Matthew McConaughey plans to propose to model girlfriend

37 year-old perpetual bachelor Matthew McConaughey might be ready to abandon his trailer on the beach lifestyle and become a married man. Star Magazine reports that he plans to ask his model girlfriend, Brazilian hottie Camilla Alves, 24, to marry him. He is also said to be moving out of his small Airstream trailer and into a mansion more suited for two:

“Matthew has never been so in love with any woman and would do anything within his means to make Camilla happy – including propose,” a friend tells Star

While he wants to keep the engagement on the down-low, the Texan has been kicking around the idea of a beachside wedding next spring. “Both Camilla and Matthew are extremely close to their families and want to make sure everyone they love will be able to celebrate with them,” says a source. “It’s going to be the party of the year!”

Meanwhile, to show his commitment, Matthew has agreed to move out of his beloved trailer and set up house with Camilla in a beachfront Malibu mansion!

[From Star Magazine, print edition, August 27, 2007]

Last month there was a story that Alves asked McConaughey to clean up his messy trailer, which was said to be full of memorabilia and other bachelor junk. She was said to be hankering for a house, and Matthew certainly has the means to purchase a nice one. If this story is true she may have gotten her wish along with a more firm commitment from the hunk.

Does this mean that shirtless pictures of McConaughey won’t be a dime a dozen anymore? I can’t see him giving up his outdoor exercise exhibitionism, even if he has a nice new gym in that huge house he might buy. I would love to see this guy married with kids, but I have a feeling that it might take him a little longer than next Spring to take the plunge. He doesn’t seem the marrying type.

McConaughey and Alves are shown on 7/30 after Sunday lunch at Taverna Tony’s, where Liev Schreiber had his paparazzi encounter last weekend. Thanks to Splash News.

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