    I think Mariah Carey always seems rehearsed. Do I buy this relationship? Not really but who knows maybe they’re fake relationship will turn into a real one.

  4. Rice says:

    You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mariah not in full butterfly mode. Everything’s always diva with the elusive chanteuse.

  5. Kata says:

    He’s very good looking. That’s all I have.

    • African Sun says:

      This. He used to be the male dance captain on Bey’s tours during the Beyonce Experience era. He is buff as F.

  6. Lulu says:

    Mariah is pushing 50 and she still looks so amazing. I know the money doesn’t hurt the aging process but she seriously looks like she’s in her 30s

  7. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    If you mean “back with” as a pretend couple, then yes.

  8. KLO says:

    I have been a Mariah fan for over 20 years and have seen every one of her relationships play out since her divorce from the first husband.
    i believe she and Bryan have genuine attraction for each other and he is definitely her “type”.
    All the rest might be for the show and they might not be too serious about it. But we are probably never gonna know.
    It is not hard for me to imagine someone his age being crazy about her because I have adored her for so long – she actually has a beautiful personality underneath all the diva-image-nonsense. But a truckload of insecurities as well.

    Mariah had a really seriously fucked up childhood and youth and I would not be surprised if she never wanted to get married again.
    I am glad that Nick Cannon has proven to be a good father for their children, so she made a good choice there.