Prince Harry took Meghan Markle to southern Africa for a romantic birthday safari

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Well well… Meghan Markle celebrated her 36th birthday on Friday (she and Barack Obama share the same birthday OMG) and she spent her birthday with her boyfriend, Prince Harry. Word came out that Meghan had actually spent a week in London (prior to her b-day) with her mother, and I kind of wondered if Meghan and Harry were doing the “let’s get our parents together and see what happens” thing, and whether Meghan’s mom was introduced to Prince Charles. We still don’t know. But we do know – now – that Meghan and her mom were absolutely in London at some point in the past two weeks, and Meghan returned to Toronto briefly for Suits, and then… well, Meg and Harry met up once again. For her birthday. Harry has taken Meghan to southern Africa for a romantic holiday.

Besotted Prince Harry hugs girlfriend Meghan Markle yesterday as the smiling couple start a romantic African holiday on her 36th birthday. Loved-up Prince Harry appeared to give a thumbs-up to other passengers as he walked across the airport tarmac after leaving the plane. The 32-year-old royal draped a protective arm around the Suits actress as they arrived for the safari trip. She appeared to be carrying a gift from him — a picture swathed in bubble wrap.

The couple’s holiday destination — hugely popular for engagements and honeymoons — will only heighten speculation the prince, 32, is about to propose. A royal source said: “Harry has been planning this holiday for a long time. He’s made the trip incredibly romantic. They’ll go on boats across the lake, walk in the bush at dawn and camp under the stars. Who knows what will happen when they’re watching a sensational African sunset together? Maybe he’ll get down on one knee. Harry regards Africa as his spiritual home and has often talked of how he can get away from it all there. Obviously he wants to show Meghan what an amazing place it is and create new memories together.”

The source added: “Harry’s done a lot of conservation work in Africa with endangered el­e­phants and black rhinos and he’ll show them to the woman he wants to marry. It’s fitting that the spectacular safari started on her birthday — what a way to impress a girl! He’ll make this a holiday she’ll never forget and perhaps she’ll come back with a ring on her finger.”

Meghan had flown to London from her home in Toronto, Canada, after filming the last episode of the latest Suits series. There she met Harry, newly returned from Google’s summer camp in Sicily. Looking relaxed and happy, she gave the besotted prince a huge kiss as they landed in southern Africa yesterday — watched on the tarmac by an airport worker and a royal protection officer.

A friend said: “Meghan wrapped filming Suits this week and then was straight on to a plane to see Harry. She’d been in London last week with her mum Doria, but had to go back to Toronto last weekend to film. She is super excited about their holiday together and to see Africa though Harry’s eyes. Of course, she’s visited the continent before through her charity work, but this is her first ever safari. She adores animals, particularly ­elephants, and was just over the moon. Harry and Meghan are the real deal. Their talk is very future-focused. She’s planning to move to the UK and give up much of her acting work. They’ve been dating for over a year now and they are both extremely serious about this relationship. They want it to last and to go the distance.”

[From The Sun]

It was rumored, months ago, that Harry wanted to take Meghan to Lesotho to see his work with Sentebale (the charity he co-founded), but it doesn’t sound like they’re doing that. It sounds like Harry is taking her “on safari” to some romantic tourist destination. Several of the British papers are claiming they’re in Botswana, which makes sense – Harry loves Botswana. Obviously, people are working themselves into a frenzy because Prince William proposed to then-Kate Middleton in Africa too, while they were also on safari/vacation, or at least that’s the way the story went after the fact. I think that’s why Harry will not propose to Meghan on safari: because why would he copy his brother?? Please be original, Harry. That being said, I told you guys last week that I was definitely getting vibes. Vibes like… we’ll be getting an announcement soon. So I don’t know, maybe it’s actually going down right now.

Also: gamblers still believe that if and when Meg and Harry marry that the Queen will give them the titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Which I like. HRH Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. It’s not bad. Incidentally, her first name is Rachel. She uses her middle name professionally and in life. Will the Queen think HRH Rachel sounds better than HRH Meghan?

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Prince Harry rugby Leeds

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I really hope they do get Sussex as I live in West Sussex. Will very, very happily accept Meghan as my Duchess!
    I’ve been wondering too if she’ll use Rachel as her name, in a break from her acting past. She doesn’t need to, of course, and I doubt she will.

    • WTW says:

      I attended the University of Sussex as an American exchange student, so this too would make me very happy!

      • Bellagio DuPont says:

        @ WTW:

        Wow…. my sister went to the University of Sussex as well and we spent a lot of time in Brighton. I believe that’s where my progressive spirit was birthed. Literally.

        My overriding memory if Brighton is having the mother of all munchie sessions And eating for almost 6 hours at an Italian restaurant (whose name I can’t remember now) with a group of about 10 of us……I always wonder if they twigged what was happening…..

        ANYWAY…….I think Sussex will be perfect for them, (except for the “sex” embedded on the name!)…’s beautiful, historic and reasonably progressive……the gay crowd alone in Brighton will worship them……

        I can’t wait! 🤗🤗🤗😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍👍

    • PrincessK says:

      I would prefer Duke and Duchess of Clarence, it sounds better to me. We already have the Wessexes.

      • Tina says:

        Clarence is not a title anyone wants to resurrect, and Sussex is a perfectly normal word in the UK. The Wessexes will become Edinburghs soon enough.

      • Harrierjet says:

        I remember reading a while back that he could potentially be Duke of Connaught but I can’t remember. Rather like that over Sussex – no offence to the people of Sussex…!

        Also, does he only get this additional title after he gets married?

      • Tina says:

        Connaught is Irish, and is definitely not happening. He will only get a royal dukedom once he gets married, yes. He has no need of one at present as he is Prince Henry of Wales. It is the custom to grant royal bridegrooms dukedoms upon their marriages, as otherwise his princess would be known as Princess Henry.

  2. Abs says:

    Happy couple, happy me.

    • BeamMeUpScottie says:

      :-) Moi aussi!

    • Imqrious2 says:

      I’m rootin’ for ‘em! Honking for Merry (Meg & Harry) to marry! 🎊🎉💑

    • bluhare says:

      Moi a trois!

    • Liberty says:

      Huzzah! for Harry & Meghan!! Such cute photos. 😍

      Meanwhile back at Carole’s house, Wills is bitterly eating toast and wondering why he didn’t insist on proposing to Sienna Miller. 😡 /jk

    • Royalsparkle says:

      Geogeous geogeous Prince/ess Henry in waiting. Cant wait for The Prince Henry Wales magical chic wedding – quite dignified class.
      Such a breath of freshness. Wonderful vibe with mum Doria and Meghan syaying low key.

      Take note carol middletons family tbis is how its done – after decade stalking, now 16 years cimbing PR hogging the wannabe royal spotlight hangers on.

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, I like the way Ms Doria is conducting herself and I hope she stays quiet and discreet like all the other royal in laws do, with the exception of the Middleton’s.

      • Soothie says:

        Wonder if harry will break out the nazi suit?

    • mar_time says:

      Guys, I checked Tumblr last night to see what crazy stuff was written and there were several people claiming this was photoshopped and fake…it’s disgusting over there. One even claimed it was too cold for her shoes and therefore she faked the photo, I had to reply with “its 80 degrees in Botswana maybe do better research”

  3. Lobbit says:

    How cute is that picture of them, tho? They look very happy.

    • Susannah says:

      I love how he’s looking at her, like she’s funny and amazing at the same time. It’s just so sweet!

    • Are you paying, through your taxes, for another of Prince Henry’s non-ending vacations? So sweet, so lovely, so cute. Please stop and just think about one thing – the British taxpayers are funding every penny of Harry’s in your face international vacations (I am a student/teacher of British culture and history, royal taxes, and know all about Duchy funds, so please do not attack me; I am part Scot and Welsh by ancestry, among other ethnicities, and American by birth) and thus I have put my pence into what I see as a complete loss of royal majesty, beginning with Diana and ending with her sons. I am intensely interested as to why people (not People magazine) are so gung-ho for PH and MM? Please give me opinions. I personally believe that MM has the American self-made-forget-about-what class? university educated, media loving, incredible intelligence, independent spirit, actress (D, but with a job and her own money) that is the anathema of the British royal family and its mystique; work hard but don’t complain, don’t explain; holidays yes, but put other people’s money into a fifty hour work-week, not jetting off to mostly Africa to stay in British tax-paid luxury hotels. I believe this is another Cromwellian time in British history; however, it will be short-lived as the void will be filled with much awful and criminal stealing.

      • Bellagio DuPont says:

        @ Golden Ashley……I just need to say that we each spend 69p approximately A YEAR on the BRF. Come on,….. you’re not that petty…….

      • bluhare says:

        I don’t attack anyone, Ashley, but if I think you’re wrong or not on the right track, I’ll say so. Do you consider that attacking you? Because you have no idea how this vacation is being paid for unless you’re Harry’s accountant. I understand the taxpayer pays for his security; no question the police department/public pays for that person’s wages and expenses on this trip. Beyond that, Harry could be paying for this from his own funds for all you and I know.

        And if we’re putting out our ethnic credentials, I not only have English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish ancestry, I was actually born there and am British by citizenship. Well, except for my inner Druid priestess who thinks everyone except the Celts are johnny come latelys and doesn’t acknowledge that. :)

      • PrincessK says:

        @Golden Ashley….you should try DM online there are loads of people over there bleating endlessly on and on about the piddling taxes they pay to support the RF and pouring cold water on any nice news. It all sounds like a broken record to me and bores me to tears, I really wish they would all get out more and enjoy life, but you may actually enjoy their company.

      • Bellagio and bluehare, I am asking why the British taxpayer should not question Harry’s vacations upon vacations (does anybody know what he does Monday to Friday, 52 weeks of the year? Where is his schedule, and tax-payer funded accounting, including Duchy funds, for the public to see? Not his CC, but his day to day schedule?). Where has Harry been for these many months, other than a few photo ops?

        I believe the Royal family is indispensable to the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Commonwealth countries. I am a royalist, but I am not blind to this day and age’s 24/7 media. Wills, Kate and Harry, it seems to me, have the archaic reality of their privileges and personal venal, money grubbing thinking, that it is all about me! without the intelligence of realization that they are only on their porcelain thrones by their subjects’ whims, whimsies and money. What is wrong with them? Are they so detached from reality, and maybe sociopathic, that they lack the simple intelligence to realize what they are doing to their country?

        I very much understand the pennies each taxpayer (?) contributes to the Royal family. It makes me laugh, too, when anti-royalist bring up the French, Versailles, and money. What they don’t understand is that British royalty is all about the identity of the British, until the forced migration of today. I am just asking about the bleating of MM, the trio’s lack of any responsibility, and feelings about the whole “thing.”

      • magnoliarose says:

        One of the reasons so many Americans are interested in the RF is partly because when our history as a country begins it is British before that. They don’t feel foreign really.
        Life moves on and there is no point to keeping with ideas that are so archaic they are unrelatable to the public. That is a sure fire way to get people to question their purpose.
        The last thing they need is an unhappy arranged marriage.

      • bluhare says:

        Then perhaps you can educate us Ashly. I look forward to your presentations.

      • Lobbit says:

        @Golden Ashley, this is clearly a sensitive issue for you, but since I’m not British – not even faux British like you – I’m unable to summon a single f*$k about any household expenditure or tax bill that isn’t mine, so I’m not going to be able to navel gaze with you on this one.

        I am a citizen of the US who is trying to survive the dire political straits into which we’ve descended post Inauguration Day 2017. I came into this thread to indulge in some lighthearted, escapist gossip and admire a cute picture of a cute couple. That’s it. You feel free to get your angst on, tho – - just kindly leave me out of it. Thanks.

        Honk for Merry!!!

      • I guess I should just be giggly and laughing about MM’s clothes, or say anything else and be a Debbie Downer. I like this site, since I read funny, intelligent, and once in a while, thought-provoking viewpoints. I guess, as a British-educated American, I do not understand why people are so excited over MM and PH. Especially this Africa trip? (I saw PW and Kate’s engagement interview; PW had this story about Kenya, ruk-sacking, et al; Kate said they got engaged in Scotland. The look he gave her!)

        And I am not “faux” anything, except my name. It is my dog’s name, btw.

      • Tina says:

        Well I am a British citizen and my common wealth goes to pay for Harry’s life (he’s not funded through taxes but through the Duchy of Cornwall). And I hope they do get married. With everything else going on in the world that’s dark and depressing (particularly Brexit), a royal wedding would cheer us all up.

        As for the “identity of the British,” one of the reasons that I am pleased about Meghan is because she, as a multiracial person (albeit an American) is an important representation of the future of our country. If she and Harry have children, they will be even more so. Do I want them do work hard and do engagements? Yes. But (unlike Kate) Meghan appears to have always worked hard and seems likely to continue to do so. I have as much confidence in her as I could possibly have in anyone marrying into the royals.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @Golden Ashley – a bit late getting into this particular discussion, but I do see some of your points, as an American. As I’ve said in other threads, I do not “like” any of these people, except for the Queen, who I view as the last of a vanishing breed. I love history and have some ties both cultural and personal, to Britain, so I care about the country. But deep inside my American gut, I hold with Sixer: the Windsors are way past their sell date, and an inherited monarchy with the kinds of privileges (e.g., the Duchy of Cornwall being handed to each Prince of Wales as a birthright, set up originally so the Heir to the throne could have his own source of income) and deference still in use today, are totally incompatible with modern western culture. I give them maybe one more generation before it collpases.

        The issue isn’t the 69p. It doesn’t sound like much, but the fact is, the royals cost far more than that. The Windsors amassed a huge personal fortune because of the shameful tax deal Inland Revenue allowed them to cut for themselves in the early 20th century. Every miner in Wales had to pay what the government said they had to pay, but the BRF was allowed to set its own rate of “voluntary contributions”. This only ended in the late 1990s, when the Queen woke up to the shocking revelation that the public wasn’t interested in paying for the renovations to Windsor Castle. William and Kate little apartment was renovated to the tune of four million, all of which was taken out of taxpayer money with the excuse that Kensington Palace was actually “vested in the state” – a public historic building. Of course, no one cared about the asbestos in the roof when office workers used it . . .

        And while I’m having a blast speculating about Harry and MM and will enjoy every bit of the hoop-la around the wedding, I think he’s dumb, spoilt, wants to have his cake and eat it, too, and I dislike MM, who I know would never have looked at him if he didn’t have that HRH in front of his name. He’s an idiot and she’s a smart cookie on the make.

        And my feelings about the Middletons, I think, are well-known here.

        Royalty are between a rock and a hard place. “Royalness” is based on an assumption of essential difference. But if anyone can marry in and suddenly acquire it, how magical can it really be?

        No, I’m sorry, it’s indefensible. And it will be just as indefensible when it includes the Duchess of Sussex or whatever. As far as I’m concerned, the royals are dressed up opportunists, and Markle is an opportunist.

        I love reading and gossiping about them, but I’m glad America ditched them – not, you understand, in any way brushing aside our own problems. But the Windsors’ day should be well past after this generation.

    • cara says:

      They may look “cute”, but what is the Queen and his Father going to say about her being half black and divorced? In the US it would be no biggie, but the Queen does not seem to have moved with the times.

      • bluhare says:

        I would suggest the person stuck in the antebellum south is you.

      • LAK says:

        Whatever you think the Queen and his father might say is public projection that has no basis in fact.

        On the subject of divorce, several members of the family are divorced including the father who remarried a divorced woman who was also his mistress.

        On the subject of her race, the public was so sure dating a non white woman was a none starter yet here we are. When they marry, IF they marry, what will the new goal posts be?

      • Tina says:

        The Queen is progressive. The only time she has ever stuck her neck out for anything political (which she is really not supposed to do) was when she let it be known that she disagreed with Thatcher about sanctions on South Africa. She won’t have a problem with this, and neither will Charles.

  4. LAK says:

    The title predictions are BS. Royal fans decided that was the one they would prefer Harry received out of the list of available titles plus the SusSEX jokes write themselves and now MSM is claiming this is the title Harry will receive or is most likely to receive. Pure fanfiction.

    Further, her first name + comma in the title indicates that she’s divorced. Let’s get the woman married first before we divorce her!!

    • bluhare says:

      Ha LAK! The intricacies of titling are far beyond most of us mortals. I think I prefer Clarence mostly because it seems more king adjacent.

      • Sixer says:

        I vote Clarence, if only for my own endless amusement with barrels and malmsey jokes.

      • bluhare says:

        Sixer!! You don’t think Harry would commit treason, do you?

      • LAK says:

        I like Clarence too. For similar reasons as Sixer.

        Bluhare: no treason, but if he were given Clarence, let’s hope he wouldn’t turn out to be as big a pain as thst particular Clarence.

      • Sixer says:

        He might not actually commit treason, but I could have endless fun accusing him of it and threatening malmsey-related punishment.

      • Megan says:

        Too much baggage with Clarence. I’m rooting for SusSEX.

      • bluhare says:

        I think Harry would make a lovely Duke of Clarence and he and Meghan could live in Clarence House. It’s a match made in heaven.

        Personally I’d like to see the flying Elvi land in the barrel of malmsey but that’s just me. :)

      • Sixer says:

        Keep your mitts off my flying Elvi!

      • LAK says:

        Now that you mention it Megan, perhaps Clarence wouldn’t be ideal. Isn’t the last Clarence frequently accused of being Jack the Ripper? Clarence = not so good for titleholders.

        I don’t like any of the other ones that are available.

        Duchess of Sussex sounds like you are hissing at someone.

      • frisbee says:

        I don’t give a sod if it’s Clarence or Sussex, as long as I can have catapult propelled Chickens, preferably drunk having landed in barrels of malmsey.

      • Megan says:

        And it was the title that was designated for the unfortunate Guilford Dudley. It has a bad history.

      • Sixer says:

        Well, call me Jack the Ripper and drown me in a butt of malmsey, matron.

        Sorry, couldn’t resist!

      • frisbee says:

        @LAK Duchess of Sussex does have a touch of Voldemort about it….

      • bluhare says:

        I’m hanging on to my idealistic thought that they are just the couple to redeem the title, she says loftily.

        But I need the bloody malmsey to deal with you lot!

      • The Original Mia says:

        I wasn’t keen (*wink wink*) on another DoC pairing, but if it’ll get them Clarence House when Charles becomes King, I’m all for it. Sussex…the jokes would write themselves and I don’t want that for Meghan or Harry.

      • PrincessK says:

        I am with you all on that I much much prefer Clarence, sounds regal. Prince Henry Duke of Clarence and Princess Henry Duchess of Clarence, really has a ring to it.

      • Tina says:

        Wills and Kate will get Clarence House (if they want it). Sussex is a respectable title with no skeletons in its closet. Also I would not bet against the bookies, they usually get it right (Brexit notwithstanding).

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think Clarence House as a royal residence will be mothballed, no matter what Charles wants. Too many residences to secure, better it be turned into office space.

        I’m holding out hope for Duke of Clarence and Avondale. Unlikely because of Scotland and other associations, but that’s the one I like best. Otherwise it would be very very boring title-wise. D&D of Cornwall, D&D of Cambridge, D&D of Clarence.

    • Alix says:

      Thank you, LAX! I makes me nuts to see Kannot referred to as “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge”.

      “Duchess of Sussex” is damn near a tongue-twister for me!

    • frisbee says:

      Course you don’t bluhare as a Druid High Priestess you can deal with anything-and if all else fails you can always revert to girl band mode, get the electric guitar out, and blast us all into submission with some really cool licks 😀 I’m still bringing my chickens though – I wonder if I could get them to do formation dancing to ‘Smoke on the Water?

      • bluhare says:

        Your chickens are layers, right, frisbee? And they aren’t averse to the priestess using their feathers every once in a while? :D

      • frisbee says:

        My chickens are white fluffy and had bloody well better be layers or else its casserole, and of course you can use their feathers, a headdress would be most fetching, very Narnia Ice Queen…

    • PrincessK says:

      The SusSEX jokes would be just too much and drive everyone mad

      • Royalsparkle says:

        But not if Princess Henry is hard at work duties serving HM POW the people. There would ne too much substance . quality sincere duties to speak of tban mangling tbeir Title.

        Coincidentally, love how Qn Leticia is out at the museum with the family – looking twin to Meghan!


      • Tina says:

        No one makes jokes about the Wessexes. Sussex is a perfectly normal word over here.

      • LAK says:

        Tina: no one has ever thought of Edward as a party prince unlike Harry. That’s why there are no WesSEX jokes.

        Harry on the otherhand is portrayed as the party prince complete with pictures of naked billiards in Vegas. The SusSEX jokes write themselves.

      • Tina says:

        Eh, even the tabloids wouldn’t be so tasteless as to do that on his wedding day (which is when it would be announced). If he plays away afterward, however (such as Wills’ flirtations in Switzerland) you’d probably be right. I hope he’s smarter than that now.

  5. ArchieGoodwin says:

    God, those sources quotes. Combined with the leftover birthday cake I am currently eating for breakfast, my blood sugar levels are off the chart.

    I also prefer Rachel. Pretty name. Meghan is too, though when I read Meghan with an H I always seem to read it Meg Han, which is my fault, yet distracting.

    • graymatters says:

      Happy Belated Birthday. And yes, these articles are evidence of giving tween interns free rein.

      • ArchieGoodwin says:

        oh thank you, it’s actually my son’s birthday. but since he only likes looking at cake, not actually eating it, but likes to have the whole candles on the cake part, I find myself each year with a cake to eat.
        not a bad deal, since birthday cake is calorie free :) :)

    • graymatters says:

      I took a closer look at that photo. The “picture” seems to have handles that she’s using to carry it on her shoulder. Could it be a portfolio, or other large, square bag?

      All I know is that it’s not a ring.

  6. Lainey says:

    I think she’ll be like harry- Rachel officially but goes by Meghan. Kate’s not had much luck getting people to call her Catherine. So maybe she’ll just stick with Meghan. Harry went to Botswana not long after Di died and has always been a favourite since.
    Hope he doesn’t propose while there, solely so we don’t have a million stories on copying will. Even though proposing on the same continent isn’t really the same but the papers will definitely make it seem like it.

    • Megan says:

      What does Harry call her, Meghan or Rachel?

      • Lainey says:

        He referred to her as Meghan last year in the KP release IIRC. But privately we don’t know.

    • Royalsparkle says:

      Totally agree!

      That smile llooks like she is amazed – at the ring or a framed HRH Princess Henry title – or the church and Prince Harry sparkle seem proud and happy!

    • Bellagio DuPont says:

      @ Lainey…… at this point, i don’t care if he proposes at effing mcdees. Just propose and give my heart a break, please!

  7. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    That picture is beyond cute. Hope the proposal is soon!

  8. Merritt says:

    They look really happy in the pictures. I don’t know if there will be a proposal soon, but it is looking that way.

    Of course the crazies are working themselves into a frenzy in an effort to claim the pictures are fake.

    • bluhare says:

      Seriously??? They’re that invested?

      • Merritt says:

        Yes. There are people who have devoted their tumblr to anti-Meghan content. They claim she is photoshopping pictures of the two of them and selling them. And they claim that the kissing picture from the polo match was actually a dramatic moment where she was being escorted off the premises. But somehow the notoriously vicious British tabloids have failed to capture all those moments.

      • Cintra.C says:

        Good wishes to both Harry and Meghan. I guess if the two of them end up getting married, the anti-Meghan people will scream that it is FAKE NEWS.

      • Susannah says:

        One of the crazies said that she’s doing this as “a service” because Diana isn’t here to protect Harry. She wrote that Diana would have hated Meghan, so this crazy lady is going to protect Harry from Meghan in Diana’s name!

      • bluhare says:

        Oh my god. People are truly insane aren’t they? Diana not protecting Harry? I’m so sick of the Diana wailing right now I might have to go drown myself in that barrel of malmsey.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Wow. I am amazed that people like this exist. Stans and obsessives are a newish idea for me. I know they have been around but only recently have I paid any attention to them and they are way out there. How do they come up with this nonsense?

      • GR says:

        One of the main anti-Meghan people is also one of the main anti-Sophie Cumberbatch people (the woman who insists SC is a gun runner involved in human trafficking, who also secretly controls the entire world press, the Church of England, and the British Royal Family).

        One of the main Robstens (the woman insisting Rob and Kristen are secretly married with three kids) is also one of the main fans pushing the conspiracy theory that the leads of Outlander are secretly married.

        For people like that it’s nothing to do with the celeb, the celeb is just an object to project onto. For them it’s about the desire to believe in conspiracy theories and to be important. Essentially if they weren’t doing this they’d be cult leaders or screaming about 9/11 being fake or something.

      • PrincessK says:

        @GR….your post is hilarious, I laughed out loud. So sad that there are some serious nutcases out there.

      • Sixer says:

        See, the thing is that it is tremendously fun to do this sort of thing and you can get endless hours of enjoyment over daft flights of fancy over celebs…


      • Salanta3 says:

        I know I’m very late to the party but… GR, could I trouble you for some URLs? I am endlessly fascinated by that stuff…

    • bonobochick says:

      They look cute and carefree together.

      Also, Tumblr is a hot mess with the usual anti-MM crew saying the pics are fake and The Sun is lying. It is really weird.

      • Rue says:

        Do they ever give a reason as for WHY they would do that? How does it help Harry? Why would he want to fake this and why with megan?

      • Merritt says:


        Usually they claim that Harry is innocent in all of this. They insist that Meghan is stalking him and is a bootycall that went berserk.

      • Lady D says:

        It’s like the Twilight fans who insist that Rob & Kristen are gloriously happy in their marriage and twins. FKA Twigs is just a front so Robsten can have their privacy. Probably Trump supporters.

      • GR says:

        Basically every single male celeb is eithet celibate waiting for their most ardent fan/soulmate to come alone, or secretly in a monogamous and Disney-esque romance with their male co-worker. Every single one.

        Except the unattractive or openly gay ones.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        The Sun seem to be spot on first – most times and with pics to confirm to boot!

      • PrincessK says:

        They are all clearly nutters. Sad really.

    • seesittellsit says:

      Oh, that’s nothing – you should see what else is going on in Tumblr universe with one of the “Sophie Hunter is the Spawn of Satan”, crew, one in particular, who made an assertion so outrageous that I wondered if it finally wouldn’t bring the lawyers in . . . and the men in the white coats.

    • mar_time says:

      Sorry Merrit I commented about the tumblr crazies before I saw your posts…I couldn’t believe what I was reading, one loon was even claiming to be an insider “just wait until Prince Charles comes to step in and stop her lies” ??? I sometimes search Meghan’s name so i can prove the crazies wrong, I did the same last night lol

    • BeamMeUpScottie says:

      @Merritt, so true.
      The tumbler crazies are in meltdown. It is funny, but sad to watch them coming up with more and more bizarre excuses to explan the pictures of Harry and Meghan. Because according to them, H and MM broke up in December and poor Harry is being stalked by Meghan,

      One of the tumblr coordinators has even put out this APB:
      ” Dear Harry, we are fighting for you day and night, but we need your help.Please send a picture of yourself, sent anonymously to [ ] as proof of life so we can continue to fight for you. these evil people will be publishing closeup shots sometime today. Help me, help you….”


  9. The Original Mia says:

    I admit I broke out a big “Yes!” when I saw the article on Yahoo. The pictures were a bonus. They looked happy and content. Hope they have a wonderful vacation.

  10. Steph says:

    They look really cute and happy together. Very sweet.
    Also, Harry is the one person today in the header photos that doesn’t have a face that screams d-bag without even having to know anything about the person’s personality.

  11. snowflake says:

    They are a cute couple, I think they are going to get married. Harry has a nice body, looks hot with a hat on. Hard to hide when you’rea redhead.

  12. als says:

    These people go to Africa like they go to Monaco. Amazing!

  13. Nicole says:

    These are really cute. If they aren’t engaged now I’m sticking with my end of year engagement timeline

  14. OTHER RENEE says:

    I believe he’s taken all his “serious” girlfriends there so I wouldn’t make too much of this trip. I don’t know why everyone is so excited about and invested in this marriage. I think they’re a mismatch that would end in unhappiness eventually. She’d get bored at some point with royal life.

    • seesittellsit says:

      @Other Renee – oh don’t be a spoilsport! Harry is already in much the same position with MM that Charles was in with Diana: the press is already acting as if this is a done deal, which it wasn’t with Bonas or Davy. He’s almost 33, she’s 36, ditching this relationship at this time and starting over with someone else? I don’t see it. It’s all been too high profile by now to stop, like one of those balls rolling downhill that can’t be stopped.

      I’m in no position to know whether it’s a mismatch emotionally, nobody is. And MM doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who would ever get tired of limelight, photogs, great clothes and jewels, and a life of perks, privileges, and luxury.

    • Island_gurl says:

      Of course you do dear.

    • Royalsparkle says:

      More mature and age appropriate..and, time invested on different continents from both.

  15. Heidi says:

    They are the cool couple. Why can’t the stuffy and more-than-reluctant Cambridges get out of the way? Harry would be the King of Hearts. Yes, I know he doesn’t want the job. But he would be outstanding once he has it. A truly modern king, the one Brexit Britain will badly need.

    • seesittellsit says:

      @Heidi – why can’t the Cambridges “get out of the way”? If you can’t figure out the answer to that question yourself . . . it doesn’t work that way. And they aren’t “reluctant”, they want it without working overly hard for it. Believe me, the Middletons didn’t spend nearly a decade backing Kate and coddling William in their campaign to make their daughter the next Princess of Wales to see William casually “get out of the way” and deprive his son and daughter of their rights with a yawn.

      If you make it look like you can pick this up and put it down on personal whims, you destroy its very foundations. Sorry about that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

      • Evie says:

        One thing everyone is forgetting is Charles, after waiting decades as Prince of Wales, for his Mother the Queen’s reign to be over (which won’t happen unless she dies or becomes incapacitated) isn’t about to step aside for William.

        One would think that at the age of 91 — the Queen’s 60+ year reign will end within the next 10 years. Given the longevity of the House of Windsor, Charles even if he becomes King at the age of 70+ could reign for 15 or 20 years. If it goes that way, William may not ascend to the throne until he’s in his mid-50s.

        If Harry and MM get married, I wish them all the best. I feel bad for MM because I think she’ll find life with the Royals stultifying. And in another 5 to 10 years, Harry’s going to be in the same position that Prince Andrew is now — an aging royal further down the line of succession — where people don’t care or pay as much attention to him as they did when he was a hot, eligible bachelor.

    • minx says:

      I don’t see that Harry would apply himself any more diligently than William. Neither of them seems to have a big work ethic.

    • I just don’t get the enthusiasm over this mis-matched couple. The way they are portrayed in just these comments are like the Kardashians and other celebrities – not any thought into the British royal family and the impact of such a marriage would be upon the taxpayers who will fund, aside from pro-Meghan people, a very unpopular woman.

      • OTHER RENEE says:

        Golden Ashley, you and I are in the minority here. I think that all the pro-Meghan sentiment is limited to people in the US who will not be funding her royal lavish lifestyle. What people want is what they always want: to build someone up only to tear them down in the future.

      • Merritt says:

        Using your logic Harry should never marry anyone. Anyone who marries Harry will be funded the same way. Except the anti-Meghan people only see this as a problem with Meghan and no one else.

      • Patty says:

        That’s not her fault though. Any woman Harry marries is going to be funded by Commonwealth taxpayers. That’s how it’s been and unless the Monarchy is abolished will be. Not sure why she should be blamed for that. I’d assume she isn’t popular nor unpopular with Commonwealth folks because she’s an unknown quantity. If she marries Harry and is more like Queen Laetizia of Spain (hard working and thrifty) or Victoria of Sweden and less like Kate she may end up being quite popular. If she ends up more like Kate: lazy. Then I’d wager she’d probably end up fairly unpopular but only time will time.

        Unless the argument is being made that Harry should stay single and childless forever to avoid any additional burden on the taxpayers.

      • GR says:

        I’m British. Actually British, unlike the majority of anti-Meghan posters who are suddenly experts on the UK.

        The idea that Meghan is unpopular here is pure stan fan fiction. I’ve never seen or heard a single negative word about her except from hardcore Harry stans and on the notoriously racist Mail Online.

        The RF are not that popular but Harry and Meghan are probably the most well liked after the Queen and maybe Princess Anne. Besides even the minority who think we should do away with the monarchy don’t have any personal issue with Meghan. She works hard and does a lot of charity, not to mention not actually being part of the RF officially yet. No one cares what she does. Maybe if she turns into Lazy 2.0 the tide will turn but it hasn’t yet.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        You mean like entirled whiny bill kat and the younger kiddies and middletons !

        Soong as MM respect work hard at giving back to the people – respresent in the sincerest dedicated way to HM GB the world charities,
        Use her status to help a better world – she would earn HM Order.

      • Bellagio DuPont says:

        @ Golden Ashley:

        Full Brit here…..!!!! I am VERY comfortable for my taxes (69p = Circa $1 a year) to be used to support the brf, thank you very much.

        She is unpopular mainly because a lot of people are aghast that the brf will include a woman of colour, not from the upper class, despite her worth. Simple as.

        The reality is that she’s a beautiful, intelligent, articulate woman who has a lot in common with Harry (especially in terms of advocacy), so is perfect for him and the role.

        Get used to it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • PrincessK says:

        GR speaks the truth.

      • Sixer says:

        Fully Brit here. Am republican. If we must have silly royals, I couldn’t care less which herbert-by-marriage I end up funding*. This one’s as good as a homegrown one – better, in fact, since there is more fertile ground for childish jokes if the monarchy gets yankified: flying Elvi, for instance.

        *and a presidency would also cost money anyway.

      • Tina says:

        What everyone else said. She’s not unpopular – the people in the Daily Mail comments’ section are insane and not representative.

  16. seesittellsit says:

    Well, the Africa birthday trip does rather tempt me to open the wallet again (she said wearily), I’d say this is a rather strong signal that this is totally ON. However, a few caveats: Harry has gone on romantic trips in Africa with other girlfriends (Chelsea Davy, who WAS South African if I remember but going to school and living in London). And I also can’t figure why MM would have brought her mother to London and was not seen once showing Mom the sights. My guess is that this was MM introducing Mom to Harry and letting them all spend some time together privately to see how things would work.

    So I’m guessing that is carrying around a ring in his pocket this trip. Apart from the other stuff, here’s what’s tipping me that way: MM just turned 36, she’s already older than he is, if she didn’t think a ring was the offing after a year like this, I don’t think she’d stick with it much beyond a year. Kate Middleton could spend 8 years waiting because she was in her twenties. MM can’t afford to wait too long at her age. If she hasn’t been pregnant before, every year after 35 puts her in a specific medical zone. It’s this year or it’s not on. I doubt she’d go on with this at 36 if she wasn’t sure of him.

    OK, I’m in (calling the Betting Buddy in NYC today), I’ll put a tenner on it.

    Engagement announcement by New Year’s, June wedding at St. George’s Chapel, timing of annoucenment possibly aligned with possible collapse of May government and another election (and I’d rather bet on that asteroid hitting earth next week than the outcome of THAT election).

    • PrincessK says:

      My only issue is that Harry and Meghan have not made any public outings together where they could be photographed as a couple. This type of thing usually happens before an engagement, or doesn’t it? Although it didn’t with Charles and Di but it did with Kate but she was around for a very long time. Meghan may go up to Balmoral for a couple of days, which would be a good idea.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They don’t make “public outings” like on official engagements until after a royal engagement announcement has been made. They’ve been to polo together, were photographed, that’s kind of public outing but an unofficial one.

        W&K did everything they could not to be photographed, until they needed to photos to distract the press from other family stories (Uncle Gary in the news).

  17. Badoosh2678 says:

    Her characters name on suits is Rachel

    • WTW says:

      I thought about that too. The “Suits” team said they based a lot of the characters on the real life personalities of the actors playing them, so I wonder if they called the character Rachel because of that. The Rachel character is also a foodie, like Meghan is in real life. And they made sure to make her biracial as well.

    • Royalsparkle says:

      Pregnancy at 36 is cobsidered ‘ young’ in todays medical success – for 50 year olds wealthy celebs, etc. But i agree – both should be in baby/ies mode asap.

      • AG-UK says:

        Pregnancy in the U.K. around that age you’d be called mature mother lol. Maybe it’s over 38 but made me laugh when I moved here.

  18. rachel says:

    The way those royals fetishizes Africa is really creepy.

    • GiBee says:

      He feels it’s his “spiritual home”? Disgusting.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        Can you explain what’s bad about saying Southern African area is your Spiritual home? We all came from the continent and it’s filled with beauty. I mean how is it different from saying Nepal, Japan or Russia is your spiritual home. There is a place on this planet where everyone feels at home in. Some people it could be in Artic.

      • PrincessK says:

        Its because in Africa they can get away from the paps and prying eyes and if people gawp at them its because they don’t see many white folk and not because they are princes. Harry has said he feels free and at peace in Africa. Only someone who knows what its like to live in a goldfish bowl can truly understand how William and Harry feel. Try to have some empathy!

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I was JUST going to say. There is something so strange about two British princes being so obsessed with safaris and all that stuff. It just smells like there’s an element of very questionable nostalgia at play here. Have they ever spoken about the horrors the British Empire and therefore royals inflicted on the continent? I could be completely off here but it does seem a little weird.

      • graymatters says:

        I think it’s personal, not political, nostalgia. Charles arranged for Harry and William to go to Africa after Diana’s death. There they were able to escape the public and begin to heal in peace. Hemmingway liked Africa because he could test himself as a man against nature there — which for him, and likely W&H to an extent, meant killing things. The fact that it’s a warm place to go during UK winter might play into it as well.

      • LAK says:

        Considering the kind of activities they get upto in Africa, and how they speak of it, they have a very imperialistic view of it. And that is reinforced by the fact that the only African friends they have are Happy Valley types. Exception Prince Seeiso.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        But its not all dirt and animals – they enjoy the wealthy parts of Africa.

      • Sixer says:

        Like LAK, I get the impression they like Africa – and ski resorts for that matter – because they can behave like the NORMAL trustafarians they aspire to be there.

      • Sage says:

        definitely an imperialistic view. i can’t forget their colonial and natives fancy dress party..

      • Kaz says:

        I think I read on another Royal blog somewhere that there are a whole lot of rich white boys living it up in Africa and that Harry and William enjoy that scene. Has anyone else read something like that?

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ Kaz: No but I have no problem seeing that.

        @ Sage: Oh yes, I almost did forget.

        It’s not like they move outside their own circles anywhere. But especially in African countries, it’s not a good look. They also only seem to go to … um, former British colonies. Kenya, Zimbabwe and apparently Botswana? I don’t believe for a second it’s only for safety reasons.

  19. Guest says:

    Lol. I love them. She’s gorgeous, seems to have a nice attitude towards charity, and has great fashion sense. All things that Kate doesn’t have, imo. Plus they make the haters seethe. The poor people on royaldish can’t handle it. Much like Sophia from Sweden, Meghan has been deemed unworthy to them.

    • The Original Mia says:

      RD was amusing for a minute, but when they hate you, they hate you. Thing is…Meghan has done nothing to garner their wrath. I actually appreciated the ban Maria put in place on discussion of her, but she must be offline because the haters have been given free range this weekend to spout their bs about these pictures. TBH, I can’t see any reason for the change in opinion about Meghan except racism, but that’s just MO.

  20. Joannie says:

    These comments are entertaining. A few months ago nobody knew she existed and now she’s going to save the monarchy. ……..shakes head.

    • Ash says:

      Posters here like to bring up the Tumblr crazy, which is accurate. But they don’t sound any less crazy.

      I don’t get the furor over the spare and who he dates.

    • whatever says:

      ITA agree Joannie, I know lots of people on here really want her to marry Harry so she can ‘save the monarchy’ with her vivacious personality, love of philanthropy and fabulous fashion sense, she has all the right attributes to do so but I doubt it is going to happen. Firstly because William is never going to allow Meghan to overshadow Kate – he seems petulant enough to do that and Kate didn’t spend 10 years of her life chasing William just to be overshadowed by Harry’s wife. Secondly the BRF is terrified of confident women after how Diana turned out so if Meghan does marry she is in for some severe clipping of her wings and being put firmly in her place…behind Kate! Thirdly, I think everyone knows that the media will pit Meghan against Kate, they will support the wife of the heir over the wife of the spare ( see what they did with Diana and Fergie) and they will inevitably support the British born woman over the non-British born woman. Meghan going to be in for one hell of a ride and its not going to be pretty!

      • Heidi says:

        I honestly don’t think so. I believe the Queen has learned from past mistakes and understands that new members of the family need to be supported, not disciplined. This is working beautifully in other countries after all – Maxima from Argentina and Mary from Australia have grown into their roles beautifully.

        Harry will protect her to make sure she doesn’t end up like his mom. If Meghan is willing to put in a little more work than Kannot and refuses to dress like her own granny, she will be a hit both with the people and the tabloids. What is William supposed to do against this? The new power couple will make the Cambridges seem even more outdated.

    • Ayra. says:

      Isn’t it funny?

    • bluerunning says:

      Kind of agree. Also… I’m not really sure I’d wish the BRF on anyone, ya know? It seems a bit like a slowly sinking ship. Both Will and Harry have publicly stated they don’t necessarily enjoy the job (or at least some parts of it), and want desperately to be “normal” (or, more accurately, ridiculously wealthy without the attention and expectations). Seems like most of the British public is pretty apathetic towards them, aside from the queen. Except, of course, when the press starts ripping into their love life, private life, social life, and work life for headlines and gossip. The “royal life”/press has already ripped two women to shreds (Diana and Fergie) and then spit them out.

      I think MM is smart enough to see all of that, and I think she would be going into any kind of marriage with her eyes wide open, but asking one woman (however amazing she is) to save what appears to be at least a few years of slow decline is asking a lot. She’d be working against a lot of inertia, especially if her goals are counter to Will’s definition of a “modern” monarchy. Can she do it? I think she could, but not on her own, so hopefully Harry is willing to get in the trenches with her.

      On a purely superficial note- she’s gorgeous, they look like a happy couple, and a royal wedding would be fun!

    • Connell says:

      I think the Monarchy is going to end. Charles and Camilla are not that popular. When I see photos of them, I still think of how they mistreated Diana. William is an introvert, sensitive, loathes the press, and doesn’t get along with his father. Charles is going to be the last king, and Great Britain will be fine without it.

    • suze says:

      I am not going to trash fellow CBers, since I find a lot in common with many of them, but these Meghan/Harry threads go off in some crazy directions.

      Harry seems charming, Meghan is undoubtedly beautiful. If they marry, I hope they do to bring themselves personal happiness. I think she can bring a lot to the role of duchess.

      But neither one is going to save the monarchy. And they will settle into middle age and be supporting players to the big show, which will always be the Cambridge family – much as some on her don’t want or like that fact.

      And yeah, “Tumbler crazies” are no worse than some of the discussions here.

  21. Karen says:

    They are adorable and look very happy.

    Rooting for this couple to break the stuffy royal image. Kate and William have done nothing since they are married that I have found memorable. It is always about her clothing. Only because she is tall and thin. Her clothes are horrible.

  22. magnoliarose says:

    I can’t understand why anyone would dislike her. She hasn’t done anything outrageous. She is very pretty and self sufficient. British fashion would get a great ambassador. Meghan is charming and charismatic. Obviously the family and firm approve. It would bring the image of the BRF into the 21st century. There isn’t a downside to this. So why the hostility?
    If it is racial then shame on those people for their ignorance.

    • milla says:

      It goes both ways. No one saw them together or knew about her before. I cannot decide if she is cool or fame hungry.

      One thing is for sure: if they were just a famous couple i would like them more. I am not buying the royal thing in 21 century. No one has actual blue blood and the whole princess or dutchess thing seems so silly. Like a reality tv or sth.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Hmmm That is interesting so she is a blank slate and I guess anyone can see what they want since she is an unknown.
        It is funny you said that about celebrity and not Royal couple because truly the BRF seem to be more the former nowadays.

  23. Bettyrose says:

    Harry really does have a great bod. Those flat abs…You think he’ll go all dad-bod after marriage?

    • Lobbit says:

      This is the kind of “discourse” I am HERE FOR!!!

      I really don’t think he’ll go all dad bod tbh. His brother hasn’t – neither has his dad. I feel like he’ll stay fit well into middle age. That could be wishful thinking, of course. And if (IF) he marries Meghan, he’ll be living with a staunch advocate for (mostly) clean living. As far as I can tell, she is in great shape and so is her yogi mom.

  24. What's Inside says:

    I think she fits the resume to be Harry’s wife. I do not believe there are behind the scenes politics between William and Harry. Kate will be Queen in due course. Harry and William are in lock step with how they will approach the the future and dealing with the press.

  25. aquarius64 says:

    I am rooting for this couple. The nasty comments on Tumblr and Daily Mail stem from a WOC possibly marrying the fifth in line to the throne. As for Meghan’s unpopularity, I have yet to read an official poll stating she should not have the opportunity to wear royal jewels or represent the BRF and the Commonwealth. The Windsors have their own issues and they are certainly in no position to slag anyone; and unless Meghan has committed serious crimes the Privy Council or Parliament should not have a problem either. I’m concerned if an engagement is announced Trump is going to want an invite because an American is marrying into the royal house. Melania is suppose to meet Harry during the Invictus Games, perhaps to soften the ground to be on the guest list.

    • Bellagio DuPont says:

      @ Aquarius 64, if there going to be an american president in attendance, my suspicion is that it’ll be The Obamas, not the Trumps.

      • BeamMeUpScottie says:

        @ aquarius, @Bellagio, we might also see George W – who gets on really well with Harry.

      • Jessica says:

        George W. Bush still isn’t welcomed in Europe. It’ll definitely be the Obamas and the US Ambassador as protocol. William and Kate did not include The Obamas in their wedding because they did not know them even though rumor has it that the Queen had them on the list.

      • LAK says:

        There were alot of people on that wedding guest list that William and Kate did not know. They decided to cut out many dignitaries which is how the Obamas were left off the list. It was an attempt to have a small wedding which ended up being half and half of a proper state wedding.

  26. Bobbie says:

    I like this couple a lot. I hope they marry, have beautiful baybees (if they so choose) and shake up the largely white Germanic royal fam.

  27. Tim says:

    They’re not getting a big wedding and the balcony the queens a stickler for protocol she’s divorced so there wedding will be the same as chuck and cam the queen only attended the blessing and she will do the same for Harry regardless of what anybody else says. If her mother had met chuck it would have been leaked along with him saying he approved chuck loves to play the media I’m happy that we have these photos because you can tell there happy and that he likes her Jamaica made me think he was playing a massive game and stick two fingers up to his family I think they’ll marry and good on them I do think they should live together for at least a year in the Same city before getting engaged though to really understand the ins and outs of what a marriage would realistically look like

    • Connell says:

      Yes, I agree. I do think they should live together before engagement. They need to find out if they can have an ordinary relationship in a very unusual setting. Meghan needs to develop allies and close friendships within Harry’s group. As soon as Suits ends, Meghan should move in with Harry.

    • Lurker says:

      There’s no reason they can’t have a big wedding. The only reason Charles and Camilla had a small wedding is because Camilla and the relationship itself were so deeply unpopular. You can’t compare the controversial marriage of two people whose affair broke up the massively high profile “fantasy” marriage of the heir to the throne and the ‘Queen of Hearts,’ with the marriage of two popular and basically well-liked young people.

      If they don’t do the balcony, or have a smaller wedding, it will be because Harry is too low down on the Royal pecking order. Nothing to do with Meghan being divorced.

      Westminster Abbey released a statement saying they could marry there, which would have been a highly unusual and inappropriate thing to do unless such a thing was in the works.

      Agree they should live together first.

    • PrincessK says:

      The public and world at large will demand a London wedding and will want to see dear Harry on the balcony with Meghan. Why earth should Meghan be shunted away to get married in back water Windsor Chapel. Why? Is it because she is a mixed race divorced American actress? This is the 21st century, it has already been made clear that they can get married in Church. The Palace should tread carefully and do the right thing .

      • tim says:

        It has nothing to do with her ethnicity, regardless of what the church says I’m a brit and there is no way the queen will attend anything other than a blessing protocol is her bread and butter even if the public liked chuck and cam they still would have had the same wedding because that is the protocol for divorced couples thats just the way it is and given the current environment in the uk a grand wedding would not go over well regardless of who it was getting married. stop banging on about her race it makes you look like a racist.

    • PrincessK says:

      Living together before engagement will not make much difference because people who are married will tell you it takes a lifetime to understand your partner fully and then you can still be surprised.