LeAnn Rimes thinks Brandi Glanville is just a ‘hater’ who needs love

I’m always a little bit stunned whenever I do look at LeAnn Rimes’ Instagram. She always includes so many photos of her stepsons, which… I do not believe she should do, first off. It’s not her place to throw her stepsons all over her social media, full-stop. But I’m always a little bit stunned because I’m startling to realize how big Eddie and Brandi’s sons have gotten. This sh-t has been going on for EIGHT YEARS. Mason is taller than LeAnn now. Mason just graduated from 8th grade – I would imagine this was his middle school graduation – last week, and his parents all came out. Brandi was there, as were Eddie and LeAnn. LeAnn made sure to post a bunch of photos, and Brandi posted one, of herself and her two sons, even though Brandi did bring her boyfriend, DJ Friese, to the graduation. According to the Daily Mail, Brandi and DJ kept separate from Eddie and LeAnn. Here’s one of LeAnn’s many social media posts devoted to her stepson’s graduation:

Ugh. What could have been a fragile truce at a kid’s graduation basically became a classic LeAnn stalker thing, where she had to “prove” that she’s closer to her stepsons than their own mother, all via social media posts. No wonder Brandi has been trashing LeAnn so much lately.

Meanwhile, I totally just learned that LeAnn has a blog called Soul of EverLe. Did you know this? I truly did not. That’s why she’s been using “lovE” so much – she’s trying to make it part of her blogging and musical brand, this love-spelled-with-a-capital-E thing. Anyway, a week ago, as the Brandi-Eddie thing was heating up, LeAnn wrote a post called “Hate the Hate, LovE the Hater.” She’s not subtle. She thinks Brandi is just a hatEr who needs lovE. You can read the post here. LeAnn thinks she’s being so clever and manipulative. She is not.

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My little men! Somebody is getting ready for high school 😰they grow so fast enjoy them while you can!

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Photos courtesy of WENN, LeAnn & Brandi’s Instagrams.

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  1. Pumpkin Pie says:

    Step mother wearing tiny tight tops around young boys. How unclassy. Plus, that top is totally inappropriate for a school event.

    • Jag says:

      Plus, she’s pushing her breast into him as she has her hand on his shoulder. It is a very uncomfortable picture, imo.

      • Pumpkin Pie says:


      • Honey says:

        She always poses strange with them. Squishing her boobs against the kids and clinging and hanging onto Eddie looks bizarre and creepy

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:


        That is because she *is* bizarre and creepy.

      • JenB says:

        FIRST thing that I noticed. Wow. NO. Just NO. WTF Eddie? These are your children you’re subjecting to this psycho.

      • D says:

        You have a sick mind, Jag … wow

      • chaine says:

        I agree, too, @Jag. She is dressed in an inappropriately sexy, “look at me” manner–I mean, a skin-tight-nude-colored tank top for a child’s school event? I’m not sure if she’s really pushing her breast into him, but, IMO, it’s his graduation, and in normal pix like this, the parents typically stand to the side/behind the graduate, not pressed in front of them.

      • funcakes says:

        I’ve watched this for year and thought Leann has always cross a line. jag is right on the money.

        But Ed is so busy watching leans wallet he could care less about keeping boundaries.

        She makes me nauseous.
        And Leann is doing the because she is now SWFing her BFF Liz.

        Liz has her sons on IG bragging about how proud she is of them.
        Talk about how much they’ve grown.

        Leann needs her own identity.

      • littlestar says:

        Remember the creepy birthday cake? The one with Leann and Eddiot in the bed with the kids below watching them :O.

      • Jennifer says:

        I cannot stand her, but I’m not seeing where she is pushing her boob into him in any of these pictures.

      • jenn12 says:

        There was one series of pictures a few years back, where she called paps to the park on Father’s Day. And not only was she on top of Eddie, making out, but she is closely bending over the boys who are pressed up against a tree, in tiny shorts and a skimpy top. And when she did the Ice Bucket Challenge with them, she was wearing a skimpy tank top. There is something really wrong with her, and Eddie is a POS for allowing this.

      • Cindi says:

        You are so right. So is Jenn12, The “Father’s Day in the Park” photos were disgusting. Leann deliberately called her pap and did a photo shoot in which she was wearing shorts that rode up into her crotch and exposed her butt, and a very low cut top with no bra. Eddie was drunk and laying around on a blanket while she posed with the boys. She pinned one up against a tree and thrust her crotch near his face. Then there was another photo of her deep throating the kid’s popsicle, all as a “joke” The inappropriate sexual innuendos were so gross. Just like her sex cake with the kids next to the bed. She’s sick.

    • DIRTNAP says:

      I’ve noticed this too, and it gives me the protective mama bear ragies. Especially when I suspect she is not wearing a bra. It’s inappropriate and she knows it. She is a master at doing things that are wildly inappropriate but just this side of legal.

      • DIRTNAP says:

        No, D, JAG doesn’t have a sick mind. I have noticed Leann doesn’t wear a bra in lots of pictures where she is pressing her chest up against Mason. Maybe you don’t have a son that age, but I do, and any grown woman that kept doing that with my kid wouldn’t get to do it again. Do you think not wearing a bra and then pressing your breast repeatedly up against a teenage boy’s chest is appropriate? It’s really no different than a grown man not wearing underwear and posing for photos with a teen girl on his lap. If that’s okay with you, please refrain from reproducing and also from posing for photos with children.

      • Jess says:

        Little star, that was the creepiest cake I’ve ever seen, it was batsh*t crazy and I can’t believe Eddie stayed after it lol

    • Penelope says:

      My first thought as well, @Pumpkin Pie. Her top is inappropriate, as is her body language with the young man. She’s getting creepier by the day.

      Brandi’s not perfect but I can’t imagine living with this situation for eight years. LeAnn is mentally ill.

      • jenn12 says:

        And Eddie is a cesspool of a person for allowing what his wife does. Those are his kids and he sells them like they have a shelf life.

  2. Megan says:

    I have long thought this feud was largely fake. It feeds the famewhore tendencies of both and they know it.

    • noway says:

      Bingo!!!! As the boy looks happy with all of them, and if anybody knows anything about tweens/teens they aren’t very good about faking things that have to do with posing with parental figures.

      When I see these stories, I’m struck by these people are still a thing? Obviously they are they always get a lot of comments, but what have they done that has been entertaining at all in the last few years. It’s like watching a car wreck over and over again. I know they are dysfunctional, but still there are plenty of those people around everywhere. Doesn’t this stick get old? I guess not.

    • Ange says:

      Leann has a long history of doing this with other women though, if it was fake it wouldn’t have started years before she even knew Eddie.

    • Lime says:

      I don’t think so. Leann can’t be that stupid. She’s got nothing to gain from it and looks very bad from it, and Eddie as well. And besides, she’s really that crazy. Brandi is probably tempted to play it up sometimes to get coverage but I think the basics are genuine on her side. How happy would you be to have your new bf stalked on social media by your ex’s new wife, etc.?

  3. Beth says:

    Leann should’ve dressed a little nicer for the occasion. Is she wearing a bra under that skintight flesh colored shirt? How many tacky fringed bags does she have? ! Ugh

  4. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Poor kids stuck in the middle of this.

  5. Chelly says:

    I hate to say it bc I really have no respect for LeAnn… or Eddie… or hell, even Brandi. And I know that LeAnn goes over-the-top cuckoo’s nest crazy, but they really seem so involved & so in love with those boys. Id like to think that if nothing else, that’s at least genuine & real. The thing is the boys are caught in this 3 ring circus & they seem to basically stand at either end of the boys, call their names & see which they’ll go to. It’s madness & totally unhealthy. I don’t give a shit about any of them anymore, I think they should be focusing on those boys – as much as they seemingly love them, act right…..period

    • Jezi says:

      No! Brandi is involved. Eddie and Leann are only involved for a photo op and to pretend like they are the best parents ever. Leann called the paparazzi to Mason’s graduation. Not only is she trying to exploit a day that is for her stepson, she’s also making money off of it and creating a dangerous situation by giving the paps the name of Mason’s school. So their involvement is for show.

      • Chelly says:

        I don’t doubt that Brandi is a hands on mom who’s actively involved in her kids lives. But the dynamic of these “adults” & the level of dysfunction they’re creating is unhealthy. These kids (so it seems) are being viewed as pawns, commodities, & it’s not right.

      • littlestar says:

        Why doesn’t Brandi get a lawyer already and finally deal with Leann for once? There’s PLENTY of evidence when it comes to Leann’s stalking.

      • Jess says:

        It is sick and disturbing how often she calls the paps, and you can tell when she’s looking around to make sure they get a shot of her with the kids. She’s photographed more than Angelina and Brad FFS, if they can hide out and rarely get caught z-listers like LeAnm can too, I wish Eddie would put a stop to it, but he needs money!

        Brandi rarely posts on social media compared to LeAnn, who seems to always posting on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram stories, Pinterest, and her new blog whatever the hell its called, plus her fake accounts lol. She’s literally online nonstop, she’s an obsessed psycho and I truly worry for those kids and Brandi.

      • cherrypie says:

        These boys are growing up so fast and soon enough they will grow up and away from Leanne and her psychotic tendencies and their mom will remain constant in their lives. So she can try and hang on as best she can but Brandi loves her boys and are involved in their lives no way they will turn their backs on her or “choose” Leanne

      • Lola says:

        Exactly littlestar. If Brandi doesn’t act soon she will be using all the boys’ savings on intensive therapy for them! This situation is like when you have a friend who comes to you with a problem about a relationship whether personal, family or work-related and goes on about it and you try and help, but they don’t take your advice. In fact, they don’t do anything about it. Just sound off at you about it every now and then, and a couple of years down the track, the same situation is still going on, said friend hasn’t made any effort to make any changes, and still whinges to you about it whenever she sees you and you internally sigh and roll your eyes because nothing changes and she won’t take your advice. It’s like she just needs a reason to whinge, you know that type of friend? It’s just…..if you want take my advice just please stop going on and on and on about it. Brandi is frustrating in the extreme because she just seems to want to pop her head up now and then for a whinge, back make no actual changes regarding the situation, and retreat for another several months to a year. Until she comes out again with the same thing. It’s like damn p1ss or get off the pot. Do something. Anything. Otherwise stop whinging about it.

      • Carrie says:

        @Lola – This situation for Brandi and her kids is considerably different and much more serious than you seem to be aware of.

        People asking why Brandi hasn’t sought legal advice – it’s been YEARS reading of these antics and she did seek legal advice in the earlier years. Brandi has explained in the past that the cost of lawyers coupled with frequency of L&E’s antics (8 years now) would eat into any money needed to raise her boys. And that decision – to avoid lawyers and just try to be a good Mom – by Brandi has proved correct. Because in 8 years L&E have not stopped long enough for any truce to hold or be trustworthy. Brandi would’ve lost her boys, be homeless, and unemployed if she’d gone the lawyer route. (ie. exactly what L&E were trying to cause)

        I understand the frustration with Brandi but questions are easily answered by searching this site or the general internet. Nightmare has been ongoing for 8 years as has been stated multiple times.

        Brandi is sticking up for herself and not backing down. She only speaks on these matters when things take a dangerous alarming turn. She needs to speak up to try to keep her boys and herself safe.

        I so want to leave this story. Wishing for peace for Brandi & kids.

      • jenn12 says:

        It is not easy to get the courts involved when there is no proof of abuse and she is not physically threatening or harming Brandi. Victims often have less rights than you think. But I think Brandi might be able to prove a connection between the harassment she receives on Twitter and Leann.

  6. Jane says:

    Of course Leann had to make the graduation all about her. Dear God what will it take to make her stop?

  7. Alex says:

    1. I see Leann has not learned to dress for school/kid related events yet
    2. Eddie is a douche who doesn’t pay his child support and let’s his wife disrespect the mother of his children
    3. Leann needs some help because those boys are always going to be Brandi’s. Let. It. Go.

  8. HK9 says:

    So ‘Brandi is a hater who needs lovE’….talk about projection.

    And BTW LeAnn has got to STOP with the tank/bra tops for official occasions where children are attending. Can’t all her ‘money’ buy some more material for her clothing?? Wow.

    • Lady D says:

      Projection all right. Brandi has an awesome fiance who loves her, two incredible kids who love her, parents and sibs(not sure how many) that love each other, and friends from childhood. Who does the stalker have to love her? Ediot? Not ever, stalker. The boys until they no longer have to deal with her and her inappropriate sleaze around them? The poor younger boy has had her bare ass in his face his entire childhood. I’m sure her enabling mother loves her, might just be tired of her crap and only love her money. How’s the relationship with the father she tried to sue, going? She has bought and paid for friends who I’m sure will say luv ya to her in her presence. She has psycho fans who love her while trying to scam from her, so who really loves you, stalker?

      • Lime says:

        “inappropriate sleaze” In the DM pics of the graduation, her chest was pressed up against the elder boy in several photos. She’s so inappropriate.

  9. Msw says:

    I could barely get through that drivel on her blog. “LovE” is distracting and annoying, but more important than that: words are just words. Show me. Your actions tell me who you are, not what you say. Sorry, Le.

  10. Kimma1216 says:

    Why does she use SO MANY hashtags?! Embarrassing.

  11. Carrie says:

    While I sympathize with Brandi, this is last interest in these people for me. I think. Hopefully. All done. Wishing those boys and Brandi the best.

  12. why? says:

    Leann started the blog a month after Brandi tweeted that she was going to start the blog and then Leann launched the blog on the day that Brandi and Eddie got married in 2001, May 12. So the blog is another single white female attempt.

    Lean’s blog isn’t new information. When Brandi announced that she was starting a make-up blog, Leann tweeted something very passive aggressive and then someone asked how long before Leann does the same. I didn’t think that Leann would go that far because it would have been an obvious attempt to copy Brandi, but she did. If Eddie loves Leann, why does Leann spend so much time stalking Brandi?

    Leann even lied about the name. She claimed that she and Eddie came up with the name for their fake daughter while on vacation, but when she first tweeted about that name she said that Brandi’s kids came up with the name over dinner while Eddie was away filming. Everything that Leann does is to hurt Brandi. Why is Leann so focused on hurting Brandi if Eddie has moved on?

    Brandi should make a game of Leann’s stalking. Tweet that she is going to do the most ridiculous thing and then we can see how long it takes Leann to copy Brandi’s tweet. This is how you know that Leann and Eddie aren’t happily married because their entire relationship is spent on taunting Brandi.

    • Mari says:

      Co sign on everything you said. I actually know someone who is so manipulative that everything she says and does has a purpose. Whether it’s to manipulate a situation or a person, she doesn’t do anything without it being part of a larger plan, which is usually intended to hurt or embarrass someone. She’s never admit it or course, but everyone in her social circle has finally caught on after years and years of giving her the benefit of the doubt. So, I know first hand that people like this exist. They are not happy unless they are manipulating. It’s very sad.

      • Carrie says:

        I agree except manipulative people are not sad. They are dangerous. Bunny boiler references others have indicated re: Leanne are on point. The harm this has caused to Brandi and her boys, including a hospital emergency visit, has been extensive and generally unrelenting.

        All will come out once these boys grow up. I worry about the long term impact on the boys but know that Brandi is strong and will always be there for them.

        As for Leanne, Eddie, and the like…these people always make their own hell given enough time and rope. It’s heartbreaking and permanently damaging the toll it takes on families and individuals who genuinely love each other though.

      • jenn12 says:

        Remember when Leann decided to take Jake out on a public road with his bike when he was just learning to ride, and kept screaming at him to go faster, while filming it? This psycho is SCARY.

    • Kitty says:

      Yup, to everything you wrote.

      And even the haters need love, is stolen from Brandi.

      Last year, Brandi tweeted “Haters need hugs.”

      It was because Rinna and Co, were going after Yolanda’s illness, all season. But Brandi had appeared on RHOBH that night. Sitting on Yo’s bed discussing how the ladies like to attack those they consider weak.

      I suspected that LeAnn would snag that somehow. And sure enough, along with snagging “Love is Love” from Lin Manuel, for her song. She snags the haters theme from Brandi.

      She only recently gave Lin Manuel credit for her “Love is Love” song inspiration. Which that sick, b*tch actually promoted the song on the actual day of the Pulse nightclub shootings.


      Anyway, she’ll never admit the haters part of that song, and this blog post, is from Brandi.

    • Arock says:

      Wasn’t everle the name she was using to make comments on social media a couple of years ago? There was even a fake (or several) fake profiles with that name. Full confession- this is one of my favorite on going train wrecks, she’s batshit and it only ever gets better.

      • Deanne says:

        Yes, that was Eveleigh or Everleigh Rose. She still has a really violent and stalkery Pinterest page with that name. There used to be a blog titled Lunatic LeAnn Rimes and they hit the nail right on the head with that. I think that Everle is supposed to represent Eddie and LeAnn forever, because, as well all know, they are the single greatest love story of all time.

  13. Honey says:

    When I saw these pictures yesterday, it looked like she wasn’t even wearing a shirt. Sky high heels, tight jeans and a tight, too low cut tank top isn’t a classy outfit to wear at a kids graduation

  14. Chetta B. says:

    Eesh, addicted to hashtags much? LOL, that’s so funny. Typical crap from Leann, gushing about “her” boys and being a stepmom and posting a “look how much in love we are” picture. *yawn* Does anyone else think it’s odd that Eddie isn’t posting this sort of thing? They’re HIS boys, isn’t he proud of them too? I actually think Leann has frightened him off of social media with her lunacy.

  15. Deanne says:

    LeAnn’s the perfect example of the old “actions speak louder than words” adage. She posts her plagiarized quotes and has started this spiritual blog, that she uses passive aggressively to trash Brandi, but she lives none of what she claims. Absolutely nothing. She wore jeans and was braless under a tight tank top to the kid’s middle school graduation. Her posts and hashtag usage made the day more about her than him, as usual. Same with Eddie’s birthday and Father’s Day. Everything is all I, I, I, me, me, mine. I don’t give a rat’s ass if she “loves” Eddie and Brandi’s children, they aren’t hers and she exploits them on social media more than their actual parents do. It isn’t out of love, it’s her claim of ownership and again, a way to poke at their real Mother. Her Soul of Everle blog is a joke. She fancies herself a spiritual guru, when she’s really a basket case and the majority of the world knows it.

    • Chetta B. says:

      You’re right on with this. She does nothing out of love.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Stereotypical narcissistic behavior.

    • Jezi says:

      100% accurate! Her blog was only created so she could one up Brandi and I because we mentioned we are starting ours. She passive aggressively posted a chalk talk on her IG how the world has enough women who talk about hair that they need to strive for something harder or something like that. Which leads into her fake spiritual crap. All the blog is, is another place for her to taunt Brandi by using it to talk about Eddie, Brandi and the boys and how awakened she is. It’s fake like her.

    • Christin says:

      A spotlight (or at least a flashlight) has been placed on the nuttiness, yet it’s still ‘game on’. Is it just a game, or can someone be that disconnected?

      I would really be ticked about using kids’ events for pap opportunities. I’m sure she/they would figure out some other way to exploit them, though.

      • Deanne says:

        Seriously though? A bloody grade graduation and F…uckles and Chuckles call the paps? They are the lowest of the low. Dangerous much? Disrespectful to other families much? They both sat on their high horses when Brandi wanted the kids on RHOB. They could have used the celebrity entrance (although i use that term loosely for those losers) at Nobu, but instead trotted the boys out for the paps again. Eddie’s really a disgusting POS. He’s their actual parent for goodness sake. He’s using them to make money because he can’t keep a job.

      • Christin says:

        While she cannot control what they do, it’s as easy as a social media post to specify what she’s choosing not to do, out of respect for their privacy. If she isn’t setting up pap photos and not posting dozens of social media photos a year of the boys, then publicly state it (without snark or throwing stones — the statement would speak for itself). Then it is clear who is calling the paps to children’s events.

        It would take one minute on social media to do that, set a boundary she is following and hopefully shame the shameless.

  16. Mari says:

    L always seems to go over the top to make it look like the kids are hers and Eddie’s. It’s so strange to me since I have tons of friends who are stepmoms and are totally understanding of the boundaries. L either has no acute awareness or she IS acutely aware and purposefully crossing the line time and time again to try to get a rise out of B. Personally I would have more of an issue with her attire. How confusing it must be for those young boys to be around their stepmother in barely-there tops that show practically everything. Does she want them to be attracted to her? Strange and disturbing, indeed.

    • DIRTNAP says:

      That’s what I’ve been wondering, Mari. I have a son Mason’s age, so naturally my radar is up.

    • jenn12 says:

      She’s done that since they were little. Tiny, tight clothes to their parties and games, hypersexual behavior with their dad around them, physically close to them while wearing these clothes, and making out with their friend’s mom several times while they vacation together. She is seriously disturbed.

  17. Sharpie says:

    I really started to respect my stepmother after my son was born and she showed a real and genuine interest in him, was very supportive and kind but also was very restrained and let my dad take the lead with him when we were all together.

    It took a few years for me to see her as a ‘bonus mum’ rather than my dad’s wife, but she is this to me because of her behaviour (she has never said anything negative about my mother, for example).

    Leann would do well to restrain her actions around the boys because after the age of 18, they really won’t have to see her if they don’t want to…

    • Judges will definitely listen to kids preferences when they get to be Mason’s age. If Mason decided he did not want to spend as much time at Leanne’s and Eddie’s house there would not be much they could do about it. But sadly, since Eddie is not making any money, and Leanne holds the purse strings, I would bet all that’s holy that money would be withheld until he came back into line. Also, remember, that the kids seem to love their dad, and sadly, they seem to have put up with her to see him.

  18. Daisy says:

    I believe the LovE is capital L for Leann and capital E for Eddie.

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      Spot on.
      And I bet it’s aimed at BrandI.

    • Kitty says:

      Yes, and isn’t that one of her many LamE tattoos too.


    • jenn12 says:

      Yes, and on Mother’s Day, she made a fuss over sending Brandi a Mother’s Day wish on Instagram, while wishing her a day full of LovE and thanking Brandi for bringing her own sons into the world.

  19. 90shasbeen says:

    This chic is just pathetic. She’s certifiable and has no real friends or family to tell her to just STFU. The nauseating blogs about love and being at peace is a totally different than what she portrays in real life. Everything is about Brandi. Even Brandi’s almost year old relationship.

    You’re married and so in LovE but follow your husband’s ex-wife boyfriend’s Snapchat. She even went out and purchased the same game (corn hole) Brandi was playing a week prior on DJs Snap for Eddie’s birthday. Crazy!

    The fact she has no shame is baffling to me. She was caught and all Eddie could come up with (well LeAnn) was the drunk story about Brandi. How interesting. But every Instagram story and post ole Eddie is drinking. He has a liquor cabinet full of tequila yet Brandi is the drunk. Crazy!

    This marriage will eventually implode because once Brandi and DJ make it official….they won’t have anything else to keep them bonded. Their hate for Brandi is keeping the marriage “functional”.

  20. JaneDoesWork says:

    You can tell who the mom is and who the stepmom is very obviously by the outfits. LeAnn is dressed so inappropriately: jeans and a nude tight top. To a graduation. Brandi’s dress was cute and occasion appropriate. She also doesn’t feel the need to cling to her son in the photos because she is naturally close to him. I feel so bad for Brandi, its not fun having your kids used as pawns.

    • SoulSPA says:

      ITA!! On top of that, I cannot help myself notice the closeness and love between Brandi and her boys. Love that picture!

    • noway says:

      Obviously, you haven’t been to many child school events lately, but trust me that statement is far from the truth. The Mom is not always the one dressed appropriately. I think it has to do with the particular Mom and Step Mom. My experience has been it has to do with age too, If you have a parent who is a bit older, trust me you will be astounded at what some parents wear to things. I’m not a Step mom, but I have known some great ones, and Leann at least here is really giving them a bad name.

  21. cora says:

    Rimes keeps saying “our”, “Mine”, “My”…that would make any mom upset, specially coming from the mistress!!!, cheated, broke them up and has the nerve to appropiate the wife’s kids….(Yes I know Cibrian cheated as well, but he is dumb as a rock and also my comment refers to Rimes), like beating someone and then spitting on them.

  22. why? says:

    Leann is stalking Brandi’s boyfriend’s account, so it’s Leann who needs love.

    Eddie is so jealous of Brandi’s boyfriend and his relationship with Brandi and his sons, that he has become aggressive in his “Hurt Brandi” campaign. Why would Eddie target Brandi like this, if he was getting love from Leann? If Eddie loved his kids so much, why does he always allow Leann to use them as weapons against their mother or use them to improve his image? Remember the story about how Eddie tried to change his image by being seen in public with his kids? Every time he is photographed in public with his kids, it just seems like he is using them to make himself look like a good father. Since Brandi has been dating that guy, Eddie’s public and IG appearance with his kids has increased by 3 fold. Brandi is too nice to Eddie. He isn’t a good father. He is just using those boys and it’s obvious to everyone.

    Eddie and Leann spent the entire day of the graduation gloating that Brandi wasn’t apart of the whole process, so it’s Eddie and Leann who need love. Why did Eddie attend his son’s graduation dressed like that? In the staged photo-op that Leann and Eddie arranged at his son’s graduation, everyone in the background is dressed up, but then there are Leann and Eddie dressed like that. Leann gets dressed up to walk through the airport, so why did she decide to wear that? The funniest thing about the staged graduation photo-op is how everyone in the background were standing in groups talking to one another and then you see Eddie and Leann standing all alone, taking photos of themselves to prove how much they are in love. It looked so awkward. No parents went up to talk to them. Leann and Eddie are a joke. It was his son’s graduation and Eddie and Leann tried to make it all about them.

    Leann and Eddie spent Father’s Day taunting Brandi. Leann set up a staged photo-op in a parking lot with Eddie, Brandi’s kids, Eddie’s parents, and her parents; Leann wrote a blog claiming that Brandi’s kids “nudged” her and Eddie to have kids; Leann posted a happy family photo of them at the restaurant; and then Leann posted a photo of Brandi’s kids and Eddie taking a drive in the car that Brandi father’s gave Eddie and Brandi as a wedding gift. If Leann loves to cook as much as she claim, why didn’t she cook dinner for Eddie on Father’s Day? Leann said that Eddie eats healthier now that he is with her, but once again all we see is them dining out just about every day.

    Eddie made such a big deal about Brandi drinking, but once again, he and Leann took a bunch of photos of them getting drunk on Thursday and Friday.

  23. Valois says:

    Her outfit looks more like “it’s 9 pm and I have to go to the supermarket and grab some crisps!” not like something you’d wear at a formal school event.

  24. Jan says:

    You people are all crazy. For years I wondered how you “knew” when LeAnn was posting. Now I know you are full of shit. You assume anyone who disagrees with you is her. I am not her but when I disagreed with you and pointed out that Brandi is not the paragon of virtue that you claim with the example of when she was falling down drunk, you start insisting it was her. Now I know that you DO NOT know. You bunch of mean girls just want to pick on someone until you don’t even see both sides of it anymore. No one should believe one word of your crappy rants anymore because I now have proof you are just making it all up when you say you know it’s her. I think more people should try this little trick to prove all of you have no idea that either one of them are posting. Or on the other hand this is Brandy with a bunch of different accounts. Either way, jokes on you, sure won’t be wasting my time with you bunch anymore.

    • QueenElisabeth says:

      Hi wewe

    • 90shasbeen says:

      You’re in your feelings today. It’s okay. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for you Le.

    • Chelly says:


      What??? 🐒

    • megan says:

      Do you post on all the Celebitchy posts calling the replies those from “mean girls”? I highly doubt it, so please don’t get all high and self righteous about Leann Rimes posts.

      And Leeann, please put your boobs away for children’s events. Highly inappropriate clothing.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I think you need some help. This is not sarcasm.

      Someone randomly posting on a gossip site and becoming so emotionally invested in a former celebrity subject that s/he becomes enraged enough to attack other posters is mentally unbalanced. Please get some help.

    • Liv says:

      ” I am not her”

      Sure, Jan.
      Also, bye Felicia.

    • joanne says:

      Brandi doesn’t have to be a “paragon of virtue”. she is a real person, she has faults that she is aware of. like most people, she has made good and bad choices. she is a devoted mother and is extremely active in her sons lives. none of this is cause for the nutcase, psycho leann to stalk and torment her. leann needs to get over her jealousy. if leann truly loved the boys, she would facilitate a good relationship with their Mom.

    • Lukie says:

      Awh Le uhhhh Jan…do you need a hug?
      I think you need a hug.
      Hugs and LovE!

    • Lady D says:

      Sounds like it’s Foot girl. I was just talking about you.

      • Christin says:

        Definitely seems an invested party, given they claim to have followed this story for some time.

    • Lola says:

      Wow. That was quite a rant Jan. And Brandi is not perfect but that does not negate how dangerous and unhinged LEANN is. So stop trying to change the subject.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      I’m saying this with kindness: if you are seriously getting upset about celebs you will never know, or posters you will never know, you need to log off right now and get mental help.

    • Norma Warner says:


    • Sonja says:

      I’m with Jan…and no, I am not Leann. Disappointed much???

  25. Frigga says:

    Leanne seems like the type who would try to seduce her step son’s friends…*shudder*

    • Liv says:

      She def wants her stepsons friends to think of her as the “young hot mum”. We should be glad that Brandi had no daughters because Leann would be that step mum who makes out with your 16 year old boyfriend to prove something to herself.

  26. Rianic says:

    Look how the parents in the background are dressed. She looks like white trash! Like an older woman who wants to prove to the world that she’s still sexy, and I think that’ part of her intention is to say to Brandi that she’s younger and sexier than her.

  27. D says:

    Lmao at some of these comments … boy oh boy

  28. WhatThe says:

    I am divorced with one child. He was 14 when we split. Within a year my ex had married a woman who had never been married and had no children. My son would come home and tell me how his Dad and stepmom would make nasty digs at me, and how much it upset him. Finally, when he was older, he told them point blank at dinner one night while they were carrying on about me that this was his mother they were talking about, he did not appreciate it, and not to ever do it again. They were apparently shocked when he told them to cut it out, and tried to tell him they were only joking. His reply was it was in no way funny to him. Hopefully one day these boys will stand up for Brandi the way my son did for me.

    • D says:

      Well you are assuming eddie and leann badmouth brandi …

      My feeling is the boys live both sets of parents and will laugh about the dumb drama and roll their eyes and keep out of ut. Hopefully Brandi will shut up publicly and keep their beef private

      • why? says:

        Leann and Eddie do bad mouth Brandi, they dedicated 8 episodes of their reality tv show to bashing Brandi.

      • Honey says:

        That’s all they do. Hopefully LeAnn will stop posting everything on social media. She looks lame trying to rub this all in Brandis face. It’s been 8 years of LeAnns nonstop drama.
        Team Brandi

      • joanne says:

        eddie issuing a public statement that they stalked Brandi’s boyfriends SM because Brandi was drunk is not assuming anything. it is a fact that they bad mouth her every chance they get. every interview leann does is all “one sided fight, Brandi is difficult, we teach the boys”. their show was all about Brandi. these are facts, not assumptions.

      • Lola says:

        We KNOW for a PROVEN FACT Eddie and Leann badmouth Brandi. Is that you Darrell?

      • WhatThe says:

        Google Leann Rimes Crazy and see what you get. Her fans saying absolutely monstrous things to and about Brandi. Watch a clip of their reality show. If that were my son’s stepmother I’d have punched her out by now.

      • I went through/am going through something similar. It all got so bad that my son just started refusing to go over to his dad’s house to spend the night. EVER. It is great when kids get older and can make their own decisions about where they want to spend their time. The irony is of course, My husband and I have never said a bad word about his father, and never will. I get nosebleeds from the high road sometimes, but it’s the only road to follow when kids are involved. Parents who think their kids will love them more from trashing the other parents, take heed. The child will turn into a young adult and finally tell you how much they hate it. They are also a hell of a lot harder to manipulate.

      • noway says:

        You are assuming their reality show(s) and social media are reality. News flash and at the risk of sounding like the Orange Cheeto it’s FAKE. Also they all make money over this FAKE stuff!!!!!

        Not saying they don’t say bad things about the exes and partners to the kids in private, but I have no idea. Neither do you. Now as they all seem to be savvy social media/reality show experts I’d bet they told the kids this is all fake to get people to respond and thus make money off it. If they were boring no one would listen/follow or respond, and they would just disappear.

      • Ange says:

        So why did Leann start stalking well before she went anywhere near Eddie if it’s all fake? This isn’t her first crazypants rodeo with some other woman’s man.

    • WhatThe says:

      My son actually went through a period where he stopped talking to his father for about two years in his mid-twenties. Guess who facilitated the reconciliation? Me. Guess who called for my help? My ex.

  29. D says:

    Nice to see that Eddie’s family and leann get on. Y’all are irrationally hating on her but the boys look really happy with her.

    • T says:

      …because she buys them things.

      • Kitty says:

        Doesn’t she pay their rent?

        And if I remember correctly, LeAnn has his mother doing menial jobs for her, in return.

        Who in their right mind would make their mother-in-law work at their house?

    • 90shasbeen says:

      And she pays their bills. That’s a fact!

    • Jezi says:

      She pays their bills. Of course they’re going to pretend to deal with her. Plus Eddie is their only child so they pretty much are going to put up with his crap.

    • Anon33 says:

      D is clearly for Darrell Brown

    • Ange says:

      Both parties agree that she’s good with the kids, it’s her continued treatment of their mother that’s the problem.

  30. Cat says:

    I feel for Brandi. I’ve had a sociopath woman fixated on me wanting to destroy me before using my child. It’s really crazy making because you feel you are the only one who sees the emperor without his clothes. Everything that person is doing to you, they accuse you of. When you are involved in this situation for awhile dealing with a very sick person, you become sick yourself to an extent. It really fucks with your head and self esteem after awhile. Brandi needs to take control back by either completely cutting herself off from the situation or going all in and fighting back in a court of law for her kids. This half assed every 6 mo or so rant to the press reigniting the drama is so counterproductive because it just gives Leann (and Eddie) what they want… POWER. They are controlling Brandi whether she admits it or not. They’ve succeeded time and time again in painting her to be unstable and a drama queen with a drinking problem. Everything they are. I think a lot of people initially were cheering because they thought Brandi was FINALLY going to take control and actually fight back with the full force of evidence that clearly exists of leann’s stalking and abuse. It quickly became apparent that this wasn’t the case at all. She retreated and they won… again. Brandi even stooped to tweet a Father’s Day message to Eddie. WHY!?!? It doesn’t help her kids and it isn’t taking the high road. Her kids are not stupid. They know their father hates their mother. Lord knows the psychological warfare going on in the cibrian home to those kids against Brandi. Anyone who thinks these sick fucks arent poisoning those kids against Brandi don’t understand how sick the situation is. Brandi is damaged from this mess. Deeply. She’s self destructive because a part of her believes she is shit after being told so and treated so horribly and abused emotionally by a man she thought was the love of her life. It’s heartbreaking but so frustrating to witness. She needs to be in family counseling with HER BOYS. Not posting on social media. SHE NEEDS TO BE IN A FAMILY COURT, with documentation regarding the stalking and parental alienation clearly going on. I predict Brandi will sabatoge her new relationship because deep down she feels she doesn’t deserve something good. This is just tragic. Everyone who’s been watching this over the years sees clearly that Brandi was so close to really freeing herself from the toxic trap she’s been in FINALLY with the relationship with a solid man who truly loves her and also has the power of money. Everyone felt the power shift. She was so close …. but no she allowed Leann and Eddie to bait her into reacting, lashing out only to retreat. She gave all the power right back. They are absolutely gleeful about it too. You can feel Brandi about to sabaotage her new relationship too.

    • Jezi says:

      What are you talking about? She didn’t retreat, she tweeted days after about it, released her statement to US and did another article in US about it. Her Father’s Day remark was snarky yet showed she’s still a better person than he is. They are the ones that won’t stop and you think it’s easy to go to court and get a judge to remove custody of the father from the kids lives? First she needs money, she’s already in a lawsuit with Hoeanna Krupa and then she needs to convince a judge that the boys are being abused, which they are not. A judge will slap Eddie’s hand about parental alienation but Leann doesn’t mistreat the boys so what exactly do you expect to happen? Why do people think that getting sole custody is simple? It’s not. The boys regardless of how Eddie treats their mom, still love him. For now she’s not going to hurt her boys so as they get older they’ll make their choices.

      • Lola says:

        Sorry but I think Cat is right. Many of us got our hopes up, thinking *this* time, Brandi will go to court and DO something instead of just talking and snarking. It is so SO incredibly frustrating seeing Brandi talk about this, when she won’t do ANYTHING. She never even tries. I just can’t with her anymore, it is always a letdown when you think she will go to court she never does. What is the point in talking about it then? So you’re saying we all got our hopes up, again, for the 15th time? That DJ ISN’T helping her compile evidence to take to a judge? That it’s just gossip? What is the point then? Look at Gossip Rocks, she has more proof than almost Google can hold!

        At the very least, she should be able to get a restraining order out against Leann for herself and the boys. At the VERY LEAST!!!! She isn’t lacking evidence nor money nor support, only the will. What about the harm the boys are being subjected to? Did Brandi ever stop to think they may resent her for not acting and rescuing them from Leann and this situation? If I were Mason or Jake, I would never forgive Brandi for doing nothing. Never.
        You don’t think the boys are harmed and hurt by Leann’s theatrics? You don’t think THAT is a form of abuse? You don’t think the boys might RESENT her, for not acting and for subjecting them to all that?

        How many times is she going to speak out, only to retreat and do nothing? With DJ’s help, many of us thought for SURE that she would, FINALLY, do something THIS time instead of just talking. So you’re telling us it is all a wind up, that Brandi has no intention of actually doing anything about it? Even now? what the….

        Seriously I’ve been defending her on and off for years. But if she doesn’t actually DO anything about it this time, that’s it. I am DONE with her for good and done defending her. There is ZERO excuse for her not acting. If all she wants to do is snark from the sideline and not *do* anything, that’s it. She’s done her dash with me. I am sick of her playing games. I want her to go to court, I want to see action. Not talk. I don’t want to hear or read her articles. I want to hear that she went to court. That is it. This is her last chance as far as I and many others go. She’s got our hopes up that this time she will actually do something. I feel a fool for defending her. This time; money, evidence, support – she has ZERO excuses not to go to court and get that restraining order for her sons sakes and if she doesn’t, it is because she is stringing us along and playing us all for fools.

      • Cat says:

        BRANDI is the one that issued a public “statement” saying it was the last straw Jezi. A PUBLIC statement….. why? What was the point if she is so powerless and can’t DO anything? What does her last straw mean? Nothing. The boy who cried wolf… and Eddie and Leann know she won’t do anything. She should have never issued a public statement. She should have spoken to her boys in private. Rediculous that the public is shamed by those close to her for supporting her because we somehow don’t know her. She made it public!

      • Jezi says:

        She issued a public statement to draw attention to the stalking and abuse she deals with. And believe me the crap she gets privately is pretty bad too. Why should she stay quiet to it? But that’s different then spending money that she doesn’t have on a lawyer and having to drag her kids into court all for a judge to do absolutely nothing. I know a thing or two about family court and how difficult it is to take custody away. I’m sorry she can’t make every one happy by doing what everyone wants her to do. You try walking an ounce in her shoes. I mean if you want to start a gofundme in her name to raise money to pay for a year’s worth of legal fees to fight Eddie please feel free.

      • Lola. I have no idea what “boundaries” you think you can set with a judge or otherwise. Believe me, if could get my ex and his wife to stop talking smack about me I would “move mountains”. You just keep showing how completely ignorant you are of the law, custody arrangements, etc. And I know all the gossip rocks stuff. A judge would throw that stuff out so fast. Please don’t talk about what you don’t know and make assumptions about how a parent is protecting their kid. Again, you have NO IDEA what might be going on behind the scenes. Those kids may have been in therapy all these years. The family therapist could have told Eddie and Leanne to knock if off, but they don’t listen. And I can’t get why you can’t see, that as crazy as Leanne is, there is not a single thing she has done that a judge would issue any kind of motion on. I have seen MUCH worse and no judge would even listen to the stories. Please stop judging her, you really truly have no idea.

      • Linda says:

        Jezi, going to the police and filing a restraining order is FREE!! The restraining order is so that LeAnn stops stalking Brandi, not the kids. This is about LeAnn stalking Brandi. There is enough evidence of LeAnn’s stalking. This is not about dragging kids to family court. I repeat this is about LeAnn stalking Brandi for almost a decade. Stalking is criminal in all 50 states. It is a crime!!
        Below is a comment I left on Celebitchy’s article written on June 14 regarding Eddie and Brandi still sniping at ea. other along w/ LeAnn’s stalking. Please read. Do you know why she won’t go to the police for a restraining order?
        Again, it’s not so that LeAnn can’t see the boys, it is so that LeAnn stops stalking Brandi. No family court is warranted for a restraining order, no money needed to go to police and file. I want more than anything for Brandi to have peace as I have quietly watched this nightmare for 8 years. LeAnn will never stop stalking. How many times has she been called out throughout the years and she ‘still’ continues with her demonic ways?? She will never stop….ever.

        “Brandi, you may or may not be able to afford an attorney to take this to court, but you can take this to the police – that is free. Stalking is a crime. You have 8 years of proof/evidence. I have seen individuals get restraining orders with less evidence than you. If it hasn’t stopped in 8 years, sweetie, it is not going to stop. Do you realize that she truly has a mental disorder?? You can’t fix crazy. If you get this restraining order she is not allowed to follow you or harass you on the Internet, not be at baseball games, school activities, birthday parties, anywhere that you are – she cannot be.
        Because you have always put your kids first, they have taken advantage of that knowing when they say or do something against you/towards you, you will keep quiet for the sake of the boys.
        It is your human right to enjoy your life stalker-free. She does NOT have the right to torment you. I agree with the twitterer ‘A SouthernGal’ – “Get a restraining order and enjoy your life.” I second that. You cannot continue to complain of stalking when there are stalking laws to protect you. You are the ONLY one who can put an end to all this. It is free to go to the police. For once, put yourself first. May God’s peace reign in your life.”

      • Jezi says:

        Do you really think it’s that simple to get a restraining order??? My best friend’s ex husband had legitimately stalked her. Showed up at her house, been seen circling her house by neighbors, has lashed out at her in public, has had police called on him numerous times, has a million and one emails of him saying crazy crap, she’s filed tons of police reports and even she couldn’t get a restraining order against him. She was able to get temporary restraining orders here and there but her lawyer said it would be very difficult to get a permanent restraining order. Here Brandi has coincidental pictures, a run in at a restaurant and her looking at her boyfriend’s social media. Yes the behavior is nuts and yes we all see it and find it creepy but she hasn’t threatened Brandi or done anything but be weird. A judge will not grant a restraining order.

    • I am sick to death of people thinking Brandi could do a damn thing with a lawyer. No judge is going to sit and listen to these stories about Leanne. I think she’s crazy as a betsy bug AND clearly a stalker, but she never crosses the line into the kind of thing that would impact child custody arrangements, or allow Brandi to get a restraining order. You need a HELL OF A LOT of proof for those to be changed, and since the kids are older, they would have to testify. I imagine Brandi does not want to put them through that, and is just trying to do the best she can with a shitty situation. I have been there in spades. Stop blaming her for not getting a lawyer and putting everyone though court cases that would be ugly, expensive as hell, and ultimately unhelpful to the situation.

      • Jezi says:

        Thank you. Any money she makes she should get to save for her children and their education. I’ve seen mom’s who have been on drugs still get to keep their kids.

      • Lola says:

        Sorry but I am sick to death of the excuses why she can’t or won’t do anything. I can’t recall a stalking case when there has been more evidence. And what about that guy who is an ex-felon that she hired to harass Brandi? I believe that he signed an affidavit or something. Now that is getting to serious real proof. Ok, even if she isn’t willing to act on the boys behalf, she could at least get a restraining order for herself, so that Leann couldn’t be near her. That would also have the added benefit of stopping Leann stalking/showing up at places she is at. And then the boys wouldn’t have to be forced to go back and forth between tables. Lastly enough with the ‘don’t want to put them through court’. Sometimes we HAVE to act, to protect them. If it was a child that was abused, you would go to court because you’d want justice for your child, and to make sure the person doesn’t do it to anyone else, right? As painful as it is, sometimes we have to put the child through that because the end result is worth it. Doing nothing is not an option. I think a good mother knows that and knows sometimes you must prepare yourself and your child/ren for battle because there is no alternative.

    • Deanne says:

      @lLola I don’t know where you live, but actually restraining orders and changes to custody are VERY hard to get. Especially ones that are long term. What’s she going to say? This woman is copying my clothes? She followed me to a restaurant? These things are very psychologically upsetting to Brandi and completely insane behaviour, but LeAnn hasn’t physically threatened her personally and she’s not beating the boys or anything. I had a stalker when I was in my late teens and it was a woman. Very few people took her behaviour seriously. She copied my appearance to a tee. She even got coloured contacts that were the same colour as my eyes, the same haircut and the exact same clothes. Law enforcement would have laughed at me. My friend had a guy move across the street from her house, where he would spy on her all day and night with binoculars and follow her in his car and she couldn’t get a restraining order against him. Basically she had to show proof of physical threats or he had to attempt to assault her before they’d do anything about it. It wasn’t enough that he had moved to the city she was living in to spy on her full time. Even though what LeAnn does is very damaging and unhealthy towards Brandi, the boys live with their Father half of the time. How would a restraining order work? People are simplifying something that is very complicated. In California, they are huge on the 50/50 custody arrangement. The boys love their Father too. Brandi just seems to want LeAnn’s unhealthy behaviour to stop, she doesn’t want to take the boys away from their Dad. She’s said she’s never discouraged the boys having affection for LeAnn either, despite her craziness. I think that if more comes to light on the whole convicted felon being hired to harass her, things may go a different way, but for now, she’s between a rock and a hard place.

      • Lola. Please go talk to a lawyer. You are around the bend if you don’t realize what a messy, frustrating, expensive and utterly useless process it would be for Brandi to try and get full time custody and a restraining order. And the affidavit from the loon admitting to perhaps being paid by Leanne would be laughed out of court.I am both a therapist who has seen many custody disputes, and a divorced mom myself.

        FFS, of course, Brandi is putting her kids first. She is doing her best to live her life and save her money because it sure looks Eddie isn’t making any. You also can’t know whether or not the kids are in therapy, or what other things are in place for their protection behind the scenes. (It would not surprise me if Leanne is not allowed to be alone with them, for example) As I have said other places, as the kids get older they get more power in their custody arrangements, so it will be curious to see if it stays the same. But remember kids will protect and defend INCREDIBLY abusive parents, and I don’t think anyone is accusing Eddie of that.

      • Cat says:

        Sigh. If things are worse then what has been seen in public as has been stated then this is clear abuse.. I’ve never said, nor do I think, Brandi should fight for sole custody or get a restraining order… many, many folks who do. not have near the means of this group of people navigate co-parenting issues successfully with the help of therapists, mediation and court ordered BOUNDARIES. Since clearly none of the adults in this situation are willing to establish healthy boundaries, outside help is clearly needed. For example, Leann Rimes should NOT BE ALLOWED TO STALK BRANDI OR POST PICS OF MINORS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Period. If those were my kids, and I’m broke as a joke, I’d move mountains to make sure this was stopped by having a court set that restriction… all these people, including friends of Brand, getting all bent for the public having an opinion when Brandi clearly brought the situation to the public is strange. I have utmost sympathy and empathy for Brandi dealing with these people. I’d just like to see some progress after 8 years is all.

      • joanne says:

        Brandi is living her life in whatever manner she sees fit. she doesn’t owe any explanation for why she is not taking it to court. for all you know, she may have consulted several lawyers and been told that she will not be able to get custody changed. she has always put the boys first in her attempts to co-parent with eddie. this includes not bad mouthing him. leann and eddies behaviour is horrible but not illegal. i’m sure it’s a nightmare to deal with but she doesn’t have legal means to change it. Brandi doesn’t have to go to court to give closure to any posters here. her life is not about making you feel better.

      • notaseasyasyouthink says:

        Sigh. Cat and Lola. You both obviously know a everything about family law and how to make it work for people, regardless of financial or other circumstances. You should start a blog where divorced individuals, suffering through nightmarish co-parenting situations could go for advice from people who know exactly what they should do. It’s easy to say what you would do in other peoples situations. It’s completely different to live through it. Dragging someone into court constantly, knowing it’s not going to change anything is a waste of time, money and sanity. No court is going to change custody because Eddie Ciboria is an a$$hole or because his wife can’t dress herself without seeing what Brandi’s wearing first. Until the squints start acting like human beings, no progress will ever be made. BTW, I’m not even trying to be snarky. I understand that you THINK you know what you would do , but until you have been faced with this exact situation, it’s not quite so neat and tidy.

  31. PettyRiperton says:

    Le is bat shit crazy and is pissed that her hubby still loves his ex. After 8 years of trying to become his ex. It still haven’t made him love her and not just her money. Of course the boys love her she’s the cool step mom who buys them everything they want. What kid would hate that?
    Eddie strikes me as the type to say things like “Brandi use to do this” “Brandi would do it that way” to get under Le’s skin he’s not getting his way.

    • Lime says:

      Dean Sheremet was describing how they were living a life where they never checked the prices. I think Eddie’s paying a high price for Leann bankrolling everything. He must feel super stuck.

  32. Cat says:

    Brandi IS the relationship of Leann and Eddie and by extension her boys. Take her out, there’s NOTHING there. She FEEDS them with her attention and pain. THEY GET OFF ON IT. That’s why Eddie is now a “good” father also. They will stop at nothing to “win” the boys from Brandi. If Eddie can’t have her and Leann can’t be her she must be destroyed.

  33. Bobbysue says:

    Leann needs to be with someone such as Kanye West. Hah! Can you imagine?!?

  34. Tan says:

    I feel for Brandi. She has to share her own sons with a stalker step mom, who is forever ready to appropriate her position as a mother and an unfeeling ex who shows almost no consideration for the mother of these children. If Brandi was a poor woman, I feel they would be forced her to give up her sons for them. All it needs is a strict parenting No from Brandi and a little overindulgence from Leann ( say givingthe teenager a toy Brandi wouldn’t approve of and the kid Wants) to fester a resentment and alienation between mother and son. I mean, why leave Brandi if Eddie consciously embroils her in his life leike this.

    Why doesn’t he and Leann adopt a kid of their own or have a child of their own instead of trying ti passive aggressively remove the mother of his sons from their lives?

    • Because unhappy people can get a lot of satisfaction from ruining or interfering in other people’s lives. And controlling men will never let go. I have one of those myself-my ex. Our family therapist nailed him to the wall by saying a negative relationship is still a relationship. Creating drama and bad situations insures you interact with the ex which is exactly what they want. They don’t care if you are thinking negatively about them AS LONG AS YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT THEM.

      • Tan says:

        Oh yeah. Controlling men and bullshit they peddle. Same here, Still suffering from weirdo ex and his bro pack.

      • Cat says:

        Exactly! You can tell both Eddie and Leann are euphoric with the attention from Brandi. That Eddie dude is positively giddy and Leann likes that cuz it adds a spark to their boring pathetic life. So obvious.

  35. Cat says:

    @notaseasyasyouthink @joanne I certainly don’t think any remedy is easy and I certainly don’t feel I have all the answers or need Brandi to do anything so I can have closure, That’s just silly. Again, this whole scenario was brought to the public in a statement to The Dirty by Brandi. I just don’t understand the motivation for the declaration of reaching her limit etc. People care and sympathize with Brandi and these people help her make a living in the public eye. They have opinions, as do you. Take the opinions or leave them, makes no difference to me. I don’t get the hostility towards those asking questions and trying to understand and perhaps put ideas out there. Again I’ve never stated custody should be taken from the father or a restraining order as that would add more heartache for the kids who obviously love their father. I was speaking about boundaries in regards to the stalking of Brandi, as she spelled out in her statement and the lack of appropriate boundaries with Leanne in regards to the kids.. Anyway, I’m done with this now as it’s clearly been decided that there are no solutions or remedies and God help anyone who thinks otherwise. Holy moly.

    • Jezi says:

      But Brandi has attempted to work on Boundaries with Leann in the past. They’ve gone to therapy and she talked to her there and they even met just the two of them for dinner and she mentioned it to her there. This is when Brandi was trying to make peace so her boys could enjoy group birthdays and events without the hostility. Has anything ever changed? Has Leann ever stopped? Like I said above, she won’t be able to get a restraining order so she figures maybe if she called out Leann’s behavior maybe just maybe she’d get embarrassed and stop. I’m pretty sure she won’t but she’s tried multiple things. I think for Brandi that she got used to the copying and social media stalking of herself but then when Leann did it to her boyfriend it set Brandi off. I mean she stalked her first husband to “win” him and now she’s stalking her new man? For what? Is she trying to find a new target to stalk so she can win him? So of course that made Brandi say hold up this is not happening and she made it public. One things for sure Leann hasn’t pretended to be extra friendly with DJ anymore so that’s a good thing.

      • Yoonji says:


        Did Leann tried to be friendly with Brandi’s new boyfriend as well? She is really sick if it is true

      • Jezi says:

        Yes she was being extra friendly at first. Anything for attention.

      • Christin says:

        I would not be surprised if E starts acting friendly or in need of help, just to mess with this new relationship.

        It’s doubtful he’s going anywhere when the 10-year mark happens. What’s he entitled to, half of whatever equity exists in Casa DeLusion? The slightly more likely mark is when he is eligible for his acting union pension, years from now (55 at earliest). Even then, he’ll likely stay (as long as he’s in his preferred zip code and has enough freedom to play).

    • Cat-I for one mean no harm, but am just trying to answer your questions. If I had not gone through all that I have had to go through with a divorce and difficulties with my kid’s father I would probably feel differently. I am also a therapist and have seen some crazy, crazy over the top custody fights and divorces and just nasty terrible behaviour by parents.
      One of the most frustrating things about divorce is that you just have no control over how the other person behaves. They can rescind all your rules. (you say bedtime is 8pm they let the kid stay up all night) talk negatively about you to the children and their friends IN FRONT of the kids, and in leanne’s nutty case got to great lengths to copy the mom. Sadly there is not a single thing you can do. (I have seen EXTREME cases where you can’t get a restraining order) In my case we have an incredible family therapist who we all have sessions with and she has TOLD my ex to stop talking badly about me. She has told him how much it hurts him, and that it does not hurt me, just his relationship with his kid. Guess what? He does not care. Some people are really THAT selfish. I would be willing to bet any kind of money that Brandi has those kids with a great family therapist who is helping them with their feelings. In our case the therapist has taught my son he cannot expect much of anything from his dad, and that he cannot change his behaviour-also that neither of us are responsible for all the anger. It really is heartbreaking and rage inducing, and I can understand from the outside how it seems like you “you should set boundaries, etc” but you can’t. You can’t make people behave better-even when you tell them it hurts their kid.

      And one more thing. I have tried so hard to create a peaceful home for my kid. We don’t talk badly about anyone, we honor his feelings, we have realistic expectations and rules. And he is sometimes FURIOUS with me because he thinks I don’t stand up enough for myself with his Dad. But he’s a kid, and does not see that his version of “standing up for myself” will just bring rains of torment on my head. Incessant abusive emails and phone calls. I want peace. But that does not mean that like a Brandi you don’t have your moments where you say AGHGGHGHG. And if I had to do this IN PUBLIC, with everyone judging me all the time on ALL my behaviour, AND the stalking, etc. I might, like Brandi, just have to call her out on it and in might, in part, be because my kid WANTS ME TO!

      I just feel empathy. It’s not easy. And I can understand how someone listening to my situation or Brandis’- would say “you should do this or that” and have NO idea of the lawyers, therapists, and others who know the true inside story and how hard I have worked for everyone to just be happy. And it makes not a lick of difference. You do your best.

      • Deanne says:

        LeAnn and Eddie seem to both be severe narcissists. They won’t be able to hide their cruelties to Brandi for much longer, regardless of if Brandi tells the boys, or if they find out on their own. I lived though this as a child and the people who think that the boys will take LeAnn’s side over their Mother, couldn’t be more wrong. Once LeAnn can’t manipulate the boys anymore, her mask will fall off and they’ll see what she’s like when she isn’t getting her way.

      • Kids figure this stuff out REALLY early. Does not mean they won’t make excuses for, or try hard with narcissistic parents. Kids are hard wired to love and defend their parents-no matter how horrible. But watch the hell out when they get in pre-teen/teen mode, because some truths will be told!

  36. Cindi says:

    I just want to say, for anyone who is unfamiliar with this 8 years long stalking and swf situation by Leann and Eddie toward Brandi, that a good place to start is right here on Celebitchy. They’ve done a really thoughtful and thorough job of writing about some of the major incidents, (like Brandi’s kids ending up in the E.R. because of Leann, and Brandi finding out about it on Twitter.) And all the posters filli in many of the other sordid details. This is a really sick story about a former child star gone psycho and a jealous ex-husband who eggs her on to hurt his ex-wife.
    You can search on this site for Leann and/or Brandi and Eddie’s names and pull up most of the posts. The sordid stuff is all in there. In order to really understand the psychotic criminal pattern of stalking and bullying of Brandi, by these two dirtbags, you have to read about all the past incidents. It’s worth it if you have the time, its awful and disgusting but also interesting, in a really frightening way. It’s one of my most favorite long term reasons to visit Celebitchy. 8 YEARS woo hoo!
    Also there are multiple blogs online that show lots of Leann’s SWF copycat behavior from outfits, to tweets, photos etc.