Tia Mowry to people claiming she photoshopped bikini pics: ‘kiss my a–‘

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Actress Tia Mowry-Hardict was diagnosed with endometriosis 12 years ago. She’s been pretty open about it, especially about how it has affected her fertility. She and husband Cory Hardict eventually had a son, Cree, and remain hopeful that they will add to their family, although they’ve been unsuccessful as of yet. One of the ways Tia has dealt her endometriosis, which is extremely painful, is by eating clean. She has become such an advocate of clean eating that she’s written a cookbook called Whole New You. After Tia changed her diet, she dropped 20 pounds. She’s chronicled her journey by posting shots to her Instagram of her meals, workouts, and toned figure. She looks great and is clearly feeling herself. Confidence, of course, is a rallying cry for the trolls to go on the attack. When Tia said she lost her weight by using the recipes in her cookbook, those with nothing better to do claimed she was using the Photoshop Diet instead. Think about it, she’s busted her butt and overhauled her entire diet and her reward is a body she loves. Instead of getting credit for the work, all folks can do is accuse her of lying. So, while on vacation in Hawaii, Tia responded by saying that what matters most is that she loves herself and what she’s accomplished… and all the haters can kiss her @ss

If living well is the best revenge, I’d say Tia nailed it. As Penny from Happy Endings would say, she looks ah-mah-zing! Side note – her suit is adorable too. I would spend too much time freaking out about the shoulders slipping off if I tried to swim in it but Tia’s rocking it.

Tia explained her weight issues in her cookbook. She said she developed bad eating habits while on Sister, Sister that mostly involved snacking on junk food. Tia said, “I didn’t feel fat, but the pressure of being on television and wanting to look sexy and beautiful took over.” To counteract the snacking, Tia took diet pills, which caused her heart to race. She’s really made important health-changes and it’s completely paid off. Honestly, I think she was being gracious by just telling the haters to kiss her backside.

I’m happy for Tia. She looks great, she’s found real bliss with both Cory and Cree, she’s healthy and confident and she’s on vacation in Hawaii – she’s #lifegoals as far as I’m concerned.



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  1. Sophia's Side eye says:

    Good for her, she looks amazing! Her son is adorable.

  2. Lalu says:

    I suppose being accused of photoshopping your pics would be the ultimate compliment. And yeh, who cares what other people think.
    Always glad to see someone that is being their best and happy.

  3. chaine says:

    I’m too old to have been a fan of them in their heyday, and I never know which is which, but they always seemed like decent, inoffensive people. I am glad that she is healthy and feeling good about herself.

  4. Yup, Me says:

    I like both Tia and Tamera and I enjoy seeing them doing well and succeeding. Good for Tia, feeling good and staying unbothered by trolls.

  5. WTW says:

    I think she looks healthy, but I think it’s irresponsible to suggest that endometriosis will go away simply with a diet overhaul. She’s been saying this for years, and yet it hasn’t alleviated her endo. She had surgery before having Cree, and that likely helped her get pregnant. She was also several years younger then.
    Plenty of Americans eat like crap and have baby after baby. Although some studies have shown there may be a connection between high consumption of red meat and endo, there are typically environmental and genetic factors involved as well. I have endo and so does my mother. My mother was also a smoker and toxins like dioxin, found in cigarettes, may have played a role. Tamera Mowry may have endo as well, but it may not have the same impact on her fertility that it has had on Tia. Doctors don’t discover that many women have endo until the women get their tubes tied. Frankly the disease is either a mystery to medical professionals or there’s not much interest because it’s a woman’s disease.

  6. jugil1 says:

    I like her & really like her cooking show on Cooking channel. Also, her husband Cory is adorable.