Cillian Murphy used to want to be ‘an actor first and Irish second’

'Dunkirk' New York Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

Here are some photos from the New York premiere of Dunkirk on Tuesday night. The premiere did not involve Tom Hardy, sadly. While I know in my heart that Hardy is a douche, I still like to look at him. I’m including photos of Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles and Kenneth Branagh. I almost included photos of James D’Arcy because I love him, but no one ever knows who he is, so I’ll just keep my D’Arcy love to myself. Meanwhile, I’m still struggling to understand how people can actually be *hot* for Cillian Murphy. I look at his startled alien beauty and I want to watch him, for sure. I want to see him wear the f–k out of a blue dress shirt. I want to admire his prettiest alien photos. But I would not bang him. I just don’t get it with Cillian, sorry.

To be fair, though: Cillian Murphy seems to have a great personality. He usually comes across as a very humble and sweet guy, truly happy to be a working actor and pleased that he gets to work with people like Christopher Nolan. Cillian also chatted with an Irish outlet about how he’s proud to be an Irish actor these days, representing Irish acting talent and supporting the small Irish film community:

Cillian Murphy has said he has become more proud to be an Irish actor and support the Irish film industry as he has gotten older. The Cork native, who can next be seen in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, said he always wanted to do American movies when he was starting out, but he is now very proud to be known as an Irish actor.

“When I was younger, I really wanted to be an actor first, and Irish second,” Murphy told the Irish Examiner. “I wanted to do American films, and do an American accent, and a British accent, and show that I can do that. But as I get older I think it doesn’t matter. I’m very proud of being an Irish actor. It’s a smaller industry, but I’m really proud to support it.”

[From RTE]

It’s interesting he’s talking about Irish pride and such, because I always forget he’s Irish. I always think he’s British. A lot of British people/media outlets often do that with Irish actors too: they’ll refer to Michael Fassbender, Colin Farrell, Peter O’Toole, Pierce Brosnan and more as “British.” Partly because those actors work so much in Britain and can do somewhat flawless British accents. I think it’s a good thing that Cillian is so… slippery when it comes to being able to play different kinds of characters and different nationalities. But at the end of the day, he’s hella Irish.

'Dunkirk' New York Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

'Dunkirk' New York Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

New York premiere of 'Dunkirk' - Red Carpet Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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30 Responses to “Cillian Murphy used to want to be ‘an actor first and Irish second’”

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  1. Justjj says:

    His voice is really sexy. For some reason.

  2. justme says:

    I guess because I am Irish American and have loads of relatives both sides of the Atlantic, but he doesn’t look the slightest bit alien to me. He looks like a lot of my family in fact and the people I grew up with. In my family we tend to have “piercing blue eyes” and high cheekbones.

    I think he is a terrific actor and seems like a good guy as well. By the way Branagh is also Irish – from Northern Ireland. And doesn’t HE look great here too! (I’ve always loved Ken.)

  3. ash says:

    i think in a micro way…this really helps to bring discussion in on race and gender too….too often new or young actors want to be actor first, woman second. or black last actor first but when they do its almost like participating in erasure.

    As a black woman I loved what Cillian said…. been a fan since 28 days later man!!!

  4. Mel M says:

    I’ve only found him attractive in Peaky Blinders. Other then that he’s beautiful but not attractive.

    • Jugstorecowboy says:

      Me too!! He is hot as fire in Peaky Blinders, even with the Hitler haircut.

    • Katenotkatie says:

      Holy god he’s sexy as hell on PB. He has such a presence. And I would bang him on a velvet couch any day.

  5. Hunter says:

    For a long time I felt the way you do about CM. I loved looking at him, he intrigued me, but I did not get the appeal. But as I started binge-watching Peaky Blinders, something strange started happening to me, and I found myself more and more attracted to him. 😃

  6. Lightpurple says:

    Two days in a row of exquisite Alien Beauty! Joy!

    And Branagh is looking good too.

  7. Maple Girl says:

    Is the Irish film comunity small? To me it seems like it’s one of the bigger ones in Europe?

    I wish sometimes actors and musicians would acknowledge how much they prosper from comming from an English speaking country. No one ever talks about that, but when it comes to being able to be very very successful that’s probably the biggest advantage there is. And they’re not typecast the way Asians or Africans or other Europeans are.

    • Kata says:

      The Irish film industry is somewehre in the midlle when it comes to film industries in Europe, I would say.

    • Miss S says:

      So much this! It is a huge advantage and only the ones who can totally erase their national accents and be fluent in English can make it without getting the stereotyped roles.

    • Seán says:

      Irish actors are definitely at an advantage with English as their first language. That’s why many stars like Cillian, Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Domhnall Gleeson, Pierce Brosnan, Saoirse Ronan, Ruth Negga, Andrew Scott and Aidan Gillen can break into big Hollywood productions. However, the Irish film industry is quite small.

      We’ve done a good job of attracting Hollywood productions to Ireland like Vikings, Ripper Street and the like but most Irish productions (unless starring the aforementioned stars) barely ever get imported abroad (even to our neighbours in the UK) and the same actors appear in pretty much every (low-budget) production.

  8. Sixer says:

    I. Would. Bang. Him.

    More than once. I’d probably shank for him too, if pushed.

    (In my experience, it’s always the Americans who lump in the Irish with the British, not the other way around. Same as you often see Americans seeming to think European is a homogenous descriptor.)

    • Hunter says:

      That’s such a shame. I’ve always been very aware of the Irish, probably because my father ( We’re American) who has never been to Ireland and has never met an Irish person, has always been so very proud of his Irish ancestry.
      Anyhow, there’s a world of difference in the way the Irish and British speak. And the name is pretty much a giveaway.

      • Sixer says:

        Mr Sixer’s family is Irish (he himself was born here in the UK). He also is proud of the ancestry and the culture.

    • Fedfan says:

      British news outlets lump the Irish in with the British all the time though? Far more than Americans do in my experience (I’m from Ireland so it’s probably much more noticeable to me).

      • Urs says:

        Only when we’re doing well though! 😉

        Connor McGregor and Rory Mcilroy are anothe two good examples.

    • redheadedstepchild says:

      Fedfan, seconding what Urs said. The British claim Irish actors alot but once those same actors get arrested for ex or are in a bar fight, they become Irish until an Oscar nominated role & they’re British again. Michael Fassbender came out & said it in a Guardian interview, seemed as if he was well aware of how it worked.

      I think with Americans it’s ignorance more than anything – actor has Brit accent = they’re British.

  9. KBeth says:

    I don’t know who this guy is but he looks exactly like Dolph Lundgren (sp?) to me.

  10. Dttimes2 says:

    .God forgive me but i so would for Harry Styles….im obsessed with Kiwi and Sign of the Times

  11. laur says:

    There is something SOOOOOOOO attractive about him in Peaky Blinders, I love him in that. And he seems like a great guy too, bonus!

  12. PippiLongdivision says:

    I, too, think James D’Arcy is great – please share the D’Arcy love!

  13. third ginger says:

    Kaiser, I love James D’Arcy and have watched him for years. He’s a fine actor who has never become a star. He will probably, like Sir Ken, work forever.

    • Ellyn says:

      Season 2 of Broadchurch and Agent Carter have given James D’Arcy a higher profile among American television viewers–he’s so versatile!

  14. DSD says:

    I love Cillian. I love him on Peaky Blinders and i love him in this photos.

    He can play completely different characters and looks great while doing so. Also his voice is perfect.

  15. Purpeller says:

    Even Ken Branagh was born in Belfast (so British but could be Irish if he wanted!)

    I’ve always figured that Cillian wanted to suppress his Irish background – he definitely downplays it.