Chris Evans is missing his dog so much he can’t stop posting about him


Chris Evans is finishing up filming his spy drama, The Red Sea Diving Resort, in South Africa. It’s been pretty rough for him. With all of the garbage coming out of his home country, the US, Chris has been apoplectic on Twitter. But Chris has issues beyond the sh-tshow that is the American president – the biggest one is that the love of his life is back in the States. Chris is jonesing for him so badly, he’s begun a countdown. I am, of course, speaking of his pup Dodger. Chris adopted Dodger in Atlanta while filming Gifted. We first met Dodger (I did, at least) during Chris’ 22 Push Up Challenge last August. Dodger did everything in his power to interrupt Chris’ video, which is clearly getting in the way of his plans to play with Chris. Who won? We all did:

Since Chris has been away, he’s been sending love notes to Dodger through Twitter. As I imagine Grandma Evans is babysitting, I’ll bet she shows Dodger each one. A few weeks ago he posted this (yes, I included these in another post but they are worth a repost):

Like many do when caught up in the swell of love, Chris didn’t consider how his message came across. This one led to a collective gasp – mostly because we all thought Dodger had gone on to the big Dog Park in the Sky:

Phew. It really got to some of us:

Now that we know the situation, Chris is openly pining to be reunited with Dodger. First he posted a few throwbacks to better days, when he and Dogder were together:

No plans? Dodger has a laptop right in front of him, clearly he was supposed to be working on his website that day.

So where are we now? Chris has entered Countdown To Dodger and God bless him, he’s bringing us all along for the ride with all of us:

As of today, we are still 15 days away (this tweet was posted on Tuesday). I don’t know if any of us aren’t going to make it:

I just imagine Chris coming back to his room after a long day of filming, cracking open a beer, pulling out his phone and spending the rest of his evening on the couch swiping through photos of Dodger. In my mind, Lionel Ritchie is playing softly in the background but Chris would probably go for his local boys. It’s probably Boston’s More Than a Feeling.

My guess is we will get another Dodger pic next week, about the 10-days-to-go timeframe. Then one somewhere in the 1-3 day mark. Following that, we should see a reunion video. Chris, if you are listening, my last bit of sanity is relying on you posting a Dodger reunion video. The anticipation of that is my tether to some semblance of hope so no pressure, but give me a g-d reunion video – please. And let’s pray for a steady stream of “look what Dodger is doing today” posts throughout September. I follow Chris on Twitter. I very much appreciate his political commentary and the information he shares. His Dodger pics are icing on the cake. #onedodgertosaveusall




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  1. rahrahroey says:

    He’s so hot and seems so nice and his dog is the cutest!! I don’t care if I sound 12. I love this so much!!

  2. Brittney B says:

    I bet he’ll stick to domestic shoots for the next few films… but also, I really hope he realizes that he OWES us a video of their reunion now. I’ll be waiting.

  3. TheOtherOne says:

    We so needed this right now. Be strong, Chris.

  4. lightpurple says:

    I’m hoping for a reunion video with Dodger wearing a It’s Mueller Time! t-shirt.

  5. Avery says:

    I am still scared to follow him on twitter because i don’t want to be disappointed, but Chris seems to get it! There is no question who is the BEST Chris. He is a tall glass of water…that one.

    • Snazzy says:

      His Twitter is amazing, you won’t be disappointed. The right mix of political outrage, wokeness and cute dog pics.

  6. lem says:

    I know he said some problematic stuff with Renner but he seems open to learning and listening. I really enjoy how engaged he is with current affairs and how he tries to use his platform for more than vanity projects and self-promotion.

    • lightpurple says:

      His uncle is democratic congressman Mike Capuano, who is very liberal, and he has been active on his uncle’s campaigns. A friend of mine who does lots of phone banks and canvassing for democratic candidates has said that he has worked the phone banks with her for his uncle’s campaigns and for other local democrats campaigns.

  7. Shirleygail says:

    My dogs don’t have separation anxiety…..I DO!!! I start needing to get back to them after about 4 hours, anxiety builds after 5 and at 6 hours I’m cussing in traffic – hey, don’t you guys get it? Move already – I’ve got to get home to my doG, dammit! I get you, Chris. I really do!

  8. Nicole says:

    We don’t deserve dogs *cries*
    But yea Chris Evans hasn’t always been my favorite (his support for Boston teams is also ugh) but he’s been great to follow in this new political climate. Very vocal and open.

  9. wood dragon says:

    Nothing like doggy greetings when you come home. I got three so I get good and trampled.

  10. The Original Mia says:

    Dodger is adorable. I have to admit I got teary like Seth Rogen thinking he’d died. I was like…no! Cannot wait for the reunion pics/video. Chris is the best Chris. His posts about Orange Menace and everything going on in the country right now have been on point.

  11. Gaby says:

    This is too adorable!!!

  12. A says:

    Its only matter of time before Chris does something stupid and disappoints everyone cause…he is frat boy and that’s just how he works *shrug* so I’m just gonna enjoy how good he is right now *swoon*

  13. mayamae says:

    God, I love dogs. Wishing for a sighting of Finn Seyfried.

  14. Lyla says:

    He’s so adorable…Dodger I mean. But Chris isn’t bad to look at either. 😉

  15. LA Elle says:

    Between the dog pictures and the outrage, Chris’s twitter has become a fantastic diversion in recent months. It’s the perfect combination of cute escapism and shared anger over the idiocy of modern politics.

    I don’t know how much of it he planned with his team, but from a PR perspective, it seems like it’s been really good for his image.

    • A says:

      Chris doesn’t breathe without his PR team’s permission so I’m sure his tweets are vetted by his publicist.

  16. Crystal says:

    Aww, I wish my dogs were nearly as cute today. Instead they stepped in poop and ran around the kitchen with it.

  17. Miss M says:

    I can’t believe I missed this post. His tweets about Dodger are so cute!

  18. Grapefruit says:

    GAH! So much swoon. I’m a dog mama so I appreciate this on so many levels. We need a reunion video! It’s just a requirement now. I also find his political commentary to be refreshing. Glad to see at least some celebs using their platform for good.

  19. S says:

    Chris Evans and a his very cute, very loved dog … The tonic we all need in these troubled times.

    I am only being partially sarcastic.