Kevin Hart laughs off ‘cheating’ video, which shows zero cheating (update)

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Kevin Hart married model Eniko Parrish last August and they announced this spring that she’s pregnant with her first child. This is Eniko’s first marriage and Kevin’s second. He was married to Torrei Hart from 2003 to 2011, and recently admitted in his memoir that he cheated on her and was arrested for what sounds like domestic violence, although reports are vague about it. He claims that he and Torrie have since worked out their differences for the sake of their two children.

Radar’s video does not show that Hart was alone with the woman in the car at any point or climbing into her seat. Their captions are incredibly misleading
That’s all preface to the fact that Radar Online has a four minute video of Kevin looking somewhat cozy in a car outside a hotel in Miami at 5am with a mystery brunette. Radar hypes the sh-t out of this video. Their title claims Kevin was caught cheating, they state that the video shows Kevin “hooking up with a beautiful woman” and that the two “got frisky for more than 20 minutes.” NO, the video does not show any of that. It also doesn’t show Hart climbing into her seat. If you watch the whole video you can tell that Hart is in the passenger seat, the woman is in the back seat and that there’s someone in the driver’s seat the whole time. (You can see the other person’s head bob over starting at :26. At 1:30 the woman’s back door is open and Hart just chats with her from the front. The person in the driver’s seat is still there. He looks drunk but that’s it.) The photos make it look like Hart may be up to no good but the video shows he’s just happily chatting with two people in a car. In fact he talks to both people about the same amount. Kevin and the woman in the back seat aren’t making out or touching at all, but people who don’t watch the video or read the story might assume they were. This is just a matter of weird angles and some b.s. captions which don’t match the video.

Most of the secondary outlets I’ve seen reporting on this just repeat Radar’s claims without actually watching the video. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, this pretty much characterizes the way politics and news are reported in general – one outlet or person makes some claims and then other outlets report it without fact checking – hence the asshats in power now stripping everyone of their basic rights, but I digress. This is about Kevin Hart and whether or not he was cheating. I don’t think he was. I hope Kevin’s wife watches the video before seeing some of the memes about this.

This is how Kevin responded, with this meme of him laughing. He should have told people to watch the video, but maybe he assumes that goes without saying. Now we’ll see if the big celebrity sites, like US and People, actually watch the video before just repeating Radar’s b.s. As of press time People and US have not reported on this.

Update: E! didn’t watch the video and People didn’t watch the video either. Both seem to be just taking Radar’s word for it. Neither mention that there’s a third person in the car whom Kevin is also talking to. Neither mention that there is no contact between Kevin and the woman we can see, who is in the backseat while Kevin is in the front seat.

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Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish arrive at "Dream" hotel

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28 Responses to “Kevin Hart laughs off ‘cheating’ video, which shows zero cheating (update)”

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  1. PettyRiperton says:

    Even though the video shows nothing I do think he’s cheating. He did to the last wife with this one. How you get them is how you lose them.

  2. Mgsota says:

    I watched the video and was thinking…wtf?!? There are NO signs he was cheating or even touching the woman who was in the BACKSEAT! And no mention of the person in the driver’s seat. This is the biggest bullsh*t story I’ve seen in awhile…minus all the stupid sh*t the drumpfs do daily. He should sue.

  3. BJ says:

    That happens when you are a self professed cheater and you are in a car with an IG model/singer at 5 am

    • Radley says:

      Welp. I think that’s probably why he hasn’t come out guns blazing at Radar. At this point he may not be sure of what they’re holding back. Or maybe he is. And yep, some gossip sites do play that dirty game. They may have more that they’re using as leverage. TMZ did it to Justin Bieber for years.

  4. Dem says:

    I dislike Kevin Harts “comedy” but I only grew to hate him during his book tour. He can be really obnoxious discussing “the recipe for success” and I detest how he is a professional fence sitter because its so obviously calculated not to offend. Watch him talk about Cosby for example. Take a position so we can deal with you accordingly.

    That said, he was obviously not cheating. I dont know what moron at Radar thought thats what the footage was. (He did cheat on his first wife with his current wife though)

  5. JA says:

    How in the world does this little annoying man catch a model??! Oh wait I know $$$$ nope nope nope….

  6. ElleBee says:

    The argument that he couldn’t be cheating because there were 3 people in the car….oh ok .

    I still wonder why he was in the car with those women at that time though but Eniko would have to decide what she wants to believe. I wish her the best

  7. Loopy says:

    Between Ushers herpes.R Kellys sex cult and now this,i have seen one too many memes in the last 24 hrs. lol

  8. Celebitchy says:

    I’m at a loss why anyone is condemning this guy for talking to two people in a car from the front seat. Yes he cheated on his wife. This video does not show him making out, touching or even focusing on one of the people in this car more than the other. I’m not saying he’s not cheating, I’m saying that this video does not show cheating. It’s basic logic, but apparently that eludes people in so many ways. /rant

    • Mgsota says:


    • Jamie says:

      I think they are more questioning why is a married man with a pregnant wife and 2 young children sitting in the car with two models at 5 am?

      • Craven says:

        He went out. As he left he saw people he knows. He chatted with them. Footage confirms. Seems straight forward to me.

    • Caitiecait says:

      Well people here condemned Jennifer Garner and called her a stalker for visiting a restaurant one day after Ben Affleck visited it, so par for the course I guess.

      But being in a car with two women in front of a hotel and five am when the wife is five months pregnant and nowhere to be found is kinda odd unless they are related in some way or they work for him.

    • Radley says:

      I’m not at a loss. Not at all. ;)

  9. scar says:

    But what’s he doing with an upcoming singer at 5am? This video does not show it but something fishy is going on

  10. Luca76 says:

    Oh FFS I can’t stand the guy but everyone trying to throw some blame his way needs to chill the f out.

  11. Mar says:

    Nothing good happens after 2am in Miami.

  12. manta says:

    He’s probably one of those poor dads kept away from his beloved kids, prevented from reading them bedtime stories by an evil ex. Partying is the way to cope.

  13. QueenB says:

    “kevin hart miniature self got the nerve to be cheating. what has the world come to. hope his wife punts his lil ass across a football field”


  14. 77_club_fit says:

    He looks like viola davis.

  15. Erica_V says:

    I don’t think either the video or the pictures confirm either way that he is or isn’t cheating. I mean technically we can’t see his hands so we don’t know he’s not touching her. And also just because there is someone else in the car that doesn’t mean he’s not cheating either.

    What we can conclusively say tho is it’s really not a good look to be sitting in a random car with an IG model at 5AM while your wife is home on the other side of the country preggo. I think the majority of partners would side eye TF outta that behavior from their SO. I know I would.