Donald Trump: Everyone at the G20 summit is talking about John Podesta…?

Donald Trump arrived in Germany for the G20 summit and before he’s even met with Vladimir Putin, there’s a mountain of controversy, shade, idiocy, ridiculousness and chaos. I’m making several choices this week. I choose to spend most of my time watching Wimbledon in a bubble rather than focus on #NotMyPresident Trump’s hourly acts of treason. I apologize if I’m missing big stories about Trump, but he makes me sick. Before he left Poland, he apparently made a speech that sounded like the Alt-Right Manifesto, like a speech translated from the original German that Adolf Hitler used. Once he was actually in Germany, he did the photocall with Angela Merkel and while this photo below got the most attention, let me tell you something: I looked through all of the photos and they are all funny/bizarre/crazy.

Before he left for Germany, he did some kind of photo-op with the Polish president and First Lady, in which the First Lady seemed to “diss” Trump by ignoring his baby fist and going to shake Melania’s hand. This video is amazing:

Unfortunately, the full video shows that the First Ladies were already reaching out to shake hands and the Polish FL did shake El Baby Fist quickly after greeting Melania:

Apparently, Putin and Trump met just a few hours ago and there were only six people in the room – Putin, Trump, Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, Lavrov & the translators. I bet Trump tried to “make a deal” with Putin. Something involving hookers, double scoops of ice cream and treason. And in case anyone thought/hoped that Trump would stop tweeting while he was traveling, that’s not the case. “Including the haters”!!!

Everyone at the G20 conference is talking about John Podesta?? Isn’t it more like that they were talking about how Russia hacked the Democratic Party apparatus and then those hackers met with Trump campaign people? Isn’t it more likely that everyone at the conference was like, “Damn, I would give anything to be dealing with Hillary Clinton right now, at least she’s sane.”


The level of shame I have, as an American, that this man travels to other countries and openly attempts to destroy the free press…

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  1. Ashamed 2 b a FL Girl says:

    baby fists paraphrasing JFK on his visit to Berlin…

    Ich bin ein Hamburger.

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      Oh my, does that refer to a person from Hamburg or the food item ?

      • Jaded says:

        There was a urban legend that JFK made a gaffe by calling himself a “Berliner” which is actually slang for a jelly doughnut in some parts of Germany, but his grammar was absolutely correct. It would be like someone saying “I’m a New Yorker” and being misinterpreted to mean I’m a magazine.

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        Thanks @Jaded

  2. Pumpkin Pie says:

    Enjoy the bubble, I am doing the same. Wimbledon is only once year, Drumpf is … I don’t want to think.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    Two scoops of Covfefe covered lunacy. Everyone is talking about you disparaged the American media while overseas. Everyone is talking about how you keep deflecting blame for Russia’s election interference. Everyone is talking about how you are a fool for meeting with Putin without a notetaker or any American press. Nobody cares about Podesta. Unless they’re saying, “That dumbass Trump won’t stop talking about Hillary, Obama, Loretta Lynch, or John Podesta because he’s too stupid to actually discuss the real issues.”

    Maddow should be the headline. She’s uncovering a plot to undermine the press with fake leaks. The call is coming from inside the house, people. The white one.

    • Sullivan says:

      “The call is coming from inside the house”– still the scariest words one can hear. Geez. Hell is empty and the devils are in the White House.

    • Esmom says:

      Preach, Rapunzel. It’s beyond agonizing to see Trump and his gang trash our institutions with such impunity.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Quite a few of us are talking about Princess Nagini sticking her hand on Jared’s crotch during Daddy’s speech yesterday

    • lizzie says:

      hopefully her story is more hard hitting than the tax return expose. i have a deep affinity for Rachel Maddow and it was embarrassing.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Podesta didn’t run the DNC, he had nothing to do with the FBI investigation into the DNC hack. Trump is so incredibly ignorant about EVERYTHING!

  4. Beth says:

    Can this dumbass make a polite tweet? He has to get words like “haters, disgraceful, fake news, media, ” in every one of them to show how immature he is

    • OriginallyBlue says:

      No he can’t unless someone takes his phone and does it for him. He tweets like THAT teenage girl. You know the mean bitchy one who thinks everyone is jealous of her. He is a very immature old man.

    • Honey says:

      He doesn’t have great vocabulary. There’s only about 10 words that he uses all the time. Most likely he can only spell these because they’re in every insulting tweet he makes

    • swak says:

      How is it that the entire time he was in the ME he didn’t tweet at all. Did he hide his phone from everyone this time?

  5. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I met some time ago a former staff in the foreign office of a heavy-weight country, that person used to work in the protocol department. Accd to what that person told me, all this protocol hand-shakes, greetings and such are discussed before an official visit among the respective protocol dpts. All persons involved knew who shakes hands first with who, who stands/sits where, who is going to receive them, how long the greetings/introduction take. That person was not from the US but I’d say with some certainty that this kind of protocol is applied in most countries? Wasn’t Drumpf briefed about greetings/handshake protocol? Or he was, but did not remember? And he looked very lost.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I doubt he listens even if they do brief him. This is a man who admitted he didnt need to read things that were given to him, as part of his role as President and is used to people kissing his ass and ever saying no to him, he does what he wants, and revels in his ignorance, lies and bigotry and no one seems bothered to stop him.

    • lightpurple says:

      There is strict protocol but, as we have now seen repeatedly, none of the Trump contingent cares enough to follow any of it.

    • Achoo! says:

      Considering he has only hired 9 people total so far for the 124 key positions in the state department , I’d say he has no one to do this, No one has even been nominated as the director in the Office of Foreign Missions, which is responsible for planning, protocal and providing security for US missions when diplomats and other top officials travel abroad. So no I don’t think Drumpf nor his team were briefed about greetings/handshake protocol , they just make it up as they go.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        They couldn’t even book rooms early enough. He had to sleep in the bunkie.

      • Bellagio DuPont says:

        The world is such a hyper competitive place now that by the time trump is done bumbling his way through the first four years (assuming he’s not impeached or imprisoned), I suspect the U.S would have lost significant ground in every describable way. For instance, the aggressively ambitious Macron is openly making a play for american technological experts and expertise, China’s reveling in stepping into the gap traditionally occupied by america in the sustainable energy, climate change, and the technology underpinning it. Germany already leads when it comes to economic stability…..even Russia is overtaking the US in infrastructural development….. list goes on and on. I really think Trump will drive his country over the precipice. Very sad times.

    • Carol says:

      This video is edited to remove Agata’s handshake with Trump. She was obviously focused on welcoming Melanie, as soon as she finished shaking Melanie’s hand she shook Trumps.

  6. Maria F. says:

    his tweets always demonstrate how dumb his followers really are, since they are obviously geared to them and they lap it up like honey.

    • Lindy79 says:

      They do, I saw some messages saying how Putin and Trump are so similar as they both love their country and the media hate them…like I just can’t with such ignorance.
      Poor misunderstood Vlad

    • Jennie Hix says:

      I think some of it has to do with the Russian propaganda being pushed on sites like Breitbart. They have no idea what Russia is really like. If you read the RT headlines & Breitbart, they are almost identical.

      Wasn’t there a study that said if you watched Fox News you were more ignorant than someone who did not watch the news at all? ;)

  7. Rapunzel says:

    Pics of Trump and Putin out! Trump grinning like a kid at Disneyland. We are screwed.

    • Beth says:

      Trumps shit eating grin while standing with the pissed off looking Pope actually made me laugh. Trump grinning with Putin makes me a little nervous

      • wolfpup says:

        Why is he making friends with our enemies, and discounting our friends? He is an ignorant man.

        I lived in South Korea, 15K away from the North Korean border. If I were an American living in Seoul, I would certainly be fleeing to home. There are a lot of Americans in South Korea. Even 30 years ago, the town of DongdeChon turned out its lights out at certain times during the night hours, so plane overhead could not spot them – that is, they were preparing for an invasion from North Korea, even 30 years ago. The entire town was filled with prostitutes for American GI’s. – it was very interesting. They were all looking for a GI to fall in love with them, and bring them to America.

        The saddest of all was the Amerasian children, who wandered about – because Korean are racists too – and children of that combination were often cast out by their mothers. I used to take them home, and feed them peanut butter sandwiches, and give them a bath, and wash their clothes. Men in the US are required to pay child support – but not there. Whose heart would not weep, seeing the lonely children during the Monsoon season, with a mere paper umbrella?

  8. grabbyhands says:


    He literally cannot stop himself, can he??? The only people still buying the idea that anyone is talking about anything but what a completely, dangerously incompetent buffoon he is are his own little orange zombies. It should be clobbering him in the face how foolish he looks in front of basically the rest of the world, and it probably is, but he still can’t stop himself from tweeting like a 10 year old.

  9. ElleBee says:

    The POTUS thanked his haters. I can’t even comprehend

  10. Megan says:

    His staff is so incompetent no one thought to book a hotel room. He is staying at a government guest house because by the time they realized their mistake, everything was booked. It’s truly frightening that this is the leader of the free world.

    • Mumzy says:

      Several days ago, a good friend in Hamburg told me that Trump wanted to stay in the nicest hotel in the city, but they refused him — so US govt accommodations it is. Not everyone is for sale!

    • Jerusha says:

      Aaw, he should’ve bunked with his co-conspirator.

    • swak says:

      A story on the Daily Fail is saying that Obama’s administration failed to book it last year. So, not their fault, once again.

  11. lightpurple says:

    Oh, Voldy! Everyone there is not talking about Podesta. Why would they?

    No, everyone is talking about those pictures of Princess Nagini the Corrupt of the Most Sacred Horcruxed Vagina giving Tom Riddle a hand job during your speech yesterday.

    And the fact that you blew off the visit to the Ghetto Memorial and insulted people by doing so and then sent the inappropriately dressed Nagini.

    And whether you will kneel before Putin.

  12. Eric says:

    I guess he thanks me because I’m the biggest “hater” of them all!

    Down with Emperor Zero!

    And by the way…

    You’re welcome

  13. Jerusha says:

    trump looks positively orgasmic at meeting pootie. You’d think he was grabbing some *****.

    • Kitten says:


      He’s so grateful that his Master has not yet released the pee-pee tape.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Putin is probably aging faster now that he has to handle this overgrown toddler. At the same time, he probably was relieved to see Trump in person and realize he’s at least as malleable as he was when they first, uh, “met.”

  14. magnoliarose says:

    Would someone please begin him on his lard IV treatments already? 8 cups of melted hot suet daily and all food must be deep fried including his double decker cheese burgers. Then pile on the stress by locking him in a room with Obama tapes showing large crowds and all the adoration O received around the world on loop. Make sure to highlight his trim physique and normal hand size. Sleep deprive him by telling him Obama only slept a half an hour a night so he could be fresh for his presidential duties. If this doesn’t work force his portly ass to go on a morning run a la Bill Clinton and repeat regimen until America is free from tyranny and Tangerine madness. Oh and shave his head bald just for laughs.

  15. Jerusha says:

    trump: “I know better than anyone. Screw that protective glass.”

  16. Monsi says:

    I feel embarrassed for world leaders that have to interact with him. He’s the president of usa, you can’t bypass him forever.
    He’s so obviously mentally and intellectually unfit for the job that it pains me the world leaders have to play this sad charade in which you have to talk serious matters with a mad silly con man.

    A former uruguayan president, Pepe Mujica, when asked about the Trump phenomenon, he said that there were always be mad men, like Trump, but what worried him was that there was actually people following this mad man.

    The GOP going along with every insanity that comes out of from this man’s mouth is going to get soon out of control, if they don’t stop him.

  17. BritAfrica says:

    Heavens…he’s obsessed with this!

    If he doesn’t care about the MSM, why does he spend so much time talking about them? I really feel for his staff, he must sound like a permanent broken record in private!

    I adore the look on AM’s face in the ‘handshake’ photo. Lady, go wash that hand asap!

  18. minx says:

    A 71-year-old man who says “haters.” Smh.

  19. Beth says:

    As Podesta said, “Whack job” Trump needs to “get a grip “

  20. Nessa nessa says:

    Joe responded in a series of tweets. Long story short trump is lying dumbass & he need to focus on being POTUS and not on whatever confused mess he saying. I agree.

  21. Nessa nessa says:

    John responded in a series of tweets. Long story short trump is lying dumbass & he need to focus on being POTUS and not on whatever confused mess he saying. I agree.

  22. Lightpurple says:

    Podesta has responded on Twitter. Brilliantly

  23. Elisa the I. says:

    There are violent protests against the G20 going on in Hamburg which are dominating the news in my country. “Welcome to hell” protests were bigger and way more violent than expected. Several protesters and police got seriously injured. :( I saw pics where parts of Hamburg where covered in smoke from burning cars. Melania couldn’t join an event in the Hamburg habour because going there by car was considered a too high security risk (?).
    I’m surprised cities are still willing to hosts such summits, tbh.

    • BritAfrica says:

      OMG! This is serious stuff. Hamburg, please stay safe.

    • susie says:

      I agree with you. It is surprising cities have these meetings. I hope things quiet down.

    • yep says:

      It’s on purpose. Hamburg has a huge leftist section, It’s a small city and it all takes place not a half-mile from the alternative scene.
      This looks like a real life war game demo, studying how to lock down a city, how to choke out protest etc.

      • Elisa the I. says:

        Thanks for the insight – which makes me wonder why Hamburg agreed to host this event?
        I read an article stating police escalated first protests in order to choke them out from the start. The seriously injured protesters were running from police and got injured when a wall they climbed collapsed. :(

      • yep says:

        Because of Hamburgs opportunist sh*tbag, incompetent mayor Scholz.

  24. why? says:

    No one should be surprised that Trump attacked Podesta. He does stuff like this every time the press starts calling him “presidential” and giving him good reviews for reading from a teleprompter. Some reporters were fawning over Trump because he read the speech written by Stephen Miller (the same person who had a hand in writing the first version of Trump’s Muslim ban wrote it, hence why many people said that they got a dark vibe from the speech) from the teleprompter without getting sidetracked. This is the state of our country!

    Trump is a joke. He can’t even dedicate his time and energy into learning the history of this country, yet he wants us to believe that he is going invest his time and energy into fighting for our country?

    The King of Fake News who said that Obama wiretapped him and colluded with the Russians, that there aren’t even 17 intelligence agencies, that millions of people voted illegally, and that his inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama’s is whining about how the press isn’t covering him accurately?

  25. Shannon says:

    Ugh, he always looks so grumpy and unpleasant. Ew. And I’ve felt clueless at jobs before too. So fine, whatever, he’s not a politician, he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing and the people who voted for him claim that’s what they wanted. But what he lacks is either the inability to learn or he just doesn’t care to. Either way, if he hasn’t been born rich, he would probably be smoking meth and offering to wash my car for free change at a stop light because he really doesn’t seem to have what takes to succeed. And that’s BEFORE I even could get started on his political views and his general personality

  26. Jill says:

    Did he perhaps go to too many parties where there were too many people doing too many drugs when he was younger?

    Notice it says he was a regular. This wasn’t someone who naively attended once, this was someone who went back to drug-fuelled parties repeatedly.

  27. Bobbysue says:

    At the risk of triggering Junior’s outrage and belabored refrain, let me say: Uh, noe. It is you, Sir, and your befuddled buffoonery that is on the tips of the tongues of anyone and everyone. They are atwitter and rushin to spread the word.