Has Melania Trump been passive-aggressively pwning her husband on Twitter?

U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in Poland

Have you noticed something interesting this summer? Melania Trump has barely made any news. Part of the reason she hasn’t angered or upset anyone is because she has been pretty quiet. But when she has spoken, she’s been more “presidential” than her husband, although that’s setting the bar pretty low. During the Charlottesville protests, counterprotests and terrorist attacks, Melania tweeted this:

That happened hours before her husband acknowledged the protests. Last week, as the terrorist attacks in Barcelona were unfolding, Melania tweeted this:

So what’s up with that? Is Melania actively trying to pwn her husband on social media? According to CNN, Melania operates her own FLOTUS Twitter account autonomously, in consultation with her communications director Stephanie Grisham. A source also said that Melania “does not pay attention to when her tweets are sent vs. those of the President…. When it comes to social media, Twitter in particular, the first lady does not check in with her husband before posting. She is her own person, the official said, operating the account herself and paying close attention to which events warrant comment and which do not.” I feel like that’s massive shade?

Meanwhile, two more Melania-related items to discuss. One, the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities – of which Melania was the honorary chair – has now disbanded. All of the artists on the committee resigned en masse late last week, citing Donald Trump’s statements on Charlottesville. The White House released a statement saying it was already going to disband the committee anyway, which is the same thing that happened when all of the CEOs abandoned the Manufacturing Council – they resigned en masse and Baby Fists threw a tantrum and announced that he was disbanding the council.

The exact same thing happened with this year’s Kennedy Center Honors too – the president and first lady are always supposed to host a reception for the year’s honorees at the White House, then they are supposed to attend the actual Kennedy Center Honors event. The White House released a statement on Friday, saying they were pulling out of the events so that the honorees could celebrate “without any political distractions,” and “First Lady Melania Trump, along with her husband President Donald J. Trump, extend their sincerest congratulations and well wishes to all of this year’s award recipients for their many accomplishments.” This came after several of the honorees announced plans to boycott the event if the Trumps were involved.

Melania Trump visits the Pediatric Hospital Bambin Gesu

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  1. Nicole says:

    Yea doubtful. It’s the same empty headed responses Ivanka made on Twitter. She’s not being pwning her husband she’s making a hollow twitter statement

  2. CC says:

    Please. She’s a zero inside and out. Let’s stop pretending there’s a narrative of her separating from her husband. She’s every bit her husband’s wife.

    • snowflake says:

      Yes, she supported him on the birther nonsense

    • Lenn says:

      Agreed. Completely fed up with that narrative.

    • burnsie says:

      Agree. Melania and Donald are way more similar than people want to think. I hate when people extrapolate their views onto Melania, Ivanka, Jared, etc or try to explain away something to make it seem nicer. Truth is they’re all a deplorable lot

      • FLORC says:

        There was a little docu or whatever about Melanie years ago about her marriage to 2 scoops. Her dress, their dynamic. And mostly about her. That she was older and not very versatile in the modeling game. That European models understood a more harsh world and were more driven and disciplined. Anyway, it shined a light on how Melanie met Trump and became exactly what he wanted. Of her own free will, of course! I think she’s lived that life for so long, retelling over and over again all those stories of Trump and celebrities. True or not. She’s stepped in the role of his biggest cheerleader to keep her place secure. It’s no excuse, but maybe a different perspective?

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Totally agree. Melania is the most apathetic and uninspired first lady in recent history. She did not even want to be first lady in the first place. And having a crazy husband like hers does not help her any.

      • SM says:

        I am unsure about this one. As in I am not sure she has any believes, somehow I think that she just does not care about anything other than her own life and she is apolitical and not interested in the world. I am sure the only news she is interested in is fashion and beauty news. And she decided to make a living by marrying a ritch guy which basically means smiling, nodding to anything her husband says and smile. So she is used to lending her support to him on everything because that is part of a job of a gold digger. I am convince we give her too much credit by assuming she has her own head on those model shoulders.

  3. Torontoe says:

    What does pwn or pwning mean? I thought it was a typo but see it within the article and comments so I assume it’s lingo that I’m too old/uncool to know?

    I also think it’s doubtful that Melania will substantially rock the boat with her husband anymore than any of the kids do. She probably wishes he would behave better but won’t risk her meal ticket. Again, like the Trump kids.

  4. Neelyo says:

    I saw something on FB showing hat she swiped another of Michelle Obama’s statements to use as her own. I didn’t get to authenticate it but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    And damn that purple dress is hideous! It looks like it’s completely polyester.

  5. Elkie says:

    Remember when she sat her ass down on some shopping network and parroted her husband’s racist birther BS? When she dismissed sexual assault as “boys will be boys”? When she talked about “good immigrants” knowing full well she’s worked in the US illegally?

    She could leave him tomorrow, but she CHOOSES to stay with a morally and frequently bankrupt racist sexual predator. No tweet can alter how loathsome and complicit in this mess she is.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      Ideally, it would be the right thing to do but I don’t think she can just leave him without suffering bitter consequences relating especially to Barron.

      • Elkie says:

        Really though? He couldn’t care less about raising Uday, Qusay, Complicity Barbie & The Other One even when he was comparatively young, fit & healthy, I doubt he’d ask for (or get) custody of Barron.

        We’d all quickly forget about how Melania has stood shoulder to shoulder with him since day one and either she gets a big chunk of change in the split to keep her mouth shut, or he tries to cut her off and she sells her story for millions.

        Either way her avarice is satiated.

      • Imqrious2 says:

        Elki, you should know that moldy Orange would want full custody just out of spite, nothing more. He already is on record saying he basically had nothing to do with the older boys until they got older, and he basically ignored Tiffany (and in that case, MM smartly moved her far enough away). Even now, the only one he’s really still interested in is his daughter-wife, Complicit Plastic Barbie.

      • lightpurple says:

        She can pack herself a bunch of suitcases, have the Secret Service drive her, the kid, and her parents to JFK airport, and fly back home to Slovenia and file divorce there. This woman is costing us a fortune and doing absolutely nothing for it. She isn’t even living with her husband. She went back to NYC after the G20 summit. The move to the White House was fake.

      • Lindsey says:

        Custody of Tiffany cost MM dearly and I am sure a confidentiality clause is in their prenuptial agreement so no book and no millions if she wants Barron.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I am not so sure she can just leave. He has so much power now and mob ties in Russia and New York. He is a vengeful sociopath so I don’t think it would be simple to leave him. She is probably counting on him kicking the bucket and is waiting for the windfall.

  6. RBC says:

    Has Melania done any high profile events as First Lady on her own? I remember Michelle Obama frequently did events and other activities without the President. Also previous First Ladies as well were very active in different events or causes.
    I have a feeling she may cancel her scheduled visit to Toronto for the Invictus Games this fall. With all the crap hitting the fan regarding her husband lately, she may want to hide out in NYC .

  7. why? says:

    I don’t believe for one moment that Melania is operating that twitter account or consulting with someone on it. They hired someone to run that account without any input from her or from The King of Lies and Fake News, that’s why it’s so disconnected from the nonsense of the WH. What was Hope Hicks doing before she was promoted to Communications director? Melania couldn’t even be bothered to write her own speech(she and her speech writer copied it from Michelle Obama and they weren’t subtle about it) and she has abandoned her cyberbullying platform. When her husband used twitter to verbally attack Mika and all those women he had harassed, she sat back and defended it. Why would anyone believe that she would care enough about Charlottesville and Barcelona to tweet hours before her husband, when she can’t even feel emotion for other women who have been verbally attacked by her husband? Melania isn’t interested in being the First Lady. So who leaked this story about Melania and why? Melania, like what happened after the videos of her pushing The King of Lies and Fake News’ hand away? Sarah Huckabee, thinking that she can fix The King of Lies and Fake News poor image by distracting us with positive stories about Melanie? Hope Hicks?

  8. Justine says:

    If you look at the letter written by the Arts and Humanities Council the first letter of every paragraph spells the word RESIST.

  9. lightpurple says:

    Kai Penn said the arts committee reached out to her months ago and never heard a single word back. They reached out again when his budget proposal eliminated funding for arts and humanities and silence.

  10. grabbyhands says:

    As hilarious as it would be, I’m going to say no. She has fallen in line with him over and over again and I seriously doubt she would do anything to endanger her bottom line, which is entirely dependent on him. I don’t mean that as an excuse, because I don’t buy into the “She’s a victim” mentality, just an opinion.

    I’m more disgusted about the Kennedy Center Honors – it’s good in that those honorees aren’t going to have their evening tarnished by that blowhard, but let’s be real, here. He isn’t skipping it because of any concern over them. He’s skipping it because he would be bored having to sit through something that wasn’t about him, and that he wouldn’t have an opportunity to twist to make it about him. He’s demolishing the arts in this country anyway, so attending this wasn’t ever going to be high on his list.

  11. Megan says:

    The statement put out by the Kennedy Center was dripping with relief. The Honors are the biggest fundraiser of the year and they had to be nervous the corporate sponsors would drop out if the Trumps showed.

    FLOTUS is always the Kennedy Center’s honorary chair. I wonder if Melania knows that.

  12. Reef says:

    Always glad to know she’s ok. Is she complicit? Yes. But I honestly, think she never anticipated her husband failing upward in such a spectacular manner. She just signed up to be a rich man’s wife not FLOTUS. She’s doing the bare minimum to protect herself and her son.

  13. Eric says:

    Either Melanoma has a 1) superior intellect to Donny Two Scoops or, more likely, 2) a better comms team.
    No matter, though, as she stuck with this slimeball throughout his whinging tantrums

    For “love”


  14. Maria F. says:

    it makes me so mad that people want to change the narrative.

    Ivanka is already being presented as the saviour of the administration, pulling the strings to get rid of the right wing extremists in the WH. Please!

    Nothing that is happening now can be excuses for the events around Charlottesville.

  15. Talie says:

    I do think when history is written about this period, she’ll go down as one of the weirdest and most fascinating first ladies we’ve ever had…if only for her complete frustration at having to be in the position.

  16. Antonym says:

    Her FLOTUS tweets are better than her husband’s tweets precisely because she doesn’t care. She’s not interested in being FLOTUS, so the tweets are her team’s work. Her husband on the other hand listens to no one and insists on broadcasting his crazy.
    (Crazy= understatement of the century, but I’m trying to keep the bp down)

  17. Chaine says:

    It’s sad that he’s such a loser that these two utterly innocuous tweets are considered pwning him.

  18. Veronica says:

    My eyes are hooded enough that I suspect that I’ll have to some form of blepharoplasty when I’m older. I’m going to bring in a picture of Melania as an example of what I do NOT want the surgeon doing to my face.

  19. Indiana Joanna says:

    Melania and the rest of the Grifter drump have drained the Secret Service budget all the money pay thanks to their using the Secret Service as servants and their endless vacations. Tiffany and her lavish vacations, Grifter Barbie taking off anytime drump is in trrouble, Melanie in NY.

    So do now the American public will be required to pay more towards the drumps’ protection.

    These drumps are repulsive, every single one of them.

  20. Ruyana says:

    Melania’s statement on Charlottesville was lifted almost whole from a statement made by Michelle Obama in 2014. There are receipts. If it weren’t for Michelle’s elegance in speaking Melania would have nothing at all to say.

    • lucy2 says:

      I actually just looked that up because I was going to post the same thing, but according to snopes there isn’t proof that Michelle said that when claimed. Though I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Melania did copy from her again, or whoever is running her account. If it’s a sentence that makes sense and shows a hint of compassion, I’ll assume it was originally Michelle’s.

  21. magnoliarose says:

    She makes it obvious she doesn’t want to be there and will not pretend she wants to be there. I do think she is passive aggressive, but he probably doesn’t even notice. They are all gross and embarrassing.
    I am surprised she can blink she is pulled tighter than a drum and has botoxed her face to resemble a stone mask.

  22. Felicia says:

    So, small story which has more to do with Tom Ford than Melania. Remember how he stated he didn’t want to dress her because she wasn’t “his type of clientele”? Ok, so was in Paris about 3 weeks ago. Sales were still on. Went into Tom Ford because (sale! Woo!). They literally had nothing left in my size, which is not a typical French woman’s size because I’m much taller. Shoes, clothes… nothing. When I expressed my frustration at that, the sales lady explained to me that “my size” in both shoes and clothes go first because “most of our clientele are Eastern European or Russian”. And there I was thinking “How disappointing, is Tom Ford a hypocrite”?

  23. SlightlyAnonny says:

    Please. Melania is not that smart or that interested. If anything, it’s a rogue staff member IF THAT. Look, Melania is nobody’s hero. She’s a gold digger who dug well and thought she would be able to live out the rest of her life as the wealthy third wife and eventual widow of a dottering and disgusting pig and he let her down by being elected president and putting her in a position where she was expected to work on something besides not looking repulsed by him.

  24. The Original G says:

    Oh, I think she’s goading him, no doubt.

  25. Millenial says:

    I do wonder if Melania will divorce him when he’s no longer president? My guess is yes, she will. I have a feeling she’s waiting for a big settlement. Sadly, she’ll probably sign away her right to write a tell-all.

  26. Dame Snark says:

    FLORC I’ve popped my head out of the sand to say hi! I miss your commentary and hope you’re well – you’re one of my alk-time fave CBers :)

  27. Faust says:

    This feels like watching Game of Thrones Season 1….The “almost calm” before the shitstorm.

    Lord help America and the rest of the world

  28. Joannie says:

    Well she certainly comes off as more sane.

  29. why? says:

    The King of Lies and Fake News is only interested in Afghanstan for one reason and one reason only: He wants their oil by any means necessary.

    The press is such a disgrace. Once again, they are running the narrative that The King of Lies and Fake News is presidential because he is going to read from a teleprompter the speech that Stephen Miller, a WS, prepared for him today on Afghanstan. It seems that the press is suffering from some form of amnesia. This is what The King of Lies and Fake News had to say about war and low poll numbers in 2012:

    “Now that Obama’s poll numbers are in tailspin – watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate.”Trump

    • Ruthann says:

      It’s going to be hard for him to read a teleprompter with burned out retinas.

    • jwoolman says:

      Well, he does need a bigly distraction.

      Actually, when I saw they wanted to send more trainers to Afghanistan for the Afghani forces, I was rather puzzled for a minute or two. They needed more shoes?!?

      They need to keep the terminology more consistent. We were told we were sending advisors to Vietnam and ended up with 58,000 dead Americans plus millions of dead civilians in the area, killed by the US government.

      What’s the civilian death toll due to US actions now in Afghanistan? It was more than the number of people killed by all the 9/11 hijackers combined within the first two months, so that was several thousand at least. Weren’t we told we were there to find bin Laden?!?

  30. Jenny says:

    I always thought Melania was more intelligent than her husband but since he’s an imbecile that doesn’t really say much. So who writes her tweets? The first one about Charlottesville sounds too eloquent to be written by her. At least with how poorly she speaks English. Is her written English that much better?

  31. Lia says:

    I like Melania Trump. I think she’s trying to make a dignified go of being First Lady in spite of the disaster she’s stuck in the middle of.