Aaron Carter is mad at his brother Nick for tweeting him after Aaron’s DUI


This past weekend was not kind to Aaron Carter. However, depending on who you talk to, he probably deserved it. Here is what we know: Aaron is currently in Georgia with his girlfriend Madison Parker. He has been touring and promoting his new single, Sooner or Later. Saturday night, Aaron was arrested for drunk driving and marijuana possession and released on $4,610 bail. Madison was also charged with possession and obstruction but is also out. From there, the specifics get a little dodgy. Georgia police say Aaron was pulled over and arrested as he operated a vehicle. Aaron said he was perfectly fine but the car was acting wonky from a tire that had gone out of alignment. Then, as he was in the nearest Auto Zone, the police entered the business and aggressively arrested him. Plus, he said there is video of the whole thing. This is not Aaron’s first arrest for possession. He says he holds a license for it and uses it to treat his anxiety. Anxiety is not an approved possession condition in Georgia, fyi.

Following reports of Aaron’s arrest, his older brother, Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, tweeted this:

Aaron didn’t take too kindly to this very public show of support by his big bro and made sure to include those thoughts in his – once again – very public statement:

I’m not sure what Aaron is trying to accomplish with his grandstanding about the Auto Zone footage – if there is any evidence he was driving, he can still be booked for a DUI in or out of the car. As for being targeted because of his celebrity, no, that’s not it, Aaron.

But it is an interesting comment about big brother Nick. I mean, Nick is kind of making about himself, isn’t he? There is isn’t any reason to put this on social media other than to distance himself from the whole mess. I can see why he would want to do that, though.

But the Carter Wars were not done. After Aaron called Nick out for his possible PR grab, Nick’s wife, Lauren, attempted to exonerate her husband with this:

Props to Lauren because that was a pretty good response. But shame on all of them because slinging arrows in social media is not helping anyone. The Carter family relationships have been tenuous at best. It is possible that Nick had no way to get ahold of Aaron – let’s remember that no one was speaking to Nick when his sister Leslie died and they didn’t tell him about her funeral. This family does not play well together. It’s too bad because it sounds like they could all use a solid support team right now.




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  1. Shambles says:

    We’re lucky here in Georgia. First Shia LaBeouf, now Aaron.

    For real though, this family has always been a mess, Aaron has always been a mess, that new song of his is a mess, and anxiety SHOULD be an approved condition for marijuana possession in Georgia. #Legalize

  2. nemera34 says:

    You can how he suffers from substance abuse. He looks so much older than he is. And so unhealthy. He looks older than his brother.

  3. Nicole says:

    They all have addiction issues which affects their family dynamics. It’s sad but true. Sounds like Nick doesn’t have his number and was reaching out. However next time try a DM

  4. Zapp Brannigan says:

    I think Nick had his own addiction problems so being within a thousand mile radius of Aaron may not be smart for Nick’s own recovery.

  5. RBC says:

    Regarding Nick not having Aaron’s telephone number, couldn’t Nick have contacted Aaron’s agent or representative to send him a message. Rather than letting the whole world know on Twitter? This family has deep issues that should be addressed privately(if they even want to) rather than go on social media.

    • Tanguerita says:

      I think the whole world already knew.

      • Dem says:

        I didnt. Anyway, this just looked like Nick trying to score Good Guy publicity points. I am sure he could have done as RBC says and contacted Aarons representatives. Its good that he got called out on it.

  6. lolo86lf says:

    Nick should’ve reached out to his brother in a private way, not using a public medium like Twitter. Whatever good intentions Nick had it was cancelled out by publicizing it. Aaron needs help. His lifestyle is making him age quite rapidly. Let’s be compassionate and not condemn this family too much. I know we all can be pretty judgy at times but this can happen to any family including ours.

  7. Beth says:

    Do people ever speak in person or even on the phone anymore? Why does everything have to be on Twitter for the world to see? Family should especially be a little nicer and keep things private

    • RBC says:

      You would be surprised how rarely people speak on the phone theses days. I guess it is easier for some people to text or email. Rather sad in some ways.

      • MM says:

        I’m young and I hate it….I wanna live before 2004. Facebook changed everything. The more we’re connected, the lonelier we get.

      • LaBlah says:

        It’s not sad at all for people with social anxieties. Social media has made it much easier for many people to have connections. Anyone who prefers the phone can still use it but if the person you want to speak to prefers other forms of communication maybes there’s a reason for it?

  8. magnoliarose says:

    There is a chance Aaron wasn’t returning calls and he had an idea to show the world that he loves his brother. Misguided and sloppy but Aaron’s comeback made it an issue more than the original tweet did. He looks so methy now. I don’t predict a successful return to the music industry so this may be the last we know of him for years.

    • Dem says:

      No, Nicks wife is heavily implying that they dont have Aarons number. The next best step is to call up his management and leave that message with their own number.

      I dont know these two people but I do know that there are plenty of scenarios in which Nicks post is just unacceptable. For instance if he has had an emotionally abusive relationship with his brother and thats the reason his brother cut him off. And now connives to look like the good guy by publicly posting his “concern”. He should have gone through the right channels.

  9. Lucy2 says:

    The social media stuff was just for show- track the guy down somehow or send a private message. The whole world doesn’t need to see it.

    Man, Aaron is the poster child for say no to drugs. He looks easily 20 years older than he actually is.

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes, Aaron doesn’t look that good today. Some entertainers grow up better than others. He obviously has a learning problem – he got stuck with drug charges before while driving away from home.

  10. PettyRiperton says:

    A DM would’ve been better but Nick trying to play the caring older brother role is PR. Again his wife should’ve DM’d Aaron and or his girlfriend but no. That family has always been a mess fame and money really did a number on them.

  11. Clare says:

    Jesus, he’s 29? He looks soooooo far beyond his age, and not in a good way. It’s really quite scary the way some of that lot of ‘child-stars’ have gone.

    • Neelyo says:

      I came to say the same. He is aged so fast and hard and i can’t believe he has a recording career left.

  12. Shannon says:

    Yeah; it doesn’t matter if you were actually driving at the time. When I got my DUI it was after I stopped at a gas station because I didn’t feel right (turns out I also had a UTI) to call my bf at the time to come get me. Trust me. They absolutely do not care LOL

    • poorlittlerichgirl says:

      I believe you. I know of two people in my area that got a DUI just for sitting in the driver’s seat while intoxicated. I also know someone that was sitting in the driver’s seat and threw the car keys out the window as the cops approached to prove he couldn’t operate the vehicle. I don’t remember the outcome of that one though.

  13. L84Tea says:

    Good Lord, I thought that was Puck from the Real World…

    • greenmonster says:

      Puck is a good comparison. In the on stage photo he looks like Doc Brown’s son who has always been jealous of Marty McFly.

  14. Luca76 says:

    Poster child for how destructive it can be to throw your kids to the wolves and let them be child stars. The white family in fact. Sad.

  15. Miss M says:

    I am surprised he has a new record and a girlfriend.
    He needs to take care of himself. Funny that Aaron called Nick out when the whole family tried to use Nick for years…
    As for Nick, I feel as if he did it on purpose as his brother is probably ignoring him. NIck’s wife used to give great replies to Nick’s rabid fans.

  16. TippyToes says:

    Maybe Nick called him out publicly because all his attempts to reach his brother behind the scenes have gone ignored and denied. Now Aaron can’t claim that his brother has never reached out to him. ( which is typical behavior for addicts, it’s them all by themselves, nobody cares and tries to help)

  17. BlueSky says:

    Aww, Shaggy still thinks he’s a thing and Georgia police know (or care) who the f@ck he is. Have you learned nothing from the Reese “do you know who I am?” Witherspoon debacle. This is Georgia and they don’t play and don’t care who you think you are!

  18. perplexed says:

    I don’t get how Nick Carter’s wife’s response is any better.

    Even if they don’t have his number, he could probably email, but posting publicly on Twitter does seem like some form of grandstanding.

    Of course, I don’t know their long-term history — I simply find both brothers pretty annoying. But my first thought too was “why would you post to someone on Twitter after they got in trouble with the law?” It’s not like Nick Carter is Bieber’s age — he grew up in a time before social media.

  19. teehee says:

    He should be examined for severe depression. he didnt handle his previous relationships normally and now hes not handling anything else normally either, it seems. He looks like what he probably is on the inside: a 4 year old in an overgrown body that he has no idea what to do with or how to take care of. He is completely lost! And I dont want to judge him, but he doesnt sound stable. It really reaks of depressive/manic thoughts, where teh only “energy” you can feel comes from some fabricated drama or made up waves of energy from a deep, dark place…..

  20. me says:

    So Nick’s wife has Aaron’s gf’s number as they text each other right? So why didn’t they ask her for Aaron’s number from the get go?

    Also, TMZ got the scoop on this story yesterday. They said Aaron was not charged with a DUI. He was charged with refusing to take a breathalyzer test. Why he would refuse is the issue here. Someone called the police when they saw a car driving erratically. Aaron said his car had an alignment issue and that he was on the way to autozone to get the problem fixed. The cops wanted to make sure he wasn’t drinking and driving…Aaron took offense as he has stated in the past he does not drink alcohol. This is where the problems began. He refused the breathalyzer so they had no choice but to arrest him. He shouldn’t have refused as the test would have cleared him (if he in fact was not drinking and driving).

  21. Meg says:

    Aaron is younger brother than me but looks older than me. Slow down buddy

  22. PJ says:

    I have so many questions/comments, I barely know where to start!

    1. Aaron Carter’s “new single”?? LOL.

    2. His “celebrity” was targeted?! Dude, no one knew who you were on sight only even a decade ago much less now in your current state 😒

    3. What cracker Jack “doctor” gave a CONFIRMED ADDICT a medical marijuana license to “treat anxiety”???

    4. Aaron did make a great point about Nick’s tweets though…He could have easily just posted something like “I’m really concerned but have no way to reach you.” Which I mean, Nick DID kind of say via asking Aaron to contact him if he wanted to talk, but still….

    5. I genuinely do feel sad about the serious parts of this. The Carter kids were all put through the wringer due to their parents insatiable desire for money and fame back in the 90s. There’s rampant addiction amongst the siblings (I’m glad that Nick has been able to get and stay clean for some years now and now has the happy family he says he always longed for), they lost a sister when she was far too young and now this. It’s all a little heart breaking.