Chris Brown says he only punched Rihanna in 2009 after she ‘tried to kick me’

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I last covered Chris Brown earlier this year, in February and March, when his ex Karrueche Tran sought a comprehensive restraining order against him. Tran told the court that Chris had threatened to kill her, that he had abused and assaulted her multiple times, and that he stalked and harassed her online and in real life. I believed her. So did the court – Tran was granted a five-year restraining order back in June. One of the reasons why I believed Tran – and why most people believed her – is because Chris Brown has a history of abusing, assaulting, harassing and stalking women. It probably didn’t start with Rihanna, but it certainly didn’t end with Rihanna, when he beat the hell out of her in February 2009. Chris Brown has a new documentary called Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life. In a newly released clip, he talks about that night in 2009:

Brown explains that issues between him and Rihanna started when he admitted to having sexual relations with someone who worked for him in the past, and that the revelation made their relationship turn sour.

“She hated me. After that, I tried everything. She didn’t care, she just didn’t trust me after that. From there, it just went downhill because it would be fights, it would be verbal fights, physical fights as well,” he shared. “I still love Rihanna, but I’m just going to be honest—we would fight each other, she would hit me, I would hit her, but it never was OK. It was always a point to where we talk about it like, ‘What the f–k are we doing?'”

When discussing the incidents that took place following a night at the pre-Grammys Clive Davis party in 2009, Brown said that a previous issue in their relationship further came to light. He tells viewers that the woman he had previously been involved with was also at the party and came up to say hello to the music power couple. That, however, didn’t sit well with the Barbadian beauty. “I look over at Rihanna and she’s bawling, she’s crying.”

After a confrontation about the situation at hand in Brown’s car on their way home from the party, the rapper confesses that things got violent quickly. “I remember she tried to kick me, just like her beating s–t, but then I really hit her. With a closed fist, like I punched her and it busted her lip. And when I saw it I was in shock, I was like, f–k why did I hit her like that? From there she’s spitting blood in my face, it raised me even more. It’s a real fight in the car and we were driving in the street…She tried to grab for my phone, and I’m not giving her my phone, to throw it out the window.”

In the end, Brown says that he “felt like a f–king monster” after the fight took place and the aftermath of what was to come.

[From E! News]

I remember hearing a legal analyst discuss a local case of a college guy killing his girlfriend, and how the guy’s lawyer made a big deal about how the girlfriend was a college athlete, and she was physically strong, and that when they fought, they both “got physical.” The legal analyst said that most courts don’t see that defense – that both parties “got physical” – as a valid defense whatsoever. The idea that Brown is now saying that Rihanna always started it, physically, and that’s why he had to hit her, that’s why he had to punch her, that’s why he almost killed her… it’s not a valid defense. Anyway… I hate this story. I hate that Chris Brown is still out here, making documentaries and claiming that Rihanna was the one who always started sh-t.

Hot 97's Summerjam 2017

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  1. Lady D says:

    FO Chris Brown.

    • TheOtherOne says:

      He is a vile POS. Stop buying his music, movies, concert tickets. Enough!

      • Moneypenny says:

        It disgusts me that people continue to buy his music and support his career. I don’t care if he is talented–he’s a horrible excuse for a human being.

      • milla says:

        What makes the whole thing worse is that if she wasnt famous people would forget… cannot stand him.

    • Cilla says:

      I am sick and tired of people like Jamie Foxx making excuses for this guy.Thank god for artists like Zara Larsson who has been very public about how she feels about how he treats women.
      There is quite a lot of interviews where she is calling him out and I enjoy it every time.

  2. Merritt says:

    I wish he would go away. I detest this abuser and I detest the people who keep supporting his career though buying his music and going to his shows.

    • pinetree13 says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE! I change the station any time he comes on the radio.

      WHAT A TOTAL LOSER AND LIAR! I watched the interview with Rhianna on 60 minutes I think it was, and I believe her that she did nothing to instigate. Also, is the fair response “tried to kick me” to then punch, bite, slam head into dash, etc.?!??! Like that would somehow make that okay? ?!?!?

      WHAT A LIAR! You were so shocked after you busted her lip that you CONTINUED TO BEAT HER AND BIT HER?!?! Yeah okay.


  3. detritus says:

    Oh f*ck this historical revisionist nasty ass small minded coddled coward.

    The court documents state it was much more than one closed fist punch for one. For two, this is the last time he was relevant. He’s not happy enough commenting on Rih’s insta and being a giant creep. He has to bring this up, and paint HER as responsible?

    No. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to jail. or hell. or wherever is not here and not talking.

    • still_sarah says:

      I was a family law lawyer for many years and I represented many women from battered women’s shelters. The men all sound the same with the same excuses. I can tell you from first hand experience of talking to them and reading their court papers that these men are whiny and immature. And from reading what Chris Brown has to say, I can tell you that he is a BEATER and he grew up in a home where it happened too. He has no insight and he will do it again.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I totally agree, detritus. Funny that he’s forgetting the part where he choked her until she passed out and then left her at the side of the road.

      • K says:

        I didn’t know he’d choked her. In this country, any attempt to block an airway in an domestic assault instantly escalates a referral to a full MARAC status (multi-agency case conference) because the perp is deemed high risk in terms of a homicide.

        I don’t understand how he has a career.

  4. swak says:

    You know, I tell my grandchildren, no matter what (unless to defend yourself from harm), if someone is aggravating you, hits you, yells at you, calls you names, etc, it is NOT okay to strike that person physically in retalliation. If you can, walk away. His excuses do not fly and he needs to STFU.

    • kay says:

      i was coming to say that he sounds like a toddler “she kicked me first”.
      i don’t even know how he hasn’t been granted platinum medals in mental gymnastics. wow.
      though, having said all that, isn’t this the first time publically that he has come close to “owning” this? (yes, he is about a galaxy and a half away from getting close to genuinely owning this..but for chris brown this is something, right?)

      • pinetree13 says:

        Didn’t even say that! “Tried to kick me” as in, didn’t harm him WHATSOEVER. But that’s irrelevant since it’s still a TOTAL LIE

  5. Yellowrocket says:

    Is he trying to say he punched her once in the face and then regretted it straight away?

    Ehh we saw the pictures douchebag, you definitely hit her more than once. And she tried to kick you in a car while she was in the passenger seat and you were driving? Is that even physically possible?

    Any half assed apology this absolute waste of oxygen has ever issued is instantly negated when he starts saying stuff like “ya I hit her but…”

    I just don’t get how he still has a fan base .

  6. Nicole says:

    Right she kicked you so instead of dropping her off and leaving you beat the crap out of her to the point where her face isn’t recognizable.
    I wish he would just go away.

  7. minx says:


  8. Lucy says:

    It’s pretty simple: Unless the woman is heavily armed, she will never be able to beat a guy to death. A guy, however, could kill a woman with a single punch. This is biology. As for Chris Brown, I will always say this: HE NEEDS TO BE IN JAIL.

  9. CityGirl says:

    Hopefully this documentary backfires for him and this will be the final straw even for the last of his pathetic fan base. But then too, someone who believes it’s ok to grab women by the pussy was elected president, so maybe not.
    I seriously think it’s time to check into becoming an ex-pat like all those people I envy on HGTV

  10. Brittney B. says:

    He slammed her face into the dashboard MULTIPLE times. He should be rotting in prison for attempted murder, but instead he’s still blaming her and getting a big platform on which to do it.

    And then there’s the White House.

    Our society hates women so f***ing much.

  11. FLORC says:

    Even of she started… he chose to hit her. Her chose to continue beating her from the car ride, to the street, to inside the house. Was he hitting her every time she took a swing? Because she looked like she was in and out of consciousness with that level of swelling, bruising, and tears.

    He has not taken responsibility. He has not learned from his past. He still feels justified in beating women within an inch of their lives. He is not sorry. He is an abuser. And… He will probably kill someone. Or be killed in self defense. And it will be justifiable.

    • Jessica says:

      Honestly I don’t believe she tried to kick him that night. I think he’s just want someone to pity him. He’s a typical abuser always looking for sympathy.

  12. JaneDoesWork says:

    The story you are thinking of is that of Yeardley Love:

  13. Incredulous says:

    Is he looking to run for the presidency?

  14. Jessica says:

    The fact that he is still talking about Rihanna 8 1/2 years after the fact is absolutely exhausting. Let it go Chris. You’re still rich so it’s not like beating her ruined your career; you still have thousands of die-hard fans.

  15. nicegirl says:

    F-ck off, Chris Brown.

  16. Nancy says:

    Is this little convo with CB not unlike trumps yesterday? They were both bad. Jesus, Fist Brown could have gone on, a whole new generation of groupies who didn’t know about Rihanna could have adored him, but he brings it back to the surface. He will always be the thug he is, but Rihanna……she is a world famous superstar and there is not one damn thing he can do about it….not even his damn googly eyes at her picture in Barbados. How dare he.

  17. Andrea says:

    No one should listen to his music. #disgusting

  18. Squiggisbig says:

    Yes and he only punched that guy in DC because he kicked him first. And he only threw a rock through his mom’s windshield because she kicked him first. And he only threatened to kill/assaulted Karruche because she kicked him first. Just an epidemic of kicks. Practically an episode out of the power rangers. So many kicks.

  19. WendyNerd says:

    I want something bad to happen to him. I know that’s wrong, to wish ill on anyone, but I am just exhausted right now, especially in regards to how women, and especially ESPECIALLY in regards to how black women are treated. I have spent my life surrounded by black women and girls and it’s just… I am so DONE with the shit that seems to be permitted in how they, specifically, are treated. Like, it’s not JUST that they’re at a higher risk for worse treatment, but the GD EXCUSES. This idea that black women are somehow less abusable/culpable in their abuse that goes even beyond the BS most women go through. But with black women, it seems like the victim-blaming/dismissal goes up to eleven due to this sick, intrinsically anti-Black idea that black folk are “tougher” (not in the “you’re strong” way, but in the “you can/should take this” way that has been used to justify things like the Tuskegee experiments and such) and so they’re somehow more likely to be culpable or their abuse means less, or it’s somehow more believable that they got just as violent. Take the treatment a white abuse survivor gets and turn it up to eleven. AND THE GUILT they’re served on a racial level for reporting their abusers if their abusers are black for “selling out” a black man and, if their abuser is white trying to “extort” their abuser (because of course the white guy MUST have money and the black woman MUST be always trying to “play the system”. The DV version of the “welfare queen” myth).

    Chris Brown is just exploiting the worst parts of misogynoir specifically designed to keep black women subdued and quiet. The fact that he still has such an audience and is given so many platforms to parrot this crap is just another example of how ready people are to accept the idea that Black Women can’t be abused (because let’s face it, if he’d done what he did to Rihanna to me, he’d still be serving out his sentence. And yes, I know there’s a racial element to that as well since a white abuser would not be punished as severely, but Black women, no matter who abuses them, always get the worst.).

    And how they’re expected to just stay quiet and sit tight. If they complain about sexism that is outside of a traditional “white feminist” context, such as maybe reciting a poem about how they don’t appreciate being fetishized as an “African Queen” or “Chocolate”, they’re shouted down for being ungrateful or some shit.

    Or how the killings of black women get so little coverage in contrast to black men and how I’ve seen coverage that literally says police brutality is something that targets black MEN and not, you know, black people in general, because black women get it just as badly and with maybe two exceptions, it’s not discussed.

    Sorry for the rant and if I’m white-knighting. I don’t want to. But, like, I’m just so DONE with this and it scares me. And seeing this schmuck drudge up his documented, proven abuse from nearly a decade ago of yet another black woman (months after getting a restraining order to stay away from another WoC he’s abused) for his own gain, and it being given acknowledgment, and the inevitable wave of apologism that ALWAYS shows up when Brown drags this up again is just… I just can’t stand it. I want to throw up. And I want the people who perpetuate this BS to suffer. I’m losing my faith in justice and I just want something BAD (something truly bad that truly affects them in a way that will COUNT and MAKE A DIFFERENCE) to happen to them.

    • Lady D says:

      Proof that we’re not wasting our time being good, kind, helpful, generous, decent people. I really need to see that happen also. I need to know the bad is balanced by the good, or at least comes close. Need.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Thank you for being an ally WendyNerd. I read your post nodding all the way, like I was in church listening to a good ass sermon. You get it.

      Me, I’m not even angry, I’m just fecking exhausted at this point. But every now and then I’ll see a post like yours and I think okay, so we’re not just shouting into the void.

    • Anna says:

      Thank you for this @WendyNerd All truth here. Sadly, when BW speak on this, no one believes us and we are vilified.

  20. LuvHotGuyFri says:

    Of course…it was all her fault and he had to beat the crap out of her. He has no remorse and has not changed because of this.
    I do not care for him and his big teeth.

  21. Mel says:

    I sent a tweet to People mag yesterday for being so tone deaf and out of touch and publishing this story. Suuuure, what male abusers need is another platform to give out their version of events, right?
    Welcome to the “both sides are in the wrong era” people! SMH
    Who’s the genius who thought about this?
    Here’s another idea for an article since you’re out of good ones: you know how a gross DJ got his ass handed in court by Taylor Swift for being an entitled d-bag?!
    THAT’s a conversation worth having.
    Not this revisionist history, as if we didn’t know CB is a major tool and is incapable of having a relationship that doesn’t end up with a restraining order.

    • Danielle says:

      That sticks out to me. Obviously Chris Brown is a horrible person, but how horrible is people magazine to give him a platform.

  22. Jay (the Canadian one) says:

    How does a front passenger in a car kick the driver? Isn’t the centre console/drive shaft in the way?

  23. ChristineM says:

    Typical abuser excuse and one I heard very often from my abuser….If you wouldn’t have…then I wouldn’t have had to hit, punch, kick etc you…

    It’s always the victim’s fault…Chris Brown should be in jail!!

  24. MI6 says:

    OMG, dude, STFU.

  25. Ana says:

    I do hope that disgusting documentary is used to teach people how an abuser speaks and acts, he really is textbook.

  26. Otaku fairy says:

    Even if the part about her trying to kick at him was true, both he and Rihanna have admitted that the time he got caught in 2009 was not the first time he had physically abused her during the relationship. And it’s be for him to try to pretend that that night he punched her once when we all know better and saw the damage, like he thinks putting that out there changes something. Rihanna is not the one who has the track record of getting physical with more than one partner. The abuser is clearly Chris. He’s the one with the pattern of violence, and if there were times within that abusive relationship that Rihanna physically lashed out at a person who had already shown himself willing to put his hands on her and treat her that way, that’s on him too. He’ll probably try to blame Karreuche in the same way. This little sob story of his was meant to put him in a sympathetic light, but really it just made me feel sorry for Rihanna again, reaffirmed what shit he is, and was just another reminder of how much this ‘both sides’ crap needs to die.

  27. ash says:

    not to jump to his defense….. he has none really

    But the black blogosphere knew this already…and we still were like CHRIS WTF
    but i heard back when it first happpened and that cop was leaky ish to TMZ, like initial criminal report said something to the effect of she asked for his phone or he got a text or something and whatever came first that she was kicking him with high heeled shoes and he punched her and him mentioning the spitting blood…. when they examined that car there was blood spatter like someone spewing blood…

    its crazy ridic how hes trying to make it seem like he he just punched her once (once is too many) but he split her gums broke her nose left contusion-looking things on her for head….abandon the car with her bloody face and bruised body in a remote part of the city and i think she did throw the phone out i believe but yea he abandoned her like a trash.

    also prior to the beatdown rihanna had a sore on her lip (during a trip with chris to irleand/dublin) the black gossip world thought it was herpes and laughed rihanna out of this world, but i always thought it was a DA scar from a beating and also she would sometimes wear a stylized eye patch and everyone thought it was just cute and edgy but Media Takeout and Bossip was like nah he scratched her cornea and she had bruising on the eye….it was wild man. they definitely threw down with chris always beating her ferociously smdh

    • detritus says:

      I remember some of that stuff too, including him trying to say it was ‘equal’ . I stopped reading Bossip around that point though and kind of lost that thread.

      If I remember she was trying to call for help and he threw her phone out of the car. She had to run to the station didn’t she? It was so messed up and it wasn’t that once.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      “when they examined that car there was blood spatter like someone spewing blood”

      Yes, and she had blood all over the front of her dress too.

  28. Moxie Remon says:

    All I know is I’ll never forget the pain I felt when I saw those pictures of her. If somebody came with a flamethrower and turned into ashes I wouldn’t mind at all. Actually, it would be great to do this with all of the abusers and the women who are their victims.

  29. Louise177 says:

    The thing that disturbs me is how mad and annoyed Chris sounded that Rihanna was upset and hurt by his cheating. And again when the girlfriend rubbed it in her face. As if Chris thought it was stupid for her to be crying.

  30. magnoliarose says:

    It takes me all day to try to post. lol Oh well.
    I am going to spill some gossip on this jerk. He should have been done long ago.
    Chris Brown is one of the nastiest abusive drug users in the music business. He is usually coked up and that makes his violence worse. He is abusive to his own mother. He screams at her and threatens her in public. He has been physical with her, and she enables him. Their relationship is nuts. He was walking in a public place with his mother and I think his handler in a city, and he flew off the handle at his mother and just screamed at her so loud people were staring. I am talking threatening and foaming at the mouth to the point people were going to call the police. In the studio, he is the same and says crude things about women and gets violent with people. He does so much coke it scares even people who are regular users.
    But the truth behind CB is that he has been known to be on the DL from time to time. Rhianna knew, and he promised to stop seeing this guy, not girl. The other guy was well known at the time but it isn’t his story, so I will leave that alone. She caught him in his lie, and she started yelling and threatening him about his sexuality. He had already compromised her health, and she was just over it. Being that he denies this side of him it made him enraged, and he almost killed her. He is capable of it. No one who knows him would be surprised if he beat a woman to death. He is pure trash with peculiar sexual fetishes. The person I know hasn’t dealt with him in years.

    • ash says:

      @Magnolia rose….. the man in question….

      Trey Songz???? is he in music…. you merely just sat the tea down… I WANT A CUP PLEASEEEE

  31. Ann says:

    ” LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO”!!!!!!!!!

    Says every man who hits, abuses, rapes, kills women.

  32. serena says:

    He’s just a sh*thead.

  33. OOOH says:

    @magnoliarose being gay or bisexual is not a crime, so I would say that its unfair to raise that in a negative light towards him. His violence and threatening behaviour yes, but not being bisexual whether its true or not.