Emily Ratajkowski: ‘People don’t want to work with me because my boobs are too big’


Emily Ratajkowski covers the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Do you like the editorial? I can’t decide. On one side, I hate the center part Emily was given and I dislike the fact that none of the clothes seem to fit her properly. On the other side, I’m grateful that this editorial wasn’t some sexed-up, put-her-in-lingerie-and-call-it-a-day thing. You can see Bazaar Australia’s editorial here. Some quotes from the cover story:

People don’t want to work with her because of her body: “There’s this thing that happens to me: ‘Oh, she’s too sexy’. It’s like an anti-woman thing, that people don’t want to work with me because my boobs are too big. What’s wrong with boobs? They’re a beautiful feminine thing that needs to be celebrated. Like, who cares? They are great big, they are great small. Why should that be an issue. I have no problem with the backlash, because I feel it illustrates my point over and over.”

Her long-term boyfriend Jeff Magid. “My boyfriend is super confident and was raised by his mum, so he also genuinely loves and admires women. Not just ‘Oh yeah, women are cool’. He deeply loves and respects women, so he loves what I’m all about.”

[From Harper’s Bazaar Australia]

I’m exactly the kind of person who reads that comment about being too “sexy” and thinks, “No, girl, they don’t want to work with you because you’re kind of an a–hole who won’t shut up about how sexy you are.” But I sat here and thought about it, and I understand that I’m part of the problem too, which is the point Emily is making, although she could explain it better. The point – I think? – is that her image is very sexy, very bombshell, and she doesn’t get a lot of work in films because women and some men don’t necessarily want to hire her or work with her because of that image. There is that anti-woman disrespect of “oh, she’s just a dumb, big-boobed famewhore.” It’s not fair to her.


Photos courtesy of Pamela Hanson/Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

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  1. Izzy says:

    Looking at the cover with her in the blue dress, I think she’s making a fair point, because they have managed to work with her and put her in at least one outfit that doesn’t emphasize her breast size. If they can do it, so could others.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      They had her put her hand near her open ladyparts instead.

    • kaiko says:

      dude, get a breast reduction if it’s that bad…oh, wait….

      • Izzy says:

        Dude, a woman shouldn’t have to get cut in order to satisfy everyone else.

      • Aurelia says:

        Boo hoo then get a new smaller pair of implants then.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @Izzy: Right? I wonder if all the people basically telling her “Then get a breast reduction/get your implants removed and cover up if you want to be taken seriously/get work” would feel equally comfortable with a woman in Hollywood being told ‘Then lose weight/ get breast implants/ get butt implants if you want to get work/not be made fun of’. I fully support any woman’s right to safely make any of those decisions, but when women are specifically told that they NEED to do any of those things to change the way they’re treated and just accept the ‘natural’ order of things, that’s when we’re looking at patriarchal expectations being expressed.

      • Bettyrose says:

        The point is that it’s entirely self-imposed. No she shouldn’t have to get her silicone removed, but she should change the conversation. She’s not being forced to talk about her boobs.

      • Mango says:

        Bettyrose and Aurelia, way to be incredibly judgmental about something she has absolutely no control over. She most certainly does not have implants.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Mango- Huh?? I said she could change the conversation. That’s judgemental, sure, but about something she totally has control over.

      • rty says:


        You can’t be serious.

  2. Maria F. says:

    yes, but would we know her if she would not have this sexy image? She knows how to draw attention to herself by posting her body over and over again. If people then hold her image against her, that is her risk, no?

    Yes, breast are beautiful. But if all i see of you is t*** and a**, I might think there is not much else there.

    • doofus says:

      yeah, I kinda agree. she first got noticed because of her body and her boobs (Robin Thicke video?…), and she played that up, so I can see why people think of her that way.

      she wants to be a movie star, I think, and the only BIG movies she’ll get is where she plays the bombshell girl “sidekick” to the Tom Cruise savior type, or the girl that the lead man gets distracted by in a rom com before he realizes the “girl-next-door” is the one he really loves…she needs to win some large role in an indy/less mainstream film, do it well, and THEN people will take her seriously.

      but she’s leading with what she knows, and what she knows is “show off the bod”.

      • rty says:

        She’s an insta-feminist. Her interest in women’s rights starts and ends with the right to show off your body. I’ve never seen her talk about anything else, it’s always all about her and her boobs.

        Lots of those girls out there right now; they just want to get the attention and compliments for showing off their T&A, but that’s seen as desperate so they paint themselves as feminists fighting oppression, one booty pic at a time.

        The only reason we even know of her existence is because she’s sexy. Her insta is 99% lingerie, cleavage and bikini pics. Her recent butt pic got 1 million likes. You can’t create your entire public persona around butt pics and then throw your hands in the air and be like “I don’t know why everyone’s so obsessed with my body, I’m just trying to be a serious actress!”

        (And for the record: I am a feminist, I’m not old or fat or bitter, I think her body looks great. But she’s full of it)

    • Diana says:

      I agree with the sentiment but in all honesty she isn’t a good actress either.

      • sash says:

        Agree. She’s pretty but lacks acting talent (she’s flat out bad, tbh) and has no screen presence which is weird for someone who works as a model.

      • QueenB says:

        Yes. This is not a case where a woman does not get opportunities because she unfairly gets put in a box. We wouldnt be talking about her if she wasnt sexy. Thats the real problem she should take a look into: An ugly woman with as little talent as hers would never be on any cover. Even if she is very talented she wouldnt be in the same position as Emily. Thats where its unfair.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree. She’s a really terrible actress. She was used kind of like a prop in Gone Girl, so it worked, but she can’t carry dialogue.

        Also, I think film actresses need to go really easy on the lip injections. If you get them done with a light hand, it can work, but the close ups in film make it really obvious when there are shenanigans going on with someone’s mouth. Emily’s injections were distracting in Gone Girl, especially shots from the side.

    • Birdix says:

      I have (used to have, I’m older now) this body that felt like false advertising–skinny but big for my frame boobs. Went to the beach one day and was reading for a while by myself. Saw a cluster of people by the volleyball courts and went over to chat–after a while this one guy says–hey great to talk to you. We thought you were a total bimbo sitting there before. He was so confused that I wasn’t what he thought my body was.
      And i imagine it’s tough with modeling–most fashion looks better on small-breasted women.

      • Bexington says:

        I believe this! I developed very early and at the age of 9 had a full b cup. My peers, both female and male, treated me with such contempt. One day I wore a shirt that read Sassy! On the front in cursive (it was the 80s). and one of the boys (who i considered a friend) got so offended by it because he thought it read sexy! And told me “you think you’re sexy just because you have big boobs”. I was 8 or 9! And this was not said playfully, it was meant to shame me. So I get it. Having big boobs does make people judge you, and makes people feel like they have a right to talk about your body.

      • wolfpup says:

        After my third child, my husband (ex) told me that I needed implants, and I dutifully complied.

        When I turned 50, I got rid of all that – and can happily report that I love dancing in the love of the wind for the mountains. F*ck those plastic “fundrops” in my flesh and blood – things that are not my body. Apparently, all Emily is lacking is my ex – he would be delighted.

        Honestly, the men who are trying to troll you because of your tits are disgusting. You get better dates without all the effort to be sexy.

      • wolfpup says:

        Bexington – I must tell you about the women who were in my room with me when I received implants into my body. One was a girl who never grew any boobs at all. She was good-looking, and her parents believed that was what she needed to be a part of society. She was natural, easy to like. The other woman had come in for breast reduction. She had been catcalled so often that the male doctors, although feeling it was a shame (and speaking so) took away half of what was her. There was also a nurse that I recall, who sat by my side, with her big boobs and held my hand, and told me the story about hers.

        So sorry about the men…

      • rty says:

        >And i imagine it’s tough with modeling–most fashion looks better on small-breasted women.

        But she’s not a clothes model. She mainly “models” her body. And she wasn’t born with those breasts, she chose this size.

    • NicoleinSavannah,GA says:

      Exactly. EVERY picture she posts is sexy, sexy, sexy.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Well, I didn’t even know that she was an actress! I see her pics on the Daily Fail and assumed she was another Instagram, Internet, YouTube, or nepotism special. Basically, she seemed to be the equivalent of a pin-up girl.
      BTW, wouldn’t it be nice to have one day in summer on the DM when someone’s a** cheeks weren’t on display? Yes, someone has their “buns out” 🙄

      • Amanduh says:

        Darling, I believe the correct terms are “pert derrière” or “peachy posterior”… so dull.

      • wolfpup says:

        So boring! Why glance at the sideline stories of the Dm when they are merely photos of nearly naked women, or Piers Morgan frolicking with his wifie. We all are pretty much the same. We are given a price tag, however, based upon our body. Women who are anorexic or grossly overweight are those who are rejecting the norm most vigorously. I’ve had two best friends who were anorexic and bulimic – so pardon me for saying so. The lucky are those who glory in their bodies and dance, play and give big hugs!

    • Lia says:

      She is assuming it is her breasts and not her acting ability that’s limiting her….?

  3. UmYeah says:

    Thats a great excuse for not getting roles but at some point she does have to ask herself “am i good actress”. Big breasts didnt seem to hinder many other actresses from getting jobs, i.e. Scarlett Johanson

    • minx says:

      Yeah, I was thinking of Kate Winsket, too.

    • Algernon says:

      It’s funny how being too pretty or a bombshell is only a problem for actresses who don’t seem to get a lot of work, or get the work they want. Being very beautiful and busty never slowed down Scarjo or Angelina, but they actually have talent. It also hasn’t hurt Brie Larson (no one ever talks about it, but she has a really beautiful figure), or Margot Robbie.

      • GiBee says:

        I think that Brie has one of the best figures around – gorgeous shape while looking healthy. But because she actually has acting talent, presence, and something to say in interviews, I think it gets glossed over because it’s not her selling point.

        That’s what Emily doesn’t get. “Oh here are some more mostly naked photos of me. How dare you look at my breasts! Why aren’t we talking about my great acting skills?!”

      • third ginger says:

        Yes. Brie did the work first.

      • minx says:

        Brie Larson has an amazing figure–not just her curves but she has long, beautiful legs. Aside from that, of course, she has talent. Emily R. needs to drop this subject because she has none.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Brie Larson is absolutely stunning. It just isn’t the most important part of her. It is part of her as a whole. I really like her. I knew that she would be successful since United States of Tara.

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        Karla Souza of HTGAWM has a TED talk in Spanish and she talks about perseverence. Among other things, she was saying that a director she knew refused to let her audition the role of an addict because she was too good looking for that part. And then she shows footage of an audition tape she sent him – she was completely, utterly transformed with the help of make-up, wore some rags, had a fake-baby bump and she was smoking. The difference from her “normal” self was dramatic and she was unrecognizable.
        Movies are about how a character comes across on the screen and one of the magic of movies is that beauty can be played up or down. Not that movies are a beauty pageant. Karla had the vision of the character and the initiative to transform herself to prove she was right for the role. She was very convincing, the director admitted that.
        I can’t stand the “oh Im so beautiful excuse”.

      • vespernite says:


      • A says:

        Yep. Brie is definitely a hottie

  4. graymatters says:

    I put my hand over her body, and then over her face. From the neck down, she’s a sex kitten. From the neck up, she’s a rocket scientist who plays a killer game of squash. She needs to find a role where her character’s professional life requires an unsexy lab coat. Then we’ll know if she can act.

    And I love that turquoise color for a dress.

  5. Jenns says:

    Is she talking about modeling jobs or acting jobs?

    Because I watched Gone Girl. And I know why she isn’t getting many acting gigs. Hint – it has nothing to do with her boobs.

  6. emmyb1608 says:

    That’s what counts as “big boobs”? Huh…

  7. D says:

    I don’t know…this feels a bit like when Jessica Biel and Megan Fox complained about being too beautiful.

    • Merritt says:

      And both Jessica Biel and Megan Fox are better actresses than Emily, which is saying something because neither one is a great actress.

  8. Jag says:

    Perhaps I’m missing something because her breasts don’t look that big to me. (I’m a DD, so that might bias me.) I don’t see sex appeal, either because there’s nothing behind her eyes. She’s attractive, but she looks like tons of other dead-eyed women that are instagram models and such these days.

    Could it be that she’s not a good actress, and that’s why they don’t want to work with her?

    • Pandy says:

      I’m a G/H cup and she’s flat! LOLLLL. Perspective, Emily!! She always looks like she needs a good scrubbing to me. And like she’s just coming home from a “date”.

      • Mango says:

        Have y’all seen Gone Girl? They’re huge.

        30E here so I get what you’re saying. They definitely purposely made them look flat on some of these photos.

  9. megan says:

    It doesn’t seem to hinder her from getting her naked/bikini images plastered all over the Daily Mail every single day…maybe she needs to act serious if she wants to be taken seriously.

    • Kristen says:

      This comment actually supports what she’s saying – that her looks, or dressing a certain way, mean that she isn’t serious. Why should she (or anyone) have to dress modestly/chastely in order to be taken seriously? Wearing clothes that cover more of your body doesn’t make you better at something.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        Great point. That’s sort of the funny/cool thing about Emily Ratajowski that draws me to her interviews: She’ll make these controversial statements that will contain a small part that’s a little eye-roll inducing (like the idea that it’s just her sexy boobs that keep her from getting all the roles as opposed to her lack of talent), but that also contain these truths about how women are treated and what’s expected of them, and people almost always prove her point about those expectations and treatment just as they come to shout her down.

        Emily: “Women are expected to conform to arbitrary, more conservative-friendly rules about clothing, sexuality, and nudity in order to prove themselves feminists.”
        Commenters on almost any Emily post: “She’s not a real feminist! She’s just a selfish phony bimbo who needs to put some clothes on! Dummy!”

        Emily: “Women are expected to present themselves a certain way in order to be treated a certain way and any disrespect they get is blamed on their ‘sexiness’ or ‘sluttiness.’
        Commenters: “Nuh-uh! But if she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to shrink/cut and hide them titties and start dressing like a lady if she wants people to act better!”

        Emily: “Women who defend women’s right to not live up to respectability politics automatically get dismissed as selfish.”
        Commenters on any article where ANY immodest woman- not just Emily- dares to try to make this point: “Convenient Feminism! FeMEnism! Narcissist!”

        It’s actually kind of funny. I like her.

  10. Jugstorecowboy says:

    Maybe she means fashion people? I kind of like her, even though she is “problematic.”

  11. KikiGee says:

    First of all, couldn’t they have found a gorgeous older woman to go with the magazine’s theme? ‘Fabulous at every age’, but clearly not fabulous enough to promote a magazine. ?
    Secondly, she an exhibitionist. That’s all about her validation, not standing up for feminism.

    • sash says:

      Yeah, that rankled a bit. It’s the headline of this issue but they got a young model to sit above it. It’s like “Born before the mid 1970s? Well, then, that’s a darn shame”. I know it says “Fabulous at every age” but magazines/media always illustrate this all-inclusive fabulousness with women in their twenties and thirties or, sometimes, teens.

  12. Alleycat says:

    I get her point, but I don’t think she’s the greatest example of it. She’s not talented as an actress, so that could be a reason why she doesn’t get great parts. She started in this business by dancing naked in a Robin Thicke video, and all she does is post half naked pictures of herself on instagram. The only other role I know her is Ben Afflevk’s mistress in Gone Girl. She has set her own career path based off her attractiveness. Other women in the business have big boobs, and while are considered sexy, also have had success (ex Scarlett Johansson).

  13. Mia4s says:

    I’m going to be nice and not make the obvious jokes but in all honesty…has she given any indication she’s a talented actress? I mean, really? She was in Gone Girl where I remember she took her top off and shoved her boobs in Ben Affleck’s face. She was…fine? It’s just the way she’s talking I’d swear I’d missed some incredible performance that in spite of she wasn’t getting cast in other roles. I mean, huh?

  14. Sammy says:

    I totally respect her for being a celebrity that actually understands feminism but she made a name for herself by being sexy and outrageous. She knowingly curated this image that people have of her and it’ll take a lot more than a few humble-braggy interviews to change people’s opinions

    • Merritt says:

      Does she understand feminism? Because her statements frequently come across as “I choose my choice” feminism.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        “Choice Feminism” is a strawman. There’s a difference between “Defending women’s right to make all these choices about their bodies and not accepting excuses people make for why it justifies certain responses is feminist and empowering” and “Any choice by any woman is a feminist act, no matter what.” (A point I’ve never seen her or anyone else who wasn’t a trolling conservative trying to defend women’s right to support the Trump/Pences of the word try to make).

      • Merritt says:

        @Otaku Fairy

        False. People are calling out the inconsistencies in what Emily says versus what she does. Emily talks a lot about reclaiming nudity away from the male gaze but actions speak louder than words. Her DKNY lingerie ad is a perfect example. It features a disapproving older woman and a bunch of dudes getting overly excited about a woman in lingerie. How is it reclaiming gaze if her own recent work is stereotyping older women as mean disapproving biddies?

  15. Redgrl says:

    No, Emily, it’s because you don’t act particularly well and all you talk about are your boobs (when you’re not complaining about how hard it is to be so hot, according to…you?)

  16. lala says:

    On one hand – I understand the boob comment – I have very big boobs (36FF) and I’m an academic so I get alot of men (usually older men) who very obviously do not take me seriously when we first meet in professional settings because having big boobs and being attractive must also mean that I’m dumb as a rock. On the other hand, they usually get over it because I’m competent and know my stuff, but it’s a very frustrating thing to deal with, and something my male colleagues never have to deal with.
    As far as Emily is concerned, I think her biggest problem is she is a terrible actress. That has nothing to do with her boobs, especially in HW where everyone has perfect boobs.

    • wolfpup says:

      lala – bless your boobs – because there are people who need your unique sort of hugs.

  17. Honey says:

    Jeez. Some people will use anything as an excuse. Where are her big boobs? She seems a little full of herself. Not everyone wants to work with somebody who whines about how good looking she thinks she is

  18. MostlyMegan says:

    Salma Hyek has a large chest and somehow it never got in the way of her career. Same for ScarJo and countless others. Emily R might have to look a bit deeper as to why she isn’t getting the work.

    • Nic919 says:

      I was going to mention Salma too. She has big boobs and an accent and yet can get jobs because she can act. This chick needs to stop whining. It’s not anti woman, she just can’t act.

  19. Lightpurple says:

    THAT explains why Emma Stone gets all the roles! People just don’t want to work with Emily’s boobs!

  20. Merritt says:

    No Emily, it is because you can’t act and you are pretentious.

  21. Barbcat says:

    Gone Girl is why she doesn’t get acting jobs! She was horrible in that movie, so wooden. Her acting was very distracting to me, not her boobs.

    She always comes off as desperate. She has a great body, but I get sick of seeing it all I the time!

  22. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    It is probably a little bit of a) she has little to no talent b) there is an unconcious bias against women with big breasts.

    I don’t really know what to feel about her. She is maknig a fair enough point but she is, like a lot of people who are new to the “talking about social issues game”, is making it all about herself. Almost everything she says seems a bit self-serving and individualistic that I cannot help but roll my eyes at what she has said. Having said that: she should be encouraged to speak more about this subject, just with more substance than what she is talking about now. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    • perplexed says:

      Maybe in real life people have an unconscious bias, but I don’t see that in Hollywood. I think there is an even number of both flat chested and big-chested women in Hollywood. The one common denominator among all of them is that they’re all pretty though.

      Maybe she wants to be seen as “smart” like Natalie Portman, and even though I can’t stand Portman most of the time, part of the reason she’s seen as smart is because she completed her degree. This lady could be seen as smart too, even with her big chest, if she did something besides talk about her looks.

      Emma Watson went semi-topless on some magazine (and her chest didn’t look flat), and, yeah, she got criticized, but at the same times it’s not like people see her as any less smart.

  23. littlemissnaughty says:

    Sure. Because Hollywood is full of ugly, flat-chested, unsexy women.

    • QueenB says:

      Exactly! She totally does not see that she is the one with the advantage here. If she didnt have those boobs she wouldnt be on the cover. She should be more concerned with actually talented women who are not conventionally beautiful not getting chances at their passion. I mean she can get into movies based on her body but someone who is good at acting cant because they dont have a pretty face. Thats the problem.
      Hollywoods problems are certainly not about not casting women because they are too pretty or sexy. Its the opposite.

    • S says:

      Yeah, when will a young, gorgeous, big-breasted actress finally catch a break in Hollywood? 🙄

      All the eye rolls, Ms. Ratajkowski. All of ’em.

    • lucy2 says:

      Right? Because Hollywood is so known for substance over appearance. Eyeroll.

      The jobs she’s had, she’s only gotten from her looks and figure. Instead of complaining that those attributes are now hindering her, she should work on her acting, or find another line of work.

  24. M says:

    I’m sorry, but everything I’ve seen of her, she is a horrible actress. I don’t think it’s just because of her breasts.

  25. ScotiaGirl says:

    If she wants to “playdown” her boobs why is she constantly posting topless photos taken by herself or personal contacts repeatedly on Instagram and other social media. Why does she dress to emphasize them and put them out there in everyone’s face?

    • Miss S says:


      I suppose her point is that she wants to be both, to have a highly sexualized image and still be taken seriously as an actress. But clearly, we don’t hear about her interest in the craft of acting, just about her breasts and some lines about feminism.

  26. Originaltessa says:

    Her strategy for getting better acting parts by complaining about people in the business is really never going to work. I don’t doubt she’s faced her fair share of sexist pigs, but perhaps modeling and just Hollywood in general is a bad fit for her. It’s an entire industry based on judging people for their looks, and getting or not getting roles based on very superficial criteria.

  27. Kate says:

    She got her most prominent role to date BECAUSE Ben Affleck wanted to make out with her big boobs in Gone Girl.

  28. S says:

    My heart breaks for the rich and genetically gifted. Those who are lauded, applauded, revered, coddled, endlessly excused, breathlessly toadied to and make a living better than most could ever dream, all thanks to their looks. Their struggle is one us plebeian uggos could never fully appreciate. Bravo to Emily for finally standing up and proclaiming the sheer hell it is to be wealthy, gorgeous and famous in the world today.

    Seriously … Yes,, of course, rich, beautiful people have problems, too. No one’s life is perfect; etc. But maybe a person most famous for constantly self-posting too small bikini, or coy peek-a-boo topless pics should cool it with her, “the struggle is real” humble oppression brags about her cup size. “Oh, I’m tooo beautiful and sexy, it’s a burden,” is never a line that’s gonna win a lot of sympathy from, well, anyone.

    Also, if you don’t want a sexpot image, don’t focus the bulk of your social media presence on posting coy, sexy snapshots of yourself or pose naked, like, repeatedly. Nothing wrong with being sexy, mind you, but you can’t both embrace AND bemoan it.

    Real talk, Em: Your looks are the REASON you get work, not why you can’t. You’re stunning, but you can’t really act. It’s the former allowing the latter, not the opposite.

    • detritus says:

      I mean, I get what she’s saying, and there’s validity in her points.
      Her break out role in a music video was because shes a thin girl with large breasts, her acting role was because of the same reasons. Or is she forgetting the rapey song she had no problem taking cash from despite her feminism?

      I like her for the most part, because she says things that need to be said, but as a messenger, shes not the greatest.

    • QueenB says:

      “Your looks are the REASON you get work, not why you can’t. You’re stunning, but you can’t really act. It’s the former allowing the latter, not the opposite. ”

      BINGO. She is seeing the problem from the wrong side. She is on the winning side. She works in an indusrty where your talent does matter very litte but your looks. She doesnt seem upset about ugly actresses not getting roles.

      • Miss S says:

        She works in a an industry where the way people are perceived apart from their looks goes a long way. Not understanding that the way she carries herself is pretty much getting in the way of anyone seeing her for anything beyond her boobs/looks just tells me she is clueless.

    • sunnydaze says:

      So much truth here. Also, can we just be honest and discuss that the entire film industry actively seeks out the most attractive people to be in front of the camera. Sure, there are some average to low average men that get work where you don’t often see this as often with women, but let’s all be real here – Attractiveness is pretty much a requirement to break into the film industry. What happens beyond that is on one’s talent. Even thinking about Gone Girl – Ben Affleck, attractive man. Rosamund Pike, attractive. Emily, attractive. Just saw Wonder Woman – Gal, attractive. Chris, attractive. It’s very rare to find average/sub average looking actors with strong careers. That’s what gets me about actors who complain they’re too pretty/too sexy to get roles. EVERYONE IS PRETTY AND SEXY IN HOLLYWOOD by conventional standards. At least, 95% of them are and the 5% that aren’t are the best friend or relegated to sub plots (Melissa McCarthy being an awesome exception I can think of off the top of my head).

  29. QueenB says:

    She should discuss that with Rob Low and Jessica Biel. Two great actors who are too beautiful for meaninful roles. According to themselves.

    Also what she says about her boyfriend does not make any sense. He was raised by his mum? Like how many other men?
    I also often wonder if someone “loves women” does that include Thatcher and Ivanka? Riefenstahl and Coulter?

  30. Cleo says:

    Jessica Chastain has big boobs too, Emily, and people are falling over themselves to work with her. I wonder what the difference is.

    • third ginger says:

      Good example. Jessica went to Julliard. Emily dropped out of UCLA after a year. I guess they didn’t like her boobs there either.

    • Miss S says:

      Amy Adams is another example. She even worked at Hooters back in the day.

      • Cleo says:

        Did she really? 😂 I love Amy Adams, she improves every movie she’s in. Very few actors can boast that.

  31. Louise says:

    Remember when ‘beautiful’ women really were beautiful like Paulina Porozikova.

    This is what Emily ‘really’ looks like.


    • sash says:

      Ye gads, that ad is awful. And it proves further that she can’t act at all. That was the most uncomfortable and forced “walking while smiling coyly” I’ve ever seen.

      • Artemis says:

        When you can’t even act in an ad, sheesh! She says 2 words and I just don’t believe her lol, she needs acting lessons.

    • shanti says:

      That poor dog looks really embarrassed to be seen with her

  32. Fiorucci says:

    She looks wonderful here! Also she seems kind of Nice in vogue 72 questions. I liked her in blurred lines but from gone girl I’m not sold on her acting. In comparison Blake lively was memorable in bens other movie. But I think anyone who read the book would naturally find some disappointment in gone girl. She should take a small tv part to get connections and prove herself

  33. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I have an idea or two, she can first work on the intellectual side of her craft in the form on acting and elocution classes, READ a LOT of novels, plays, poems, discuss them with a coach or acting teacher. Take a psychology class somewhere. Read more psychology.
    Dress appropriately. In the red dress pic her boobs look big, in the blue/turquoise they look small – but it’s maybe just her posture that make them look small. BUT, hire a stylist to advise you on formal wear. Conservative wear too, it’s not all that bad. Invest in some good bras, it can make a difference. And don’t talk about your boobs, it only draws more attention. But maybe that’s what she wants.

  34. grabbyhands says:

    Or maybe you’re just grossly over rated as an actress and you’re not a good interview because your interviews are literally always you talking about how empowered you are because you like showing off your tits and then whining about how marginalized you are because you like to show off your tits.

    Congrats on your boobs-they’re nice, okay? I wish mine were as nice. Happy? Please fine something else to talk about. It’s not like there aren’t a lot of real things going on right now. And if you feel an interviewer is trying to steer you in a direction you don’t like, tell them so. Surely you’ve gotten enough clout in the press to tell an interviewer you’re tired about talking about showing off your tits? Except that I don’t think you are tired of it. Maybe you should be happy with the amount of money and press you’ve built up off doing not much more than staring at the camera dead eyed and being in a Robin Thicke video.

  35. Miss S says:

    This reminded me a comment made I believe by Tom Ford saying he was surprised by how beautiful Amy Adams’ boobs were. Even if he didn’t say exactly this the point was that she has a great figure but never focused too much on it or played too sexualized roles and therefore most people don’t think about her body or how sexy she is/can be, they think about her as being a very competent actress.

    I remember having friends with big breasts when in college and the kind of attention they got which made me sad for them and more comfortable about my own small breasts because I didn’t have to deal with it. But I also remember how specifically they tried to tone it down. The reality is what it is and they didn’t expect the world to change, they adapted like we all do in different circumstances. So while I understand how women with big breasts can so easily be sexualized without any effort from them, I also expect them to not draw attention to it like Emily does with her professional choices, social media presence, and interviews.
    If an actress becomes known for a highly sexualized role she knows she needs to play something really different so she isn’t typecast and Emily seems to keep reinforcing exactly her sexuality/body. No one needs to be ashamed or to hide their body, but when they work with their image this can’t be ignored if they want to be believable playing other roles. The same way an actor who only plays villains is hardly cast for a romantic/hero role.

    So, in general, I think she has a point, but she is ignoring how she has been carrying herself and many examples of famous actresses with big breasts who were able to overcome that by making smart choices in their careers.

  36. Maum says:

    By the way that blue dress cover is totally photoshopped.

    I have the same size boobs as her and even when reclining there is no way big boobs just disappear.

    She should just shut up- as someone mentioned she got a part in a HUGE film because of her boobs. Her character was streamlined and she was awful.
    If it weren’t for her boobs she would not have had a part at all. There are plenty of actress with boobs, looks and, you know, TALENT out there. That’s why they get parts.

  37. Ana says:

    I have to admit, I don’t understand why Emily Ratajkowski is a thing. She’s beautiful and has built her image around her sexiness, but is not talented at all, at least not at acting. That’s probably why they don’t want to work with you, Emily. And your boobs aren’t that big.

  38. me says:

    Does she do anything but complain? Also, those big boobs are probably what helped her career. I mean she had no problem showing them off in Robin’s music video or the movie Gone Girl so…

  39. Chetta B. says:

    Then have your implants removed? I guess you can’t do that after claiming for so long that they’re real, can you. The odd time she forgets to conceal her implant scar, lol. I just can’t with this one, she seems to have the IQ of a mushroom.

  40. M.A.F. says:

    So her lack of talent isn’t a factor? OKAY. Or the fact that the only reason why we know of her is because of a music video where she is half naked. Okay. If you built and managed your image a certain way, you can’t really complain how people view you.

  41. Michelle says:

    Her argument falls flat when there are plenty of actresses with bigger boobs. Her problem is, she shows no other sides of herself, other than walking around in bikinis & thongs & sexy dresses. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but don’t complain when that is all you show of yourself. Actions speak louder. Show that you are more than your body.

  42. stinky says:

    you are dead to me

  43. Joannie says:

    Well if she would stop marketing herself as boobs and butt maybe……..

  44. Maria_ says:

    ehm…. because talent is no needed right?

  45. perplexed says:

    She’s certainly pretty enough, but even the prettiest lady sounds annoying when they talk about pretty they are.

    Anyway, Hollywood is the most competitive place on earth. I would cite that as a reason why one might not get roles.

  46. Kay says:

    Scarjo, Kate Winslet, Jamie Lee Curtis, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon, Selma Hayek all have healthy full boobs and have been topless or nude in a couple of movies or two. But they all have even bigger TALENT and get tons of respect from the Hollywood community. They worked for it and know how to stay appealing and cover up! Emily’s career is still young. We know she’s beautiful already.She needs to go to continuous acting classes and build up her craft, not always put emphasis on her body, cause its your talent that’s going get respect and last. There will always be a new sexy girl around the corner. PS—COVER UP!

  47. Daisy says:

    Didn’t she pose with Kim K naked, talking about feminism? At this point she will need to make her own movies if she wants to act.

  48. Naddie says:

    She should apologize to her boobs quickly before they choose another owner. First: they’re not too big, they’re perfectly sized. Second: it’s not their fault. As ladies said above, Brie Larson, Salma Hayek, Scarlett…

  49. hogtowngooner says:

    Ugh, her again with her “woe is me because I’m so purty” nonsense. Look, I get that being young and hot in Hollywood = typecasting, but she’s got loads of industry contacts and money in the bank that she could disappear for a while, get a proper acting coach, even get a breast reduction and go out on some auditions for gritter, smaller-boobed roles and maybe things will turn around. If she really wanted to be taken seriously as an actress, there are things that are in her control to do.

    But nah, she’d rather keep complaining about her privilege (but won’t ever give it up). Oh, and use words like “anti-woman” so more eloquent people can fight her flimsy, faux-feminist battles on the internet for her.

  50. perplexed says:

    You can most likely be seen as more than beautiful if you talk about something else.

    Even Pamela Anderson seems to have been able to transcend talk about her chest size.

  51. mayamae says:

    As anyone who’s seen Gone Girl knows, they’re not even that big. I am a natural DD, and she’s one to two sizes smaller than me. The first thing that would help is to wear a bra under her clothes. In any job in the world, outside of stripper, a woman lacking a bra is extremely distracting. Even Hooters women wear bras. It keeps them from resting at your waist one day.

  52. Shelley says:

    Girl bye.
    She isn’t geting roles because of this dead in the eyes expression she has. Plus she isn’t bombshelly enough to even be making such statements. If a woman like Sofia Vergara who is all boobs and little talent can get work in the vapid industry that is Hollywood, so can this lady.

  53. Jennet says:

    Does anyone actually believe her breasts are natural? They’re clearly augmented. I have seen naturally large (D cup or more) breasts on a small frame a few times in my life and those are much too round and full at the top to be God given. They have that implant look. I bet there are before and after photos if I googled it. She became known for her breasts and that was her choice; perhaps she should of waited for the opportunity to show off her acting ability first.

  54. tigerlily says:

    How tragic. The struggle is real.

  55. reverie says:

    I think that was a summed up version of what she meant. I think she was trying to say that her body, that she knowingly gave her fame and fortune, is all that she is judged by. I can kind of understand that, it’s like how some actors are typecast and want to break out of a specific kind of role but can’t. It really has nothing to do with her acting ability and everything to do with what she wants to accomplish in life but can’t because she can’t seem to break out of what she is known for… and that’s boobs and the rest of it. She has every right to complain about that as well because she feels she has more to offer, whether or not you agree has nothing to do with the point that her body limits her. She’s not saying she doesn’t enjoy what she’s accomplished so far and what “her body has made her” but that she’s limited. And she very much is. I’ve seen better actresses at local plays than I have in hollywood so whoever you and I might happen to prefer on the big screen with “big boobs” as well has nothing to do with it either.

  56. jaygee says:

    She is the actual definition of a “cool girl” from Gone Girl, which is funny because I believe she was in that movie. Meaning that all she does is blatantly cultivate a persona to attract male attention. She is so irritating.

  57. Monsi says:

    I know the article implies that Emily has a point, but I’m too tired to get it.. İ just got the part: oh poor me, people doesn’t hire me because I’m too sexy and I just can’t help it! Ugh

  58. april says:

    Big boobs, but going by her comments, unfortunately small brain.

  59. TyrantDestroyed says:

    Her breast are not the problem. I watched “we are your friends” and she cannot act. Zach Efron outshined her and he is not the best actor out there.

  60. OTHER RENEE says:

    There are one to two articles about her in the DM EVERY DAY showing off her boobs. Clothing optional. I wonder how much she pays them for this.

  61. Chrissy says:

    Huh. Here I thought people didn’t want to work with her because she’s a mediocre actress. There are plenty of gorgeous, talented actresses…unfortunately she just doesn’t have talent.

  62. Ann says:

    I have the same problem. Lol.

  63. Mylene - Montreal says:

    Her boobs are not big. She present herself like that .. different

  64. AuroraBorealis says:

    “I wish people would stop talking about my BOOBS.” (Wont stop talking about boobs every interview)

    Seriously, Google her name every day. There is always something SHE does like poses topless or is talking about her boobs, and maybe that’s why people don’t want to work with her because that’s probably literally all she talks about anyway.

  65. Sarah Adams says:

    Or she’s not that great at acting…

  66. Fyi says:

    Emily your problem is that you suck as an actress so you have become a pathetic kardashian wannabe ass licker. Big mistake association with the KTRASH. Also I would look into plastic surgery for the indentation in your torso.