Please enjoy these photos of lovely Idris Elba at ‘The Dark Tower’ premiere

New York premiere of 'The Dark Tower' - Arrivals

I really wanted The Dark Tower to be amazing. I wanted Stephen King’s opus to translate beautifully on to the big screen. I wanted all of the (racist) people yelling about Idris Elba’s casting to be proven wrong. Well, I still believe that Idris’s casting as the Gunslinger was a good choice. But the problem is that The Dark Tower seems like a gigantic mess, and that the story maybe hasn’t translated well onto the screen? While I want to support Idris in everything he does, the film looks… bad.

Anyway, these are some photos from The Dark Tower’s MOMA screening/premiere last night in New York. Idris looked… okay. I appreciate his style and the fact that he tries out weird stuff, like loafers with no-socks, and what looks like a yachting blazer. Matthew McConaughey has a lot of style too, with that purple suit. That’s “a lot of look.”

Idris also appeared on the Tonight Show last night and Jimmy Fallon got him to do this “Google Translate Singing” thing. Idris’s natural charisma saved this mess:

And here’s a clip from the interview. Idris talks about his Gucci loafers, his daughter not believing he’s cool and his DJ voice. I could listen to Idris read the phone book.

New York premiere of 'The Dark Tower' - Arrivals

New York premiere of 'The Dark Tower' - Arrivals

New York premiere of 'The Dark Tower' - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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19 Responses to “Please enjoy these photos of lovely Idris Elba at ‘The Dark Tower’ premiere”

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  1. DurbanGirl says:

    Just one night God, just one night..

  2. third ginger says:

    My husband and daughter love this novel. I hope the reviews are not too bad. Has anyone read any? Many thanks to Kaiser. As a worried American, I have pictures of my “pretend son” in another thread and of Idris on this one, a man for whom I can conjure no maternal feelings at all!!

    • Mia4s says:

      No official reviews yet because many critics aren’t seeing it until the day before it opens. That’s a bad sign. A terrible sign actually. Early whispers are absolutely toxic. It might pull an OK opening but expect a flop overall. Shame, it is a fascinating book.

    • MiniMii says:

      I’ve read the entire series three times. I absolutely love it, the story and characters are brilliant. Definitely worth reading!

      The movie though … I’m going to go see it, but I’m not hopeful. I’ve heard the negative rumours, seen the mess that’s been made of other Stephen King books, and I honestly think the scope of this book, and the series, is far too great to condense into movie format. I’d rather see Netflix or someone similar do a years-long series and do the story justice.

      On a positive note, I think casting Matthew McC as the Man in Black was genius.

  3. Abbess Tansy says:

    That’s my boo, *sigh*. First dibs.
    I always thought The Dark Tower book series should have been strictly a TV series instead of cinematic release. I don’t understand why the producers are doing both.

    • Persistent Cat says:

      I only read the first three books and that was YEARS ago. I had assumed the movie would be based on the book but it seems that it’s a continuation from where the final (8th?) book ended. And then the tv series will be based on the books and feature younger actors???? I’ll still see it but I’m confused.

  4. nicegirl says:

    Thank you! Idris Elba every day of the year

  5. Sheeple says:

    Kaiser, thank you for all you do.

  6. Viola says:

    I’m definitely there with bells on for Idris and surprisingly for Matthew. Saw a preview clip last night on Colbert. Matthew hasn’t looked this good in years. It seems he’s finally back to the Matthew of old before he dieted down to nothing to win an Oscar. He looked healthy and refreshed, was trim but his face was fuller than its been in those icky buick commercials where he looks gaunt and moody. He plays the devil in Dark Tower with Idris and he looks devilishly handsome.

  7. Malibu Stacy says:

    I think the problem is casting Matthew McConaughey. I can’t take him seriously. He’s plays the same person in every single movie. I also think there’s been a long history of Stephen King stories not adapting well to the screen. There are a few that are wonderful of course but this doesn’t look like it’ll be one of them unfortunately.

  8. Zan says:

    Meh.. he’s starting to look too full of himself for my taste. He’s a great looking guy with a very sexy voice/accent that’s for sure, but I think he knows it too much.

  9. kay says:

    i read them a long time ago, and frankly can’t remember much detail but the “feel”…and when i heard he was cast as the gunslinger (and i rarely watch the movie if i have read the book, only because i prefer reading to watching) it was a “holy eureka!” moment. really happy they chose him.
    it has been so long since i read them that i just might watch it.
    in the interest of…idris. lol.

  10. Yeahright says:

    He’s starting to look like the old uncle that is always hanging out by the corner store instead of working. Hard pass. All my crushes are ruined.

  11. Veronica says:

    The use of “lovely” is redundant here.

  12. babu says:

    It s not that Idris Elba is definitely more handsome than McConnaughey … But here, Idris Elba wins by a mile. Matthew can t pull it off: the suit does not help. He might have had a chance in a crisp, neater look, but not that mess.

    While Idris pulls everything together extremely alluringly, even collar embroidery patches (?!)

  13. Snazzy says:

    Thank you ❤️😘

  14. nemera34 says:

    That outfit is horrid. I don’t care how good he looks. That outfit is terrible.

    There I said what should be said