Tom Hardy vs. the Harrys at the ‘Dunkirk’ premiere: who would you rather?

'Dunkirk' World Premiere - Arrivals

I’ve been going through a phase where I don’t really care about the dudes in this post, which is why I almost didn’t cover this premiere. Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk premiered in London last night, and the cast celebrated with royal guest Prince Harry. There were nice photos of Harry Styles, Prince Harry and Tom Hardy (with his wife Charlotte Riley). Tom Hardy is, I feel, an a–hole in real life and I’ve been out-of-lust with him for a while. There’s nothing really wrong with Harry Styles, I just was never crazy-in-love with him in the first place. As for Prince Harry? Well… the bloom is off that rose, isn’t it? Still, I guess Prince Harry is trying to make people remember why he was their favorite. Guess it’s always been true: Harry is just a more charismatic version of William. And that’s pretty bad.

I will say this… if you could somehow convince me that Tom Hardy was not a massive jackass, I would be really into how he looks right now. I like the trimmed beard. I like his hair length these days. And the Gucci suit is on fleek.

'Dunkirk' World Premiere - Arrivals

'Dunkirk' World Premiere - Arrivals

'Dunkirk' World Premiere - Arrivals

The Two Harrys met again as well. Neither one of them seemed particularly star-struck. Styles seemed to be more engaged and the prince seemed to be going through the motions. Prince Harry was probably thinking about how tough his life is.

Photos courtesy of WENN and Getty.

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  1. Alleycat says:

    No Cillian Murphy?? He’s so beautifully creepy and I love him. I have a love/hate relationship with Harry Styles, but he looked cute here. I would hit it and quit it with Tom.

  2. Amanda says:

    I saw Tom talking to some fans on the street. He seemed very friendly with them and stopped for a long time to take pictures with other fans that came up to him. So I have one nice story about Tom.

    But yea, would choose Cillian!

    • Maple Girl says:

      He only punches people he works with.

      • OffTang says:

        Considering the number of people he worked with, this makes quite a lot of people to punch. I guess one has to admire his stamina then.

      • Amanda says:

        like Shia Lebeouf?

      • zinjojo says:


      • Lalu says:

        I need the whole story/ history before I judge someone for throwing a punch.
        Either way… These other two don’t even come close to Tom.
        Prince Harry must have done something bad. I thought everyone loved him. I must have missed that story too.

    • OffTang says:

      @Amanda: There are a lot of those stories of him being very friendly when accosted by people in ”real life”. But we should not disrupt the celebitchy ”asshole” narrative.

      • Maple Girl says:

        Donald Trump has been nice and friendly to some people too. Just because Hardy is nice occasionally doesn’t erase all the times he’s been an entitled prick.

      • Shijel says:

        And yet inside the industry he’s known as surly, unreliable and violent, punching directors and biting crew.

        I like him. He’s very skilled as an actor, he’s handsome and brings intensity, and I fully believe that he’s far less belligerent and more easy-going with fans. But this guy does -not- have a good reputation. He’s just able to put enough asses to chairs and has actual charisma on the screen so he’s not going anywhere.

      • OffTang says:

        @Maple Girl: Don’t see how Trump relates to this conversation. And what are ”all the times” exactly? His small brawl with LeBoeuf five years ago?

        @Shijel: No. If he had such a bad reputation, he would never get work. Hardy is not talented and successful to the extent that directors would still want to work with him despite nightmarish behavior. So his ”bad reputation” in the industry is clearly an exaggeration too.

      • OffTang says:

        I’m sorry which crew did he ”bite” and which directors he punched? (and please don’t bring Innaritu here, as the choking story was debunked a long time ago)

      • Maple Girl says:

        Apart from Shia, he punched Paul Bettany too. He was an ass to Charlize. He was an entitled ass to jounalists, he showed up late every day for The Reverant even if they needed natural light, etc etc.

        And Donald Trump was mentioned to show that even the biggest jerks can have shining moments.

      • OffTang says:

        MapleGirl, not just no.
        -He didn’t punch Paul Bettany. He slapped him for allegedly speaking badly about him behind his back. But this happened…..14 years ago. One may think that you would rely on more fresh information.

        -Theron and Hardy didn’t like each other period. Which (surprise, surprise) happens in self-containment work environments. Unlike what some people may believe, people are not obliged to like each other and to be lovey dovey all the time. This has nothing to do with Hardy being an ”ass” to Theron (who on her own, has quite a ”reputation” too no matter how unfunded)

        -He didn’t show up late for Revenant. That was for Fury Road. And he did apologize to Miller both publicly and in private. And Miller for some reason, still wants to do a Mad Max sequel with him. Strange.

        -Hardy is neither the ”biggest jerk” nor a saint so talking about shining moments seems to be a little bit exaggerated to me.

      • Maple Girl says:

        Oh, he just slapped him? That’s so much different, I do apologise.
        And I don’t care if Miller wants to work with him again, he was still late for his job. A well paid cushy job hundreds of people would kill for.

        You seem to like him a lot, I can’t stand him, so the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. I just think that people who get payed that much for a job that’s quite easy, and so sought after should realise how like they are and be professionall at all times. I can’t stand unprofessionall people. He gets a pass after pass because he’s a somewhat good looking middle class white British man. And that anoys me too.

      • OffTang says:

        Yeah, I noticed you can’t stand him hence your strange lingering about a slap which occurred 14 years ago when he was still a drug addict. I suppose there is not much else objectively for which you can hate him then. (and yes, a slap and a punch differ for very obvious reasons)

        You can’t stand unprofessional people but you are still completely alien to the concept of doing something wrong and apologizing for it. Which is IMO, central for any professional behavior: if you cannot recognize your past errors and apologize for it, you can never improve your behavior and learn from your mistakes. Fury Road aside, all the people working with Hardy have praised him for his professionalism and dedication. And I don’t recall any ”professionalism” problem after Fury Road either. So your point about ”unprofessionalism” is pretty much moot.

        It’s not Hardy’s fault that he is ”somewhat good looking” (this is a question of taste) and British so it is strange to be annoyed at him because of it. If his behavior was only half of what is described here, he would never get work Britishness and supposed attractiveness be damned.

      • ellieohara says:

        Paul Bettany is a pretentious simpering douchebag and my liking for Tom Hardy has gone up immensely knowing he hit him.

      • Geekychick says:

        @Maple girl
        I don’t particularly like Hardy because he doesn’t act into films that interest me and he’s probably not faithful to his wife, but:
        Charlize Theron is known a-hole
        Most of movie stars of these days are late/hard to handle/diseuptive to the set at some point (Affleck during Gone girl, Sheen and cocaine during Apocalypse, J. lo leaving press to wait for hours on her press tours…;)
        Most of the stars are unfaithful, the only dofference is does the public know or not

        Tbh, this is the problem with this day and age in gossip: it’s so easy to pick one person, find faults and forget about the fact that the others do the same, but bc of pap strolls with children, good pr agent or something else-we don’t care. Christian Bale was dragged through mud for going odf on that light guy-but everyone who has worked on a film set would tell you that the light guy was totally unproffesional and disruptive, wasting hours and hours of the whole crew and that Bale did what 99% of them would do.

    • OffTang says:

      Shia LeBoeuf is the only person Hardy worked with? Interesting.
      And frankly, it is not as if Shia does not get constantly involved in scandals and brawls in the first place.

      • rocknrust says:

        Shia has a mess of a personal life but I never heard of him being unprofessional on set. The exception is when he worked with Tom.

        Whatever, I like both Tom and Shia as actors, Tom brings intensity and Shia brings energy and complexity to his characters.

      • Geekychick says:

        Shia has never been unproffesional? Realy? Cause I clearly remember Lainey stati g that he almost drove Carey Mulligan crazy with his a-holish behaviour towards her during one film set. It was described as particularly uncomfortable.

  3. Nicole says:

    Harry Styles is probably the least douchetastic of the guys in this post. He got some goodwill from me when speakign about his teen fans.
    Never like Tom Hardy (his wife is pretty though) but I do like that he’s an animal lover. Never got the Prince Harry obsession and I’m glad everyone is cluing into the vibe I’ve gotten from him years ago.
    So Harry Styles. If i had to pick

  4. Lora says:

    Tom hardy all day, every day!

  5. Wilma says:

    If you forced me to choose I would pick Harry Styles, because he seems like a genuinely nice guy, but none of these men do it for me.

  6. Maple Girl says:

    Styles isn’t a huge a-hole like the other two, so I’d go with him.

    But from the dudes in this film, Murphy all the way. He’s the most handsome and the best actor out of he bunch.

  7. ORIGINAL T.C. says:

    Honking for Harry 🙂

  8. Grandmasutra says:

    Tom Hardy!

  9. brooksie says:

    I was never into Harry Styles but he is definitely looking hot here.

  10. PettyRiperton says:

    *Pushes the two Harrys and Tom’s wife out the way* Tom is hot

  11. nemera34 says:

    I think Harry Styles looks great here. It will be interesting to see how he does in the film. Prince Harry looks handsome so does Hardy.. but neither do much for me. And I never got the crazy over Hardy. Fine actor but that’s all for me.

  12. third ginger says:

    Hardy is a terrific actor, one in a long line of terrific actors who have also been what my mother used to call “a pill.”

    • Skylark says:

      A ‘pill’ because what? Because he’s not a people pleaser? Because he has low tolerance for stupidity? Because he’s not saccharine sweet round the clock?

      What exactly makes him a ‘pill’? Or are you just going along with the narrative on here without knowing much about him (as a person) outside of it?

      • Sophia's Side eye says:

        He doesn’t know you exist. You should calm down.

      • OffTang says:

        As exemplified by this thread, people have no idea of what makes Hardy a ”pill”.

        But they still like to wax lyrical about how much of an asshole he supposedly is anyway. Black and white preconceptions are more useful than real facts because it allows for costless virtue signaling and moral superiority exercises.

      • Skylark says:

        @OffTang – it’s weird, isn’t it, this need by so many to unquestioningly follow the ‘Asshole’ and ‘bone fide jackass’ flow on here?

      • third ginger says:

        LOL. No, he’s definitely not a “people pleaser.” How on earth would I know a British movie star “as a person.” ? How strange this reaction is. I have been on CB for only about a year, and I have seen many truly vicious things said about actors. This criticism of Hardy, based on factual reports, is mild. I do salute you for sticking up for your favorite. I feel much the same way about Sir DDL. Also, my reference, after five decades of film watching, was to great actors with temperamental reputations such as Burton, Reed, and O”Toole. I actually thought it was a compliment to include Hardy in that company.

      • OffTang says:

        Yes, the herd like beahvior on here is puzzling. I remember the time when Hardy on here was so ”kosher” (i was just lurking back then) to the point when everything he did (even the most mundane things) was praised and admired against any better judgement. The worst thing is that it becomes more and more difficult to find any nuanced judgement in the mix.

    • OffTang says:

      Well the ”factual reports” part is rather thin don’t you think? Most of allegations leveled at Hardy here are either exaggerations or complete BS. And Hardy could only dream to reach the ”insufferableness” level of Reed and co.

  13. Daisy says:

    Oooh I’m really excited to watch this movie. I’m a big Nolan fan.
    About the guys, I really like Harry (his album is pretty great), love how Tom loves dogs and I frankly don’t care about the prince. But I wouldn’t pick any of them since I like Harry as a son and Tom doucheness (?) is a no no from me. Anyway, I would pick Jack Lowden who is unfortunately not included in this post.

  14. Ainsley says:

    None of them, but thank the lord Styles finally got a haircut.

  15. Sixer says:

    Well Cillian. But if not Cillian, then The Bloke.

    Kaiser – The Bloke is a bona fide jackass, and not just for royally polo-ing, but if you take my philosophy that he only exists on the internet, it doesn’t matter.

  16. Diana says:

    My favourite thing about this movie is Mark Rylance 🙂 I’ll be seeing it for him! And because my housemate loves action films and drags me to as many as she can. But mainly Mark Rylance!

  17. Dani says:

    Cillian Murphy FTW. Also, why can’t prince Harry ever have a decent haircut?

  18. Adrien says:

    Everytime I read about Dunkirk, the long, single tracking shot war scene in Atonement plays in my mind.

    • Redgrl says:

      Adrien – yes, me too re that scene from Atonement – which apparently has a few errors in it, but it was so hard to get the whole scene done that they left them in…

  19. Tiffany says:

    I envy Harry Styles hair. That cut is perfect and so luscious. I wish I can get my hair to have that kind of volume.

  20. OffTang says:

    Yes, not only Hardy is consistently odious with the people he encounters in the streets and with his fans in general, but he reached peak douchiness when he collected money for the Manchester and Grenfell Tower victims. What an asshole and ”bona fide jackass”, I wonder how such behavior is even tolerated and how he continues to get work. Disgusting. 🙂

    That said, the suggestion that any one of us knows what stars really are ”in real life” is quite strange to put it mildly. Especially when the same people managed to marvel at Prince Harry for quite a long time.

  21. Miss S says:

    Cillian is the sort of actor I will always pay attention to, he seems to only pick good stuff and is always great. I also know nothing about his life and that’s great too.

    To say something nice about Tom: that suit is really quite something. I would wear it too if fitted to me! HA!

  22. Eira says:

    Where’s my baby boys “name daddy”, Cillian? Probably the first Cillian ever in my country 😂 I think they all looked amazing in their suits. Cillian looked stunning, sadly I can’t find any pictures here. Not to mention he’s much fun to hang out with.

    • Diana says:

      Oh, cool! Have you spent some time with him? Or just heard nice things? Lovely name for your son, by the way.

      • Eira says:

        I had the pleasure to work with him and it had been a great time. Very funny and relaxed guy. And he is, what I highly appreciate in this business, a professional. Been to all his plays and it was always a pleasure to watch him perform and quickly exchange some news with him and his family. My son hasn’t been complaining so far. He likes his name from what I hear 🙂

      • Diana says:

        What a great story for your boy to hear about his namesake, Eira! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience working together and a really nice relationship from that time.

  23. Maiden says:

    Harry Styles has a gorgeous face and this hairstyle makes him look even better. Doesn’t hurt that he seems to be a decent person all around.

    Tom is looking good. Prince Harry…looks scruffy and that’s not good.

  24. Lalu says:

    I think Tom Hardy is smoking hot. He just is. Loved him since Wuthering Heights. But I def have a type.

  25. reverie says:

    I kind of love the photo of Tom and Charlotte. I like them together.

    Tom’s not an asshole… not utterly and completely. He’s just like anyone else, a little flawed, a little emotional, a little whatever. Celebrities aren’t ambassadors of 100% perfect human emotion… I mean, what’s their job then? “Professional human?” Bit ridiculous.

    • OffTang says:

      Yes, but such nuances are not welcome here apparently. People just go go from the ”internet boyfriend” mode to the pitchfork mode in one heartbeat. And this is not related only to hardy either.

    • Jess says:

      He openly bragged about punching a costar. Please drop the “he’s just complex” excuse. Dude’s an a**hole.

      If you can’t take any criticism over your fave then a gossip site isn’t the place for you. I’m sure there several We Love Hardy fan accounts available.

      • OffTang says:

        Strange, you speak about ”criticism” but then proceed to make things up that don’t exist. Where did Hardy ”brag about punching a co-star”?

        And if you are not ready to accept an opinion which differs from your own then that’s your problem. I like founded and justified criticism , you apparently like senseless bashing. To each their own.

    • Maple Girl says:

      I too am a emotional complex human. I will go to my job tommorow and be late. I might even slap a coworker. BUT I AM JUST A HUMAN CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND

      • OffTang says:

        Yeah I’m pretty sure that if you ever had the stupidity to slap a co-worker 15 years ago, people would remind you each day about it even if you long apologized for it. BECAUSE HUMANITY IS SELECTIVE APPARENTLY.

      • virginfangirl2 says:

        It’s often not one incident that gives one a bad name, and it seems Hardy has a few. It’s a misrepresentation of the facts when you accuse a person for disliking him because of one incident many years ago, when clearly the person had a list of bad behaviors & not just one. Maybe yet another a hole move by hardy: A film critic was supposed to interview Hardy for the Revenant & tweeted, really pissed off, that Hardy made him wait for 4 hrs, & then ended up never showing up. And this film critic admitted Hardy is great to his fans, but awful to everyone else.

  26. Kaye says:

    Although Tom Hardy is pretty careful to keep his mouth closed when he smiles, I accidentally saw a photo of his teeth once, and I can’t unsee that. That makes me superficial, I suppose, but I just couldn’t.

    • virginfangirl2 says:

      I had to check this out and got a super close up. His teeth are unusual, in that they are pretty much straight, but the whole right row of upper teeth were noticeable higher than the whole left row. Weird.

  27. Lainey says:

    I’ll take cillian Murphy ta. He was looking deliciously creepy last night.

  28. Gailly says:

    I never really got why Harry Styles was such a big deal and he was never on my radar,but I randomly caught him on SNL and things have changed! I get it now, I’m here for it!

  29. Sunny says:

    Just wanted to agree with 1/2 these people here commenting. Not adding a pic of my freebie forever Cillian Murphy was criminal. Fun fact: the small town I’m from is called Killian, pronounced the same. I feel forever connected to that beautifully strange looking alien man 😍

  30. Hannah says:

    Tom Hardy obviously. Harry and Harry aren’t that attractive.

    Also for people saying hardy is a douche. He’s really not. I was a college student with an evening job at a theatre hardy was working at some years ago.He’s a sweet guy. Some of the lesser known actors were less interested in us mere mortals.. Hardy would always stop and chat. Really nice guy in my experience.

    • Skylark says:

      Neither Harry could even begin to compete with the animal magnetism of Tom, and particularly that suited & booted Tom. He is on a different level to them on all attraction counts – talent, looks, intelligence, raw sexiness.

      The Harrys can only watch and wonder.

      • OffTang says:

        I don’t get what the big deal about the two Harrys is. I suppose that I’m missing something.

  31. SM says:

    It may be a bit embarrassing but I find Styles delicious. Judging from his feminist outlook despite his young age, the way he reflects on teenage young girls is way more attractive tham anything else. I am sort of meh on his suit though, he did not bring his fashion A game. Tom wears the hell out of that suit but I can’t get over hos douchery. And where are the pics of Kenneth Branagh? He is in the film and he is someone i would follow to the end of the world. And where is Cillian Murphy? I know there are no big fans of him here but he is anti-monachy Irish lad. I am interested to see how he and the Prince interracted. I am sure the Prince complained that he is as misserable as all the Irish people oppressed by the British monarchy. And both Cillian and Tom are wearing their Peaky Blinders haircuts. I just binge watched Peaky Blinders recently and I can’t wait for the next season. Say what you want about Cillian’s looks, he absolutely kills it on Peaky Blinders.

  32. magnoliarose says:

    Tom Hardy. George Clooney punched someone before and he is friendly most of the time. I am not saying he is easy or sweet but I think the reports about him are somewhat exaggerated. Harry Styles and I could have lunch and chat but that is it. Prince Harry sorry but in these dark times a spoiled royal isn’t as attractive to me but I don’t dislike him. I like intense men, maybe even broody.

  33. LInny says:

    Tom Hardy all the way!

  34. virginfangirl2 says:

    I’ve become a huge fan of Styles as of late. I never paid much attention to him until his new album came out & I really like his new music. But what made me love him is how sweet he is. I see all these fans posts on SM, which come out on a consistent basis, where Harry takes pics with his fans when he’s out & about. And in interviews he seems humble, & appreciates his fans and his success. Too young for me, but he really is a cutey pie.

  35. bella says:

    I love Peaky Blinders, and Cillian, and the whole cast are amazing!! I just finished watching Season 3 and had a time figuring it out and basically did a but why??? Tom Hardy is a great actor, but as far as looks goes, whenever Cillian and Tom were in a scene, Tom looked uggs!

  36. Martina says:

    I think we may have a troll in our midst.

  37. Sage says:

    Handsome Tom for sure.
    Prince Harry’s look is a hit and a miss now a days and a solid NO to Styles.

  38. spidey says:

    You lot can please yourselves, I’ll take Sir Ken over all of them!

    Btw, slapping a co-worker is a sacking offence in many jobs. Unless that is Henry IV slapping Hal😀

  39. Justwastingtime says:

    Of the 3, I have only ever seen Harry S IRL, in the lobby of an office building that houses CAA. He seemed attractive. The prince only looks good by comparison to his brother. No opinion on Tom, I have only ever seen his pic on CB.

  40. Molly says:

    I heart Harry Styles. There’s something very special about him. His new CD is quite good and if you haven’t seen his performance on SNL and/or James Corden, highly recommend. This young man has got it and he seems like a nice bloke.

  41. Bug says:

    Tom Hardy, even with that snot-encrusted projectile on his head.

  42. Neener says:

    Have you seen the entire cast? There is so much Celtic male beauty in this film. Even the lesser known actors are breathtaking.