Gwyneth Paltrow is ‘liberated from the chains of other people’s perceptions’

Sam Claflin attends a photocall during the Giffoni Film Festival 2016

You know what Gwyneth Paltrow needs to be criticized about? No, not the fact that she’s “considered beautiful,” and beautiful, thin, white women have it so much harder than uggos and fatties. We already yelled at her about that. Most people give Gwyneth a pass for saying wildly different sh-t about her diet and exercise regimen depending on what outlet she’s speaking to. She either gorges on French fries and dirty martinis regularly, or she regularly goes on seven-week goat-milk-only cleanses. She either works out when she can and never when she’s traveling or on vacation, or she’s an anal-retentive exercise obsessive who devotes three hours a day to fitness like clockwork. She honestly says different sh-t every month. So it is with her new interview with Australian Women’s Health. You know what this cover looks like? It looks like Gwyneth borrowed her daughter’s gym clothes and was like “OMG they fit!” Some highlights from the interview:

When she feels her best: “I like feeling good, and I know I feel my best when I exercise. But it depends on the day — I definitely don’t always feel like doing it. I’ve made it a habit, just like brushing your teeth. That’s how you have to look at it.”

Her business partner: “I’ve been a Tracy Anderson fanatic for over a decade, I’m an investor in her company, so yeah, I go [to the gym] every morning. I drop the kids at school, work out, go to work. I’ve been supplementing it a bit with lifting heavier weights lately, to deal with some lower-back-pain issues. You can’t bottle a great workout.”

She says words about modalities: “I’m really interested in the impact of heavy metals and parasites on our bodies. I think they’re two of the biggest culprits in terms of why we feel bad. I’m knee-deep in figuring out ways to clear them from the body, looking at all sorts of potentially weird modalities.”

So humble-braggy, much wellness: “When you’re at the forefront of something that’s new, people can get really reactive: ‘This is crazy! Why are you doing this?’ Then, five years later, everyone’s fine with it. Also, when someone doesn’t like something you do, or doesn’t share your interest in something, that doesn’t have anything to do with you. It’s a blessing to be liberated from the chains of other people’s perceptions of you. It’s part of wellness, working at that. I’ve gotten to a point where I like myself. I do my best as a person. I also have nothing to hide.”

[From Us Weekly]

As we now know, Gwyneth is all about “wellness” now. She’s even doing a print magazine about wellness, because (as I keep saying) she knows from first-hand experience that wealthy white women will literally buy anything. If you genuinely have concerns about parasites, health and heavy metals, then by all means, consult your physician. But please don’t go to Gwyneth Paltrow and expect her to fix you. Gwyneth is not your girlfriend. She is trying to sell you some hokey fake-holistic sh-t. As for having nothing to hide… girl, I see you. I remember what happened when you got with your current boyfriend when you were both still married. You have sh-t to hide.

As if on cue, published an article called (I sh-t you not) “It’s Not Your Fault You’re a Narcissist.” Who’s fault is it? Mommy and daddy. Mommy and daddy complimented you too much and didn’t give you proper boundaries. This explains so much about Gwyneth.

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Cover courtesy of Women’s Health Australia, photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. teehee says:

    Sure, Jan.

    • Char says:

      A.K.A. “I am a white rich privileged woman and you are all beneath me”.

    • Mia4s says:

      She doesn’t care what other people didn’t think….she’ll say it again, she doesn’t care what other people think…did you hear her? She doesn’t care what other people think….maybe you didn’t hear her so she’ll say it louder, she doesn’t care…really…she doesn’t…are you listening? WHY ARENT YOU LISTENING?!?!?…but I mean, it’s not like she cares.


      Has GOOP done any features on desperate, raging insecurity and denial? I’m guessing no.

    • SM says:

      Yeah, when you repeatedly need to make a point that you don’t care, that usuaully means the opposite. But then being a rich, successful white woman with a platform, you could actualy talk about something important, but no, just talk about yourself and you stuggle with other people’s perception of you as a rich, privileged, white woman.

      • Ksenia says:

        LOL @ “It’s not your fault you’re a narcissist.” How classic Goop: One of the hallmarks of a narcissist is the inability to take blame for your own failures, flaws, and mistakes, always assigning blame to someone/something else for them, instead. *That article’s very title is a thoroughly narcissistic statement in itself!* I peeked at it, and it was as smug, self aggrandizing and insufferable as Goop Herself. The subject and article clearly appealed to Goop b/c it takes all blame for her personality disorder off her, and puts it on her upbringing. Poor Little Rich Goop: her narcissism and perennial selfishness and grandiose conceit are actually a “deep wound” she has suffered from since early childhood. She was OVERpraised as a child, paid too much attention to, treated too kindly and encouragingly—I had no idea what a terrible cross she’s had to bear!! But–good news! happy ending!—-narcissism actually *can* be overcome! No, in fact, it can’t be, Goop; personality disorders can’t be cured. And who would Goop BE if she wasn’t one of the most self centered, vain, judgmental, entitled, sanctimonious, vapid, snobbish, unlikable people on two continents? Don’t EVER change, you pathological narcissist, Goopie! We Love to Hate You just the Way You are!!!

    • Katenotkatie says:

      HAHA Teehee wins the day.

  2. lightpurple says:

    I yearn to be liberated from the chains of Gwyneth Paltrow’s expectations.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      That quote was only marginally less clueless than Ivanka’s latest book telling the ladies they don’t have to be “slaves” to time management – after quoting Toni Morrison on actual, you know, enslavement.

    • CTgirl says:

      From the looks of these photos, Gwenyth is being liberated from her original face.

    • Tata says:

      Yes world, please liberate us from her quackery. Arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals exist in all of nature, even – gasp! – organic produce and cosmetics! Especially organic cosmetics. Parasites don’t need ‘modalities’ she has researched to treat them – we have real medicines to do that.

      She needs real help.

      A nymag article noted her recommendations overlap with Alex Jones in that he also sells detox supplements, and he also warns of heavy metals in processed food like store brand chocolate.

      • Esmom says:

        The heavy metals thing gives me flashbacks of early in my son’s autism diagnosis years ago when people were touting methods to detox from them in an effort to cure autism. Pure snake oil salesmen, preying on desperate and frightened parents.

  3. Rice says:

    Photoshop is a hell of a drug.

  4. Becky says:

    Goodness, this woman is so lacking in self-awareness.

    She’s talked about having suffered depression in the past and having therapy. It didn’t appear to help with her self-absorption issues.

  5. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    This woman is ridiculous. Having said that for some unknown reason, I find her hilarious. I get that she is a terrible human with terribly ill-conceived ideas who is now bordering on being a snake-oil saleswoman, BUT, she makes me laugh. She is a walking parody at this point.

    Classic sign of a narcisst is that they never take the blame for anything that goes wrong in their lives, it is always someone else’s fault. But, there may be a small, tiny, teeny bit of truth in the article. I am not going to read it but if someone else does, report back with cliffsnotes, please.

    • Cherise says:

      She makes me laugh too and I just cant be mad at her while I laugh at her. I’ve seen a bunch of celebrities on talk shows referring to her advice and how useful they found it. The most recent one was Judd Apatows wife, who I otherwise know as the actress with the squeeky voice from his movies. I laugh at them too. As they say “a fool and his money are soon parted”. Very entertaining people.

  6. Tiny Martian says:

    I don’t understand why, with all of her attention to health and fitness, she still has such terrible posture? Her body looks great as far as muscle tone goes, but how good can a fitness regimen be if it doesn’t work the muscles that you need to hold yourself upright?

    And that’s honestly all I have to say about her, and it’s the exact same thing I said years ago whenever it was that she won her Oscar award.

    • Becky says:

      Awful isn’t it? I remember seeing some pics of her on a RC a couple of years ago in a very short dress, and she’s obviously pigeon-toed, but she was standing so awkwardly it looked like she was nearly wetting herself.

    • Elsa says:

      It’s on purpose to make herself look smaller

  7. Lucy2 says:

    She also appears to have been liberated from the bottom half of her shirt.

    I’m so glad we have her on the case to solve the problem of heavy metals. You know, not all the actual doctors, researchers, and other medical professionals who know what they’re talking about.

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      Spot on.

      Everytime I read her interviews I find her more stupid and delusional. The heavy metals and parasite stuff, really? How stupid is that? She is a NOBODY. I bet her “project” involves some kind of a cleanse. ED much?

  8. Alex says:

    Okkkkkkkkkkk I wish I was liberated from your BS

  9. Liberty says:

    Come on, Universe. Let her enroll at a good university for a degree in biology or any other science. Let her mind be blown by facts, let her professors delight in seeing her mind blown. And let a bus load of people from Carmel, Indiana show up at her next vag cleansing picnic looking for their Tracy Anderson refunds.

    C’mon Universe. We need something to smile about.

    • lightpurple says:

      Oh God, one of my friends moved to Carmel, Indiana.

      • third ginger says:

        If Hoosiers don’t blow your mind, nothing will. [Husband from Northern Indiana.]

      • Liberty says:

        Tell them to ask people about it.

      • mellie says:

        The people of Carmel, Indiana are trying to get the pronunciation of the name changed…it used to be pronounced like the candy, now they want it to be like the town in Cali. #richpeopleproblems There’s your Hoosier news for today :)

  10. smcollins says:


    She’s so exhausting. Off screen, at least. I hate to admit it, but she does kind of have a presence onscreen (or she did). Margo in The Royal Tennenbaums is one of my favorite GP performances. Oh well…

  11. Pumpkin Pie says:

    She’s looking so old in the last pic. That’s a face with fillers and not enough fats.

  12. Bobbysue says:

    Oh, no, she isn’t. She’d like the huddled masses to believe it, but if she was truly unfazed she wouldn’t feel the need to make that same declaration twice weekly.

  13. detritus says:

    I wonder when she’ll switch to being into parasites. It’s a controversial treatment for crohns, ulcerative colitis and ibs. That’s going to be her target market like whoa. And bonus woowoo points, was also historically used for weight loss.

  14. Alix says:

    She’s knee-deep in something, I’ll give her that.

  15. Who ARE These People? says:

    People who are worried about the toxic effects of heavy metals on the body are either a) rich, think and eating too much sushi, or b) fighting like hell to fix the water pipes in Flint, Michigan (and similarly afflicted cities) and donating money and legal expertise to that cause.

  16. mini says:

    She is an idiot. I don’t understand why she gets so much media attention. Nothing special about her except her money.

    • Carrie says:

      Because she says stupid stuff which gets attention thus upping her street cred via people who only read headlines and want to look like her. Sensationalism sells magazines etc. See the Kardashians. And then Tim Caulfield upped her profile by name checking her in his book title. It’s a vicious circle.

      She’s working it to her advantage. I’m wondering if she’ll get away with it forever or if something she recommends ends a life and then that might stop her.

      I don’t read her site etc…. does she use legally safe words and phrases? It’s a fine line with this stuff. I imagine she’s got legal advice backing her up on how to sell b.s. without liability but don’t know. I mean, people voted for Trump. It’s not a high bar these days.

  17. Norman Bates' Moither says:

    Geez, she’s so exhausting. In theory, it should be a dream to be her – privileged, rich, pretty, successful without trying and completely delusional (Gwynesaurus: “liberated from the chains of other people’s perceptions”), but she tries so hard and puts so many restraints on her life that even reading about it is tiring. “I’m knee-deep in figuring out ways to clear [heavy metals and parasites] from the body” – I’m sure she’s busy hiring the worst charlatan she can find to prepare another unnecessary cleanse as we speak instead of doing something actually helpful and donate money for scientific research or water cleaning.
    Why would she need other people to suck the joy out of her life when she can do it herself?

  18. annaloo. says:

    Also, when someone doesn’t like something you do, or doesn’t share your interest in something, that doesn’t have anything to do with you.”

    Truly, the age of narcissism we live in now. It gives us toxic, delusional people like Gwyneth Paltrow to Trump and puts them in high positions they don’t merit or deserve.

  19. ImAlreadyGone says:

    Gwenyth Paltrow is a first-class grifter and a dangerous charlatan.

    Now, this is a NY Post article, but it provides some good insight into America’s celebrity grifter movement.

    • Slowsnow says:

      Thanks for the article! 😱 My word. So much real investigation in need of $$$ and she’s doing… that.

  20. L84Tea says:

    Oh dear Goooooood, will you just STAAAAAAHP Gwynnie!!!

  21. Green Is Good says:

    It must be exhausting be her “friend”.

  22. tw says:

    For someone so liberated, she sure can’t shut up about it. Thank you for calling her out on the cheating/home wrecking! Did she cheat on Brad Pitt, too? I can’t remember the story there.

  23. Skins says:

    She must be empowered

  24. Ghost says:

    So I read the Goop article. What in God’s name is a psychological astrologer?
    You know, psychology is an actual proffesion where you need to put in years of hard work to complete your education and it infuriates me that these idiots just use it when they feel like it.

    • Carrie says:

      Eh…psychology isn’t a hard science.

      I understand what you’re saying and see your point. For hard core solid medical science related to psych, I trust psychiatry and neuroscience. Psychology is very soft in some respects. Lots of non-psych people practice it at as well under various titles – Life coach, etc. I hear you though. It’s necessary to check things out to find what feels safe and makes sense per person.

      There are schools for all manner of psych practitioners. Even Buddhism is being embraced by psych and general medicine for some aspects re: healing, pain control, general mental health (eg. mindfulness etc.)

      • Kata says:

        Where? In the US?
        I don’t know what a life coach is, but in my country you need at least a master’s in psychology and a licence to be able to practice. It is not a hard science, but it it a legitimate proffesion.

      • Carrie says:

        Ok search the internet for Psychology along with words life, spirituality, christian, spiritual, astrology, buddhist, buddhism, on and on and on. Ah, also search kids+therapy+psychology. There are loads of people with a basic psych undergrad degree running clinics for various things in North America. It’s everywhere.

        Finally, there’s an entire mental health specialized trauma program, established by psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk in the USA. Last I heard, there were only 5 locations in North America using that standard therapy for PTSD. Wait lists are long for patients to get on one. And some of the therapists have, at most, an RN with an MSW or some just an MSW. No psych degree.

        Psych is known for attracting people who have mental health issues themselves. The degree & profession is not a guarantee of good practice or good character, like anything else. This is why I don’t flip about Gwyneth. She is not alone in what she’s doing. I ignored her successfully for a long time until credible medical professionals started talking about her! That upped her exposure AND gave her credibility because some people are predisposed to distrust medical professionals. It’s a vicious circle. Now I can’t escape GOOP stuff.

    • Kilo Tango says:

      Hahha I feel you. As soon as I read ‘psychological astrologer’ I was out!

  25. Maum says:

    ‘I’m knee-deep in figuring out ways to clear them from the body, looking at all sorts of potentially weird modalities.’

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Gwinnie the scientist.

    Also love the ‘drop the kids to school, work out, go to work’

    What work?

    • Wilder says:

      I’ve heard her say before that she drops her kids off at school, exercises, and then goes to work — and it always makes me laugh. I guess by “work” she means she heads to the Goop office? But I can’t help wondering how much “work” she actually does on an average day. If she’s dropping her kids at school for, say, 8:30 am, then going back home/to the gym for one of her two-hour Tracey Anderson arm-flinging-dancey-3-lb-weight workouts, then going home to shower, get dressed and eat… It’s probably almost noon by the time she gets to “work.” And if she’s dropping her kids off at school, I’m guessing she’s picking them up, too, so that’s 2:30 or 3 pm, right? Yup. That Gwyneth. She’s so relate-able. Just like the rest of us working moms, huh?

  26. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    WTF happened to her face on the magazine cover? It looks like she went to a plastic surgeon and said, “Make me look more like Laura Linney.”

    Girl, you can’t touch Laura Linney.

  27. thaliasghost says:

    How the hell did Chris Martin end up with this woman?

  28. Joannie says:

    She’s harmless. I like her.

  29. Zuzus Girl says:

    Is she were truly “liberated.. blah..blah…blah” she’s stop trying to sell us stuff and convince us she’s just like the peasants, only better. And after all these years, posture! Stop slumping your damned shoulders. Her shilling faux science is dangerous.

  30. Neo says:

    Other things Gwyneth is liberated from: critical thinking, humility, the good will of the general public, science, chocolate, and common sense.

  31. Magnoliarose says:

    Gwyneth is a troll expert and it leads to a lot of free PR. I like natural medicine and beauty when there is science behind it. There are people with too much money and time on their hands so they follow all sorts of quackery. The problem is some people think it is real medicine and can get sick. As long as it harmless I have no issue but she should stop acting like what she says is fact.

  32. CooCoo Catchoo says:

    She’s always come across as a poorly-educated, self-absorbed name-dropper and trend-follower. She has zero personality, is exceedingly pretentious and a terrible actress. Maybe she’s retiring from acting because the jobs are drying up?

  33. Elysium1973 says:

    She honestly gives me the biggest pain in the ass. So incredibly self absorbed with no insight at all. I’ve been practicing medicine for 10 years and literally the only patient I’ve seen who was concerned about heavy metals had hyperleukocytosis from AML. She was compromised and out to lunch secondary to her white count being about 100,000. And I’m someone who does a lot of wellness/anti aging medicine.