Jimmy Kimmel’s son is doing great after his heart surgery

A few months ago, we discussed Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional admission that his son, Billy, needed heart surgery immediately following his birth. At the time, he said Billy would need future corrective surgery but that his prognosis was excellent. Jimmy turned the announcement into an opportunity to speak out against the GOPs desire to repeal the ACA. He made the emotional appeal, “If your baby is going to die and it doesn’t have to, it shouldn’t matter how much money you make. I think that’s something, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat or something else, we all agree on.” His guests were Dr. Oz, who spoke on Billy’s condition from a medical standpoint and Shaun White because Shaun suffered from the same ailment and has lived a very healthy and active life. He reassured jimmy and the rest of us that Billy would be fine. When Jimmy returned form paternity leave, he updated his viewers on Billy’s progress and reentered the discussion about healthcare, this time bringing in Senator Bill Cassidy via satellite.

Friday, Jimmy posted the following picture of Billy to Twitter to let us know that he is, in fact thriving and once again, took the opportunity to speak in favor of the ACA:

Excuse me for one moment but aaaaaaaawwwwwww – he’s an udgie! Jimmy’s wife, Molly McNearney, also posted a pic of Billy with a similar plea for us to contact Congress regarding the upcoming healthcare bill vote:

I took Jimmy at his word when he said Billy was going to be fine. That being said, I was thrilled to see such a smiley, happy Billy. I know some celebrities fault on the side of over-sharing but when people like Jimmy and Molly share their harrowing experience, it not only raises awareness, it also gets fans invested in their journey. So it’s gracious that they took the time to update us. And since I am on the side of keeping the ACA and trying to improve it, I appreciate them tying that fight into Billy’s story. We all know they have the money to help Billy, good for them for fighting for those who don’t.

Side-note: I keep getting these emails and tweets to contact my senator, mostly by Senator Kamala Harris. The thing is, Sen. Harris is my senator so it’s mostly just me and her staff saying, “I know, right???” Still, contact your senator, folks. For the first time in a very long time that seems to be working.

This kid has always been a smiler

Photo credit: WENN Photos, Getty Images and Twitter

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  1. Michelle says:

    Not a big kimmel fan, but fantastic news about his little boy. God bless them!!!

  2. WTF says:

    Good for him!!

    OAN- do all hospitals use the same blankets?
    I have a 2 year old and he had the exact same blanket in the hospital! I kept it, cuz it gives me the warm fuzzies. 😍

  3. Esmom says:

    Aw, such a sweet little guy. So glad his surgery went well. I’m trying not to get too panicked about the prospect of losing the ACA. Both my teens have serious medical conditions, aka pre-existing conditions and I worry about their ability to pay for their care once they’re on their own.

  4. Nicole says:

    Looks like Billy has been smiling since day 1. What a trooper. I appreciate that they are fighting for the little ones that cannot fight for themselves. They didn’t have to share something so personal but they did. That was so great
    I call my congressmen every day without fail. Don’t let up

  5. Crumpet says:

    Oh bless his tiny smiling little heart. I’m glad he is doing well.

  6. Lalu says:

    Precious baby! So glad he’s doing well.
    This entire ACA debate if very disheartening. There is a bit of dishonesty that puts me off when I hear the discussion. I don’t know if people purposely twist the truth to fit their own narratives or if they just do not understand how things work. It especially bugs me with the pre existing deal. If you or your children have had continuous coverage… Illnesses are not going to be considered pre existing. If you take a chance, and drop coverage and get sick and then buy insurance again, it is then considered pre existing. Just like dropping your car insurance and wrecking your car… You can’t get insurance after the fact to cover that wreck.
    We still have people opting out of insurance because they think it’s too expensive. Common sense tells you the system cannot work like that.
    And yes, there is a way to fix things to make it better for everyone… But the repubs and dems aren’t going to do that. Just like they won’t fix the mess where people can sue and get millions. People want to know why medicine is so expensive… Look at the lawyers. There are places where doctors cannot practice because their malpractice insurance is so expensive that it isn’t worth it. The dishonesty is what kills me. But everything has to be dramatic stories to tug on your heart strings instead of common sense. That’s politics.

  7. Pabena6 says:

    What does “udgie” mean?

  8. Cleo says:

    I’m glad Dr. Oz is here to enlighten us on medicine 🙄 But my heart goes out to this family, as it does to anyone with a tiny family member undergoing surgery.

  9. Lisa says:

    Aww, sweetie! I had open heart surgery too, so I feel a special warmth toward and kindred feeling with others who have had the same thing. I always like to hear that they’re doing well. 😀 That smile is just too much.

  10. Lucy says:

    I sort of love that they’re called Jimmy, Molly and Billy 🙂 glad to see baby boy’s doing well!!