Chris Pine dumps Audrina Patridge to save his ‘shy’ image

Chris Pine may not be the brightest bulb. About three weeks ago, the rumor going around was that Star Trek hottie Chris was enjoying some “under the radar” hook-ups with The Hills star Audrina Patridge. I suspected at the time that the hook-ups were on the lowdown because, really, who wants to admit they hooked up with Audrina? However, it seemed those hook-ups were turning into something more significant, because a few weeks later, a report came out that Chris Pine’s friends were all pissed off because fame had gotten to his head, and he had ditched all of his old buddies to hang out with a new, cooler Hollywood crowd that included Audrina. Now it seems Chris realizes the error of his ways, and he’s ditched Audrina to keep it real. Either that, or someone told him that Audrina’s not really a “get” for an up-and-coming movie star:

Chris Pine has reportedly dumped The Hills star Audrina Patridge because he couldn’t handle a public romance.

The Star Trek actor is said to have started dating the reality star last month after meeting at the ShoWest event in Las Vegas earlier in the year. People close to the couple confirmed that they were dating after they were spotted having dinner together in Los Angeles, and the pair sat next to each other at the MTV Movie Awards at the weekend.

But a source has now revealed that the focus on the couple at Sunday’s ceremony was too much for Chris: “Chris got freaked out by all the attention and pulled away.”

“He’s a shy guy and doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.”

Another source told Hollyscoop that the move was also political: “Chris Pine was forced to dump Audrina because his camp wants him to take the right strategic steps to become a big movie star.”

“Dating a reality show star would tarnish his image.”

[From Fametastic]

Yeah, I think Chris probably dumped Audrina for the sake of his career, not because he’s “shy”. I don’t buy the “shy” argument at all. I used to really like Chris, he seemed like a nice, funny guy. He might have done some damage to his career and image with this Audrina stuff, though. At the very least, his female fan base now thinks he has horrible taste in women. Too sad.

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  1. ToddRH says:

    Smart man! He hit it a few times and quit it! She’s a vapid (but HOT) reality TV “actress” and he’s heading to the big leagues of movie stardom.

  2. ash says:

    Thank God. *hangs Chris Pine poster back on wall*


  3. Hanh says:

    Can’t really respect someone who makes it big and then dumps his girlfriend and old friends. And I’m not surprised, he’ll be doing the stepladder dating dance, hooking up with more famous women as time goes on so he can be a “big big star”.

  4. m says:

    Obviously this guy would do anything for his carreer and that means he follows the Hollywood game. I can’t stand oportunistic people.

  5. MW says:

    How did a one-night stand morph into dating? Oh…I know. When the gal’s publicist tries to use said one-night stand to increase her standing in Hollywood.

    Go on & do your thing in private, Mr. Pine. Lesson learned. Don’t sleep with reality TV girls & expect them to keep it to themselves.

  6. Wow says:

    He’s a hottie, Audrina “ceiling – eyes” is a nottie.

  7. I Choose Me says:

    My sentiments exactly MW.

  8. guest says:

    she seems sweet. guess everyone else is just so much betta. wow.

  9. boom! says:

    like Britney spears,he has bad taste for romance!!

  10. boom! says:

    but Jennifer Aniston is freee!!!! go Chris!!

  11. KelBear says:

    At the mtv movie awards on Sunday Audrina had said she was single, so i dont think they were ever actually “dating”. Maybe just hanging out or just hooking up.

  12. Beth says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he dumped her because people were laughing at him. Of all of the women in the world why pick a dumb realtity star?

  13. Jesse says:

    He is smoking hot and very talented. He can have sex with all the ceiling-eyed reality broads that he’d like and I’ll still want to watch his movies.

  14. Sarah says:

    It never seemed like they were dating, only hooked up – once!

    Even if he was, she’s still leagues ahead of the skanky titty-bar dancers that Matt Damon knocked up and George Clooney screws.

  15. Candi says:

    Maybe he dumped Audrina because she is starting to get such a bad reputation,as no one on The Hills reportedly chills with her anymore.

    His pr person probably wants him to be seen with a more “wholesome” kind of girl.

    Just as well,they seemed like an odd match.

    As for Chris Pine,he just sounds like a pig who wanted to f*ck Audrina Patridge,hoping no one would think it’s serious.

    To be honest,part of me feels bad for Audrina…..A small part of me.