Hanson Brothers have 12 kids total but won’t get vasectomies because of the ‘pain’

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Do you remember the band Hanson? Should I call them a band or a boy-group? Hanson consisted of three brothers, Taylor, Zac and Isaac. Don’t ask me which is which. They had a hit with “Mmm-bop” and they never looked back. They were extremely popular with kids and tweens and they – like the Jones Brothers – were also pretty religious. The group was very popular by those who saw them as “wholesome” entertainment in a world of sexy boy-bands. As it turns out, Hanson is still a thing, they’re still touring and recording and they’re still pretty religious. The brothers are all in their 30s: Zac is 31, Taylor is 34 and Isaac is 36. And between them, they have 12 kids. Think of their poor wives! Or don’t, because the Hanson brothers are going to keep having babies. They were asked, during a radio interview, if they ever considered having vasectomies. They said no, because IT MIGHT HURT. Their wives are probably like, “Yeah, having all of these babies hurt too.”

They are the the brotherly pop trio that also share a formidable twelve children between them. And despite fathering enough progeny to field a football team, Hanson admitted that they were not interested in getting vasectomies, as all three were worried about potential pain. The MMMBop stars, who are currently touring Australia, appeared on Hit105′s Stav, Abby & Matt show where the conversation quickly turned to their prolific brood.

The admission came after host Matty Acton asked the trio: ‘So you’ve got twelve children between you, right?’

‘Do we have to count them collectively? Isaac asked. ‘My wife and I only have three – these two are complete freaks – I don’t want anything to do with them.’ Zac Hanson has four children while brother Taylor has five. The host, Matty, who is also a father of three, revealed to the rockers that he was thinking about getting a vasectomy, and asked the trio if it was something they had considered.

‘When I think about vasectomy – there’s a very small chance you could have permanent unending pain associated with that part of your body, and there’s no small enough chance that’s small enough for me to risk that,’ Zac replied. ‘I will become celibate and live on a mountain.’

With the radio hosts barely able to contain their hysterics, father of five Taylor chimed in with: ‘Zac’s like “so this is the deal – life away from all other humans, his wife, his children – or – some potential pain in that region”.’

Abby Coleman then asked the trio what their wives thought of their decision not to get the snip.

‘She loves me and she doesn’t want me to be in pain for the rest of my life – there are other ways,’ Isaac replied. Isaac, the eldest band member, has three children with his wife Nicole: Everett, nine, and Monroe, eight, and Nina Odette, two. Taylor Hanson has five little ones with wife Natalie: Ezra, 13, Penelope, 11, River, nine, Viggo, seven, and Wilhelmina, aged three while Zac has fathered four children with wife Kate: Lucille, one, John, eight, Junia, five, and George, two.

[From The Daily Mail]

I generally think that if a woman is going to endure the pain and discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth, the man needs to at least OFFER to get a vasectomy when they, as a couple, decide that they are done having babies. But few men do offer, because “pain.” And bros like John McEnroe keep insisting that women are the weaker sex, that they’re not as physically capable as men, right? Plus, there’s that added element with the Hanson brothers specifically of their religion – my guess is that they’re all probably very Evangelical, to this day, and that their views on marriage, birth control and babies are all very Duggar-esque.

iHeartRadio Music Festival Day 2

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  1. NeexKC says:

    Child birth is more painful.

    • Arpeggi says:

      The risks of life-long complications from childbirth and pregnancies are also much higher…

    • CP says:

      And “pulling out” is absolutely painless! I have practiced this method for 20 years with only one (intended) child to show for it. Then there’s painless Female contraception, male contraception etc. Just how little do people understand genitals? Should I draw a diagram? Snipping seems an invasive and stupid cost for what was probably (4) drunk bangs. The problem is your drinking maybe?

  2. Menutia says:

    Where I live, the men CLAMOUR for vasectomies lol. Mine wanted one DURING my 2nd pregnancy, and many, many families I know, the man made the decision unilaterally and got snipped without their wives even being fully sure they were finished (usually after an oopsie 3rd). I also live in a very religious (catholic) area with a lot of SAHMs, and even so this is true! :)

    • Ankhel says:

      Sounds to me, if a woman has an “oopsie” third child, considers a fourth, and her husband only signed up for two… I get the “oopsie” vasectomy.

    • Ange says:

      My dad got one while my mother was pregnant with me. He was unsure at first so he did the very Aussie manly thing and asked his mates at the pub. Apparently it led to a mass discussion about all the other men’s procedures and eventually a scar-off. I don’t want to know who won but it at least convinced my dad he’d be fine.

  3. Enough Already says:

    It reads like only Zac said it and Taylor was playfully mocking him about it. No comment from Isaac. Sounds ridiculous but maybe his wife is okay with it?

  4. JenB says:

    Mmmm…Bop you boys on the head for that excuse! What about the pain your wives go through to carry and deliver all these babies? Get some frozen peas and snippety snip.

    • pinetree13 says:

      They have a new clinic here that does non-invasive, pain free vasectomies. I read up on it and it’s amazing. I talked to guys at work who had it done and they said the dentist is worse and it was no big deal they were totally fine.

      The “forever pain” the Hansons keep yapping on about sounds like some sort of religious birth-control fear mongering.

  5. flybaby says:

    Its kinda a personal decision. I didn’t ask my husband to do it when we were done because it was me who didn’t want more kids.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Me, too. After twins, I was done. There was no negotiation.
      That sounds bad, I know, but he respected my decision ( we both considered his often brutal schedule), even though he would have been happy with more. We had our daughter, then our twin sons, and for me, that was our perfect family.

    • yellow says:

      Yeah, I’ve read up on the potential side effects and would never encourage any man to get one. It’s a surgical procedure; it should ALWAYS be that person’s choice.

      • Jeesie says:


        It’s minor, usually uneventful surgery, but when it goes wrong it goes really wrong. I think some people don’t realise just how bad the potential risks are. I know a couple of men who are in constant pain and can no longer have sex, and there’s nothing doctors can do to fix it. It’s rare, but not nearly rare enough that the decision to have it done shouldn’t be taken extremely seriously.

  6. DenG says:

    Wait, why am I commenting? I have as much interest in these Guys as the Jonas Guys. I’m old, please excuse me.

  7. Camille says:

    Oh my gosh the laughs! And the insane roll of eyes. After getting surprise pregnant with my third, I told my husband that he had to have a vascectomy because I was on the pill and it didn’t work and I don’t want a fourth. He said it’s “my body and my decision”. I told him having a baby was my body and my decision so that meant no sex. Obviously it was less harsh than this shorted version of events, but the man got a vascectomy. And even though I wasn’t necessarily planning on having a third, my life is so incredible and complete with him, and I now see babies and get clucky for another. However, I know it was the right decision and my husband couldn’t be happier. We have sex without worry and I’m not taking the pill which does have a negative impact on a woman’s hormones. And his procedure was an afternoon, virtually no pain, and back at work in the morning. I can assure you my pregnancies were not as pain free! So many uneducated people out there but they still get to make money.

    • SoulSPA says:

      Great story Camille! Happy vibes!!

    • Zip says:

      An UID does not have an impact on women’s hormones either. There are a lot of save methods of hormonfree contraception. Do people only know the pill?

      • JuliaGoolia says:

        Yep, sorry Zip – I have the copper (hormone free) coil as I can no longer tolerate the pill. Guess what? It hurt like hell to get put in (with no anaesthetic) and it has caused pain and extremely heavy bleeding during periods (9 days of every 21) for the whole 2 years I’ve had the damn thing in. I keep getting told if I can just tolerate it it might settle down. I’m nowhere near the only woman who has had this issue. I’m trying as it’s my last option and my partner won’t consider a vasectomy.
        Not as simple as it sounds.

  8. Pumpkin Pie says:

    Oh yeah, a little pain, but it’s OK for their wives to go thru labor, the baby coming out, post-partum pain and possibly complications, and painful breastfeeding if it applies. Baby blues too, maybe.
    I write all that with the caveat that I’ve jumped straight to the comments.
    I will read the post though because of the work involved in writing it (writing is always excellent here, no matter the topic :)

  9. Casi says:

    Sounds like brothers giving each other crap to me.

    And an average of 4 each is also a perfectly reasonable number of kids to have. I hate the double standard of, “It’s not OK to shame a woman for not having kids but it’s fine to shame a woman for having many kids.” I thought reproductive choices were supposed to be above reproach?

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      Above reproach? Not in my opinion, unless the parents afford to raise children without help from the state. Depending on the country, there are people who make one child after the other and rely on child benefits to raise them. Then there are people who can’t afford raising ONE child even if they both work.
      I know one case where the husband works, the wife is a stay-at-home mother because she is not employable due to lack of skills and language problems. They get a lot of money in child benefits from the state, kindergarten fees are ridiculously small because they are subsidized, so there, a huge expense is almost insignificant when it comes to how little the parents pay. Child benefits for three children come to 550E and can increase according to their age. There are people who have up to 10 children, ONE FAMILY, and they get more than 1K in child benefits. All this money is tax-payers’ money. In households where only one parent works, s/he get tax credits. Then, people who are not married and don’t have children pay more tax. And yes, there are couples who don’t work, but have children, so there’s social assistance AND increased child benefits. That’s not OK and I feel free to judge some people’s reproductive choices.

      • Tan says:

        Agreed. I know quite a few people who enjoy less hardship, pay nothing andnglide through life with two cars on social benefits and multiple kids. While I work my ass off, am single and pay ridiculous taxes and have to jump through countless hoops to even think of adoption.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      It is true. I have a larger than the average number of children because we chose to have a large family. I come from a large family. Religion had nothing to do with it. I do get piteous looks from other women or unsolicited comments. Sometimes I see people who so badly want to ask me some rude questions but I ignore them.
      They are the loves of my life, my heart, and my soul. I don’t regret any one of them. Finances aren’t an issue so we were able to do it but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult sometimes. Some people like having a large family. Not Duggar freakish but reasonable. 19 is just stupid and outrageous.
      It is selfish not to have a vasectomy if the wife doesn’t want any more children. It is easy and she doesn’t have to take birth control which can be hellish for some women. I hope they were joking.

    • suze says:

      I don’t think that 4 kids is all that common and everyone’s idea of a reasonable number is different.

      That said, their family planning is entirely their business. It was an invasive question and it sounds like they were trying to joke it off.

  10. detritus says:

    wow. that is a lot of dumb.
    Its an in and out procedure, with very, VERY little risk of complication.

    He realizes that the risk of permanent pain or physical damage is significantly higher in childbirth right? Or does he think episiotomies are for fun.

    • SoulSPA says:

      Maybe some men too should educate themselves on the risks for the mother and/or unborn baby(ies) to die during labour. Thankfully lower rates in the developed world nowadays, but definitely a risk.

  11. Honey says:

    These guys have no balls. They can’t take a little pain?

  12. Jegede says:

    Zac used to be and look like such a twerp. I can’t believe how cute he’s become.

    No comment on Isaac.

  13. Cee says:

    I read this as a joke, but if it isn’t I’m sure their wives share their views. Zac and his wife dated for years and married as virgins, and they’re definitely super religious. Taylor got married at 19 and at 34 only has 5 children, so I’m sure they do use protection. Isaac has 3, pretty standard number of kids.

    Yeah, I’m a fan.

  14. Amelie says:

    I have a friend like the Hansons/Duggars (she didn’t kiss her husband until her wedding), she and her husband are super religious and don’t use birth control, she says she doesn’t agree with it. I just learned yesterday she is expecting her third child in January, her oldest is only 2 years old (she’s not even 30 yet). She did say this one was a surprise, she didn’t expect it this time around and she was anxious about having 3 kids but I’m kind of like what did you expect if you aren’t even using birth control! You can get pregnant on BC but if you’re not using anything you don’t “accidentally” get pregnant. Oh and her husband is about to lose his job and she’s a stay at home mom. I can’t say I’m that sympathetic. They made those choices and they have to live with their choice of possibly getting pregnant every year if they won’t use any kind of contraception.

    • LizLemonGotMarried says:

      I’m in a quandary right now-I’m the boss’s boss of a guy like what you described, and my heart is aching. He isn’t doing his job at ALL, but he’s got kids, wife, and pets depending on his paycheck and…. ugh. I feel like a heel. That being said, I, and his manager, have coached, trained, and done everything we could to try to get him to do his job for months, he just flat out won’t do it. I work for a Fortune 50-termination requires documentation like crazy. There is no motivation.
      *sigh* I hope your friend isn’t married to my employee.

  15. SM says:

    Well there are also other ways but my guess os that they if they are religiois conservatives they are against any birth control in general. Those answers sounded to me more like a way to avoid saying that they believe birth control in general is evil because even living in a cacoon of their religion they probably can guess that a lot of people do not think that

  16. KiddVicious says:

    ‘She loves me and she doesn’t want me to be in pain for the rest of my life – there are other ways,’ Isaac replied.

    Pure ignorance. Why would he be in pain the rest of his life? Religious propaganda? Perhaps he needs to learn actual facts before making a decision.

    • perplexed says:

      When he said “other ways” I thought he was talking about birth control or condoms.

      Maybe they’re okay with the 1% chance they could still get pregnant, as I learned could happen from Ross and Rachel.

      Maybe he’s misinformed by the vasectomy thing (I have no idea), but it doesn’t sound like they’re having relations without any kind of family planning whatsoever. They might be religious, but I don’t think they’re like the Duggars either where one Hanson literally has 19 kids running around.

  17. Yup, Me says:

    That Mmm bop song was popular when I was in high school. At the time I decided that the chorus lyrics were:

    Mmmm-bop! Lick and tap my dmmmm-bop. Chewing on my mmm bop! Lick and tap my dooooooo!

    I have no idea what the real lyrics are since I belt these out anytime I’m unfortunate enough to hear the song.

  18. Jan says:

    This is screaming Duggar/ Quiverfull to me!

    • perplexed says:

      They don’t have 19 kids though. They must be using some kind of family planning, I think. (Or they’re not doing it at all anymore? I suppose anything is possible)

  19. Margo S. says:

    My husband’s father refused a vasectomy. He made my husband mom get her tubes tied. I know a lot of my moms friends have has their tubes tied for that same reason. I told my husband that I gave you three children, you are getting a vasectomy, and thats final. His appointment is in January.

    • pinetree13 says:

      This really gets me riled. A woman getting her tubes tied is a MUCH more serious surgery and with MUCH higher risks of complications. It is way, way, way safer for the man to get snipped.

  20. Marie says:

    just quit having sex

    • JenB says:

      You’d think that would happen already with that many kids! Unless they’re full Duggar.

  21. Madly says:

    Why is this an issue, their wives are probably on the same page. And leave their religion out of it.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Anyone else singing Mmm Bop now??

  23. holly hobby says:

    To give the older Hanson credit (Isaac), he stopped at 3. It’s the other 2 who have potential to go full on Dugger. Sorry ever heard of the pill or condom?

  24. Jo says:

    I had such a crush on Taylor Hanson when I was 14, but 5 kids? Nah!

  25. Rachel says:

    I don’t get it – why are the options 1. have more babies or 2. vasectomies? What about condoms and birth control? You’re making the total assumption that the number of children they have is more than they or their wives want and that because they’re religious, they’re against birth control. What a leap.

    • n'diye says:

      I agree. There’s a lot of reaching going on here. It seems their kids are very much wanted and cared for; all they did was answer an intrusive question with a joke and suddenly they’re the new Duggars? Nah. I also don’t see what their religion has to do with anything. They’re not proselytising.

      • Anon31 says:

        Except they actually are Orthodox/Evangelical Christians with very archaic views of women and family and are extremely politically conservative and anti-feminist in a lot of interviews. None of their wives have ever worked. Only one of their wives went to college. They have implied many times in interviews that women should know their place, referred to girls that wore Juicy clothing as sluts a few years ago when it was popular, have spoken out against Hillary and Obama, supported Mitt Romney, and have called their fans bitches so, you know. I want to like them still but they’re just such ignorant, conservative, d bags irl. I’m sure they voted for Trump, their wives also seem kind of racist at times on social media. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this was not a joke and they 100% didn’t believe in birth control and whole heartedly thought risking damage to their peen was worth strip mining their wife’s uterus and that they could impregnate her all they want because her uterus is their property. Seriously. So unfortunate they are so backwards. TL; DR-Yes, they really seem to be that uneducated, sexist, and religious. It may have been a little bit of a joke but they are in fact deeply religious and kind of seem to hate women from time to time.

      • FLORC says:

        Example please of where they’ve come off as men who seem to hate women.

      • n'diye says:

        @Anon31 I’m not talking about them generally. I don’t really know them further than that one song they had. I just think it’s too much to read from this one exchange, is all. And a lot of the people going “Duggar!” seem to also only know them from that one song and based their opinion on them having 12 kids between them.

        Also, personally, as a Muslim, I dislike people conflating someone’s religion with someone’s general beliefs. The two may not always match up in their orthodoxies and it just pushes the idea of people as ideologies which is dangerous imho.

      • LT says:

        Totally agree – huge leap. I did a quick search on their other interviews and didn’t see anything disrespectful or shady. The interviewer asked an overly personal question and they diffused the situation by joking about it – not a big deal.

        I also don’t judge anyone for not wanting to undergo a permanent procedure. There are other forms of birth control that don’t require a permanent change to your body.

  26. FLORC says:

    Left to right Zac, taylor, Isaac because I was super into them and they appear ageless.
    Reads like a friendly joke to me too

  27. ASH says:

    The wives could go on birth control you know. Most men don’t undergo vasectomies, they just use normal contraceptives. By the way, the wives want to have lose kids as well, it’s not like they’re being forced. Those women want to hold on to them.

  28. Rubber Ducky says:

    They sound like they’re too busy populating their cult compound. One of them married a fan. I doubt any of these religious obsessives can think critically or clearly about anything, let alone birth control. Why knock back new cult members?

  29. Lex says:

    Haha Hanson are noooothing like the Duggars! I love them and always will. Just sae them two weeks ago live and theyre fantastic. They don’t take themselves too seriously and poke fun at their previous ‘heartthrob’ image.

    They are a band by the way , not a boy band! They play all manner of instruments and write their own music.

    They’ve been touring for the past 20 years and are pretty great musicians these days. Love love love them. Hear If Only live and tell me they arent great 😁