Bella Thorne on Scott Disick: ‘I was never with him sexually’


Monday, Bella Throne sat down to speak with Jenny McCarthy on Jenny’s SiriusXM show to discuss Bella’s romantic entanglements. I think the only way that sentence could turn me off more would be if I had to add, “after which, Jenny burped #45’s inaugural address” to it. However, Bella is desperate for us to know about her dating life and even more eager for us to ask about it. Her latest romantic venture has been with Kourtney Kardashian’s former boyfriend, Scott Disick… or is it? These two were on, then off, then on? And then who knows what was happening because honestly, eventually you must turn away from a trainwreck. But Bella said something very interesting to Jenny – a twist, if you will – in the ThorniDick fable: there’s no sex.

Confused about Bella Thorne’s love life? Allow her to clarify.

In the last year, the single starlet has been linked to Scott Disick, Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth—not to mention ex-boyfriend Gregg Sulkin (a platonic reunion, they said). And, eleven months ago, Thorne came out as bisexual. But as the 19-year-old Famous in Love actress said Monday on SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show, some relationships weren’t actually romantic.

Let’s begin with Disick, whom she once said was “charming” but “drinks a lot”—too much for her liking. Speaking freely with host Jenny McCarthy, she said, “I was never with him sexually.”

“Really?” McCarthy asked, to which Thorne replied, “Yeah, no.”

The actress added that she’s still “very friendly” with Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, whose sister Kourtney Kardashian has three children with Disick. “Kylie and I used to be really close, and as far as I know, they’re super chill,” Thorne shared. “I didn’t have any problem with them.”

[From E!]

Well color me surprised. However, Bella has never specified theirs was a romantic connection. She’s favored terms like “hanging out” and “chilling” with him. She did tell TMZ she felt used for publicity after he was caught with his hand on another lady’s @ss the minute she left their villa in Cannes, but in her interviews she primarily focused on his drinking. If they are just friends, they are very comfortable with each other, that’s for sure.

Although I can’t for the life of me see the benefit for Bella to have a causal, non-emotional friendship with a hard-drinking, C-List father of three who is 15 years older than her, it’s not my life. I’m more amused that Bella claimed that she was “really close” to Kylie Jenner, but then struggled to remember her name. If Bella and Scott need a third for their BFF crew, maybe Jenny could join. Jenny and Bella bonded over the fact that they both think “the family” beat up on Scott. Yes, poor Scott – whatever has he done to deserve criticism?

Note by Celebitchy: US reports that Bella and Scott were out in New York City together last night at a party for Steve Aoki’s new album and that they were showing “extreme PDA.” They didn’t leave together though. Didn’t this happen the last time Bella talked about Scott? She gave an interview stating he drank and partied too much in Cannes, then mentioned very soon afterwards that she had just seen him. Oh and then they hit a paparazzi hotspot together, so I expect they’ll do that next.




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  1. QueenB says:

    I mean it makes sense for her to get the headlines but I dont see why he would want to be with her if its not sexual.

  2. grabbyhands says:

    ::::sure jan gif::::::

  3. Lulu says:

    I don’t believe this at all. Bella also claims not to drink and there are rumors that that’s far from true. I don’t even believe that Scott would hang out with her if there weren’t sex. especially she’s not really doing anything to raise his celebrity profile and I doubt he’s interested in her mind. I guess we’re supposed to just believe anything that she says.

    • tegteg says:

      She says she doesn’t drink and then talks about how she throws house parties ALL the time… which makes zero sense to me.

  4. Beth says:

    It would be impossible for someone to dress worse than this girl. The tacky, cheap,Claire’s junk jewelry that she piles on, makes me cringe

    • LadyT says:

      Haha. You would think. But look at her sister next to her at the airport. That’s first prize Tacky.

  5. Nicole says:

    The thirst is real. And they were just making out yesterday so I’m not buying what she’s selling.
    Frankly I find them both gross for different reasons.

  6. darkladi says:

    Why are you telling us this, you thirsty little Hot Topic muppet?

  7. teacakes says:

    I just feel bad for this girl, everything about her screams that she’s headed to the crappier side of where child stars end up. And by the sound of it, her parents aren’t the best so I’m really not surprised she is the way she is.

  8. Bobafelty says:

    She was photographed making out with him at a hotel pool, sitting on his lap in Cannes. So they are not just platonic. Also, she lost it on social media when a few days later he was seen publicly griping another woman. I wonder if her PR team is trying to do damage control and she’s just too dumb to follow the playbook very well.

    • WingKingdom says:

      I took “I was never with him sexually” to mean that they hadn’t had sex yet when he groped another woman and she left.

  9. Dan Dan says:

    This girl is cheesy as hell. Corny, desperate, eager, stage 100 clinger … I could go on forever. She gives off a vibe of desperation that is totally unattractive and I really hope she grows up and gets her life on track somehow.

  10. InVain says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a fake tan Bella, but a little advice – next time be sure to blend down to your hands and, if your foundation is 6 shades too light you might want to switch to a darker shade so that your face matches everything else (especially if you’re going to show it off that much).

    As far as the Scott stuff goes, I’m out of advice. This girl is a mess.

    • moirrey says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who was bothered by her face/neck colour not matching her body.

  11. Word says:

    She really is beautiful.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Amazing how two people can see the same person but come away with such different opinions. I don’t see beautiful as much as I do “troubled” and “holy unnecessary plastic surgery Batman!”

  12. Marianne says:

    She probably hangs out with him because of the family he is associated with. Not because shes interested in him romantically/sexually. And I doubt he has anything interesting to say. What does he get out of it though? Its not like some former Disney (or is nickelodeon) star is going to help his fame levels. He probably either gets sex or drugs out of it.

  13. Katherine says:

    I don’t know, she’s the kinda person that doesn’t prompt me to judge them, I think she’s just figuring things out, living her life, not always making the best choices but who is?

  14. Millie says:

    I’m sorry but the family does beat up on Scott. I remember one episode when Scott went to his childhood home in NY. His parents had died within months of one another and he is an only child. He was emotional but Kourtney did not care one bit. She was more concerned with what was valuable, didn’t care about his emotional connection to things and was all about selling everything for money. She was really cold hearted. She also thought he should hurry up and get over his parents dying already.

  15. Erica_V says:

    I took her phrase to mean they haven’t had actual intercourse (i feel like Sheldon from Big Bang typing that, although he’d say coitus) but that doesn’t mean they haven’t done everything except that. Or maybe she’s just a makeout bandit – that’s fun too.

  16. A says:

    She’s the next Lilo